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Note: The DOT was created by the Employment and Training Administration, and was last updated in 1991. It has been replaced by the O*NET.

301.137-010 to 362.687-018

    This category includes occupations concerned with performing tasks in and around private households; serving individuals in institutions and in commercial and other establishments; and protecting the public against crime, fire, accidents, and acts of war.


    This division includes occupations concerned with tasks in and around a private household.


    This group includes occupations concerned with performing such duties in a private household as cleaning, making beds, caring for children, planning meals, marketing, and cooking. Includes workers managing private household and directing work activities of other workers performing these duties. Occupations concerned primarily with washing and ironing are included in Group 302, and preparation and cooking food in Group 305.

301.137-010 HOUSEKEEPER, HOME (domestic ser.) alternate titles: manager, household

    Supervises and coordinates activities of household employees in a private residence: Informs new employees of employer's desires and gives instructions in work methods and routines. Assigns duties, such as cooking and serving meals, cleaning, washing, and ironing, adjusting work activities to accommodate family members. Orders foodstuffs and cleaning supplies. Keeps record of expenditures. May hire and discharge employees. Works in residence employing large staff.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

301.474-010 HOUSE WORKER, GENERAL (domestic ser.) alternate titles: housekeeper, home

    Performs any combination of following duties to maintain private home clean and orderly, to cook and serve meals, and to render personal services to family members: Plans meals and purchases foodstuffs and household supplies. Prepares and cooks vegetables, meats, and other foods according to employer's instructions or following own methods. Serves meals and refreshments. Washes dishes and cleans silverware. Oversees activities of children, assisting them in dressing and bathing. Cleans furnishings, floors, and windows, using vacuum cleaner, mops, broom, cloths, and cleaning solutions. Changes linens and makes beds. Washes linens and other garments by hand or machine, and mends and irons clothing, linens, and other household articles, using hand iron or electric ironer. Answers telephone and doorbell. Feeds pets.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 86

301.677-010 CHILD MONITOR (domestic ser.) alternate titles: nurse, children's

    Performs any combination of following duties to attend children in private home: Observes and monitors play activities or amuses children by reading to or playing games with them. Prepares and serves meals or formulas. Sterilizes bottles and other equipment used for feeding infants. Dresses or assists children to dress and bathe. Accompanies children on walks or other outings. Washes and irons clothing. Keeps children's quarters clean and tidy. Cleans other parts of home. May be designated Nurse, Infants' (domestic ser.) when in charge of infants. May be designated Baby Sitter (domestic ser.) when employed on daily or hourly basis.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 81

301.687-010 CARETAKER (domestic ser.) alternate titles: odd-job worker

    Performs any combination of following duties in keeping private home clean and in good condition: Cleans and dusts furnishings, hallways, and lavatories. Beats and vacuums rugs and scrubs them with cleaning solutions. Washes windows and waxes and polishes floors. Removes and hangs draperies. Cleans and oils furnace. Shovels coal into furnace and removes ashes. Replaces light switches and repairs broken screens, latches, or doors. Paints exterior structures, such as fences, garages, and sheds. May drive family car. May mow and rake lawn. May groom and exercise pets. When duties are confined to upkeep of house, may be designated House Worker (domestic ser.).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

301.687-014 DAY WORKER (domestic ser.)

    Performs any combination of following domestic duties: Cleans and dusts furnishings, hallways, and lavatories. Changes and makes beds. Washes and irons clothings by hand or machine. Vacuums carpets, using vacuum cleaner. May watch children to keep them out of mischief. May wash windows and wax and polish floors.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

301.687-018 YARD WORKER (domestic ser.)

    Performs any combination of following duties, in accordance with instructions of employer, to keep grounds of private residence in neat and orderly condition: Plants, transplants, fertilizes, sprays with pesticides, prunes, cultivates, and waters flowers, shrubbery, and trees. Seeds and mows lawns, rakes leaves, and keeps ground free of other debris. Whitewashes or paints fences. Washes and polishes automobiles. Cleans patio furniture and garage. Shovels snow from walks. May cultivate flowers, shrubbery, and other plants in greenhouse. May wax floors, tend furnace, or groom and exercise pets. May divide time between several homes, working on hourly or daily basis. When duties are confined to upkeep of grounds, may be designated Gardener (domestic ser.).
GOE: 03.04.04 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with washing and ironing clothes and household linens for one or several private families.

302.685-010 LAUNDRY WORKER, DOMESTIC (domestic ser.)

    Tends automatic washing and drying machines to clean and dry household articles and presses household articles, using hand iron: Sorts articles by color and fabric, and loads into automatic washing machine. Adjusts machine settings for temperature, water level, and time duration of wash. Adds measured amounts of detergent, bluing, starches, and fabric softener as required. Removes articles from washer and loads into dryer. Sorts, irons, and folds dried articles. May iron only [IRONER (domestic ser.)]. May perform other housework [HOUSE WORKER, GENERAL (domestic ser.)]. May use electric ironing machine.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

302.687-010 IRONER (domestic ser.)

    Dampens and irons wearing apparel, household linens, and other household articles with hand iron. May use electric ironing machine (mangle). May be employed on hourly basis.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with preparing and cooking food, including special diets, for private household.

305.281-010 COOK (domestic ser.)

    Plans menus and cooks meals, in private home, according to recipes or tastes of employer: Peels, washes, trims, and prepares vegetables and meats for cooking. Cooks vegetables and bakes breads and pastries. Boils, broils, fries, and roasts meats. Plans menus and orders foodstuffs. Cleans kitchen and cooking utensils. May serve meals. May perform seasonal cooking duties, such as preserving and canning fruits and vegetables, and making jellies. May prepare fancy dishes and pastries. May prepare food for special diets. May work closely with persons performing household or nursing duties. May specialize in preparing and serving dinner for employed, retired, or other persons and be designated Family-Dinner Service Specialist (domestic ser.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 81


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with tasks in and around a private household.

309.137-010 BUTLER (domestic ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of household employees engaged in cooking, cleaning, and related domestic duties: Oversees serving of luncheon and dinner, sets table, directs workers in serving meals, or personally serves them. Performs other services as requested, such as mixing and serving cocktails and tea. Answers telephone and delivers messages. Receives and announces guests. May prepare salads. May keep silver service clean and intact. May employ and discharge other household employees.
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

309.354-010 HOMEMAKER (social ser.)

    Advises family in private home in dealing with problems, such as nutrition, cleanliness, and household utilities: Advises and assists family members in planning nutritious meals, purchasing and preparing foods, and utilizing commodities from surplus food programs. Assists head of household in training and disciplining children, assigns and schedules housekeeping duties to children according to their capabilities, and encourages parents to take interest in children's schoolwork and assist them in establishing good study habits. Explains fundamental hygiene principles and renders bedside care to individuals who are ill, and trains other family members to provide required care. Participates in evaluating needs of individuals served, and confers with CASEWORKER (social ser.) to plan for continuing additional services.
GOE: 11.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

309.367-010 HOUSE SITTER (domestic ser.)

    Occupies and oversees house to maintain order and security of property and conduct necessary business transactions during temporary absence of owner, renter, or other occupant: Monitors entrances to property and secures locks and other devices to prevent access of unauthorized persons. Answers telephone and doorbell, takes messages, and forwards information to employer as requested. Forwards or files mail. Pays current bills from designated funds and makes deposits to accounts as required. Cleans, vacuums, and dusts house, using vacuum cleaner and other housecleaning aids. Feeds and waters pets and takes ill pets to veterinarian for treatment. Inspects utilities, such as plumbing and air-conditioning, to detect problems requiring services of repairer and contacts repair establishment to arrange for necessary repairs. May care for swimming pool or grounds or perform other related duties.
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

309.674-010 BUTLER, SECOND (domestic ser.)

    Performs variety of manual duties in large household, working under supervision of BUTLER (domestic ser.): Serves food and drink during meals, cleans and polishes silver, waxes floors, washes windows and performs other duties in dining room, living room, and other downstairs rooms. May answer telephone or doorbell and announce guests. Performs duties of BUTLER (domestic ser.) in his or her absence. Frequently lays out employer's clothes for wear, polishes shoes, and performs other valet duties.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

309.674-014 PERSONAL ATTENDANT (domestic ser.)

    Performs personal services to employer in private household: Brushes, cleans, presses, mends employer's clothing. Lays out employer's clothing, and assists employer to dress. Packs clothing for travel. Cleans employer's quarters. Prepares bath. Purchases clothing and accessories. Answers telephone. Drives car to perform errands. Mixes and serves drinks. May prepare and serve refreshments. May shampoo and groom employer's hair, shave face, manicure nails, give body or facial massages, or apply cosmetics for employer. ay change linens, and make employer's bed.
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

309.677-010 COMPANION (domestic ser.)

    Cares for elderly, handicapped, or convalescent persons: Attends to employer's personal needs [PERSONAL ATTENDANT (domestic ser.)]. Transacts social or business affairs [SOCIAL SECRETARY (clerical)]. Reads aloud, plays cards, or other games to entertain employer. Accompanies employer on trips and outings. May prepare and serve meals to employer.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

309.677-014 FOSTER PARENT (domestic ser.)

    Rears homeless or parentless children in own home as members of family: Organizes and schedules activities, such as recreation, rest periods, and sleeping time. Ensures child has nutritious diet. Instructs children in good personal and health habits. Bathes, dresses, and undresses young children. Washes and irons clothing. Accompanies children on outings and walks. Disciplines children when required. May return children to parents' home during weekends and holidays. May work under supervision of welfare agency. ay prepare periodic reports concerning progress and behavior of children for welfare agency.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with preparing food and beverages and serving them to patrons of such establishments as hotels, clubs, restaurants, and cocktail lounges.


    This group includes occupations concerned with greeting and seating customers of establishment; and supervising activities of waiters/waitresses, dining room attendants, storeroom workers, and kitchen and pantry workers, except those actually engaged in food preparation.

310.137-010 HOST/HOSTESS, RESTAURANT (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: dining-room manager; waiter/waitress, head

    Supervises and coordinates activities of dining room personnel to provide fast and courteous service to patrons: Schedules dining reservations and arranges parties or special services for diners. Greets guests, escorts them to tables, and provides menus. Adjusts complaints of patrons. Assigns work tasks and coordinates activities of dining room personnel to ensure prompt and courteous service to patrons. Inspects dining room serving stations for neatness and cleanliness, and requisitions table linens and other dining room supplies for tables and serving stations. May interview, hire, and discharge dining room personnel. May train dining room employees. May schedule work hours and keep time records of dining room workers. May assist in planning menus. May prepare beverages and expedite food orders. May total receipts, at end of shift, to verify sales and clear cash register. May collect payment from customers [CASHIER (clerical) II 211.462-010].
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 80

310.137-018 STEWARD/STEWARDESS (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: chief steward/stewardess; executive steward/stewardess; house steward/stewardess

    Supervises and coordinates activities of pantry, storeroom, and noncooking kitchen workers, and purchases or requisitions foodstuffs, kitchen supplies, and equipment: Inspects kitchens and storerooms to ensure that premises and equipment are clean and in order, and that sufficient foodstuffs and supplies are on hand to ensure efficient service. Examines incoming purchases for quality and to ensure that purchases are as specified in order. Approves invoices or bills for payment. Coordinates work of noncooking kitchen and storeroom workers engaged in activities, such as dishwashing, silver cleaning, and storage and distribution of foodstuffs and supplies. Establishes controls to guard against theft and wastage. Confers with EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.) or MANAGER, CATERING (hotel & rest.) concerning banquet arrangements for food service, equipment, and extra employees. May plan and price menus, keep cost records, and establish budget controls to ensure profitable food service operation. May perform duties for recreational or business clubs. This job occurs in hotels as opposed to KITCHEN SUPERVISOR (hotel & rest.) which occurs in restaurants and cafeterias.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

310.137-022 STEWARD/STEWARDESS, BANQUET (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of kitchen and dining-room workers during banquets to ensure that food is served promptly: Consults with ANAGER, CATERING (hotel & rest.) or EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.) on such items as serving arrangements and additional employees and equipment needed. Hires and supervises temporary banquet employees. Requisitions table linen, china, glassware, and silverware. Orders preparation of salads and coffee. Observes food being served to ensure that food is correctly garnished and arranged on plates.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparing, cooking, and serving food to passengers on railroad dining car: Requisitions food supplies necessary to fill menu and prepares requisitions for linen, crockery, and silverware from commissary. Examines supplies for quality and completeness of orders. Supervises workers engaged in storing food in car. Receives bills and money from WAITER/WAITRESS, DINING CAR (r.r. trans.) and makes change. Maintains record of all cash received during each day. Informs COOK, RAILROAD (r.r. trans.) of approximate number of persons expected to board train. Assigns work stations to WAITERS/WAITRESSES DINING CAR (r.r. trans.). May coordinate sale and serving of beverages in lounge car and be designated Steward/Stewardess, Club Car (r.r. trans.).
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

310.267-010 ANALYST, FOOD AND BEVERAGE (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: research worker, kitchen

    Examines food samples and food service records and other data to determine sales appeal and cost of preparing and serving meals and beverages in establishments, such as restaurants and cafeterias or for chain of food establishments: Tastes food samples to determine palatability and customer appeal. Estimates number of servings obtainable from standard and original recipes and unit cost of preparation. Converts recipes for use in quantity preparation. Studies reservation lists and previous records and forecasts customer traffic and number of servings required for specified period of time. May investigate complaints relative to faulty cooking or quality of ingredients. May plan menus. May specialize in industrial-employee food service or cafeteria food service. May supervise FOOD-AND-BEVERAGE CONTROLLER (hotel & rest.) and kitchen employees.
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

310.357-010 WINE STEWARD/STEWARDESS (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: sommelier

    Selects, requisitions, stores, sells, and serves wines in restaurant: Keeps inventory and orders wine to replenish stock. Stores wines on racks or shelves. Discusses wines with patrons and assists patrons to make wine selection, applying knowledge of wines. Tastes wines prior to serving and serves wines to patrons.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with setting places at dining tables or counters, taking orders for and serving food and drink, answering inquiries relative to items on the menu, and otherwise attending to the wishes of customers.

311.137-010 COUNTER SUPERVISOR (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in serving food from cafeteria counter: Directs workers engaged in stocking and arranging of food, dishes, silverware, and other supplies at steamtables, ice counters, and serving stations. Inspects serving operations to ensure that supplies are adequate and that food portioning meets prescribed standards. Assigns duties to counter workers. Directs workers engaged in removing food after meals and cleaning counters and work areas. May assist workers in serving customers or in performing other duties.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

311.137-014 WAITER/WAITRESS, BANQUET, HEAD (hotel & rest.)

    Plans details for banquets, receptions, and other social functions. Hires extra help, directs setting up of tables and decorations, and supervises WAITER/WAITRESS, FORMAL (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

311.137-018 WAITER/WAITRESS, CAPTAIN (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: captain

    Supervises activities of workers in section of dining room: Receives guests and conducts them to tables. Describes or suggests food courses and appropriate wines. When serving banquets, may be designated Banquet Captain (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

311.137-022 WAITER/WAITRESS, HEAD (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of dining-room employees engaged in providing courteous and rapid service to diners: Greets guests and escorts them to tables. Schedules dining reservations. Arranges parties for patrons. Adjusts complaints regarding food or service. Hires and trains dining-room employees. Notifies payroll department regarding work schedules and time records. May assist in preparing menus. May plan and execute details for banquets [STEWARD/STEWARDESS, BANQUET (hotel & rest.); ANAGER, CATERING (hotel & rest.)]. May supervise WAITERS/WAITRESSES, ROOM SERVICE (hotel & rest.) and be designated Captain, Room Service (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

311.472-010 FAST-FOODS WORKER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cashier, fast foods restaurant

    Serves customer of fast food restaurant: Requests customer order and depresses keys of multicounting machine to simultaneously record order and compute bill. Selects requested food items from serving or storage areas and assembles items on serving tray or in takeout bag. Notifies kitchen personnel of shortages or special orders. Serves cold drinks, using drink-dispensing machine, or frozen milk drinks or desserts, using milkshake or frozen custard machine. Makes and serves hot beverages, using automatic water heater or coffeemaker. Presses lids onto beverages and places beverages on serving tray or in takeout container. Receives payment. May cook or apportion french fries or perform other minor duties to prepare food, serve customers, or maintain orderly eating or serving areas.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

311.477-010 CAR HOP (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: drive-in waiter/waitress

    Serves food and refreshments to patrons in cars: Takes order and relays order to kitchen or serving counter to be filled. Places filled order on tray and fastens tray to car door. Totals and presents check to customer and accepts payment for service. Removes tray and stacks dishes for return to kitchen. Sweeps service area with broom. May prepare fountain drinks, such as sodas, milkshakes, and malted milks. May restock service counter with items, such as ice, napkins, and straws.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 80

311.477-014 COUNTER ATTENDANT, LUNCHROOM OR COFFEE SHOP (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: waiter/waitress, counter

    Serves food or beverages to customers seated at counter: Calls order to kitchen and picks up and serves order when it is ready. Itemizes and totals check for service or totals takeout transaction on cash register and accepts payment. May prepare sandwiches, salads, and other short order items [COOK, SHORT ORDER (hotel & rest.) 313.374-014]. May perform other duties, such as cleaning counters, washing dishes, and selling cigars and cigarettes.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

311.477-018 WAITER/WAITRESS, BAR (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: waiter/waitress, cocktail lounge

    Serves beverages to patrons seated at tables in bar or cocktail lounge. Computes bill and accepts payment. May take orders for and serve light meals and hors d'oeuvres. May request identification from customers when legal age is questioned. When working in establishment serving only beer and wine, is designated Waiter/Waitress, Tavern (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 79

311.477-022 WAITER/WAITRESS, DINING CAR (r.r. trans.)

    Serves passengers in railroad dining car: Presents menu to patrons, makes suggestions, and answers questions regarding food and service. Takes order from patron and presents it to COOK, RAILROAD (r.r. trans.). Serves food to passenger. Computes cost of meal. Accepts money from patron and returns change. Removes dishes from table and carries them to kitchen. Places clean linen, silverware, and glassware on table according to rules of etiquette. Washes glassware and silverware. May prepare salads, appetizers, and cold dishes. ay receive and store linen supplies. May prepare and serve mixed drinks. May be designated according to specialty as Bar Attendant (r.r. trans.); Pantry Attendant (r.r. trans.).
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

311.477-026 WAITER/WAITRESS, FORMAL (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: server

    Serves meals to patrons according to established rules of etiquette, working in formal setting: Presents menu to diner, suggesting dinner courses, appropriate wines, and answering questions regarding food preparation. Writes order on check or memorizes it. Relays order to kitchen and serves courses from kitchen and service bars. Garnishes and decorates dishes preparatory to serving. Serves patrons from chafing dish at table. Observes diners to respond to any additional requests and to determine when meal has been completed. Totals bill and accepts payment or refers patron to CASHIER (clerical) II 211.462-010. May carve meats, bone fish and fowl, and prepare flaming dishes and desserts at patron's table. May be designated Waiter/Waitress, Banquet (hotel & rest.) when serving at banquets.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 80

311.477-030 WAITER/WAITRESS, INFORMAL (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: server

    Serves food to patrons at counters and tables of coffeeshops, lunchrooms, and other dining establishments where food service is informal: Presents menu, answers questions, and makes suggestions regarding food and service. Writes order on check or memorizes it. Relays order to kitchen and serves courses from kitchen and service bars. Observes guests to respond to additional requests and to determine when meal has been completed. Totals bill and accepts payment or refers patron to CASHIER (clerical) II 211.462-010. May ladle soup, toss salads, portion pies and desserts, brew coffee, and perform other services as determined by establishment's size and practices. May clear and reset counters or tables at conclusion of each course [DINING ROOM ATTENDANT (hotel & rest.) 311.677-018].
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 80

311.477-034 WAITER/WAITRESS, ROOM SERVICE (hotel & rest.)

    Serves meals to guests in their rooms. Carries silverware, linen, and food on tray or uses cart. Sets up table and serves food from cart. Removes equipment from rooms.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

311.477-038 WAITER/WAITRESS, TAKE OUT (hotel & rest.)

