OFCCP’s Mega Construction Project (Megaproject) Program fosters equal opportunity in the construction trades workforce of federal contractors and subcontractors on large federal construction projects. Projects eligible for designation as Megaprojects are valued at $35 million or more in funding, some part of which must be federal funding, and are expected to last for at least one year. Through the program, OFCCP focuses its resources on construction projects that have the greatest potential to make a positive economic difference in a community. OFCCP engagement can provide immediate impact on contractor and subcontractor recruitment and hiring practices in the construction trades and can help build robust applicant pools that include talented workers from underrepresented backgrounds.


For inquiries related to the Mega Construction Project Program, contact us at: OFCCPMegaprojects@dol.gov.

Designated Mega Construction Projects

Mega Construction Project Programs Toolkit