Support the Promotion of Labor Standards in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Project Duration
December 2021
April 2025
Funding and Year

This project seeks to promote greater compliance with labor law and standards for acceptable conditions of work, including occupational safety and health, hours of work, and wages in the DRC’s mining, distribution, and construction/public works sectors.

The Problem

In the DRC, approximately 90 percent of workers work in subsistence agriculture, unregulated commerce or mining, or other unregulated pursuits, where they often face hazardous or exploitative working conditions. Government institutions, including the Labor Inspectorate and Labor Courts, lack human and financial resources and capacity to enforce labor laws. Oftentimes, employers do not comply with labor laws and lack an understanding of labor rights, whereas workers’ organizations are generally fragmented and have little capacity to advocate for labor rights. Furthermore, stakeholders in government, employers, and workers’ organizations have little capacity to jointly promote compliance with labor laws and standards for acceptable conditions of work and improve working conditions.

Our Strategy

This project will provide tools and technical assistance to enhance the capacity of the Labor Inspectorate to identify and address labor violations. It will also provide workers and workers’ associations with knowledge and skills to prevent, monitor, and/or stop non-compliance; increase worker access to labor justice to address non-compliance; and strengthen and sustain dialogue among relevant stakeholders from government, workers’ and employers’ associations to improve compliance with relevant labor laws and standards for acceptable conditions of work.