    Serves customers at take out counter of restaurant or lunchroom: Writes items ordered on order tickets, totals orders, passes orders to cook, and gives ticket stubs to customers to identify filled orders. Wraps menu items, such as sandwiches, hot entrees, and desserts. Fills containers with requested beverages, such as coffee, tea, or carbonated drink. Receives payment for orders and makes change. May prepare fountain drinks, such as sodas and milkshakes. May record orders and compute bill simultaneously, using cash register.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 80

311.674-010 CANTEEN OPERATOR (any industry)

    Serves sandwiches, salads, beverages, desserts, candies, and tobacco to employees in industrial establishment. May collect money for purchases. May order items to replace stocks. May serve hot dishes, such as soups. May serve employees from mobile canteen.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

311.674-014 RAW SHELLFISH PREPARER (hotel & rest.)

    Cleans and prepares shellfish for serving to customers: Washes shellfish in water. Inserts blunt-edge knife between halves to open bivalves and cuts out inedible parts. Returns oysters and clams to half shell and arranges them on ice filled dishes or places them in cold storage. Removes shells from shrimp and meat from crab and lobster shells, and arranges meat in special glasses for serving as cocktails. Mixes meat with other ingredients and arranges mixture on plates for salads. Serves customers at bar. May place silverware, napkins, potato chips, and condiments on bar. May mix ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice, and other ingredients to make cocktail sauces. May prepare only oysters for use as food and be designated Oyster Preparer (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

311.674-018 WAITER/WAITRESS, BUFFET (hotel & rest.)

    Serves or assists diners to serve themselves at buffet or smorgasbord table. Replenishes supplies of food and tableware. May carry trays of food to individual tables for diners.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

311.677-010 CAFETERIA ATTENDANT (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: dining-room attendant, cafeteria; service attendant, cafeteria; table attendant, cafeteria; waiter/waitress, cafeteria

    Carries trays from food counters to tables for cafeteria patrons. Carries dirty dishes to kitchen. Wipes tables and seats with dampened cloth. Sets tables with clean linens, sugar bowls, and condiments. May wrap clean silver in napkins. May circulate among diners and serve coffee and be designated Coffee Server, Cafeteria Or Restaurant (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

311.677-014 COUNTER ATTENDANT, CAFETERIA (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: server; steamtable attendant

    Serves food from counters and steamtables to cafeteria patrons: Serves salads, vegetables, meat, breads, and cocktails, ladles soups and sauces, portions desserts, and fills beverage cups and glasses as indicated by customer. Adds relishes and garnishes according to instructions from COUNTER SUPERVISOR (hotel & rest.) 311.137-010. Scrubs and polishes counters, steamtables, and other equipment. May replenish foods at serving stations. May brew coffee and tea. May carve meat. May accept payment for food, using cash register or adding machine to total check. May prepare and serve salads and be known as Salad Counter Attendant (hotel & rest.). May serve food to passenger from steamtable on railroad dining car and be known as Steamtable Attendant, Railroad (r.r. trans.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 86

311.677-018 DINING ROOM ATTENDANT (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: bus person

    Performs any combination of following duties to facilitate food service: Carries dirty dishes from dining room to kitchen. Wipes table tops and chairs, using damp cloth. Replaces soiled table linens and sets tables with silverware and glassware. Replenishes supply of clean linens, silverware, glassware, and dishes in dining room. Supplies service bar with food, such as soups, salads, and desserts. Serves ice water and butter to patrons. Cleans and polishes glass shelves and doors of service bars and equipment, such as coffee urns and cream and milk dispensers. Makes coffee and fills fruit juice dispensers. May sweep and mop floors. May transfer food and dishes between floors of establishment, using dumbwaiter, and be designated Dumbwaiter Operator (hotel & rest.). May run errands and deliver food orders to offices and be designated Runner (hotel & rest.). May be designated according to type of activity or area of work as Clean-Up Helper, Banquet (hotel & rest.); Counter Dish Carrier (hotel & rest.); Dish Carrier (hotel & rest.); Glass Washer And Carrier (hotel & rest.); Room Service Assistant (hotel & rest.); Steamtable Worker (hotel & rest.); Table Setter (hotel & rest.); Water Server (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 80


    This group includes occupations concerned with mixing and dispensing alcoholic drinks.

312.474-010 BARTENDER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: bar attendant; barkeeper

    Mixes and serves alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to patrons of bar, following standard recipes: Mixes ingredients, such as liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters, to prepare cocktails and other drinks. Serves wine and draught or bottled beer. Collects money for drinks served. Orders or requisitions liquors and supplies. Arranges bottles and glasses to make attractive display. May slice and pit fruit for garnishing drinks. May prepare appetizers, such as pickles, cheese, and cold meats. May tend service bar and be designated Service Bartender (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 80

312.477-010 BAR ATTENDANT (hotel & rest.)

    Serves alcoholic drinks to patrons in taverns or combination bar and package-goods store: Takes orders from customers. Serves shots (jiggers) for consumption within establishment. Serves bottled beer or draws draught beer from kegs. Sells unopened bottles of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages to be taken from premises when licensed for sale of packaged goods. Receives payment for amount of sale and makes change. Usually does not serve mixed drinks.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

312.677-010 TAPROOM ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Fills glasses with beer drawn from tap and hands filled glasses to patron or to worker who serves patrons. Inserts hose couplings into fittings on barrel to connect beer tap and CO2 automatic pressure regulator to beer barrel. Twists valve control lever to pressurize beer barrel. Pulls tap control handle to pour beer. Wipes bar and equipment with cloth to clean. May wash and sterilize glasses. May order and inventory supplies. May wax bar.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

312.687-010 BARTENDER HELPER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: bar porter; bar runner

    Cleans bar and equipment, and replenishes bar supplies, such as liquor, fruit, ice, and dishes: Stocks refrigerating units with wines and bottled beer. Replaces empty beer kegs with full ones. Slices and pits fruit used to garnish drinks. Washes glasses, bar, and equipment, and polishes bar fixtures. Mops floors. Removes empty bottles and trash. May mix and prepare flavors for mixed drinks.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with planning menus, estimating consumption, and cooking food in hotels or restaurants. Workers usually specialize in a particular area.

313.131-010 BAKER, HEAD (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: baker, bread, chief; baker chef

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in bread-baking department: Plans production according to daily requirements. Requisitions supplies and equipment. Maintains production records.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.131-014 CHEF (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cook, chief; kitchen chef

    Supervises, coordinates, and participates in activities of cooks and other kitchen personnel engaged in preparing and cooking foods in hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, or other establishment: Estimates food consumption, and requisitions or purchases foodstuffs. Receives and examines foodstuffs and supplies to ensure quality and quantity meet established standards and specifications. Selects and develops recipes based on type of food to be prepared and applying personal knowledge and experience in food preparation. Supervises personnel engaged in preparing, cooking, and serving meats, sauces, vegetables, soups, and other foods. Cooks or otherwise prepares food according to recipe [COOK (hotel & rest.) 313.361-014]. Cuts, trims, and bones meats and poultry for cooking. Portions cooked foods, or gives instructions to workers as to size of portions and methods of garnishing. Carves meats. ay employ, train, and discharge workers. May maintain time and payroll records. May plan menus. May supervise kitchen staff, plan menus, purchase foodstuffs, and not prepare and cook foods [EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.) 187.167-010]. May be designated according to cuisine specialty as Chef, French (hotel & rest.); Chef, German (hotel & rest.); Chef, Italian (hotel & rest.); or according to food specialty as Chef, Broiler Or Fry (hotel & rest.); Chef, Saucier (hotel & rest.). May supervise worker preparing food for banquet and be designated Banquet Chef (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 81

313.131-018 COOK, HEAD, SCHOOL CAFETERIA (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: food service coordinator; head cook, school; preparation center coordinator

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparing, cooking, and serving food in school cafeteria, cafeterias, or central school district kitchen: Plans varied menus to ensure that food is appetizing and nutritionally suitable for children. Estimates daily or weekly needs and orders food supplies and equipment. Supervises and coordinates activities of workers who prepare, cook, serve food, clean premises, and wash dishware. Keeps daily record of meals served and takes inventory of supplies and equipment. Trains new employees. Participates in preparing and cooking meals. May direct activities of students engaged in washing dishes and utensils.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 80

313.131-022 PASTRY CHEF (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of COOKS (hotel & rest.) engaged in preparation of desserts, pastries, confections, and ice cream: Plans production for pastry department, according to menu or special requirements. Supplies recipes for, and suggests methods and procedures to pastry workers. Fashions table and pastry decorations, such as statuaries and ornaments, from sugar paste and icings, using cream bag, spatula, and various decorating tools. Requisitions supplies and equipment. Maintains production records. May participate in preparing desserts.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

313.131-026 SOUS CHEF (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: chef assistant; chef, under; executive-chef assistant; supervising-chef assistant

    Supervises and coordinates activities of COOKS (hotel & rest.) and other workers engaged in preparing and cooking foodstuffs: Observes workers engaged in preparing, portioning, and garnishing foods to ensure that methods of cooking and garnishing and sizes of portions are as prescribed. Gives instructions to cooking personnel in fine points of cooking. Cooks and carves meats, and prepares dishes, such as sauces, during rush periods and for banquets and other social functions. Assumes responsibility for kitchen in absence of EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.). In establishments not employing EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.), may be designated Supervising Chef (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

313.281-010 CHEF DE FROID (hotel & rest.)

    Designs and prepares decorated foods and artistic food arrangements for buffets in formal restaurants: Confers with EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.) and SOUS CHEF (hotel & rest.) and reviews advance menus to determine amount and type of food to be served and decor to be carried out. Prepares foods, such as hors d'oeuvres, cold whole salmon, roast suckling pig, casseroles, and fancy aspics, according to recipe, and decorates them following customer's specifications, designated color scheme, or theme, using colorful fruit, vegetables, and relishes. Molds butter into artistic forms, such as dancing girls or animals. Sculptures blocks of ice, using chisels and ice picks. Carves meats in patron's presence, employing showmanship. May prepare cold meats, casseroles, and other foods during slack periods [GARDE MANGER (hotel & rest.)].
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.361-010 BAKER, SECOND (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares bread, rolls, muffins, and biscuits in establishments where baking of various breads, cakes, and pastries is divided among several workers, and supervises other BAKERS (hotel & rest.) in absence of BAKER, HEAD (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.361-014 COOK (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cook, restaurant

    Prepares, seasons, and cooks soups, meats, vegetables, desserts, and other foodstuffs for consumption in eating establishments: Reads menu to estimate food requirements and orders food from supplier or procures food from storage. Adjusts thermostat controls to regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters, and steam kettles. easures and mixes ingredients according to recipe, using variety of kitchen utensils and equipment, such as blenders, mixers, grinders, slicers, and tenderizers, to prepare soups, salads, gravies, desserts, sauces, and casseroles. Bakes, roasts, broils, and steams meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods. Adds seasoning to foods during mixing or cooking, according to personal judgment and experience. Observes and tests foods being cooked by tasting, smelling, and piercing with fork to determine that it is cooked. Carves meats, portions food on serving plates, adds gravies and sauces, and garnishes servings to fill orders. May supervise other cooks and kitchen employees. May wash, peel, cut, and shred vegetables and fruits to prepare them for use. ay butcher chickens, fish, and shellfish. May cut, trim, and bone meat prior to cooking. May bake bread, rolls, cakes, and pastry [BAKER (hotel & rest.) 313.381-010]. May price items on menu. May be designated according to meal cooked or shift worked as Cook, Dinner (hotel & rest.); Cook, Morning (hotel & rest.); or according to food item prepared as Cook, Roast (hotel & rest.); or according to method of cooking as Cook, Broiler (hotel & rest.). May substitute for and relieve or assist other cooks during emergencies or rush periods and be designated Cook, Relief (hotel & rest.). May prepare and cook meals for institutionalized patients requiring special diets and be designated Food-Service Worker (hotel & rest.). May be designated: Cook, Dessert (hotel & rest.); Cook, Fry (hotel & rest.); Cook, Night (hotel & rest.); Cook, Sauce (hotel & rest.); Cook, Soup (hotel & rest.); Cook, Special Diet (hotel & rest.); Cook, Vegetable (hotel & rest.). ay oversee work of patients assigned to kitchen for work therapy purposes when working in psychiatric hospital.
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 81

313.361-018 COOK APPRENTICE (hotel & rest.)

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.361-026 COOK, SPECIALTY (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares specialty foods, such as fish and chips, tacos, and pasties (Cornish meat pies) according to recipe and specific methods applicable to type of cookery. May serve orders to customers at window or counter. May prepare and serve beverages, such as coffee, clam nectar, and fountain drinks. May be required to exercise showmanship in preparation of food, such as flipping pancakes in air to turn or tossing pizza dough in air to lighten texture. May be designated according to food item prepared as Cook, Fish And Chips (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

313.361-030 COOK, SPECIALTY, FOREIGN FOOD (hotel & rest.)

    Plans menus and cooks foreign-style dishes, dinners, desserts, and other foods, according to recipes: Prepares meats, soups, sauces, vegetables, and other foods prior to cooking. Seasons and cooks food according to prescribed method. Portions and garnishes food. Serves food to waiters on order. Estimates food consumption and requisitions or purchases supplies. Usually employed in restaurant specializing in foreign cuisine, such as French, Scandinavian, German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Cantonese. May be designated according to type of food specialty prepared as Cook, Chinese-Style Food (hotel & rest.); Cook, Italian-Style Food (hotel & rest.); Cook, Kosher-Style Food (hotel & rest.); Cook, Spanish-Style Food (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.361-034 GARDE MANGER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cold-meat chef; cook, cold meat

    Prepares such dishes as meat loaves and salads, utilizing leftover meats, seafoods, and poultry: Consults with supervisory staff to determine dishes that will use greatest amount of leftovers. Prepares appetizers, relishes, and hors d'oeuvres. Chops, dices, and grinds meats and vegetables. Slices cold meats and cheese. Arranges and garnishes cold meat dishes. Prepares cold meat sandwiches. Mixes and prepares cold sauces, meat glazes, jellies, salad dressings, and stuffings. May supervise pantry workers. May follow recipes to prepare foods.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.361-038 PIE MAKER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: baker, pie; cook, pastry; cook, pie; pie chef

    Mixes ingredients and bakes pies, tarts, and cobblers, according to recipes: Weighs and measures ingredients, using measuring cup and spoons. Mixes ingredients by hand or with electric mixer to form piecrust dough. Rolls and shapes dough, using rolling pin. Places portions of rolled dough in piepans and trims overlapping edges with knife. Cuts, peels, and prepares fruit for pie fillings. Mixes and cooks ingredients for fillings, such as creams and custards. Pours fillings into pie shells. Covers filling with top crust or spreads topping, such as cream or meringue, over filling. Places pie in oven to bake. Adjusts drafts or thermostatic controls to regulate oven temperatures. Usually found in restaurant or cafeteria where no COOK, PASTRY (hotel & rest.) is employed and need not be able to bake other desserts or pastries as opposed to COOK, PASTRY (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

313.374-010 COOK, FAST FOOD (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares and cooks to order foods requiring short preparation time: Reads food order slip or receives verbal instructions as to food required by patron, and prepares and cooks food according to instructions. Prepares sandwiches [SANDWICH MAKER (hotel & rest.) 317.664-010]. Prepares salads and slices meats and cheese, using slicing machine, [PANTRY GOODS MAKER (hotel & rest.) 317.684-014]. Cleans work area and food preparation equipment. May prepare beverages [COFFEE MAKER (hotel & rest.) 317.684-010]. ay serve meals to patrons over counter.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 81

313.374-014 COOK, SHORT ORDER (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares food and serves restaurant patrons at counters or tables: Takes order from customer and cooks foods requiring short preparation time, according to customer requirements. Completes order from steamtable and serves customer at table or counter. Accepts payment and makes change, or writes charge slip. Carves meats, makes sandwiches, and brews coffee. May clean food preparation equipment and work area. May clean counter or tables.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 81

313.381-010 BAKER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: baker, bread; bread maker; oven tender

    Prepares bread, rolls, muffins, and biscuits according to recipe: Checks production schedule to determine variety and quantity of goods to bake. Measures ingredients, using measuring cups and spoons. Mixes ingredients to form dough or batter by hand or using electric mixer. Cuts dough into uniform portions with knife or divider. Molds dough into loaves or desired shapes. Places shaped dough in greased or floured pans. Spreads or sprinkles topping, such as jelly, cinnamon, and poppy seeds on specialties. Places pans of dough in proof box to rise. Inserts pans of raised dough in oven to bake, using peel. Adjusts drafts or thermostatic controls to regulate oven temperature. Removes baked goods from oven and places goods on cooling rack. May bake pies, cakes, cookies, and other pastries [COOK, PASTRY (hotel & rest.)]. May be designated according to specialty baked as Baker, Biscuit (hotel & rest.); Hot-Bread Baker (hotel & rest.); Rolls Baker (hotel & rest.); or according to shift worked as Night Baker (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

313.381-014 BAKER, PIZZA (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares and bakes pizza pies: Measures ingredients, such as flour, water, and yeast, using measuring cup, spoon, and scale. Dumps specified ingredients into pan or bowl of mixing machine preparatory to mixing. Starts machine and observes operation until ingredients are mixed to desired consistency. Stops machine and dumps dough into proof box to allow dough to rise. Kneads fermented dough. Cuts out and weighs amount of dough required to produce pizza pies of desired thickness. Shapes dough sections into balls or mounds and sprinkles each section with flour to prevent crust forming until used. Greases pan. Stretches or spreads dough mixture to size of pan. Places dough in pan and adds olive oil and tomato puree, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, meat, or other garnish on surface of dough, according to kind of pizza ordered. Sets thermostatic controls and inserts pizza into heated oven to bake for specified time. Removes product from oven and observes color to determine when pizza is done.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L1 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

313.381-018 COOK APPRENTICE, PASTRY (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: baker apprentice, pastry

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.381-022 COOK, BARBECUE (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares, seasons, and barbecues pork, beef, chicken, and other types of meat: Builds fire in pit below spit, using hickory wood or other fuel to obtain bed of live coals, or regulates gas or electric heat. Secures meat on spit which is slowly turned by hand or electric motor to cook meat uniformly. Seasons meat and bastes it frequently during roasting. May kill and dress animals or fowls or purchase meat from vendors. When cooking whole pigs, may be designated Cook, Roast Pig (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

313.381-026 COOK, PASTRY (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: baker, cake; baker, pastry; cake maker

    Prepares and bakes cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, or desserts, according to recipe: Measures ingredients, using measuring cups and spoons. Mixes ingredients to form dough or batter, using electric mixer or beats and stirs ingredients by hand. Shapes dough for cookies, pies, and fancy pastries, using pie dough roller and cookie cutters or by hand. Places shaped dough portions in greased or floured pans and inserts them in oven, using long-handled paddle (peel). Adjusts drafts or thermostatic controls to regulate oven temperatures. Prepares and cooks ingredients for pie fillings, puddings, custards, or other desserts. Pours filling into pie shells and tops filling with meringue or cream. Mixes ingredients to make icings. Decorates cakes and pastries [CAKE DECORATOR (bakery products) 524.381-010]. Blends colors for icings and for shaped sugar ornaments and statuaries. May specialize in preparing one or more types of pastry or dessert when employed in large establishment. May oversee work of patients assigned to kitchen for work therapy purposes when working in psychiatric hospital.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

313.381-030 COOK, SCHOOL CAFETERIA (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares soups, meats, vegetables, salads, dressings, and desserts for consumption in school cafeteria, utilizing cafeteria equipment and cooking experience. Specializes in providing lightly seasoned, nutritionally adequate, and varied diet. Inspects equipment for cleanliness and functional operation. Work is usually performed with other workers. May plan menus, order food supplies, and receive supplies delivered.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

313.381-034 ICE-CREAM CHEF (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cook, frozen dessert; cook, ice cream

    Mixes, cooks, and freezes ingredients to make frozen desserts, such as sherbets, ice cream, and custards: Measures and cooks ingredients for frozen desserts, according to recipes. Pours mixed ingredients into freezing machine reservoir, and starts machine to churn and freeze ingredients. Removes frozen dessert mixture from machine. Stores frozen desserts in refrigerated room or refrigerator. Molds ice cream or sherbet into various shapes, such as flowers or emblems, using paddle and mold forms. Tints and decorates molded figures with icing, using cream bag and tubes. Mixes and cooks sauces and syrups for use with frozen desserts. May portion frozen desserts for waiters. May carve decorations out of ice.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

313.684-010 BAKER HELPER (hotel & rest.)

