Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC)

BLBA Bulletins



BL 22-01

BLBA Bulletin 20-02 - Authorizing Telemedicine for  Routine Medical Services on a Permanent Basis

BL 20-02

BLBA Bulletin 20-02, Telemedicine for Routine Medical Services

BL 20-01

Bulletin 20-01 - Making Bulletin 14-05 Permanent - Creating stronger Proposed Decision Order (PDO) in living miner cases where the 15-year presumption may apply.

BL 18-02

BLBA Bulletin 18-02, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services for Treatment of Black Lung Disease

BL 18-01

BLBA Bulletin 18-01, Substantial compliance and weighing x-ray interpretations when a party fails to submit to the Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC) the x-ray film or digital medical storage device upon which an x-ray report is based

BL 16-05

BLBA Bulletin 16-05, Implementing the Final Rule on Disclosure of Medical Information and Payment of Benefits

BL 16-04

BLBA Bulletin 16-04, Claims Support Section (CSS) Procedures – Transferring Responsibility for Processing Decisions and Orders to District Offices

BL 16-03

BLBA Bulletin 16-03, James River Coal Company Bankruptcy

BL 16-02

BLBA Bulletin 16-02, Implementation of electronic hearing referrals from the Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC) to the Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ) using the Office of Workers' Compensation Program's Imaging System (OIS).

BL 16-01

BLBA Bulletin 16-01, Patriot Coal Bankruptcy

BL 15-07

BLBA Bulletin 15-07, Deployment of the Office of Workers' Compensation-(OWGP) Imaging System (OIS) within the Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC)

BL 15-06

BLBA Bulletin 15-06, Requests for Extensions of Time to Submit Evidence Following Issuance of Schedule for Submission of Additional Evidence (SSAE)

BL 15-05

BLBA Bulletin 15-05, Procedures for Maintaining the Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation's (DCMWC) List of Providers Authorized to Perform Department of Labor (DOL)-Sponsored Complete Pulmonary Evaluations

BL 15-04

BLBA Bulletin 15-04, Trust Fund Liability for Claims Associated with the now liquidated insurer, Kentucky Coal Producers Self-Insurance Fund (KCP)

BL 15-03

BLBA Bulletin 15-03, DOL Litigation Document Retention Policy

BL 15-02

BLBA Bulletin 15-02, National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (NIAA).

BL 15-01

BLBA Bulletin 15-01, Calculating Interest on RO Attorney Fees

BL 14-12

BLBA Bulletin 14-12, Reinstatement of Interim Benefits in Certain Claims

BL 14-11

BLBA Bulletin 14-11, Digital X-ray Rule - Date Applicability

BL 14-10

BLBA Bulletin 14-10, Spot Audits of Proposed Decision and Orders

BL 14-09

BLBA Bulletin 14-09, Weighing Chest X-ray Evidence that Includes a Negative Reading by Dr. Paul Wheeler

BL 14-08

BLBA Bulletin 14-08, Digital X-rays

BL 14-07

No Bulletin Released

BL 14-06

No Bulletin Released

BL 14-05

BLBA Bulletin 14-05, Creating Stronger PDO's in Living Miner Cases Where the 15-Year Presumption May Apply

BL 14-04

No Bulletin Released

BL 14-03

BLBA Bulletin 14-03, Voluntary settlement of International Industries' federal black lung liability

BL 14-02

BLBA Bulletin 14-02, Trust Fund Conversions: Travelers Casualty and Surety Company Inc.

BL 14-01

OWCP Imaging System

BL 12-08

BLBA Bulletin 12-08, Extensions of Time Following Issuance of Schedule for Submission of Additional Evidence (SSAE)

BL 12-07

BLBA Bulletin 12-07, Trust Fund Liability for Claims Associated with Expired Surety Bond issued by Frontier Insurance Company

BL 12-05

BLBA Bulletin 12-05, Social Security Administration (SSA) Revision of the Form SSA 581 (Authorization to Obtain Earnings Data from the Social Security Administration)

BL 12-02

BLBA Bulletin 12-02, Increase of Mileage Limit on Treatment Travel

BL 12-01

BLBA Bulletin 12-01, Authorization to Obtain Earnings Data from the Social Security
Administration using Form SSA 581

BL 11-02

BLBA Bulletin 11-02, Direct Express Financial Update Procedures

BL 11-01

BLBA Bulletin 11-01, Trust Fund Conversions: Frontier Insurance Company Bond for Zeigler/Old Ben

BL 10-08

BLBA Bulletin 10-08, Automatic Entitlement of Eligible Survivors in Claims with Previous Denials

BL 10-04

BLBA Bulletin 10-04, Limitations on Compelling CT Scans

BL 10-01

BLBA Bulletin 10-01, Reporting Problems with Diagnostic Providers

BL 09-02

BLBA Bulletin 09-02, Suspension of Attorney C. Patrick Carrick's License to Practice Law in the State of West Virginia

BL 09-01

BLBA Bulletin 09-01, Liability for Attorney Fees in Overpayment Cases

BL 84-03

BLBA Bulletin 84-03, Implementation of Lockbox Time System Procedures