About Black Lung Program

The Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation, or Federal Black Lung Program, administers claims filed under the Black Lung Benefits Act.

The Act provides compensation to coal miners who are totally disabled by pneumoconiosis arising out of coal mine employment, and to survivors of coal miners whose deaths are attributable to the disease. The Act also provides eligible miners with medical coverage for the treatment of lung diseases related to pneumoconiosis.

DCMWC Mission Statement
DCMWC Offices, Leadership and Contact Information
Central Mail Room (mailing address for claims information)
C.O.A.L Mine Document Submission Portal
Black Lung Monthly Benefits Rates

Web Portals

The Claimant Online Access Link (C.O.A.L.) Mine portal (electronic document submission portal) allows stakeholders to electronically submit documents to their imaged Black Lung case file, eliminating the delays associated with postal mail.

Access the OWCP Medical Bill Processing portal for information about and status of submitted medical bills associated with Black Lung claims.

C.O.A.L. Mine Portal
OWCP Medical Bill Processing Portal

Laws & Related Materials

Use the following links to access information about the Black Lung Benefits Act and the regulations governing the program.

Black Lung Benefits Act
Black Lung Regulations
Historical Information - Selected Statutory, Regulatory and Judicial History

Program Guidance & Resources