    Assists BAKER (hotel & rest.) by performing any combination of following duties in bread-baking department: Carries and distributes supplies, such as flour, shortening, and baking pans. Mixes, kneads, or shapes dough for bread, rolls, muffins, or biscuits. Cuts dough into uniform portions. Greases pans used to mold or bake breads and lines pans with waxed paper. Places pans of dough into oven to bake. Removes baked products from oven. Cleans bakery utensils, equipment, and work area. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

313.687-010 COOK HELPER, PASTRY (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: bakeshop cleaner; pastry helper

    Assists pastry shop workers, performing any combination of following duties: Carries and distributes supplies and equipment. Mixes, kneads, and shapes dough or batter to make pies, cakes, cookies, and other pastries. Washes and cuts up fruits for desserts and pies. Greases baking tins or lines them with waxed paper. Inserts cakes, pies, and cookies into oven, and removes baked products. Portions pastries, desserts, and ice cream. Washes and scours pots, pans, and other equipment. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes service occupations concerned with preparing and cooking food in places other than private houses, hotels, or restaurants.

315.131-010 COOK, CHIEF (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of kitchen personnel and participates in preparation of meals aboard cargo ship: Collaborates with STEWARD/STEWARDESS, CHIEF, CARGO VESSEL (water trans.) to plan menus. Determines time and sequence of cooking operations to meet meal-serving hours. Directs COOK, THIRD (water trans.); SECOND COOK AND BAKER (water trans.); and SCULLION (water trans.) in preparation of foods. Inspects galley and galley equipment, such as pots, ovens, and cutlery, for cleanliness. Butchers and prepares meat, fowl, and fish, and participates in cooking of meats and sauces. May requisition supplies.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

315.131-014 PASTRY CHEF (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers in pastry shop aboard passenger ship to produce puddings, icings, and fancy pastries, and creates new recipes: Receives orders from CHEF, PASSENGER VESSEL (water trans.) to prepare confections. Assigns specific baking tasks and directs workers in task performance. Measures and mixes ingredients, such as flour, flavoring, and fruit, to form concoctions. Kneads dough into desired shape and places dough in oven. Turns oven controls to regulate temperatures and to set time cycle for baking products. Decorates products with icing designs, using spatula and cream bag. Creates new designs and recipes. Inspects pastry shop, baking equipment, and workers for cleanliness. Requisitions supplies and equipment.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

315.137-010 CHEF, PASSENGER VESSEL (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of kitchen workers to prepare and cook food aboard passenger ship: Collaborates with STEWARD/STEWARDESS, CHIEF, PASSENGER SHIP (water trans.) to plan menus. Determines time and sequence of cooking operations to meet meal-serving hours. Delegates to SOUS CHEF (water trans.) responsibility for preparation of food. Directs cooks, bakers, butchers, and other kitchen personnel engaged in preparing, cooking, and serving food. Inspects galleys, bakery, and butcher shop for cleanliness. Requisitions food and galley supplies. Estimates cost of food consumed and compiles cost control records. Authorizes personnel to work overtime.
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

315.137-014 SOUS CHEF (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of kitchen workers to prepare and cook food aboard passenger ship: Receives menus planned by CHEF, PASSENGER VESSEL (water trans.) and STEWARD/STEWARDESS, CHIEF, PASSENGER SHIP (water trans.). Determines kinds and amounts of foodstuffs necessary to prepare items listed on menus. Plans sequence and time of cooking operations to meet meal-serving hours. Assigns specific tasks to cooks of several galleys. Directs cooks performing tasks. Determines size of food portions and observes workers serving food. Evaluates and solves problems encountered, such as substituting items on menus, reusing cooked food, and reducing excess waste and spoilage. Inspects galleys, pantries, serving stations, and butchering and baking shops for cleanliness. May assist in cooking tasks and in preparing hot and cold canapes and hors d'oeuvres for banquets, cocktail parties, and other social functions.
GOE: 05.05.17 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

315.361-010 COOK (any industry) alternate titles: cook, mess

    Prepares and cooks family-style meals for crews or residents and employees of institutions: Cooks foodstuffs in quantities according to menu and number of persons to be served. Washes dishes. Bakes breads and pastry [BAKER (hotel & rest.)]. Cuts meat [BUTCHER, MEAT (hotel & rest.)]. Plans menu taking advantage of foods in season and local availability. May serve meals. May order supplies and keep records and accounts. May direct activities of one or more workers who assist in preparing and serving meals. May be designated according to work location as Cook, Camp (any industry); Cook, Institution (any industry); Cook, Ranch (agriculture); Cook, Ship (water trans.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

315.361-022 COOK, STATION (water trans.)

    Prepares, seasons, and cooks food on menu from station aboard passenger vessel: Prepares sauces, dressings, puddings, or relishes to be served with dish. Gives directions for setting up station so that food, garnishes, and service equipment are arranged in serving order. Portions and places food on plate, and arranges garnishes on plate. Must be certified as Food Handler and as Cook by U.S. Coast Guard. May be required to hold Life Boatman certificate. May be designated according to station as Cook, Station, Grill (water trans.); according to meal prepared as Cook, Station, Breakfast (water trans.); or according to food prepared as Cook, Station, Roast (water trans.); Cook, Station, Soup And Fish (water trans.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

315.371-010 COOK, MESS (water trans.) alternate titles: cook, boat; cook, ship

    Cooks and serves meals to crew on passenger ship: Cleans, cuts, and cooks meat, fish, and poultry. Serves food to crewmembers. Washes dishes and cleans galley and galley equipment. Requisitions supplies. Compiles cost records of food used.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

315.381-010 COOK (fishing & hunt.) alternate titles: cook, fishing vessel

    Prepares meals for crew and officers on board fishing vessel or in shore fishery establishment. May assist in actual fishing. May purchase food supplies.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

315.381-014 COOK, LARDER (water trans.) alternate titles: garde manger

    Prepares cold plate entrees, appetizers, and cocktails for lunch and dinner service, and makes canapes, hors d'oeuvres, and sandwiches for buffets: Slices roast, such as beef, veal, pork, and lamb, for cold plates or sandwiches. Cuts luncheon meats, such as head cheese, pork loaf, veal loaf, and ham. Mixes gelatins, grinds up leftover meats, and prepares hot and cold canapes, hors d'oeuvres, and goose liver pate to be served as appetizers. Prepares sandwiches for pantry service outside of meal hours. May prepare food showpieces. Mixes sauces and various seafoods, such as crab, lobster, and shrimp, to prepare cocktails.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

315.381-018 COOK, RAILROAD (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: chef

    Prepares, seasons, and cooks food in railroad dining car, following recipes for preplanned menus: Broils steaks, chops, fish, and poultry. Toasts bread and prepares waffles and pancakes, using prepared mixes. Mixes ingredients for cooked and uncooked desserts, such as pudding, custard, gelatin, and fruit desserts. Washes, peels, cuts, seeds, and cooks vegetables. May inventory supplies of food and prepare requisitions. May carve meats. May supervise other kitchen workers. May be designated according to specialties prepared as Cook, Fry (r.r. trans.). When preparing and serving food to passengers in Pullman Lounge (combination sleeping and dining car) may be designated Pullman Attendant (r.r. trans.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

315.381-022 COOK, THIRD (water trans.)

    Prepares and cooks food aboard cargo vessel: Cleans, cuts, and cooks meat, fish, and poultry as directed by COOK, CHIEF (water trans.). Apportions food for servings. Cleans pots, pans, ranges, and other cooking equipment.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

315.381-026 SECOND COOK AND BAKER (water trans.)

    Prepares food aboard cargo vessel, as directed by COOK, CHIEF (water trans.): Bakes bread, rolls, and pastries. Cooks vegetables and prepares desserts. Cleans baking area. May apportion cooked foods on plates.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with cutting and otherwise preparing meat for cooking in hotels and restaurants, or for sale in wholesale or retail trade. Meatcutter occupations in slaughtering and packing houses or centralized meat processing plants are included in Group 525.

316.661-010 CARVER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: display carver; exhibition carver; meat carver

    Carves individual portions from roasts and poultry to obtain maximum number of meat portions, using carving knives and meat-slicing machines: Disjoints roasts and poultry. Slices uniform portions of meat and places sliced meat in steamtable container, or arranges individual portions on plate. Ladles gravy over food and garnishes plate. Removes shells from seafood and bones fish, using forks. May weigh sliced meat to ensure that portions are uniform. May serve food from steamtable. May serve customers [WAITER/WAITRESS, FORMAL (hotel & rest.)].
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

316.681-010 BUTCHER, MEAT (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: butcher; meat cutter

    Cuts, trims, bones, ties, and grinds meats, using butcher's cutlery and powered equipment, such as electric grinder and bandsaw, to portion and prepare meat in cooking form: Cuts, trims, and bones carcass sections or prime cuts, using knives, meat saw, cleaver, and bandsaw, to reduce to cooking cuts, such as roasts, steaks, chops, stew cubes, and grinding meat. Cuts and weighs steaks and chops for individual servings. Tends electric grinder to grind meat. Shapes and ties roasts. May estimate requirements and requisition or order meat supply. May receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery. May record quantity of meat received and issued to cooks. May clean fowl and fish [BUTCHER, CHICKEN AND FISH (hotel & rest.)]. May oversee other butchers and be designated Butcher, Head (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

316.684-010 BUTCHER, CHICKEN AND FISH (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: chicken-and-fish cleaner; poultry-and-fish butcher

    Butchers and cleans fowl, fish, and shellfish preparatory to cooking: Cleans and prepares fowl, fish, and shellfish, using knife and fork. Discards inedible parts. Cuts up fowl, using knife and cleaver or bandsaw. Bones game fowl and fish, using boning knife. Reshapes boned fowl into natural form for cooking and serving. Cuts fillets and steaks from fish. May butcher poultry in retail establishment and be designated Sales Clerk, Fresh Poultry (retail trade).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

316.684-014 DELI CUTTER-SLICER (retail trade)

    Cuts delicatessen meats and cheeses, using slicing machine, knives, or other cutters: Places meat or cheese on cutting board and cuts slices to designated thickness, using knives or other hand cutters. Positions and clamps meat or cheese on carriage of slicing machine. Adjusts knob to set machine for desired thickness. Presses button to start motor that moves carriage past rotary blade that slices meats and cheeses. Stacks cut pieces on tray or platter, separating portions with paper. May weigh and wrap sliced foods and affix sticker showing price and weight.
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

316.684-018 MEAT CUTTER (retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: butcher; salesperson, meats

    Cuts and trims meat to size for display or as ordered by customer, using handtools and power equipment, such as grinder, cubing machine, and power saw. Cleans and cuts fish and poultry. May shape, lace, and tie meat cuts by hand, using boning knife, skewer, and twine to form roasts. May place meat in containers to be wrapped by other workers. May place meat on trays in display counter. May clean work area. May unload meat from delivery truck and store meat into refrigerator. May wrap and weigh meat for customers and collect money for sales. May inspect and grade meats and be designated Meat Inspector (retail trade; wholesale tr.).
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

316.684-022 MEAT-CUTTER APPRENTICE (retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: butcher apprentice; salesperson apprentice, meats

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with preparing food and beverages.

317.384-010 SALAD MAKER (water trans.)

    Prepares salads, fruits, melons, and gelatin desserts: Cleans vegetables, fruits, and berries for salads, relishes, and gelatin desserts. Mixes ingredients for green salads, fruit salads, and potato salad. Prepares relish plates of green onions, celery, radishes, and olives. Prepares dressings, such as Thousand Island, French, and Roquefort, to be served on green salads. Peels, cleans, and cuts fruits, to be served for breakfast or compotes. Prepares cold sandwiches and cheeses. Requisitions supplies daily.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

317.664-010 SANDWICH MAKER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: sandwich-counter attendant

    Prepares sandwiches to individual order of customers: Receives sandwich orders from customers. Slices cold meats and cheese by hand or machine. Selects and cuts bread, such as white, whole wheat, or rye, and toasts or grills bread, according to order. Places meat or filling and garnish, such as chopped or sliced onion and lettuce, between bread slices. Prepares garnishes for sandwiches, such as sliced tomatoes and pickles. May cook, mix, and season ingredients to make dressings, fillings, and spreads. May fry hamburgers, bacon, steaks, and eggs for hot sandwiches. May butter bread slices, using knife.
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 80

317.684-010 COFFEE MAKER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: coffee-urn attendant

    Brews coffee, tea, and chocolate, using coffee urns, drip or vacuum coffee makers, teapots, drink mixers, and other kitchen equipment. Performs various duties to assist in filling customers' orders, such as cooking hot cakes and waffles, boiling eggs, and making toast [PANTRY GOODS MAKER (hotel & rest.)]. Cleans and polishes utensils and equipment used in food and beverage preparation. May serve coffee. May prepare and issue iced beverages, such as coffee, tea, and fountain or bottled drinks, to be served by COUNTER ATTENDANT, LUNCHROOM OR COFFEE SHOP (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

317.684-014 PANTRY GOODS MAKER (hotel & rest.)

    Prepares salads, appetizers, sandwich fillings, and other cold dishes: Washes, peels, slices, and mixes vegetables, fruits, or other ingredients for salads, cold plates, and garnishes. Carves and slices meats and cheese. Portions and arranges food on serving dishes. Prepares fruit or seafood cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Measures and mixes ingredients to make salad dressings, cocktail sauces, gelatin salads, cold desserts, and waffles, following recipes. Makes sandwiches to order [SANDWICH MAKER (hotel & rest.) 317.664-010]. Brews tea and coffee [COFFEE MAKER (hotel & rest.) 317.684-010]. Prepares breakfast and dessert fruits, such as melons, grapefruit, and bananas. Portions fruit sauces and juices. Distributes food to waiters/waitresses to serve to customers. May serve food to customers. May be designated Salad Maker (hotel & rest.) when specializing in making salads.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 81

317.687-010 COOK HELPER (hotel & rest.)

    Assists workers engaged in preparing foods for hotels, restaurants, or ready-to-serve packages by performing any combination of following duties: Washes, peels, cuts, and seeds vegetables and fruits. Cleans, cuts, and grinds meats, poultry, and seafood. Dips food items in crumbs, flour, and batter to bread them. Stirs and strains soups and sauces. Weighs and measures designated ingredients. Carries pans, kettles, and trays of food to and from work stations, stove, and refrigerator. Stores foods in designated areas, utilizing knowledge of temperature requirements and food spoilage. Cleans work areas, equipment and utensils, segregates and removes garbage, and steam-cleans or hoses garbage containers [KITCHEN HELPER (hotel & rest.) 318.687-010]. Distributes supplies, utensils, and portable equipment, using handtruck. May be designated according to worker assisted as Cook Helper, Broiler or Fry (hotel & rest.); Cook Helper, Dessert (hotel & rest.); Cook Helper, Vegetable (hotel & rest.); Pantry Goods Maker Helper (hotel & rest.). Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 81


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with performing such duties as washing and drying dishes; polishing silverware; and disposing of garbage and trash.

318.137-010 KITCHEN STEWARD/STEWARDESS (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises kitchen employees not actively engaged in cooking to ensure clean, efficient, and economical food service: Assigns KITCHEN HELPER (hotel & rest.) and other noncooking employees to such activities as dishwashing and silver cleaning. Inspects kitchens, workrooms, and equipment for cleanliness and order. Hires and discharges employees, and posts time and production records. Observes and evaluates employees' performance to devise methods for improving efficiency and guard against theft and wastage. Takes inventories of china, silverware, and glassware. Reports shortages and requisitions replacement of equipment from STEWARD/STEWARDESS (hotel & rest.) or PURCHASING AGENT (profess. & kin.). May be working supervisor in establishments employing an EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.), who devotes full time to supervising kitchen employees. May be designated according to area of work as Pantry Steward/Stewardess (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

318.687-010 KITCHEN HELPER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cookee; cook helper; kitchen hand; kitchen porter; kitchen runner

    Performs any combination of following duties to maintain kitchen work areas and restaurant equipment and utensils in clean and orderly condition: Sweeps and mops floors. Washes worktables, walls, refrigerators, and meat blocks. Segregates and removes trash and garbage and places it in designated containers. Steam-cleans or hoses-out garbage cans. Sorts bottles, and breaks disposable ones in bottle-crushing machine. Washes pots, pans, and trays by hand. Scrapes food from dirty dishes and washes them by hand or places them in racks or on conveyor to dishwashing machine. Polishes silver, using burnishing-machine tumbler, chemical dip, buffing wheel, and hand cloth. Holds inverted glasses over revolving brushes to clean inside surfaces. Transfers supplies and equipment between storage and work areas by hand or by use of handtruck. Sets up banquet tables. Washes and peels vegetables, using knife or peeling machine. Loads or unloads trucks picking up or delivering supplies and food.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

318.687-014 SCULLION (water trans.)

    Performs any combination of tasks involved in cleaning ship's galleys, bakery, and butcher shop: Cleans pots and pans, dishes, chopping blocks, and service stations, by hand or using dishwashing machine. Polishes silver chafing dishes and coffee pots. Places washed glasses in rack to prevent breakage. Defrosts and cleans reefers and iceboxes. Cleans and culls vegetables and fruits. Dumps garbage and cleans can. Swabs deck of assigned area. Carries supplies from reefers and storerooms to galleys, pantries, bakery, and butcher shop. Stocks serving stations with dishes and stores. May be designated according to type of work performed as Baker Scullion (water trans.); Butcher Scullion (water trans.); Glass Scullion (water trans.); Silverware Washer (water trans.); Vegetable Scullion (water trans.); or according to area to which assigned as Main-Galley Scullion (water trans.). May give directions to workers and be designated Scullion Chief (water trans.). When work is performed on cargo ship, is usually known as Utility Hand (water trans.).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

318.687-018 SILVER WRAPPER (hotel & rest.)

    Spreads silverware on absorbent cloth to remove moisture. Wraps individual place settings in napkins or inserts them with prescribed accessory condiments in plastic bag and closes bag with electric sealer. May immerse silverware in cleaning solution to remove soap stains before wrapping. May place tarnished and bent eating utensils aside.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 1 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with food and beverage preparation and service.

