USDOL/OALJ Reporter, Whistleblower Decisions
Section 219 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, Pub. L. No. 110-314
(codified at 15 U.S.C. § 2087)

2010-CPS to present

2010-CPS-1 Saporito v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • Recommended Determination & Order Retaining Jurisdiction for Action Under 15 U.S.C. §2087(b)(3)(C) and Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Mar. 5, 2010) (Bergstrom) PDF |
  • Decision and Order of Remand (ARB Mar. 28, 2012) PDF
  • Summary Decision and Order - Denying Complaints (ALJ Aug. 31, 2012) PDF |
  • Decision and Order of Remand (ARB Apr. 30, 2013) PDF
  • Order Dismissing Request for Hearing (ALJ July 31, 2013) PDF

2011-CPS-1 Irvin v. Whirlpool Corp.
  • Order Granting Withdrawal of Objections and Dismissing Case (ALJ Jan. 31, 2011) (Johnson) PDF |

2013-CPS-1 Doud v. Rockline Industries
  • Decision and Order Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Feb. 28, 2013) (Harris) PDF

2014-CPS-1 Smith v. Archer Daniels Midland and Company, Inc.
  • Order Granting Motion for Leave to Withdraw; Notice to Complainant Re Withdrawal of Attorney (ALJ May 22, 2014) (Johnson) PDF

2014-CPS-2 Fuentes v. DN Plastics Corp.
  • Decision and Order Entering Default Decision and Denying Complaint (ALJ Apr. 6, 2015) (Johnson) PDF

2015-CPS-1 Golub v. F & E Worldwide, Inc.
  • Decision and Order Dismissal of Claim (ALJ Feb. 11, 2016) (Solomon) PDF
  • Final Decision and Order (ARB Nov. 9, 2017) PDF (USDOL/OALJ Reporter) | PDF (slip opinion)

2015-CPS-2 Ebdah v. GlobalFoundries, Inc.
  • Decision and Order Granting Respondent's Motion for Summary Decision (ALJ Oct. 15, 2015) (Swank) PDF
  • Final Order Dismissing Appeal (ARB Feb. 3, 2016) PDF

2015-CPS-3 Rossi v. Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ Jan. 13, 2015) (Geraghty) PDF

2015-CPS-4 Snyder v. Bechtel International Oil, Gas & Chemical
  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ July 30, 2015) (Kennington) PDF

2015-CPS-5 Tran v. Beauticontrol, Inc./Tupperware Brands, Corp.
  • Decision and Order Approving Settlement Agreement and Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Apr. 13, 2016) (Kennington) PDF

2016-CPS-1 Gerrald v. Oakley
  • Decision and Order Approving Settlement (ALJ Nov. 14, 2017) (Almanza) PDF

2016-SOX-40 Opela v. Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
  • See 2016-SOX-00040 for the case history of this matter, which was docketed by OALJ as a SOX case, but which has a significant CPSIA element.

2018-CPS-1 Acri v. Baltimore Aircoil Co., Inc.
  • Decision and Order Approving Settlement (ALJ June 7, 2018) (Timlin) PDF

2018-CPS-2 Arnett v. Hilmar Cheese Company
  • Decision and Order (ALJ May 15, 2020) (Daly) PDF
2019-CPS-1 Sandrock v. Archer DX
  • Order Granting Motion for Summary Decision, Dismissing Complaint, and Vacating Hearing (ALJ Feb. 27, 2020) (Hoffman) PDF