Worker Empowerment in South America

Project Duration
December 2022
December 2026
Funding and Year

The Worker Empowerment in South America project seeks to improve respect for labor rights in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru by strengthening democratic, independent workers' organizations in the agricultural, platform (gig) economy, manufacturing, and mining sectors.

The Problem

Many workers in South America continue to be subjected to abusive subcontracting, a lack of formalized work, and poor working conditions. Workers face threats, harassment, or violence if they try to form or join a union, to defend their rights or advance their interests. They often lack social protection, mechanisms for dispute prevention and resolution, and access to institutions that regulate their terms and conditions of work, among other challenges.

Our Strategy

To increase the capacity of democratic workers’ organizations in target sectors, the project will:

  1. Help workers’ organizations to organize, mobilize, advocate for labor rights, and improve quality of jobs; 
  2. Strengthen networks among workers’ organizations, CSOs, and institutions to increase respect for labor rights and job quality; and 
  3. Strengthen engagement of democratic workers’ organizations with employers and governments to improve working terms and conditions, and labor market regulations that  support labor rights and improve job quality.

Solidarity Center

Contact Information: (202) 693-4900 / Office of Trade and Labor Affairs (OTLA)