319.137-010 FOOD-SERVICE SUPERVISOR (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises employees engaged in serving food in hospital, nursing home, school, or similar institutions, and in maintaining cleanliness of food service areas and equipment: Trains workers in performance of duties. Assigns and coordinates work of employees to promote efficiency of operations. Supervises serving of meals. Inspects kitchen and dining areas and kitchen utensils and equipment to ensure sanitary standards are met. Keeps records, such as amount and cost of meals served and hours worked by employees. Requisitions and inspects foodstuffs, supplies, and equipment to maintain stock levels and ensure standards of quality are met. Prepares work schedules and evaluates work performance of employees. May direct preparation of foods and beverages. May assist DIETITIAN, CLINICAL (profess. & kin.) 077.127-014 in planning menus. May interview, select, or hire new employees. When supervising workers engaged in tray assembly, may be designated Tray-Line Supervisor (medical ser.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

319.137-014 MANAGER, FLIGHT KITCHEN (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of kitchen employees engaged in purchasing and preparing food and supplies for food service department of airline: Reviews reservations and flight information to ascertain and compute types and quantities of food needed. Orders and schedules delivery of food and supplies from local vendors. Prepares work schedules for kitchen personnel to ensure presence of requisite labor force on each shift. Oversees and coordinates work of cooks and other kitchen employees engaged in preparing meals to ensure adherence to recipes and quality standards. Controls alcoholic beverage supply by perpetual inventory and prepares government forms as prescribed by law to account for consumption of taxable and nontaxable beverages. Inspects kitchen for conformance to government and company safety and sanitation requirements. Participates in collective bargaining and settling of union grievances involving department employees.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

319.137-018 MANAGER, INDUSTRIAL CAFETERIA (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: dining-service supervisor

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparing and serving balanced meals to employees of industrial plant: Plans daily menus to accommodate employees of all shifts, keeping expenses within budget. Purchases and keeps adequate supply of food and oversees storage and issuance of supplies. Supervises subordinates and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparing food, serving meals, and cleaning kitchen and dining room. Keeps records and makes reports of expenditures. Cooperates with medical personnel in providing special diets for employees requiring individual attention. May distribute pamphlets on food and health habits to employees. May balance receipts and prepare bank deposit slip. May interview and hire new workers.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

319.137-022 SUPERVISOR, COMMISSARY PRODUCTION (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: cooked foods supervisor

    Supervises and coordinates activities of commissary workers engaged in preparing, assembling, packaging, and shipping ready-to-eat food items: Checks inventories and orders foodstuffs and supplies. Prescribes quantities, production sequence, and time for items to be prepared, cooked, assembled, and packaged to meet production schedule. Specifies arrangement of equipment, work stations, and staffing to prepare for production. Explains and demonstrates work methods to train employees and establish size of food portions. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

319.137-026 SUPERVISOR, KOSHER DIETARY SERVICE (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: moshgiach; overseer, kosher kitchen; supervisor, kashruth

    Supervises workers engaged in storing, preparing, and cooking meats, poultry, and other foods in restaurants, catering halls, hospitals, or other establishments to ensure observance of Hebrew dietary laws and customs: Examines incoming purchases of meat and fowl to ensure that slaughtering and selection of meat cuts have been performed according to dietary law. Inspects equipment, utensils, and food supplies to ascertain that separation of dairy and meat products is maintained and that kosher foods and supplies are kept separate from nonkosher foods. Ensures that silverware, dishes, and utensils are sent to prescribed meat kitchen or dairy kitchen for washing. Washes and salts meat and fowl in accordance with Hebrew ritual. Directs kitchen staff in methods of complying with dietary laws.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

319.137-030 KITCHEN SUPERVISOR (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: dietary assistant; manager, kitchen

    Supervises and coordinates activities of food preparation, kitchen, pantry, and storeroom personnel and purchases or requisitions foodstuffs and kitchen supplies: Plans or participates in planning menus, preparing and apportioning foods, and utilizing food surpluses and leftovers. Specifies number of servings to be made from any vegetable, meat, beverage, and dessert to control portion costs. Supervises noncooking personnel, such as KITCHEN HELPER (hotel & rest.) 318.687-010, to ensure cleanliness of kitchen and equipment. Supervises COOK (hotel & rest.) 313.361-014 and tastes, smells, and observes food to ensure conformance with recipes and appearance standards. Supervises workers engaged in inventory, storage, and distribution of foodstuffs and supplies. Purchases foodstuffs, kitchen supplies, and equipment, or requisitions them from PURCHASING AGENT (profess. & kin.) 162.157-038. Hires and discharges employees. Trains new workers. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title. May set prices to be charged for food items. May meet with professional staff, customers, or client group to resolve menu inconsistencies or to plan menus for special occasions. May assist dietitian to plan, change, test, and standardize recipes to increase number of servings prepared. This job occurs typically in restaurants, cafeterias, and institutions as opposed to STEWARD/STEWARDESS (hotel & rest.) 310.137-018 which occurs typically in hotels.
GOE: 05.10.08 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

319.464-010 AUTOMAT-CAR ATTENDANT (r.r. trans.)

    Stocks automatic food dispensing machines on railroad passenger car, makes change, and answers passengers' queries regarding food selections: Places portions of specified foods, beverages, and desserts on shelves in machine. Inserts labels below windows of machines to indicate type of food or drink on shelf and available for dispensing. akes change for passengers and answers questions concerning selections. Observes gauges registering temperature in machine to ensure that food and drink is kept cool or warm. Corrects jamming and common malfunctions of machines. Prepares requisition for food and drink supplies. Cleans interior and exterior of machines, using damp cloth. Removes refuse from tables and wipes them clean.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

319.464-014 VENDING-MACHINE ATTENDANT (hotel & rest.)

    Stocks machines and assists customers in facility where food is dispensed from coin-operated machines: Places food or drink items on shelves of vending machines and changes shelf labels as required to indicate selections. Makes change for customers and answers questions regarding selections. Adjusts temperature gauges to maintain food items at specified temperatures. Performs minor repairs or adjustments on machines to correct jams or similar malfunctions, using handtools. Prepares requisitions for food and drink supplies. Cleans interior and exterior of machines, using damp cloth. Maintains eating area in orderly condition. ay sell precooked foods from hot table. May remove money from vending machines and keep records of receipts.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

319.467-010 FOOD ORDER EXPEDITER (hotel & rest.)

    Calls out and verifies food orders in drive-in restaurant or restaurant specializing in fast service: Removes order placed on device, such as wheel or nail board, at kitchen service counter. Calls out food orders to cooks and pantry and fountain workers. Examines portioning and garnishing of completed food order. Reviews order for accuracy and tabulates check. Notifies serving personnel when order is ready. May record count of items, such as entrees drawn from supply or entrees served, to accumulate food control data. May prepare and cook foods that can be completed in short time [COOK, FAST FOOD (hotel & rest.) 313.374-010].
GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

319.474-010 FOUNTAIN SERVER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: fountain dispenser; ice cream dispenser; soda clerk; soda dispenser; soda jerker

    Prepares and serves soft drinks and ice cream dishes, such as ice cream sundaes, malted milks, sodas, and fruitades, using memorized formulas and methods or following directions. Cleans glasses, dishes, and fountain equipment and polishes metalwork on fountain. May prepare and serve sandwiches [SANDWICH MAKER (hotel & rest.) 317.664-010] or other foods [COUNTER ATTENDANT, LUNCHROOM OR COFFEE SHOP (hotel & rest.) 311.477-014]. May verify and total customer's bill, accept cash, and make change.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 80

319.484-010 FOOD ASSEMBLER, KITCHEN (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: dining-service worker; food assembler, commissary kitchen; food-tray assembler; supply service worker; tray setter

    Prepares meal trays in commissary kitchen for inflight service of airlines, multiunit restaurant chains, industrial caterers, or educational, and similar institutions, performing any combination of following duties: Reads charts to determine amount and kind of foods and supplies to be packaged. Fills individual serving cartons with portions of various foods and condiments, such as cream, jams, and sauces, by hand or using automatic filling machine. Portions and garnishes hot cooked foods, such as meat and vegetables, into individual serving dishes. Stores dishes of hot food on shelves of portable electric warming cabinet or food cart for stowing aboard airplane or transfer to restaurant or cafeteria dining unit. Removes pans of portioned salads, desserts, rolls, cream, and other cold food items from refrigerator or pantry, and places at appropriate stations of tray assembly counter to facilitate loading meal trays. Places food items, silverware, and dishes in depression of compartmented food tray passing on conveyor belt. Examines filled tray for completeness and appearance, and stores completed trays in refrigerated storage cabinets to be transported to airplane, dining room, or cafeteria. May be designated according to type of food assembled as Appetizer Packer (hotel & rest.); Casserole Preparer (hotel & rest.); Cold-Food Packer (hotel & rest.); Hot-Food Packer (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.12.17 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

319.677-010 CATERER HELPER (personal ser.)

    Prepares and serves food and refreshments at social affairs, under supervision of CATERER (personal ser.): Arranges tables and decorations. Prepares hors d'oeuvres, fancy and plain sandwiches, and salads. Serves foods and beverages to guests. Washes and packs dishes and utensils for removal to catering establishment.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

319.677-014 FOOD-SERVICE WORKER, HOSPITAL (medical ser.) alternate titles: dietary aide; tray worker

    Prepares and delivers food trays to hospital patients, performing any combination of following duties on tray line: Reads production orders on color-coded menu cards on trays to determine items to place on tray. Places items, such as eating utensils, napkins, and condiments on trays. Prepares food items, such as sandwiches, salads, soups, and beverages. Places servings in blender to make foods for soft or liquid diets. Apportions and places food servings on plates and trays according to diet list on menu card. Examines filled tray for completeness and places on cart, dumbwaiter, or conveyor belt. Pushes carts to halls or ward kitchen. Serves trays to patients. Collects and stacks dirty dishes on cart and returns cart to kitchen. Washes dishes and cleans work area, tables, cabinets, and ovens. Collects and places garbage and trash in designated containers. May record amount and types of special food items served to patients. May assemble and serve food items to hospital staff in cafeteria.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 89

319.687-010 COUNTER-SUPPLY WORKER (hotel & rest.)

    Replenishes food and equipment at steamtables and serving counters of cafeteria to facilitate service to patrons: Carries food, dishes, trays, and silverware from kitchen and supply departments to serving counters. Garnishes foods and positions them on table to ensure their visibility to patrons and convenience in serving. Keeps assigned area and equipment free of spilled foods. Keeps shelves of vending machines stocked with food when working in automat.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with providing accommodations to guests in boarding houses or lodging houses.


    This group includes occupations concerned with managing boarding or rooming houses to provide accommodations for transients and permanent guests.

320.137-010 MANAGER, BOARDING HOUSE (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: manager, guest house

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers in boarding house engaged in providing meals and lodging accommodations for transients and permanent guests: Advertises vacancies and shows and rents rooms. Supervises household employees engaged in such tasks as cleaning rooms, issuing linens, and cooking and serving meals. Plans menus and purchases supplies. Collects rents, pays bills, and posts information in records. Resolves complaints regarding food, accommodations, or service. May participate in cleaning and cooking activities. May make minor repairs to building and furnishings. When meal service is not provided, is designated Manager, Rooming House (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

320.137-014 MANAGER, LODGING FACILITIES (hotel & rest.)

    Manages and maintains temporary or permanent lodging facilities, such as small apartment houses, motels, small hotels, trailer parks, and boat marinas: Shows and rents or assigns accommodations. Registers guests. Collects rents and records data pertaining to rent funds and expenditures. Resolves occupants' complaints. Purchases supplies and arranges for outside services, such as fuel delivery, laundry, maintenance and repair, and trash collection. Provides telephone answering service for tenants, delivers mail and packages, and answers inquiries concerning travel routes, recreational facilities, scenic attractions, and eating establishments. Cleans public areas, such as entrances, halls, and laundry rooms, and fires boilers. Makes minor electrical, plumbing, and structural repairs. Mows and waters lawns, and cultivates flower beds and shrubbery. Cleans accommodations after guests' departure. Provides daily maid service in overnight accommodations. May rent equipment, such as rowboats, water skis, and fishing tackle. May coordinate intramural activities of patrons of park. May arrange for medical aid for park patron. May sell light lunches, candy, tobacco, and other sundry items. May be designated according to type of establishment managed as Manager, Apartment House (hotel & rest.); Manager, Hotel (hotel & rest.); Manager, Marina (hotel & rest.); Manager, Motel (hotel & rest.); Manager, Tourist Camp (hotel & rest.); Manager, Trailer Park (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86


    This group includes occupations concerned with supervising workers in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in hotels or institutions. Some housekeepers purchase housekeeping supplies and equipment and take periodic inventories.

321.137-010 HOUSEKEEPER (hotel & rest.; medical ser.; real estate) alternate titles: floor housekeeper

    Supervises work activities of cleaning personnel to ensure clean, orderly attractive rooms in hotels, hospitals, and similar establishments: Obtains list of vacant rooms which need to be cleaned immediately and list of prospective check-outs or discharges in order to prepare work assignments. Assigns workers their duties, and inspects work for conformance to prescribed standards of cleanliness. Advises manager, desk clerk, or admitting personnel of rooms ready for occupancy. Inventories stock to ensure adequate supplies. Issues supplies and equipment to workers. Investigates complaints regarding housekeeping service and equipment, and takes corrective action. Examines rooms, halls, and lobbies to determine need for repairs or replacement of furniture or equipment, and makes recommendations to management. Screens job applicants, hires new employees, and recommends promotions, transfers, or dismissals. Conducts orientation training of new employees and in-service training of other employees to explain company policies, housekeeping work procedures, and to demonstrate use and maintenance of equipment. Attends training seminars to perfect housekeeping techniques and procedures, and enhance supervisory skills. Records data concerning work assignments, personnel actions, and time cards, and prepares periodic reports. Attends periodic staff meetings with other department heads to discuss company policies and patrons' complaints, and to make recommendations to improve service and ensure more efficient operation. May prepare reports concerning room occupancy, payroll expenses, and department expenses.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 89

321.137-014 INSPECTOR (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises cleaning personnel and inspects hotel guestrooms, bathrooms, corridors, and lobbies: Assigns work to cleaning personnel and trains personnel in housekeeping duties. Posts room occupancy records. Adjusts guests' complaints regarding housekeeping service or equipment. Writes requisitions for room supplies and furniture renovation or replacements. Reports need for room redecoration to HOUSEKEEPER (hotel & rest.; medical ser.; real estate). Examines carpets, drapes and furniture for stains, damage, or wear. Checks and counts linens and supplies. Records inspection results and notifies cleaning personnel of inadequacies. May perform cleaning duties. May be designated according to area supervised as Floor Supervisor (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with general cleaning and upkeep in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions. Includes heavy duties, such as laying carpets and rugs and arranging furniture, and light duties, such as making beds, dusting furniture and fixtures, and replenishing linens. Includes performing minor personal services for guests.

323.137-010 SUPERVISOR, HOUSECLEANER (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in preparing establishment's facilities for banquets and conventions: Assigns duties and instructs workers in collection, assembly, and arrangement of articles for convention or banquet hall and conference rooms, such as furnishings, decorations, displays, microphones, and tableware. Inspects facilities for completeness of arrangements and instructs personnel to correct errors. Prepares daily work assignments roster and maintains work performance records. May perform cleaning duties for banquets and conventions and may interview and hire [HOUSECLEANER (hotel & rest.)].
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

323.687-010 CLEANER, HOSPITAL (medical ser.) alternate titles: housekeeper, hospital

    Cleans hospital patient rooms, baths, laboratories, offices, halls, and other areas: Washes beds and mattresses, and remakes beds after dismissal of patients. Keeps utility and storage rooms in clean and orderly condition. Distributes laundered articles and linens. Replaces soiled drapes and cubicle curtains. Performs other duties as described under CLEANER (any industry) I Master Title. May disinfect and sterilize equipment and supplies, using germicides and sterilizing equipment.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 87

323.687-014 CLEANER, HOUSEKEEPING (any industry) alternate titles: maid

    Cleans rooms and halls in commercial establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, beauty parlors, and dormitories, performing any combination of following duties: Sorts, counts, folds, marks, or carries linens. Makes beds. Replenishes supplies, such as drinking glasses and writing supplies. Checks wraps and renders personal assistance to patrons. Moves furniture, hangs drapes, and rolls carpets. Performs other duties as described under CLEANER (any industry) I Master Title. May be designated according to type of establishment cleaned as Beauty Parlor Cleaner (personal ser.); Motel Cleaner (hotel & rest.); or according to area cleaned as Sleeping Room Cleaner (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

323.687-018 HOUSECLEANER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: hall cleaner; mover; night cleaner

    Performs any combination of following duties to maintain hotel premises in clean and orderly manner: Moves and arranges furniture. Turns mattresses. Hangs draperies. Dusts venetian blinds. Polishes metalwork. Prepares sample rooms for sales meetings. Arranges decorations, apparatus, or furniture for banquets and social functions. Collects soiled linens for laundering, and receives and stores linen supplies in linen closet. Performs other duties as described under CLEANER (any industry) I Master Title. May deliver television sets, ironing boards, baby cribs, and rollaway beds to guests rooms. May clean swimming pool with vacuum. May clean and remove debris from driveway and garage areas. ay be designated according to specialization as Curtain Cleaner (hotel & rest.); Housecleaner, Floor (hotel & rest.); Linen-Room Worker (hotel & rest.); Porter, Lobby (hotel & rest.); Vacuum Worker (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 81


    This group includes occupations concerned with catering to wants of guests at a hotel or related establishment, and performing general services, such as escorting guests to rooms, carrying luggage, running errands, delivering ice, beverages, and packages, and paging guests.

324.137-010 BAGGAGE PORTER, HEAD (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises and directs activities of PORTERS, BAGGAGE (hotel & rest.) engaged in handling baggage and related work for hotel patrons: Adjusts work schedules according to work load and makes individual task assignments. Advises PORTERS, BAGGAGE (hotel & rest.) of action to be taken in response to unusual requests. Resolves guests' complaints pertaining to conduct of PORTERS, BAGGAGE (hotel & rest.) and lost or mishandled baggage. May perform personnel duties, such as screening, hiring, giving directions to new workers, and maintaining time records. May give travel information. May act as agent for transportation company. May participate in baggage handling activities and setting up sample rooms.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

324.137-014 BELL CAPTAIN (hotel & rest.)

    Supervises BELLHOPS (hotel & rest.) engaged in duties, such as paging, running errands, and giving information. Calls BELLHOPS (hotel & rest.) to escort guests to rooms or perform related services. Determines work schedules and keeps time records. Inspects workers for neatness and uniform dress. Instructs workers in procedures regarding requests from guests, utilizing knowledge of hotel facilities and local merchants and attractions. Furnishes information, makes reservations, and obtains tickets for guests to social and recreational events or for travel. May report suspicious behavior of patrons to hotel security personnel. May pick up and bundle guests' laundry for outside cleaning service. May perform duties of subordinates.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

324.477-010 PORTER, BAGGAGE (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: porter, luggage

    Delivers luggage to and from hotel rooms, sets up sample rooms for sales personnel and performs related services as requested by guest or BAGGAGE PORTER, HEAD (hotel & rest.). Transfers trunks, packages, and other baggage to room or loading area, using handtruck. Arranges for outgoing freight, express or mail shipments, computes charges, tags article, and records information, such as addressee, addressor, carrier, and charges, on specified forms. Sets up display tables, racks, or shelves and assists sales personnel in unpacking and arranging merchandise display. May supply guests with travel information, such as transportation rates, routes, and schedules. May escort incoming guest to room [BELLHOP (hotel & rest.)]. May arrange for cleaning, laundering, and repair of guests' clothing and other items. May compute charge slips for services rendered guests and forwards slips to bookkeeping department.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

324.577-010 ROOM-SERVICE CLERK (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: delivery-room clerk; package clerk; receiving-room clerk; runner

    Performs any combination of following tasks related to serving guests in apartment hotels: Delivers and removes packages, laundry, clothes, groceries, and other articles to and from guests rooms or servidors (cabinets built into doors of hotel rooms). Collects supply orders from various departments and delivers to PURCHASING AGENT (profess. & kin.). Delivers mail to various departments and guests. Records information pertaining to services rendered. May arrange for pressing clothes and shining shoes, sending and receiving packages, and in maintaining valet service. May press clothes and shine shoes [SHOE SHINER (personal ser.)]. May supervise activities of workers engaged in delivering packages to hotel guests.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

324.677-010 BELLHOP (hotel & rest.)

    Performs any combination of following duties to serve hotel guests: Escorts incoming hotel guests to rooms, assists with hand luggage, and offers information pertaining to available services and facilities of hotel, points of interest, and entertainment attractions. Inspects guest's room to ensure furnishings are in order and supplies are adequate. Explains features of room, such as operation of radio, television, and night-lock, and how to place telephone calls. Pages guests in lobby, dining room, or other parts of hotel. Delivers messages and runs errands. Delivers room service orders. Picks up articles for laundry and valet service. Calls taxi for guests. Transports guests about premises or local areas in car or motorized cart. Keeps record of calls for service. Delivers packages, suitcases, and trunks, and sets up sample rooms [PORTER, BAGGAGE (hotel & rest.) 324.477-010]. Tidies lobby [HOUSECLEANER (hotel & rest.) 323.687-018]. Operates elevator [ELEVATOR OPERATOR (any industry) 388.663-010]. May be known as Page (hotel & rest.) when paging guests.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

324.677-014 DOORKEEPER (any industry)

    Serves residents, guests, or patrons of hotel, store, apartment building, hospital, or similar establishment by opening doors, hailing taxicabs, answering inquiries, assisting elderly or infirm persons into automobiles, and performing related services. Prevents entrance of unauthorized or undesirable persons. May forcibly eject inebriated or rowdy persons from premises. May notify guests by telephone of delivery of automobiles, packages, or arrival of visitors. May carry baggage.
GOE: 09.05.04 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with providing accommodations to guests in boarding houses, marinas, or lodging houses.

329.137-010 SUPERINTENDENT, SERVICE (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: manager, service; service supervisor; superintendent, house

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in handling baggage, operating elevators, and cleaning public areas of hotel: Hires workers and makes assignments. Adjusts guests' complaints regarding service personnel. Conducts investigations for lost baggage. May arrange for services, such as stenographic, notary public or baby sitting. May perform tasks of subordinates.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

329.161-010 MANAGER, CAMP (amuse. & rec.)

