ILAB in Congo, Democratic Republic of the (DRC)

Congo, Democratic Republic of the (DRC)


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Support the Promotion of Labor Standards in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

This project seeks to promote greater compliance with labor law and standards for acceptable conditions of work, including occupational safety and health, hours of work, and wages in the DRC’s mining, distribution, and construction/public works sectors.

$3,000,000 International Labour Organization 12/15/2021 04/14/2025

Global Trace Protocol Project

The Global Trace Protocol Project by ELEVATE seeks to increase downstream tracing of goods made by child labor and forced labor. The project is designed to address the barriers in supply chain traceability, and result in the development and sharing of open, accessible and replicable tools that can advance the knowledge base on supply chain tracing and scale the adoption of traceability solutions by various actors in different sectors.

$4,000,000 ELEVATE Limited 12/10/2020 12/09/2024

Combatting Child Labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Cobalt Industry (COTECCO)

The COTECCO project works to address child labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) cobalt supply chain, with a focus on artisanal and small-scale mining. It supports key stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to reduce child labor and improve working conditions in artisanal and small-scale mines, as well as in the broader cobalt supply chain.

$5,500,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 10/15/2018 05/16/2024

Measurement, Awareness-Raising, and Policy Engagement (MAP 16) Project on Child Labor and Forced Labor

The United States supports the goal of bringing meaningful change to the lives of the 152 million child laborers and the 25 million adults and children in forced labor around the world by eradicating child labor, forced labor and human trafficking.

$23,945,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/09/2016 12/31/2023

Global Action Program (GAP) on Child Labor Issues

$15,900,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 10/31/2011 11/30/2017

Reducing the Exploitation of Working Children Through Education

$5,500,000 Save the Children 09/29/2007 09/29/2010

Prevention and Reintegration of Children Involved in Armed Conflict: An Inter-Regional Program

$7,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2003 09/29/2007

Regional Program on the Prevention and Reintegration of Children Involved in Armed Conflicts in Central Africa (Phase I)

$312,812 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2001 09/29/2003


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