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National Office

Antonio Rios, Director
Stephanie Brown, Deputy Director for Longshore Claims
David Abeijon, Branch Chief of Operations for Policy, Regulations and Procedures
Joel Romero, Branch Chief of Financial Management, Insurance and Assessment

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
200 Constitution Avenue NW
Suite S3524 - DFELHWC - LHWCA
Washington, DC 20210

Phone: 202-513-6809

In May 2020, OWCP's Longshore program adopted a single phone number to reach the national office and any suboffice in the Eastern, Western and Southern compensation districts.

To reach the assigned claims examiner, you must have the injured worker's OWCP case number OR their date of birth and social security number.

Upload documents for existing cases through the SEAPortal at


To create a new case, fill out:

Submit these forms:

  • Online through the SEAPortal (preferred method)
  • By fax: 202-513-6814, or
  • By Mail: OWCP/DFELHWC, 400 West Bay Street, Room 63A, Box 28, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Note: Only use the fax number for new cases, not existing cases.

Congressional Inquiries: Congressional offices may reach the Longshore Program using:
Email: ociacongressionalnotification@dol.gov

In April 2020, OWCP's Longshore program consolidated its offices into one of three compensation districts: Eastern, Western and Southern. These districts have jurisdiction over cases under the Longshore and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act (LHWCA) and its extensions.

In August 2022, OWCP's Longshore program reopened the Philadelphia and Chicago sub-offices. See Industry Notice No. 193 for further information.

Eastern District

District Directors: Theresa Magyar & Todd Bruininks

Boston Suboffice (01)

New York Suboffice (02)

Philadelphia Suboffice (04)

Norfolk Suboffice (05)

Southern District

District Director: David Duhon

Jacksonville Suboffice (06)

New Orleans Suboffice (07)

Houston Suboffice (08)

Chicago Suboffice (10)

Western District

District Director: Marco Adame

San Francisco Suboffice (13)

Seattle Suboffice (14)

Long Beach Suboffice (18)

Longshore District Office Map