    Directs operation of recreation camp and coordinates activities of staff: Inspects camp facilities prior to campers' arrival for condition of pool, buildings, and recreation equipment. Assigns staff to camp maintenance duties in area, such as painting, plumbing, and carpentry; and inspects completed work, utilizing experience and knowledge. Inspects facilities prior to campers' departure to determine damage assessments. Registers and informs campers about camp accommodations and regulations. Prepares and collects fees, and issues receipts.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

329.467-010 ATTENDANT, LODGING FACILITIES (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: auto-camp attendant; caretaker, resort; tourist-camp attendant

    Performs various clerical, housekeeping, and maintenance duties at tourist camp, motel, trailer park, vacation resort, or lodge: Informs guests concerning services and facilities available. Registers guests, assigns cabins, rooms, or trailer spaces, and collects rents. Issues soap, towels, and other supplies to guests. Sweeps and mops floors, mows lawn, maintains outside recreational areas, and performs other general cleaning and maintenance duties. May service tourists' cars with gasoline, oil, and water. May collect resort admission fees and direct parking of cars.
GOE: 05.10.04 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

329.677-010 PORTER, MARINA (water trans.)

    Performs any of following services for patrons at dockside: Secures boat to dock with mooring lines. Connects utility lines (telephone, power, and water) to boat. Operates motor vehicle to transport patrons and baggage to and from dockside. Reports disturbances in dock area to superior. May pump water from boats. May deliver ice and written messages to patrons. May police dock area.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

329.683-010 ATTENDANT, CAMPGROUND (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: campground hand;

    Performs general maintenance on facilities and grounds at recreational camp or park: Operates riding lawn mower to mow grass. Checks buildings and furnishings, repairs minor damage, using handtools, and reports major repair needs to DIRECTOR, CAMP (social ser.). Replaces light bulbs. Carries and places supplies in storage areas. Cleans swimming pool, using vacuum cleaner and scrub brushes. Measures and pours chemicals into pool water to maintain chemical balance. Performs minor repairs to dock, and keeps lakefront swimming area clean and free from hazards. Drives truck to pick up trash and garbage for delivery to central area.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with rendering beauty and related treatments to individuals.


    This group includes occupations concerned with cutting and shaping hair and mustaches, shaving whiskers and trimming beards, and giving facial massages, shampoos, and scalp treatments. Includes fitting hair pieces.

330.371-010 BARBER (personal ser.) alternate titles: haircutter; tonsorial artist

    Provides customers with barbering services: Cuts, shapes, trims, and tapers hair, using clippers, comb, blow-out gun, and scissors. Applies lather and shaves beard or shapes hair contour (outline) on temple and neck, using razor. Performs other tonsorial services, such as applying hairdressings or lotions, dyeing, shampooing, singeing, or styling hair, and massaging face, neck, or scalp. Records service charge on ticket or receives payment. Cleans work area and work tools. Orders supplies. May sell lotions, tonics, or other cosmetic supplies.
GOE: 09.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

330.371-014 BARBER APPRENTICE (personal ser.)

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 09.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with cleaning, shaping, and polishing fingernails, rubbing lotions on hands and massaging them.

331.674-010 MANICURIST (personal ser.)

    Cleans, shapes, and polishes customers' fingernails and toenails: Removes previously applied nail polish, using liquid remover and swabs. Shapes and smooths ends of nails, using scissors, files, and emery boards. Cleans customers' nails in soapy water, using swabs, files, and orange sticks. Softens nail cuticles with water and oil, pushes back cuticles, using cuticle knife, and trims cuticles, using scissors or nippers. Whitens underside of nails with white paste or pencil. Polishes nails, using powdered polish and buffer, or applies clear or colored liquid polish onto nails with brush. May perform other beauty services such as giving facials, and shampooing, tinting, and curling hair [COSMETOLOGIST (personal ser.)].
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

331.674-014 FINGERNAIL FORMER (personal ser.)

    Forms artificial fingernails on customer's fingers: Roughens surfaces of fingernails, using abrasive wheel. Attaches paper forms to tips of customer's fingers to support and shape artificial nails. Brushes coats of powder and solvent onto nails and paper forms with handbrush to extend nails to desired length. Removes paper forms and shapes and smooths edges of nails, using rotary abrasive wheel. Brushes additional powder and solvent onto new growth between cuticles and nails to maintain nail appearance. May soften, trim, or cut cuticles, using oil, water, knife, or scissors, to prepare customer's nails for application of artificial nails.
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 86


    This group includes occupations concerned with waving, cutting, styling, and coloring hair; giving scalp and facial treatments; and performing related tasks to improve the appearance of beauty shop patrons. Includes fitting and servicing wigs.

332.271-010 COSMETOLOGIST (personal ser.) alternate titles: beautician; beauty culturist; beauty operator; cosmetician

    Provides beauty services for customers: Analyzes hair to ascertain condition of hair. Applies bleach, dye, or tint, using applicator or brush, to color customer's hair, first applying solution to portion of customer's skin to determine if customer is allergic to solution. Shampoos hair and scalp with water, liquid soap, dry powder, or egg, and rinses hair with vinegar, water, lemon, or prepared rinses. Massages scalp and gives other hair and scalp-conditioning treatments for hygienic or remedial purposes [SCALP-TREATMENT OPERATOR (personal ser.) 339.371-014]. Styles hair by blowing, cutting, trimming, and tapering, using clippers, scissors, razors, and blow-wave gun. Suggests coiffure according to physical features of patron and current styles, or determines coiffure from instructions of patron. Applies water or waving solutions to hair and winds hair around rollers, or pin curls and finger-waves hair. Sets hair by blow-dry or natural-set, or presses hair with straightening comb. Suggests cosmetics for conditions, such as dry or oily skin. Applies lotions and creams to customer's face and neck to soften skin and lubricate tissues. Performs other beauty services, such as massaging face or neck, shaping and coloring eyebrows or eyelashes, removing unwanted hair, applying solutions that straighten hair or retain curls or waves in hair, and waving or curling hair. Cleans, shapes, and polishes fingernails and toenails [MANICURIST (personal ser.) 331.674-010]. May be designated according to beauty service provided as Facial Operator (personal ser.); Finger Waver (personal ser.); Hair Colorist (personal ser.); Hair Tinter (personal ser.); Marceller (personal ser.); Permanent Waver (personal ser.); Shampooer (personal ser.).
GOE: 09.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

332.271-014 COSMETOLOGIST APPRENTICE (personal ser.) alternate titles: beautician apprentice; beauty-culturist apprentice; beauty-operator apprentice; cosmetician apprentice

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 09.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

332.271-018 HAIR STYLIST (personal ser.) alternate titles: hairdresser

    Specializes in dressing hair according to latest style, period, or character portrayal, following instructions of patron, MAKE-UP ARTIST (amuse. & rec.; motion picture; radio-tv broad.), or script: Questions patron or reads instructions of MAKE-UP ARTIST (amuse. & rec.; motion picture; radio-tv broad.) or script to determine hairdressing requirements. Studies facial features of patron or performing artist and arranges, shapes, and trims hair to achieve desired effect, using fingers, combs, barber scissors, hair-waving solutions, hairpins, and other accessories. Dyes, tints, bleaches, or curls or waves hair as required. May create new style especially for patron. May clean and style wigs. May style hairpieces and be designated Hairpiece Stylist (fabrication, nec).
GOE: 09.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

332.361-010 WIG DRESSER (fabrication, nec; personal ser.) alternate titles: hairdresser

    Dresses wigs and hair pieces according to instructions, samples, sketches, or photographs: Attaches wig or hair piece onto model head, using hammer and tacks or pins. Combs and sets hair, using barber and beautician equipment. Arranges hair according to instructions, pictures, or photographs, using brush and comb. Sprays hair with lacquer to keep hair in place. May cut wigs and hair pieces to specified length and style, using scissors or razor. May wash and dry hair pieces.
GOE: 01.06.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with applying cosmetics to face or exposed body areas of actors and actresses to improve their appearance or to alter their expressions to those of the characters they are portraying.

333.071-010 MAKE-UP ARTIST (amuse. & rec.; motion picture; radio-tv broad.)

    Studies production requirements, such as character, period, setting, and situation, and applies makeup to performers to alter their appearance to accord with their roles: Examines sketches, photographs, and plaster models in period files to obtain an image of character to be depicted. Confers with stage and motion picture officials and performer to determine alterations to be made and makeup to be used. Designs prostheses of rubber or plastic and requisitions cosmetics and makeup materials, such as wigs, beards, rouge, powder, and grease paint. Applies prostheses, cosmetics, and makeup to change such physical characteristics of performer as facial features, skin texture, bodily contours, and dimensions and to produce effect appropriate to depict character and situation. May make drawings or models based upon independent research to augment period files.
GOE: 01.06.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

333.271-010 BODY-MAKE-UP ARTIST (amuse. & rec.; motion picture)

    Applies makeup to bodies of performers in color tone and texture to match facial cosmetics: Consults production schedule to plan work. Mixes oils, greases, and coloring to prepared grease paint for special color effects. Selects liquid makeup of desired shade from stock or adds water to cake of powder to form solutions. Applies grease paint, liquid makeup, and powder to exposed areas of bodies, using sponge, fingers, and powder puffs.
GOE: 01.06.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with giving massages to patrons of public baths, beauty parlors, reducing salons, or health clubs, using hands or vibrating equipment.

334.374-010 MASSEUR/MASSEUSE (personal ser.) alternate titles: bath attendant; bath-house attendant; rubber

    Massages customers and administers other body conditioning treatments for hygienic or remedial purposes: Applies alcohol, lubricants, or other rubbing compounds. Massages body, using such techniques as kneading, rubbing, and stroking flesh, to stimulate blood circulation, relax contracted muscles, facilitate elimination of waste matter, or to relieve other conditions, using hands or vibrating equipment. Administers steam or dry heat, ultraviolet or infrared, or water treatments on request of customer or instructions of physician. ay give directions to clients in activities, such as reducing or remedial exercises. May examine client and recommend body conditioning activities or treatments. May record treatments furnished to customers.
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

334.677-010 RUBBER (personal ser.) alternate titles: bath attendant

    Massages and bathes customers in thermal bathhouse: Kneads, slaps, strokes, and rubs flesh with stiff-bristled brush or brush made of leaves and twigs to increase circulation, relax muscles, and relieve fatigue. Assists customer into tub or onto bench, slab, or table in dry heat or steam room. Adjusts thermostat that regulates flow of heat and turns steam valve or sprinkles water on heated rocks to control temperature and humidity. Splashes soapy water on customer's body, scrubs body with brush, mitt, or sponge to clean skin and remove dead cuticle, and splashes clear water on body to rinse soap from skin. May dry customer after bath, using towel. May supply customer with drinking water or wrap client's head in cold towel during bath [HOT-ROOM ATTENDANT (personal ser.)]. May massage customer after bath, using alcohol and oil, to soothe skin [COOLING-ROOM ATTENDANT (personal ser.)]. May bind leaves and twigs to form brush used in rubdown. May be designated according to type of massage given as Finnish Rubber (personal ser.); Russian Rubber (personal ser.); Turkish Rubber (personal ser.).
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with assisting clients of public bath houses to take Russian, Sauna, Turkish, electric cabinet, sweatbox, or steam baths; providing and stocking towels; and checking money and valuables.

335.677-010 COOLING-ROOM ATTENDANT (personal ser.) alternate titles: alcohol rubber; slumber-room attendant

    Attends to comfort and needs of thermal bath customers cooling off and resting after bath and massage: Assigns cot to customer. Rubs customer's body with alcohol and oil to soothe skin. Covers customer with sheet. Times length of rest period. Procures beverage, food, or other items on request. May arrange for valet services. May change bedding on cots. May shine shoes [SHOE SHINER (personal ser.)]. May sweep and mop floors and dust furniture [CLEANER, COMMERCIAL OR INSTITUTIONAL (any industry)].
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

335.677-014 HOT-ROOM ATTENDANT (personal ser.) alternate titles: electric-bath attendant; porter, bath; public-bath attendant; sweat-box attendant; tub attendant

    Serves patrons in dry-heat cabinet or room or steamroom of athletic, bathing, or other establishment: Spreads sheet or towel over seating facility in cabinet or rooms and seats patrons. Supplies drinking water and renders other services requested, such as wrapping cool towels about patron's head, spraying body with water, or timing length of bath. Gives shower baths and furnishes towel or dries patron. Collects soiled linen and cleans bathing area and facilities, such as tubs and showers. May turn valves and switches to adjust heating equipment, regulating amount of steam or temperature. May pour water over heated rocks to prepare steamroom. May be designated according to bath facility served as Dry-Heat-Cabinet Attendant (personal ser.); Dry-Heat-Room Attendant (personal ser.); Shower Attendant (personal ser.); Steam-Room Attendant (personal ser.).
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with preparing corpses for interment.

338.371-010 EMBALMER APPRENTICE (personal ser.)

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 02.04.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

338.371-014 EMBALMER (personal ser.)

    Prepares bodies for interment in conformity with legal requirements: Washes and dries body, using germicidal soap and towels or hot air drier. Inserts convex celluloid or cotton between eyeball and eyelid to prevent slipping and sinking of eyelid. Presses diaphragm to evacuate air from lungs. May join lips, using needle and thread or wire. Packs body orifices with cotton saturated with embalming fluid to prevent escape of gases or waste matter. Makes incision in arm or thigh, using scalpel, inserts pump tubes into artery, and starts pump that drains blood from circulatory system and replaces blood with embalming fluid. Incises stomach and abdominal walls and probes internal organs, such as bladder and liver, using trocar to withdraw blood and waste matter from organs. Attaches trocar to pump-tube, starts pump, and repeats probing to force embalming fluid into organs. Closes incisions, using needle and suture. Reshapes or reconstructs disfigured or maimed bodies, using materials, such as clay, cotton, plaster of paris, and wax. Applies cosmetics to impart lifelike appearance. Dresses body and places body in casket. May arrange funeral details, such as type of casket or burial dress and place of interment [DIRECTOR, FUNERAL (personal ser.)]. May maintain records, such as itemized list of clothing or valuables delivered with body and names of persons embalmed.
GOE: 02.04.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with rendering beauty and related treatments to individuals.

339.137-010 MANAGER, HEALTH CLUB (personal ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in planning, selling, and instructing fitness plans for clients of health club: Assigns and adjusts work schedules to meet customer demand. Interviews, hires, and trains new employees. Observes workers in performance of duties and gives remedial training to correct worker deficiencies and ensure courteous service to patrons. Plans and sells figure-controlling programs to prospective patrons. Assists subordinates in interviewing, measuring, and evaluating patrons' physical condition to determine appropriate fitness program. Prepares contract forms, obtains signatures, collects deposits, and issues membership cards to patrons accepting plans. Demonstrates operation and explains purpose of equipment, such as treadmill exerciser and stationary bicycle, and instructs patrons in their use. Monitors patron's exercise program to ensure adherence to specified techniques.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

339.361-010 MORTUARY BEAUTICIAN (personal ser.) alternate titles: embalmer assistant; funeral-home attendant

    Prepares embalmed bodies for interment: Manicures nails, using files and nail polish, and performs other grooming tasks, such as arching and plucking eyebrows and removing facial hair, using depilatory cream and tweezers. Shampoos, waves, presses, curls, brushes, and combs hair, and applies cosmetics on face to restore natural appearance, following photograph of deceased, or verbal or written description obtained from family. Dresses and arranges body in casket. May select casket or burial dress, arrange floral displays, and prepare obituary notices. May record personal effects delivered with body and information about deceased. May wash and dry bodies, using germicidal soap and towels or hot air drier. May reshape or reconstruct damaged or disfigured areas of body, using such materials as cotton or foam rubber.
GOE: 01.06.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

339.371-010 ELECTROLOGIST (personal ser.) alternate titles: electric-needle specialist; electrolysis operator; hypertrichologist

    Removes hair from skin of patron by electrolysis: Positions sterile bulbous or round-tipped needles into holders (electrodes) of galvanic or short wave electrical equipment. Places secondary electrode in hand or immerses fingers or hand of patron in water-filled electrode cup to complete circuit and stabilize amount of electricity when equipment is operating. Swabs skin area with antiseptic solution to sterilize it. Inserts needle or needles into hair follicle and into organ beneath hair root (papilla). Presses switch and adjusts timing and rheostat controls of equipment that regulate amount of electricity flowing through needle or needles to decompose cells of papilla. Removes needle or needles, and pulls hair from follicle, using tweezers.
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

339.371-014 SCALP-TREATMENT OPERATOR (personal ser.) alternate titles: hair-and-scalp specialist; scalp specialist; trichologist

    Gives hair and scalp conditioning treatments for hygienic or remedial purposes: Massages, shampoos, and steams hair and scalp of patron to clean and remove excess oil, using liquid soap, rinses, and hot towels. Applies medication to and massages scalp to increase blood circulation, stimulate glandular activity, and promote growth of hair, using hands and fingers or vibrating equipment. Administers other remedial treatments to relieve such conditions as dandruff or itching scalp, using such therapeutic equipment as infrared or ultraviolet lamps. Advises patrons with chronic or potentially contagious scalp conditions to seek medical treatment. May maintain treatment records.
GOE: 09.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

339.571-010 TATTOO ARTIST (personal ser.) alternate titles: jagger; tattooer; tattooist

    Pricks skin of patron, using needled electric tool, that inserts indelible nontoxic pigment into skin to form decorative or ornamental design: Shaves area to receive tattoo and washes it, using germicidal soap. Presses charcoal-coated stencil, draws design, or traces pattern of design onto skin of patron, to mark outline of design. Dips needles of tool into colored pigment solution and presses needles into skin to insert indelible pigment into skin following outline of design. Applies sterile dressing to area. Sterilizes needles in steam-heated cabinet (sterilizer). Mixes nontoxic colored pigments according to formula. Adjusts and repairs needled electric tool, using handtools, such as screwdrivers and pliers. May draw original designs on paper, trace designs onto acetate sheet, and cut out design to form pattern or stencil, using stylus and knife.
GOE: 01.06.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

339.687-010 SUPPLY CLERK (personal ser.) alternate titles: dispensary attendant; storekeeper

    Dispenses supplies in beauty parlor or barber shop: Counts, sorts, issues, and collects articles, such as towels, drapes, combs, brushes, curlers, and nets. Washes combs and brushes in antiseptic soap solution and places them in sterilizing cabinet. Dilutes concentrated shampoo, rinses, and waving solutions with water according to instructions. Dissolves cake soap in water to make shampoo. Assembles materials, solutions, and equipment specified for individual treatment, such as facial, permanent wave, and manicure. Maintains perpetual supply inventory and lists items needed to replace stock. Sweeps floor and tidies rooms.
GOE: 05.09.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with amusement and recreation services.


    This group includes occupations concerned with assigning alleys and billiard tables to patrons, collecting fees for games played, setting pins, and preparing billiard tables for playing.

340.367-010 DESK CLERK, BOWLING FLOOR (amuse. & rec.)

    Assigns bowling alleys to patrons and collects fees: Reserves alleys for bowling league or individuals. Issues scoresheets and alley numbers to patrons. Inspects alleys to ensure that bowling equipment is available. Observes players to determine misuse of alleys or other equipment. Records number of games played and receipts collected. Rents bowling shoes to patrons.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

340.477-010 RACKER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: ball racker; poolroom attendant; table attendant

    Positions pool balls on table, using triangular rack. Performs such services as supplying chalk to players, cleaning table with brush, and placing cues in cue rack after game. Collects fees from players or writes fees on slips for collection by manager or cashier. May inspect cue tips and replace them, using glue and knife.
GOE: 09.05.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with starting players on golf courses, assigning tennis courts, keeping records of players and receiving fees, giving skating instruction, and caddying for golfers. Includes caddies and workers who issue athletic equipment or skates, etc.

341.137-010 CADDIE SUPERVISOR (amuse. & rec.)

    Supervises CADDIES (amuse. & rec.) and assigns them to players. May hire, train, and discharge CADDIES (amuse. & rec.). May admit players to course and start their play in order.
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

341.367-010 RECREATION-FACILITY ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Schedules use of recreation facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, and softball and sandlot diamonds, in accordance with private club or public park rules: Makes reservations for use of facilities by players. Settles disputes between groups or individual players regarding use of facilities. Coordinates use of facilities to prevent players from interfering with one another. May collect fees from players. May inform players of rules concerning dress, conduct, or equipment and enforce rules or eject unruly player or unauthorized persons as necessary. May sell or rent golf and tennis balls, racquets, golf clubs, and other equipment. May render emergency first aid to injured or stricken players. May patrol facilities to detect damage to facilities and report damages to appropriate authority. May be designated according to facility tended as Golf-Course Starter (amuse. & rec.); Tennis-Court Attendant (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 07.04.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 81

341.464-010 SKATE-SHOP ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Repairs, rents, or sells ice skates and equipment at ice-skating rink: Removes skate blade from shoe, places it in guide frame, and sharpens blade on grinding wheel. Drills holes in shoe, using electric drill, and bolts blade to shoe, using wrench. Cleans skates with cloth or buffing tool and places them on shelf according to size. Issues skates to patrons and collects ticket or money for rental. Sells merchandise, such as skates, skate guards, and skating apparel.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

341.665-010 SKI-TOW OPERATOR (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: ski-lift operator

    Tends gasoline, diesel, or electric lift to transport skiers up slope or mountainside, and collects fares: Pulls levers to start, stop, and adjust speed of lifts, such as rope tow, chair lift, T-bar, or J-bar. Collects or punches ticket for passengers and assists them onto and from lift. May repair and maintain motor and lift equipment.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

341.677-010 CADDIE (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: golf caddie

    Carries golf bags or pushes or pulls cart that holds golf bags around golf course for players, handing clubs to players as requested: Advises players, as requested, on selection of proper club for stroke or concerning peculiarities of course. Locates driven balls and holds marker out of cup while players putt.
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

341.683-010 GOLF-RANGE ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Performs combination of following duties at golf driving range: Picks up golf balls by hand or drives vehicle equipped with trailer that automatically picks up balls as vehicle moves over fairway. Starts revolving tumbler filled with soapy water and immerses golf balls to remove dirt, grass stain, and club marks. Removes and rinses washed balls. Applies liquid cleaner to head and shank of golf clubs and buffs with steel wool. Replaces golf balls and clubs in racks for use by driving range patrons. May perform minor maintenance on benches, using handtools.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with operating games of chance or skill or other types of amusement equipment, such as the ferris wheel, roller coaster, and merry-go-round; and running fairs, carnivals, circuses, or amusement parks. Includes spielers or barkers who solicit patronage.

342.137-010 SUPERVISOR, RIDES (amuse. & rec.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating or tending rides in amusement parks, carnivals or similar recreational establishments. Inspects ride equipment for operating condition and safety. Trains workers and performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

342.357-010 WEIGHT GUESSER (amuse. & rec.)

    Guesses weight of patrons at amusement park, carnival, or similar place of entertainment: Attracts attention of passing public, vociferously proclaiming game and skill. Scrutinizes patron's physique and makes oral estimate of weight. Invites patron to stand on scale or to sit in seat attached to industrial scale, usually forfeiting prize if weight guessed is not correct within 2 or 3 pounds. May demonstrate personal skill in guessing patron's age, occupation, home state, or other related pertinent data.
GOE: 01.07.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

342.657-010 BARKER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: carney; spieler

    Attempts to attract patrons to entertainment by exhorting passing public, describing attractions of show and emphasizing variety, novelty, beauty, or some other feature believed to incite listeners to attend entertainment. May conduct brief free show, introducing performers and describing acts to be given at feature performance.
GOE: 01.07.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

342.657-014 GAME ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: game operator

    Induces customers to participate in games at concession booths in parks, carnivals, stadiums, or similar amusement places: Describes types of games available to passing public to attract customers. Supplies customers with game equipment, such as toss rings or balls, distributes prizes to customers who win games, and collects fees for services. Cleans and repairs booth and keeps equipment in serviceable condition. May be designated according to type of game operated as Shooting Gallery Operator (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 78

342.663-010 RIDE OPERATOR (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: amusement-equipment operator

    Operates or informs patrons how to operate mechanical riding devices furnished by amusement parks, carnivals, or similar places of entertainment: Informs patron to fasten belt, bar, or other safety device. Moves controls to start and stop equipment, such as roller coaster, merry-go-round, and ferris wheel. Gives directions to patrons, usually over microphone, regarding safety and operation of such rides as midget autos and speedboats. Turns on current to permit operation of ride by patron and turns off current after allotted time. Drives vehicles, such as trains, on which persons ride, guiding and controlling their speed. Adds to or removes equipment, according to amount of patronage. Oils, refuels, adjusts, and repairs device. Tests equipment daily before opening ride to patrons. May notify patron of expiration of period for which fee was paid to use device. May observe patrons boarding vehicle to ensure they are safely seated without being overcrowded and safety belts or bars are secure. May collect tickets or cash fares from patrons. May space rides operated in cars or sections to avoid danger of collisions. May be designated according to equipment operated as Auto-Speedway Operator (amuse. & rec.); Ferris-Wheel Operator (amuse. & rec.); Flume-Ride Operator (amuse. & rec.); erry-Go-Round Operator (amuse. & rec.); Monorail Operator (amuse. & rec.); Railroad Operator (amuse. & rec.); Roller-Coaster Operator (amuse. & rec.); Speedboat Operator (amuse. & rec.); Swing-Ride Operator (amuse. & rec.); Train Operator (amuse. & rec.); Whip Operator (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 79

342.665-010 FUN-HOUSE OPERATOR (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: walk-through operator

    Tends one or several pieces of automatic equipment designed to amuse, excite, or mystify patrons of fun house in amusement park: Switches on device that automatically blows blasts of air under women's skirts. Starts revolving turntables, conveyor belt, drum or similar device. Ejects rowdy persons from establishment. Observes equipment for efficient operation and repairs minor breakdowns in equipment.
GOE: 05.12.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

342.667-010 WHARF ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: boat-ride operator; dock attendant

    Launches and moors boats on lake or similar amusement place and shows patrons how to guide crafts, such as rowboats, canoes, and electric or gasoline motorboats: Assists patrons stepping in or out of boats. Takes tickets from patrons. Demonstrates how to row, paddle, or guide boats. Tows disabled boats to dock for repair. Changes batteries of electric motorboats and refuels gasoline motors. Cleans, paints, varnishes, and makes minor repairs on motors, using handtools, to maintain boats in good condition. When working in boat-tank facility of amusement park, is designated Boat-Tank Attendant (amuse. & rec.). See BOAT-RENTAL CLERK (amuse. & rec.) for rental of canoes, motorboats, rowboats, sailboats, and fishing equipment.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

342.667-014 ATTENDANT, ARCADE (amuse. & rec.)

    Assists patrons of amusement facility, and performs minor repairs on game machines: Explains operation of game machines to patrons and exchanges coins for paper currency. Listens to patron complaints regarding malfunction of machines. Removes coin accepter mechanism of machines, using key, and observes mechanism to detect causes of malfunctions, such as bent coins, slugs, or foreign material. Removes obstructions, repositions mechanism, inserts coins, and observes machine operation to determine whether malfunctions are still present. Places out-of-order signs on defective machines and returns money lost in defective machines to patrons. Notifies maintenance department of defective machines, and records times of machine malfunctions and repairs to maintain required records. Observes conduct of patrons in facility to ensure orderliness, and asks disruptive patrons to leave.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

342.677-010 RIDE ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Directs patrons of amusement park in getting on and off riding device: Erects barrier in front of ride, admitting only as many persons to loading platform as can be seated on ride. Keeps order among patrons waiting to ride device. Fastens patrons' safety belts or bars to prevent injuries during ride. Assists children and elderly patrons from ride. Directs patrons from unloading platform to park grounds. May space rides operated in cars or sections to avoid danger of collisions. May collect tickets or cash fares. May clean and polish equipment and perform other minor maintenance work, such as replacing light bulbs.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with running games of chance in gambling establishments. Includes dealing cards or providing other gambling equipment.

343.137-010 MANAGER, CARDROOM (amuse. & rec.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of GAMBLING DEALERS (amuse. & rec.); CARD PLAYERS (amuse. & rec.); BOARD ATTENDANTS (amuse. & rec.); and other workers engaged in providing gambling activities in a gambling establishment: Prepares work schedule for gambling establishment workers and assigns work stations. Supervises overall operation to ensure that employees render prompt and courteous service to patrons. Resolves customer-service complaints and settles matters requiring explanation and interpretation of house rules. Reviews operational expenses and budget estimates. Trains new workers and evaluates their performance.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

343.137-014 SUPERVISOR, CARDROOM (amuse. & rec.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of CARDROOM ATTENDANTS (amuse. & rec.) I engaged in selling gambling chips, collecting house fees, and serving food and beverages to patrons of cardroom: Assigns workers to serve patrons at designated group of card tables. Examines collection reports, submitted for approval by workers, for accuracy and timeliness. Explains and interprets operating rules of house to patrons. Circulates among tables and observes operations to ensure player harmony and adjust service complaints. Notifies BOARD ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.) of vacancies at tables so that waiting patrons may play.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

343.367-010 CARD PLAYER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: proposition player; public-relations player; shill; stakes player

    Participates in card game, usually poker, for gambling establishment to provide minimum complement of players at table. Relinquishes seat on arrival of patron desiring to play cards.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

343.367-014 GAMBLING MONITOR (amuse. & rec.)

    Observes patrons and employees participating in gambling activities to detect infractions of house rules: Watches participants in games such as dice or cards to detect cheating, identify rule violators, and observe persons designated by superior. Speaks or signals to supervising personnel using hand, telephone, or voice to identify and supply information about suspected violators. May examine dice periodically to check for damage or substitution. May calculate winnings to verify payment made by dealer.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

343.464-010 GAMBLING DEALER (amuse. & rec.)

    Conducts gambling table, such as dice, roulette, or cards, in gambling establishment: Exchanges paper currency for playing chips or coin money. Ensures that wagers are placed before cards are dealt, roulette wheel is spun, or dice are tossed. Announces winning number or color to players. Computes payable odds to pay winning bets. Pays winning bets and collects losing bets. May be designated according to specialty as Baccarat Dealer (amuse. & rec.); Dice Dealer (amuse. & rec.); Roulette Dealer (amuse. & rec.); Twenty-One Dealer (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

343.467-010 CARDROOM ATTENDANT I (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: chip

    Collects house fees from players and sells gambling chips, food, beverages, and tobacco in cardroom: Collects specified house fees periodically from card players. Prepares collection report for submission to supervisor. Sells gambling chips, food, beverages and tobacco to accommodate players upon request. May distribute new card decks to players as required. May explain and interpret operating rules of house to patrons requesting information.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

343.467-014 FLOOR ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Verifies winning bingo cards to award prize or pay prize money to players holding winning cards: Collects money (fee) for participation in game and issues game cards to players. Listens for shouts or looks for waving arms from players who have winning cards. Compares numbers on card with numbers called and displayed on board to verify winning cards. Gives prize or pays money to players holding winning cards.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

343.467-022 KENO WRITER (amuse. & rec.)

    Conducts keno game in gambling establishment: Receives, verifies, and records cash wagers of customers. Starts gaming equipment that randomly selects numbered balls. Announces number of each ball selected until number of balls specified for each game is selected. Scans winning tickets presented by customers, calculates amount of winnings, and pays customers, utilizing knowledge of rules and payoffs of game.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 86

343.577-010 CARDROOM ATTENDANT II (amuse. & rec.)

    Seats cardroom patrons: Takes name of patron requesting seat at table and adds name, with chalk, to waiting list on board. Pages customer over loudspeaker when notified by SUPERVISOR, CARDROOM (amuse. & rec.) that seat is available.
GOE: 09.05.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

343.687-010 PLASTIC-CARD GRADER, CARDROOM (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: card grader

    Examines plastic playing cards for reuse by patrons of public cardroom: Inspects cards for defects, such as scratches, cuts, and discoloration. Replaces defective cards with those matching others of deck in color, size, and pattern. Feels each card of deck for uniform thickness. Counts, sorts, and repackages cards in box. Grades decks according to condition and approximate usage.
GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with taking tickets, distributing programs, and escorting patrons to seats in public places.

344.137-010 USHER, HEAD (amuse. & rec.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of USHERS (amuse. & rec.) at entertainment events and directs patrons to area of seat location: Directs USHERS (amuse. & rec.) in job duties and assigns to work stations. Directs patrons to area of seat location according to information on ticket stubs. Resolves complaints of patrons. Coordinates activities in emergencies such as fights or fires. May hire and discharge USHERS (amuse. & rec.). May keep records of workers' time.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

344.667-010 TICKET TAKER (amuse. & rec.)

    Collects admission tickets and passes from patrons at entertainment events: Examines ticket or pass to verify authenticity, using criteria such as color and date issued. Refuses admittance to patrons without ticket or pass, or who are undesirable for reasons, such as intoxication or improper attire. May direct patrons to their seats. May distribute door checks to patrons temporarily leaving establishment. May count and record number of tickets collected. May issue and collect completed release forms for hazardous events, and photograph patron with release form for permanent records file. May be designated Gate Attendant (amuse. & rec.) or Turnstile Attendant (amuse. & rec.) when collecting tickets at open-air event.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 80

344.677-010 PRESS-BOX CUSTODIAN (amuse. & rec.)

    Verifies credentials of patrons desiring entrance into press-box and permits only authorized persons to enter. Runs errands for patrons of press-box, performing such duties as obtaining refreshments, carrying news releases, and placing wagers.
GOE: 09.05.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

344.677-014 USHER (amuse. & rec.)

    Assists patrons at entertainment events to find seats, search for lost articles, and locate facilities, such as restrooms and telephones. Distributes programs to patrons. Assists other workers to change advertising display.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 81


    This group includes occupations concerned with caring for costumes of entertainers, distributing them, keeping records of those issued and returned, and assisting entertainers in dressing.

346.261-010 COSTUMER (motion picture; radio-tv broad.)

    Selects and fits costumes for cast members according to style of historical period and characters to be portrayed: Analyzes script or reviews analysis of SUPERVISOR, COSTUMING (motion picture; radio-tv broad.) to determine locale of story and number of costumes required for each character. Studies books, pictures, and examples of costumes to determine styles worn during specified period in history. Inventories stock to determine types and condition of costuming available and selects costumes based on script analysis and studies. Examines costume on cast member and sketches or writes notes designating alterations. Makes minor alterations and repairs to costume by hand, or using sewing machine. Sends costume to tailor for major alterations or repairs. May design and construct unusual costumes, applying creative ingenuity. May press and spot-clean costumes, using electric iron and cleaning fluid. May purchase or rent costumes and other wardrobe accessories.
GOE: 01.06.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

346.361-010 WARDROBE SUPERVISOR (amuse. & rec.)

    Attends to costumes of members of cast of theatrical production: Examines costumes and cleans and mends them. Presses costumes, using electric iron. Refits costumes as necessary. Assists cast to don completed costumes, or assigns DRESSERS (amuse. & rec.) to assist specific cast members. Arranges costumes, or assigns DRESSERS (amuse. & rec.) to arrange costumes of cast on dress racks in sequence to appearance on stage to facilitate quick changes. Packs costumes for cast when accompanying show on tour.
GOE: 09.05.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

346.374-010 COSTUMER ASSISTANT (motion picture; radio-tv broad.) alternate titles: custodian, wardrobe; wardrobe draper

    Assists COSTUMER (motion picture; radio-tv broad.) 346.261-010 in selecting costumes for and fitting them to performers: Distributes costumes and wardrobe accessories to principals, extras, and bit players. Alters, repairs, presses, and spot-cleans costumes by hand or using sewing machine, electric iron, and cleaning fluid. Keeps records of costumes issued and returned.
GOE: 09.05.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

346.667-010 JOCKEY-ROOM CUSTODIAN (amuse. & rec.)

    Ensures that JOCKEYS (amuse. & rec.) scheduled to ride are present in jockey room at racetrack and that their dress and riding equipment meet track specifications: Notifies JOCKEYS (amuse. & rec.) when to dress. Inspects JOCKEYS (amuse. & rec.) for specified colors (silks), saddle numbers, and riding equipment. Informs STEWARD, RACETRACK (amuse. & rec.) of JOCKEYS (amuse. & rec.) not reporting to prepare for race. aintains order in jockey room. Examines lead pads to determine that they meet track specifications. Gives directions to workers to clean jockey room.
GOE: 12.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

346.674-010 DRESSER (amuse. & rec.)

    Aids entertainer to dress and attends to clothing and costumes: Arranges costumes in order of use. Unpacks clothes and costumes and places them for convenient use. Cleans spots from apparel. Presses costumes. Mends ripped seams or makes other minor repairs. May arrange for cleaning, pressing or laundering of costumes.
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

346.677-010 JOCKEY VALET (amuse. & rec.)

    Attends to JOCKEY (amuse. & rec.) at racetrack performing variety of services: Saddles horse and inserts lead pads in saddle pockets to meet weight specifications for race. Places number on saddle to correspond with horse's entry number in race. Reads color assignment chart and obtains specific colors of silks from color room corresponding to stable colors. Assists JOCKEY (amuse. & rec.) to dress for race. Unsaddles horse after race and returns riding equipment to storage area. Cleans saddles, washes silks, and shines boots for JOCKEY (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

346.677-014 RIDING-SILKS CUSTODIAN (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: colors custodian

    Issues designated riding silks (colors) and identifying arm and saddle numbers to JOCKEYS (amuse. & rec.) before each race, according to colors and numbers printed on program. Collects and stores silks and numbers after each race. Issues jackets to LEAD PONY RIDERS (amuse. & rec.). Sends out soiled silks and jackets for cleaning.
GOE: 09.05.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

346.677-018 SECOND (amuse. & rec.)

    Serves prizefighter between rounds by giving drinking water, sponging with water, and fanning with towel. Applies medications to minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises.
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with amusement and recreation services.

349.224-010 ANIMAL-RIDE MANAGER (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages stable of animals, trains animals for riding, and supervises workers engaged in handling and attending animals, selling rides, and assisting patrons to ride animals: Purchases animals, feed and supplies. Examines animals for injury or symptoms of illness and arranges for veterinarian services when required. Trains animals for riding, performing tasks, such as teaching animals to walk, trot or gallop. Inspects facilities for cleanliness. Supervises and coordinates workers engaged in feeding, watering, grooming, harnessing and training animals, selling rides and assisting patrons to mount and ride animals.
GOE: 03.03.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

349.247-010 DIVER (amuse. & rec.)

    Feeds, describes, and identifies fish enclosed in aquarium or community fish tank for public amusement: Dons diving suit and helmet and drops to floor of tank to feed fish on scheduled show periods. Circulates among fish and delivers running commentary over sound system to amuse audience. Identifies for audience species of fish being fed, such as bat rays, sawfish, and sharks, and describes briefly life history of individual specimens, based on prepared text. Cleans bottom of tank, using suction hose, and clears algae from windows inside tank, using scrubbing brushes. Observes and reports diseased, injured, or dead fish. Gives routine medical treatment to fish as directed.
GOE: 01.07.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

349.367-010 KENNEL MANAGER, DOG TRACK (amuse. & rec.)

    Verifies credentials and starting position of dogs in races and guards dogs against injury and illegal acts: Verifies credentials of each dog entered in race, comparing color, name, and sex of dog and name of owner with information on racing form. Ensures that dogs are admitted to assigned stalls, notifying other workers to round up designated dogs in advance of each race. Guards dogs to prevent persons from injuring them or attempting illegally to influence dog's performance. Notifies owner or veterinary personnel in cases of injury or suspected illness. Notifies track officials of irregularities as required by racing regulations. ay clean racing stalls after each race, using disinfectant solution.
GOE: 12.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

349.367-014 RECEIVING-BARN CUSTODIAN (amuse. & rec.)

    Verifies credentials of persons at receiving barn of racetrack and notifies STABLE ATTENDANTS (any industry) to bring horses scheduled to race, to barn for examination and inspection: Compares credentials of persons requesting admittance with list of names authorized. Informs STABLE ATTENDANTS (any industry) to bring racehorses to receiving barn for examination and inspection by VETERINARIAN (medical ser.), HOOF AND SHOE INSPECTOR (amuse. & rec.), and IDENTIFIER, HORSE (amuse. & rec.). Notifies LEAD PONY RIDERS (amuse. & rec.) to lead racehorses to paddock for saddling. Informs racing officials of horses not meeting racing specifications or not present for examination and inspection. Issues instructions to workers to clean stable and barn area.
GOE: 09.05.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

349.477-010 JINRIKISHA DRIVER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: rickshaw driver

    Conveys passengers to destinations, using three-wheeled vehicle: Pumps pedals and turns handlebars to propel and steer vehicle along roadway to attract and convey passengers for novelty rides. Assists passengers into carriage of vehicle and asks their destination. Records time or odometer reading at start of trip. Conveys passengers to specified destination. Computes fare according to miles traveled or time expended and collects payment.
GOE: 01.07.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 1 DLU: 86

349.664-010 AMUSEMENT PARK WORKER (amuse. & rec.)

    Performs any combination of following duties in amusement park: Escorts patrons on tours of park's points of interest. Takes pictures of patrons to impart pictures onto T-shirts, using camera, automatic printing equipment, and heating press. Maintains and distributes uniforms worn by park employees. Cleans park grounds, office facilities, and rest room areas, using broom, dust pan, or vacuum cleaner. Distributes literature, such as maps, show schedules, and pass information, to acquaint visitors with park facilities. Monitors activities of children using park playground area to ensure safe use of equipment. Directs patrons to seats for park attractions and opens doors to assist patrons' entry and exit from attractions. Receives cash for tickets or items sold to patrons and records sales, using cash register.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

349.665-010 SCOREBOARD OPERATOR (amuse. & rec.)

    Watches players and officials at athletic event and posts or moves indicators and buttons to record progress of game on scoreboard to inform spectators. Confers, by telephone, with ANNOUNCER (amuse. & rec.) or sideline officials to verify observation of plays.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

349.667-010 HOST/HOSTESS, DANCE HALL (amuse. & rec.)

    Participates, as social partner, in dancing, dining, drinking, conversation with patrons to increase business of public dancehall. Collects tickets or fees from patrons for time spent in their company. Counts number of tickets collected from patrons and submits tickets to management for pay computation at end of shift.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

349.667-014 HOST/HOSTESS, HEAD (amuse. & rec.)

    Introduces unaccompanied persons at dancehall to HOSTS/HOSTESSES, DANCE HALL (amuse. & rec.), explaining procedure of engaging social partner. Inspects dress of HOSTS/HOSTESSES, DANCE HALL (amuse. & rec.) to ensure that they present clean and pleasing personal appearance. Attempts to distribute patrons equally among HOSTS/HOSTESSES, DANCE HALL (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

349.673-010 DRIVE-IN THEATER ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: field attendant

    Performs any combination of following duties in rendering services to patrons of drive-in theaters: Greets patrons desiring to attend theater. Collects admission fee and purchases ticket for patron from TICKET SELLER (clerical). Parks car or directs patron to parking space, indicating available space with flashlight. Patrols theater on foot or bicycle to prevent disorderly conduct, rowdiness, or to detect other infractions of rules. Watches over children in playground during intermission. Serves patrons at refreshment stand during intermission. May attach loudspeaker to automobile door and turn controls to adjust volume.
GOE: 09.05.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

349.674-010 ANIMAL-RIDE ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Assists patrons to mount and ride animals, collects payment for ride, and attends animals in amusement facility: Selects animal to be ridden on basis of size and age of patron. Accepts payment for ride. Assists patron to mount and ride animal, performing tasks, such as lifting child into saddle, explaining safe riding techniques, leading animal, and observing patron to detect uneasiness or handling difficulty. Attends animals, performing tasks, such as harnessing, saddling, feeding, watering, grooming, observing symptoms of illness, and cleaning stable. May be designated according to type of animal ridden as Pony-Ride Attendant (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 03.03.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

349.677-010 CABANA ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Performs combination of following tasks to serve patrons of private beach, club, or swimming pool having individual cabanas (bathhouses): Issues or rents swimsuits, bathing caps, soap, towels, umbrellas, beach chairs, and similar items. Obtains and serves refreshments to guests as requested. Collects soiled towels and rented swimming attire for laundering. Folds and stores chairs, blankets, and umbrellas at sundown. Picks up rubbish along beach or near pool. Participates in draining, cleaning, and refilling pool and changing pool filters.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

349.677-014 COACH DRIVER (business ser.)

    Drives horse-drawn vehicle to provide background or special effects for activities such as advertising promotions, political campaigns, or wedding parties; or to transport passengers for purposes such as sightseeing or hay rides. Dons costume for occasion. ay feed, water, harness and attend horses. May clean or polish vehicle such as carriage, wagon or cart.
GOE: 01.07.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

349.677-018 CHILDREN'S ATTENDANT (amuse. & rec.)

    Monitors behavior of unaccompanied children in children's section of theater to maintain order: Escorts children who are unaccompanied by adult between theater entrance and children's section when children enter or leave theater. Maintains order among children and searches for lost articles. Notes when each child enters section and reminds child to go home after witnessing complete performance.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

349.680-010 TICKET-DISPENSER CHANGER (amuse. & rec.)

    Changes code slugs (printing dies) and installs rolls of ticket tape in ticket dispensing machine before each race at racetrack: Unlocks machine with key and turns knob to reset number register to zero. Changes code slug so that different symbols are printed on tickets. Replaces depleted roll of ticket tape, threading end of tape through feed roller to type roller. Presses key of machine to obtain sample ticket. Examines ticket to ascertain that machine is printing correctly and adjusts machine to correct defects. Relocks machine.
GOE: 05.12.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with those duties performed by stewards and hostesses, not elsewhere classified, and attendants, guides, and the like.


    This group includes occupations concerned with serving passengers and crewmembers on cargo, passenger, or other vessels. Includes serving food and beverages in dining salon or on deck, and caring for staterooms, bathrooms, and public rooms.

350.137-010 HEADWAITER/HEADWAITRESS (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of dining room personnel to serve food aboard ship: Assigns duties, work stations, and responsibilities to personnel and directs their performances. Inspects dining tables and work areas for cleanliness. Greets patrons and shows them to dining tables. Requisitions supplies, such as glassware, china, and silverware. Authorizes personnel to work overtime. May suggest entrees, dinner courses, and wines to guests. May serve wine [STEWARD/STEWARDESS, WINE (water trans.)].
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

350.137-014 STEWARD/STEWARDESS, CHIEF, CARGO VESSEL (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in steward's department aboard cargo vessel: Collaborates with COOK, CHIEF (water trans.) to plan menus. Requisitions and purchases expendable equipment and subsistence and sundry stores. Receives, checks, and issues stores. Inventories supplies. Authorizes personnel to work overtime. Estimates food costs per serving. Compiles supply, overtime, and cost control records.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in steward's department aboard passenger vessel: Supervises workers engaged in housekeeping and meal serving. Arranges space for shipboard recreation activities. Inspects passenger areas for cleanliness. Observes services rendered by steward personnel for conformance to company standards. Collaborates with CHEF, PASSENGER VESSEL (water trans.) to plan menus. Requisitions stores, such as food, sundries, and furniture. Obtains replacements for personnel leaving ship.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

350.137-022 STEWARD/STEWARDESS, SECOND (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in providing accommodation services to first class passengers: Assigns personnel to work stations in passenger areas, such as staterooms, lounges, deck, and smokeroom and informs them of duties and responsibilities to passengers. Inspects work areas with STEWARD/STEWARDESS, CHIEF, PASSENGER SHIP (water trans.) to ascertain that service given passengers is in accordance with company standards. Coordinates work assignments so that additional help is available for recreational activities. May be designated according to shift worked as Second Steward/Stewardess, Night (water trans.); or according to class of passengers served as Steward/Stewardess, Economy Class (water trans.); Steward/Stewardess, Second Class (water trans.); Steward/Stewardess, Third Class (water trans.); Steward/Stewardess, Tourist Class (water trans.).
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

350.137-026 STEWARD/STEWARDESS, THIRD (water trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in providing housekeeping services to officers and crew: Assigns personnel to work stations, such as officers' and crew's quarters, and messrooms. Inspects work stations for cleanliness. Requisitions stores, such as soap, scrubbing brushes, and mops.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

350.677-010 MESS ATTENDANT (water trans.)

    Serves food to officers and crew aboard ship: Prepares hot and cold drinks, and fruits, for serving, and sets tables for meals. Serves food. Washes glassware and silverware after meals, cleans messroom, and disposes of trash and garbage. Makes beds and cleans bedrooms and bathrooms assigned to ship's officers. May be designated according to area in which work is performed or personnel served as Mess Attendant, Crew (water trans.); Mess Attendant, Officers' Room (water trans.); Mess Attendant, Officers' Salon (water trans.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

350.677-014 PASSENGER ATTENDANT (water trans.)

    Serves passengers aboard ship by performing any combination of following duties: Answers bells from staterooms requesting service. Obtains food or beverage from galley, pantry, or bar, and carries it to staterooms. Demonstrates donning of life jackets during passenger boat drill. Serves hors d'oeuvres during entertainment. Cleans work area. Relieves ELEVATOR OPERATOR (any industry) during breaks.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

350.677-018 STEWARD/STEWARDESS, BATH (water trans.)

    Services bathrooms aboard ship, and schedules passengers for baths and showers: Prepares baths and showers at times requested and informs passengers. Cleans bathrooms, showers, sinks, and other lavatory equipment. Replenishes supplies, such as towels, bathmat, and soap. May clean public toilets in assigned area.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

350.677-022 STEWARD/STEWARDESS (water trans.)

    Attends to comfort of passengers aboard ship: Issues sun pads and sports equipment to passengers on deck. Arranges card tables and chairs and provides playing cards, pencils, and score pads for passengers in lounge. Carries passengers' baggage to assigned rooms, and cleans rooms, changes linens and towels, and makes up beds and berths. Issues and arranges game equipment for passengers in smoking room. Serves cold drinks and snacks to passengers. May be required to hold certificates issued by U.S. Coast Guard to handle food and staff lifeboat. When attending to passengers at night, may be designated Steward/Stewardess, Night (water trans.). May be designated according to location of passengers attended as Steward/Stewardess, Deck (water trans.); Steward/Stewardess, Lounge (water trans.); Steward/Stewardess, Room (water trans.); Steward/Stewardess, Smoke Room (water trans.).
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

350.677-026 STEWARD/STEWARDESS, WINE (water trans.)

    Serves alcoholic beverages to guests in dining room and in other locations aboard passenger ship: Arranges linens, glassware, and stores on station prior to opening dining room. Chills wines to be served. Serves drinks to dining room guests. Serves wines, cocktails, and other spiritous liquors to passengers in ballroom or smoking room after dining hours and at shipboard sailing parties. Cleans assigned section of dining room. Must be certified by U.S. Coast Guard. May be required to hold Lifeboatman certificate.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

350.677-030 WAITER/WAITRESS (water trans.) alternate titles: steward/stewardess, dining room

    Serves passengers in ships' dining rooms: Obtains linen, silver, glassware, and china to set tables. Arranges settings on tables. Provides dining room service to passengers [WAITER/WAITRESS, FORMAL (hotel & rest.)]. Maintains assigned station, including table pieces, side stands, and chairs. May be designated according to class of passengers served as Waiter/Waitress, Cabin Class (water trans.); Waiter/Waitress, Economy Class (water trans.); Waiter/Waitress, First Class (water trans.); Waiter/Waitress, Second Class (water trans.); Waiter/Waitress, Third Class (water trans.); Waiter/Waitress, Tourist Class (water trans.).
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with providing services to train passengers. Includes preparation of sleeping berths and private compartments; providing newspapers, food, drink, and personal articles on request; and dispensing general information.

351.677-010 SERVICE ATTENDANT, SLEEPING CAR (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: porter, pullman

    Performs variety of personal services for railroad patrons: Carries hand baggage to station platform from seat. Makes berths. Supplies towels to washroom. Furnishes patrons with light lunches, drinks, card tables, or other articles they may request. When only one sleeping car is in train, may perform duties of CONDUCTOR, PULLMAN (r.r. trans.).
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with rendering a variety of personal services, such as seeing that travelers on board bus, airplane, or railroad are made comfortable; and arranging recreational activities for guests in hotels or at places of amusement, or introducing guests to each other.


    Supervises and coordinates activities of flight attendants: Assigns duties and areas of work to AIRPLANE-FLIGHT ATTENDANT (air trans.) to provide services for airline passengers. Observes activities of employees to evaluate work performance and maintains personnel records. Explains and demonstrates methods and procedures for performing tasks. Prepares evaluation reports on performance of employees. Analyzes, records, and prepares reports of personnel activities. Interprets company policies and practices for workers. May update local procedures manuals and guides according to directives and oral instructions.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

352.167-010 DIRECTOR, SOCIAL (hotel & rest.; water trans.) alternate titles: director, recreation

    Plans and organizes recreational activities and creates friendly atmosphere for guests in hotels and resorts or for passengers on board ship: Greets new arrivals, introduces them to other guests, acquaints them with recreation facilities, and encourages them to participate in group activities. Ascertains interests of group and evaluates available equipment and facilities to plan activities, such as card parties, games, tournaments, dances, musicals, and field trips. Arranges for activity requirements, such as setting up equipment, transportation, decorations, refreshments, and entertainment. Associates with lonely guests and visits those who are ill. May greet and seat guests in dining room. May assist management in resolving guests' complaints.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

352.367-010 AIRPLANE-FLIGHT ATTENDANT (air trans.) alternate titles: airplane-cabin attendant

    Performs variety of personal services conducive to safety and comfort of airline passengers during flight: Greets passengers, verifies tickets, records destinations, and directs passengers to assigned seats. Assists passengers to store carry-on luggage in overhead, garment, or under seat storage. Explains use of safety equipment, such as seat belts, oxygen masks, and life jackets. Walks aisle of plane to verify that passengers have complied with federal regulations prior to take off. Serves previously prepared meals and beverages. Observes passengers to detect signs of discomfort, and issues palliatives to relieve passenger ailments, such as airsickness and insomnia. Administers first aid according to passenger distress when needed. Answers questions regarding performance of aircraft, stopovers, and flight schedules. Performs other personal services, such as distributing reading material and pointing out places of interest. Prepares reports showing place of departure and destination, passenger ticket numbers, meal and beverage inventories, palliatives issued, and lost and found articles. May collect money for meals and beverages.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 81

352.367-014 FLIGHT ATTENDANT, RAMP (air trans.)

    Checks AIRPLANE-FLIGHT ATTENDANT'S (air trans.) conformance to personal appearance standard and performance of preflight duties during boarding stage of scheduled airline flights, and compiles report of findings. Inspects appearance and grooming of personnel for conformance to company standards. Observes performance of on-board airplane preflight duties and inspections by personnel for conformance, adequacy, and completeness. Records errors, inadequacies, and reasons for deviation on daily checksheet and forwards checksheet to supervisor. Extracts information from checksheets and writes performance reports for inclusion in personnel folders. Consolidates trip report and daily checklist information regarding work performed, emergency equipment, safety procedures, and appearance standards for use by supervisor. Prepares flight register and schedules to indicate assignments. Notifies personnel of changes in schedules.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

352.377-010 HOST/HOSTESS, GROUND (air trans.)

    Renders personal services to passengers in airline terminal to facilitate movement of passengers through terminal and create goodwill: Greets and welcomes passengers to terminal. Answers questions and advises passengers concerning flight schedules and accommodations, such as arrival or departure time, location of concourses and gates, and selection of seat on aircraft. Performs such tasks as assembling and forwarding luggage to departing flight, or guiding and escorting passengers to designated gate for boarding of aircraft, to expedite transfer of passengers between airline flights. Informs passengers, upon request, concerning fares, airline schedules, and travel itineraries, and distributes brochures to promote interest and sale of air travel. Informs passengers of terminal facilities, such as rest rooms and snackbar, to promote comfort and well being of passengers.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

352.577-010 BUS ATTENDANT (motor trans.)

    Renders variety of personal services to bus passengers to make their trip pleasant: Welcomes passengers boarding bus. Adjusts seating arrangement to accommodate passengers when requested. Answers questions about bus schedules, travel routes, and bus services. Points out places of interest. Distributes magazines, newspapers, pillows and blankets. Mails passengers' letters and arranges for dispatch of telegrams. Tends tape recorder to provide music. Serves refreshments. Lists names of passengers on manifest. Maintains inventory to account for food served during trip and food on hand. May warm bottles for babies.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

352.667-010 HOST/HOSTESS (any industry) alternate titles: receptionist

    Greets guests arriving at country club, catered social function, or other gathering place. Introduces guests and suggests planned activities, such as dancing or games. Gives directions to personnel engaged in serving of refreshments. May plan menus and supervise activities of food-service workers. May plan and participate in social activities, games, and sports, depending on nature of establishment or function. May deposit or pick up guests at railway station, home, or other location as directed.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

352.667-014 PARLOR CHAPERONE (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: counselor

    Chaperones young people attending social functions held in hotels or restaurants: Greets guests and answers questions regarding program. Arranges for entertainment, such as games, concerts, and motion pictures. Asks guests to observe rules of establishment or reports offenders to HOUSE OFFICER (hotel & rest.). May collect tickets for admission to events.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

352.677-010 PASSENGER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE I (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: host/hostess, railway

    Renders personal services to railroad passengers to make their trip pleasant and comfortable: Straightens seat cushions and window shades to prepare cars for passengers. Greets passengers boarding trains and introduces passengers to each other. Answers questions about train schedules, travel routes, and railway services. Assists in feeding and caring for children during transit. Assists ill passengers.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

352.677-014 RECEPTIONIST, AIRLINE LOUNGE (air trans.)

    Admits members and guests to airline lounge, serves beverages and snacks, and provides other personal services as requested: Opens door to lounge in response to sound of buzzer, verifies membership cards, and admits and seats members and guests. Serves refreshments such as cocktails, coffee and snacks. Answers questions regarding scheduled flights and terminal facilities. Verifies passengers' reservations. Directs or accompanies passengers to departure gates, rest rooms and other terminal facilities. Relays requests for paging service, using telephone. Opens cans, bottles, and packages; brews coffee; and arranges pastry, nuts, and appetizers on serving trays. Removes used ash trays, glasses, and dishes from tables and picks up trash.
GOE: 09.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

352.677-018 WAITER/WAITRESS, CLUB (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: page

    Attends members in private club by performing duties, such as the following: Takes orders for food and beverages and serves members in dining room or clubrooms. Brings cards, chips, amusement devices, candies, tobacco, and other articles as requested. Places orders for clubroom reservation. Delivers telephone, telegraph, and personal messages. Removes card tables, sweeps and dusts furniture and woodwork, vacuums rugs, and otherwise keeps rooms and halls clean.
GOE: 09.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with escorting individuals or groups on hunting and fishing trips, cruises, sightseeing tours, and through such places of interest as industrial establishments, public buildings, museums, and art galleries.

353.137-010 GUIDE, CHIEF AIRPORT (air trans.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in conducting guided tours at airport: Arranges tours according to interests of groups, such as school children, foreign visitors, and civic or private organizations. Schedules tours to avoid interruption of airport operations and minimize congestion. Assigns workers to guide tours. Provides information to workers about interests of specific groups. Coaches workers on organization, history, and function of airport, and use of airport facilities. Observes workers' dress and performance on guided tours to assure conformance to department standards. Confers with public relations personnel to plan special event programs. Prepares reports showing number of people taking tours, type of tours, and public reaction.
GOE: 09.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

353.161-010 GUIDE, HUNTING AND FISHING (amuse. & rec.)

    Plans, organizes and conducts hunting and fishing trips for individuals and groups: Plans itinerary for hunting and fishing trips applying knowledge of countryside to determine best route and sites. Arranges for transporting sportsman, equipment and supplies to hunting or fishing area using horses, land vehicles, motorboat, or airplane. Explains hunting and fishing laws to ensure compliance. Instructs members of party in use of hunting or fishing gear. Prepares meals for members of party. Administers first aid to injured sportsmen. May care for animals. May sell or rent equipment, clothing and supplies. May pilot airplane or drive land and water vehicles.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

353.164-010 GUIDE, ALPINE (personal ser.)

    Organizes and conducts mountain-climbing expeditions for adventurers or tourists: Arranges for camping and climbing equipment, transportation to site of ascent, and services of medical or other personnel as needed. Selects ascent consistent with experience and endurance of members of climbing party. Leads party to site of ascent and during climb. Gives advice and instruction to climbing novices in accepted techniques and use of equipment. May obtain permits to climb in restricted areas and verify quantity and quality of client-furnished equipment to ensure fulfillment of prerequisites prior to departure. May give classroom instructions in mountaineering and wilderness survival.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: V GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

353.167-010 GUIDE, TRAVEL (personal ser.) alternate titles: guide, excursion; guide, itinerary; guide, tour

    Arranges transportation and other accommodations for groups of tourists, following planned itinerary, and escorts groups during entire trip, within single area or at specified stopping points of tour: Makes reservations on ships, trains, and other modes of transportation, and arranges for other accommodations, such as baggage handling, dining and lodging facilities, and recreational activities, using communication media, such as cable, telegraph, or telephone. Accompanies tour group and describes points of interest. May assist tourists to plan itinerary, obtain travel certificates, such as visas, passports, and health certificates, and convert currency into travelers' checks or foreign moneys. May be designated according to method of transportation used as Guide, Cruise (personal ser.); or locality of tour as Guide, Domestic Tour (personal ser.); Guide, Foreign Tour (personal ser.).
GOE: 07.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

353.363-010 GUIDE, SIGHTSEEING (amuse. & rec.; personal ser.) alternate titles: barker; cicerone; spieler

    Drives motor vehicle to transport sightseers and lectures group concerning points of interest during sightseeing tour: Drives limousine or sightseeing bus, stopping vehicle at establishments or locations, such as art gallery, museum, battlefield, and cave, to permit group to be escorted through buildings by GUIDE, ESTABLISHMENT (any industry) 353.367-014. Describes points of interest along route of tour, using public address system or megaphone. May collect fees or tickets, and plan refreshment and rest stops. May escort group through establishment and describe points of interest. May operate tram to transport patrons through amusement park and be designated Tram Operator (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 09.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 81

353.364-010 DUDE WRANGLER (amuse. & rec.)

    Performs combination of the following services for patrons of dude ranch to enhance guests' enjoyment: Saddles and unsaddles horses, adjusting equipment to accommodate each guest. Assists guests in mounting and dismounting. Plans itinerary of trips, taking into consideration wishes and preferences of guests, knowledge of terrain, and location of suitable campsites. Packs horses with supplies and provisions for extended or overnight trips. Drives or leads pack horses. Pitches camp, prepares fire, and participates in cooking for camping parties. Advises guests concerning suitable hunting and fishing sites and applicable conservation and wildlife laws. Entertains guests by singing, telling stories, or playing guitar or other instrument. Escorts female guests to dances and other social functions. May participate in rodeos provided by ranch management for entertainment of guests. May repair saddles.
GOE: 12.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

353.367-010 GUIDE (personal ser.) alternate titles: guide, visitor

    Escorts visitors around city or town: Advises visitors, such as convention delegates, foreign government personnel, or salesmen, as to location of buildings, points of interest, and other sites, or escorts visitors to designated locations, using private or public transportation. May carry equipment, luggage, or sample cases for visitors. May be required to speak foreign language when communicating with foreign visitors. May be designated according to type of visitor directed or escorted as Guide, Delegate (personal ser.).
GOE: 09.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

353.367-014 GUIDE, ESTABLISHMENT (any industry) alternate titles: guide, tour

    Escorts group of people through establishment, such as museum, aquarium, or public or historical building, or through historic or scenic outdoor site, such as battlefield, park, or cave, usually following specified route: Lectures concerning size, value, and history of establishment, points out features of interest, and gives other information peculiar to establishment. Answers questions of group. Assumes responsibility for safety of group. May collect fees from members of group. May solicit patronage. May distribute brochures on establishment or historical site to visitors. May be designated Airport Guide (air trans.).
GOE: 09.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 80

353.367-018 GUIDE, PLANT (any industry) alternate titles: plant tour guide

    Escorts group of people through industrial establishment, and describes features of interest: Leads way along specified route and explains various processes and operation of machines. Answers questions and supplies information on work of department or departments visited.
GOE: 09.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

353.367-022 PAGE (radio-tv broad.)

    Conducts visitors on tours of radio and television station facilities and explains duties of staff, operation of equipment, and methods of broadcasting. Utilizing general knowledge of various phases of radio and television station operations. Runs errands within studio. May relieve telephone switchboard operator. May perform general clerical duties such as taking messages, filing, and typing.
GOE: 09.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

353.667-010 ESCORT (any industry)

    Guides visitors to destinations in industrial establishment: Escorts visitors to office, department, or section of plant. May collect and deliver mail and messages. May issue identification badges and safety devices to visitors.
GOE: 09.05.08 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with bathing patients, taking and recording pulse and temperature readings, giving injections, assisting women in childbirth, caring for and feeding infants, giving first aid, and performing similar routine nursing tasks. Knowledge is acquired primarily through practical experience. Licensed practical nursing occupations are included in Group 079.

354.374-010 NURSE, PRACTICAL (medical ser.)

    Cares for patients and children in private homes, hospitals, sanatoriums, industrial plants, and similar institutions: Bathes and dresses bed patients, combs hair, and otherwise attends to their comfort and personal appearance. Cleans room, and changes bed linen. Takes and records temperature, pulse, and respiration rate. Gives medication as directed by physician or NURSE, GENERAL DUTY (medical ser.) 075.364-010, and makes notation of amount and time given. Gives enemas, douches, massages, and alcohol rubs. Applies hot and cold compresses and hot water bottles. Sterilizes equipment and supplies, using germicides, sterilizer, or autoclave. Prepares food trays, feeds patients, and records food and liquid intake and output. Cooks, washes, cleans, and does other housekeeping duties in private home. May give injections. May care for infants and small children in private home. For practical nurses meeting state licensing requirements see NURSE, LICENSED PRACTICAL (medical ser.) 079.374-014.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

354.377-010 BIRTH ATTENDANT (medical ser.)

    Provides assistance to women during childbirth, in absence of medical practitioner. May function under supervision of local or state health department.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

354.377-014 HOME ATTENDANT (personal ser.) alternate titles: home health aide

    Cares for elderly, convalescent, or handicapped persons in patient's home, performing any combination of following tasks: Changes bed linens, washes and irons patient's laundry, and cleans patient's quarters. Purchases, prepares, and serves food for patient and other members of family, following special prescribed diets. Assists patients into and out of bed, automobile, or wheelchair, to lavatory, and up and down stairs. Assists patient to dress, bathe, and groom self. Massages patient and applies preparations and treatments, such as liniment or alcohol rubs and heat-lamp stimulation. Administers prescribed oral medications under written direction of physician or as directed by home care nurse. Accompanies ambulatory patients outside home, serving as guide, companion, and aide. Entertains patient, reads aloud, and plays cards or other games with patient. Performs variety of miscellaneous duties as requested, such as obtaining household supplies and running errands. May maintain records of services performed and of apparent condition of patient. May visit several households to provide daily health care to patients.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

354.677-010 FIRST-AID ATTENDANT (any industry) alternate titles: nurse, first aid

    Renders first aid and subsequent treatment to injured or ill employees at industrial plant, commercial establishment, mine, or construction site: Sterilizes, disinfects, anoints, and bandages minor cuts and burns. Applies artificial respiration or administers oxygen, in cases of suffocation and asphyxiation. Administers medications, such as aspirin or antiseptic solution, to relieve pain or prevent infection until patient can receive professional care, and gives prescribed medicines and treatments for illness. Changes beds, cleans equipment, and maintains infirmary for ward patients. Aids physician during emergency situations. Keeps personal and medical records of employees.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with attending to the physical comfort, safety, and appearance of patients; performing routine menial tasks; and assisting in conducting occupational and recreational therapy.

355.354-010 PHYSICAL THERAPY AIDE (medical ser.)

    Prepares patients for physical therapy treatments, assists PHYSICAL THERAPIST (medical ser.) 076.121-014 or PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT (medical ser.) 076.224-010 during administration of treatments, and provides routine treatments: Assists patients to dress, undress, and put on and remove supportive devices, such as braces, splints, and slings, before and after treatments. Secures patients into or onto therapy equipment. Safeguards, motivates, and assists patients practicing exercises and functional activities under direction of professional staff. Provides routine treatments, such as hydrotherapy, hot and cold packs, and paraffin bath. Transports patients to and from treatment area. Cleans work area and equipment after treatment. May record treatment given and equipment used. May inventory and requisition supplies and equipment. May adjust fit of supportive devices for patients, as instructed. May be assigned to specific type of treatment or patient service and be designated Physical Therapy Aide, Hydrotherapy (medical ser.); Physical Therapy Aide, Transport (medical ser.).
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 87

355.374-010 AMBULANCE ATTENDANT (medical ser.)

    Accompanies and assists AMBULANCE DRIVER (medical ser.) on calls: Assists in lifting patient onto wheeled cart or stretcher and into and out of ambulance. Renders first aid, such as bandaging, splinting, and administering oxygen. May be required to have Red Cross first-aid training certificate.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

355.374-014 CERTIFIED MEDICATION TECHNICIAN (medical ser.)

    Administers prescribed medications to patients and maintains related medical records under supervision of NURSE, GENERAL DUTY (medical ser.) 075.364-010: Verifies identity of patient receiving medication and records name of drug, dosage, and time of administration on specified forms or records. Presents medication to patient and observes ingestion or other application, or administers medication, using specified procedures. Takes vital signs or observes patient to detect response to specified types of medications and prepares report or notifies designated personnel of unexpected reactions. Documents reasons prescribed drugs are not administered. Gives direct patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, and assisting in examinations and treatments [NURSE AIDE (medical ser.) 355.674-014]. May receive supply of ordered medications and apportion, mix, or assemble drugs for administration to patient. May record and restock medication inventories.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 89

355.377-010 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AIDE (medical ser.)

    Assists OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST (medical ser.) 076.121-010 or OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT (medical ser.) 076.364-010 in occupational therapy program in hospital or similar institution: Performs program support services, such as transporting patient, assembling equipment, and preparing and maintaining work areas, as directed by professional staff. Assists in maintaining supplies and equipment. May help professional staff demonstrate therapy techniques, such as manual and creative arts, games, and daily living activities to patients. May assist in selected aspects of patient services as assigned.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 81

355.377-014 PSYCHIATRIC AIDE (medical ser.) alternate titles: assistant therapy aide; asylum attendant; charge attendant; chemical dependency attendant; psychiatric attendant; ward attendant

    Assists patients, working under direction of nursing and medical staff in psychiatric, chemical dependency, or similar setting: Accompanies patients to shower rooms, and assists them in bathing, dressing, and grooming. Accompanies patients to and from wards for examination and treatment, administers prescribed medications, measures vital signs, performs routine nursing procedures, such as collecting laboratory specimens, giving enemas and douches, and drawing blood samples, and records information in patients' charts. Assists patients in becoming accustomed to hospital routine and encourages them to participate in social and recreational activities to promote rehabilitation. Observes patients to ensure that none wanders from ward areas or grounds. Feeds patients or attempts to persuade them to eat, and notes and records reasons for rejection of food. Observes patients to detect unusual behavior, and aids or restrains them to prevent injury to themselves or others. May escort patients off grounds to medical or dental appointments, library, church services, motion pictures, or athletic events. May clean rooms, ward furnishings, walls, and floors, using water, detergents, and disinfectants. May change bed linens. May interview patients upon admission and record data obtained. May be designated Ward Supervisor (medical ser.) when responsible for patient care and other services of single ward.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 89

355.377-018 MENTAL-RETARDATION AIDE (medical ser.) alternate titles: resident care aide

    Assists in providing self-care training and therapeutic treatments to residents of mental retardation center: Demonstrates activities such as bathing and dressing to train residents in daily self-care practices. Converses with residents to reinforce positive behaviors and to promote social interaction. Serves meals and eats with residents to act as role model. Accompanies residents on shopping trips and instructs and counsels residents in purchase of personal items. Aids staff in administering therapeutic activities, such as physical exercises, occupational arts and crafts, and recreational games, to residents. Restrains disruptive residents to prevent injury to themselves and others. Observes and documents residents' behaviors, such as speech production, feeding patterns, and toilet training, to facilitate assessment and development of treatment goals. Attends to routine health-care needs of residents under supervision of medical personnel. May give medications as prescribed by physician. May train parents or guardians in care of deinstitutionalized residents.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 87

355.667-010 MORGUE ATTENDANT (medical ser.)

    Prepares bodies, specimens of human organs, and morgue room to assist PATHOLOGIST (medical ser.) in postmortem examinations: Places body in compartment tray of refrigerator or on autopsy table, using portable hoist and stretcher. Lays out surgical instruments and laboratory supplies for postmortem examinations. Washes table, storage trays, and instruments, sharpens knives, and replaces soiled linens. Records identifying information for morgue file. Releases body to authorized person. May close post mortem incisions, using surgical needle and cord. May fill cranium with plaster. May feed, water, and clean quarters for animals used in medical research. May prepare preserving solutions according to formulas. May preserve specimens and stain slides. May photograph specimens.
GOE: 02.04.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

355.674-010 CHILD-CARE ATTENDANT, SCHOOL (personal ser.)

    Attends to personal needs of handicapped children while in school to receive specialized academic and physical training: Wheels handicapped children to classes, lunchrooms, treatment rooms, and other areas of building. Secures children in equipment, such as chairs, slings, or stretchers, and places or hoists children into baths or pools. onitors children using life support equipment to detect indications of malfunctioning of equipment and calls for medical assistance when needed. Helps children to walk, board buses, put on prosthetic appliances, eat, dress, bathe, and perform other physical activities as their needs require.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

355.674-014 NURSE ASSISTANT (medical ser.) alternate titles: nurse aide

    Performs any combination of following duties in care of patients in hospital, nursing home, or other medical facility, under direction of nursing and medical staff: Answers signal lights, bells, or intercom system to determine patients' needs. Bathes, dresses, and undresses patients. Serves and collects food trays and feeds patients requiring help. Transports patients, using wheelchair or wheeled cart, or assists patients to walk. Drapes patients for examinations and treatments, and remains with patients, performing such duties as holding instruments and adjusting lights. Turns and repositions bedfast patients, alone or with assistance, to prevent bedsores. Changes bed linens, runs errands, directs visitors, and answers telephone. Takes and records temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, and food and fluid intake and output, as directed. Cleans, sterilizes, stores, prepares, and issues dressing packs, treatment trays, and other supplies. Dusts and cleans patients' rooms. May be assigned to specific area of hospital, nursing home, or medical facility. May assist nursing staff in care of geriatric patients and be designated Geriatric Nurse Assistant (medical ser.). May assist in providing medical treatment and personal care to patients in private home settings and be designated Home Health Aide (medical ser.).
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 89

355.674-018 ORDERLY (medical ser.)

    Performs any combination of following tasks, as directed by nursing and medical staff, to care for patients in hospital, nursing home, or other medical facility: Bathes patients and gives alcohol rubs. Measures and records intake and output of liquids, and takes and records temperature, and pulse and respiration rate. Gives enemas. Carries meal trays to patients and feeds patients unable to feed themselves. Lifts patients onto and from bed, and transports patients to other areas, such as operating and x-ray rooms, by rolling bed, or using wheelchair or wheeled stretcher. Sets up equipment, such as oxygen tents, portable x-ray machines, and overhead irrigation bottles. Makes beds and collects soiled linen. Cleans rooms and corridors. Bathes deceased patients, accompanies body to morgue, and places personal belongings in mortuary box. Administers catheterizations and bladder irrigations. Accompanies discharged patients home or to other institutions.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 86

355.674-022 RESPIRATORY-THERAPY AIDE (medical ser.)

    Performs any combination of following tasks to assist personnel in Respiratory Therapy Department: Cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes equipment used in administration of respiratory therapy. Examines equipment to detect worn tubes, loose connections, or other indications of disrepair, and notifies supervisor of need for maintenance. Starts equipment and observes gauges measuring pressure, rate of flow, and continuity to test equipment, and notifies supervisor of malfunctions. Assists in preparation of inventory records. Delivers oxygen tanks and other equipment and supplies to specified hospital locations. Assists in administration of gas or aerosol therapy as directed by RESPIRATORY THERAPIST (medical ser.) 076.361-014 and prescribed by physician.
GOE: 10.03.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 88

355.677-014 TRANSPORTER, PATIENTS (medical ser.) alternate titles: escort, patients

    Escorts or transports patients within hospital or other medical facility: Determines patient name, destination, mode of travel, time, and other data, following written or oral instructions. Directs or escorts incoming patients from admitting office or reception desk to designated area. Carries patient's luggage. Assists patient in walking to prevent accidents by falling, or transports nonambulatory patient, using wheelchair. Transports patient, alone or with assistance, in bed, wheeled cart, or wheelchair to designated areas within facility during patient stay. Delivers messages, mail, medical records, and other items.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 88

355.687-014 GRAVES REGISTRATION SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Collects and identifies remains of deceased military personnel, both buried and unburied, and evacuates bodies to rear area for burial activities: Searches battlefields and other areas for unburied dead and for isolated and unmarked graves. Exhumes bodies of buried dead. Examines immediate area for identification items, such as dog tags, watches, and similar personal effects, and transports remains and personal effects to rear area. Takes fingerprints, skeletal x rays, and prepares teeth chart to aid in identifying remains. Examines remains, removes personal effects, and records property inventory on designated forms. Records identity of remains including name, military unit, location, and cause and date of death. Indicates location of temporary graves on map, sketch, or overlay for purposes of future recovery.
GOE: 02.04.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with carrying bags for passengers in train, bus, marina and airplane terminals; checking baggage and calling taxicabs; pushing wheelchairs for invalids; and connecting marine utilities to boats for customers. Occupations concerned with handling of baggage for guests of hotels and related establishments are included in Group 324.

357.477-010 BAGGAGE CHECKER (air trans.; motor trans.) alternate titles: luggage checker

    Receives and returns baggage to passengers at motorbus or airline terminals: Prepares and attaches baggage claim checks. Stacks baggage on specified carts or conveyors. Returns baggage to patrons on receipt of claim check. May receive, weigh, and bill parcels for express shipment by bus. May weigh baggage and collect excess weight charge. May complete baggage insurance forms, determine rate from schedule and collect charge from customer.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

357.677-010 PORTER (air trans.; motor trans.; r.r. trans.) alternate titles: porter, baggage; redcap

    Carries baggage for passengers of airline, railroad, or motorbus by hand or handtruck, to waiting or baggage room, onto train or bus, or to taxicab or private automobile. Performs related services, such as calling taxicabs, directing persons to ticket windows and rest rooms, and assisting handicapped passengers upon their arrival or departure. ay clean terminal floors; wash walls, windows and counters; and dust furniture. When employed in airline terminal, is designated Skycap (air trans.).
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with serving clients of checkrooms, locker rooms, or rest rooms. Includes storing apparel or valuables, issuing claim checks and returning items on demand; providing towels or soap; and over-seeing children in shower or rest rooms of schools and institutions.

358.137-010 CHECKROOM CHIEF (any industry)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in storing guests' wearing apparel, parcels and other articles in checkrooms of establishment. Reviews printed schedule of activities to determine services needed. Assigns work schedules and keeps time records of personnel. Receives customers' complaints concerning quality of service and rectifies or instructs workers to rectify complaints. Submits reports of unclaimed or lost articles to hotel security department. Performs duties as described under CHECKROOM ATTENDANT (any industry).
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

358.677-010 CHECKROOM ATTENDANT (any industry)

    Stores wearing apparel, luggage, bundles, and other articles for patrons of an establishment or employees of business establishment, issuing claim check for articles checked and returning articles on receipt of check. May be designated according to article stored as Baggage Checker (any industry); Coat Checker (any industry); Hat Checker (any industry); Stand-By (motion picture); Wrap Checker (any industry).
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

358.677-014 LOCKER-ROOM ATTENDANT (personal ser.) alternate titles: cage clerk; dressing-room attendant; locker attendant; locker-room clerk; personal attendant; suit attendant

    Assigns dressing room facilities, locker space or clothing containers, and supplies to patrons of athletic or bathing establishment: Issues dressing room or locker key. Receives patron's clothing-filled container, furnishes claim check, places container on storage shelf or rack, and returns container upon receipt of claim check. Issues athletic equipment, bathing suit, or supplies, such as soap and towels. May arrange for valet services, such as clothes pressing and shoeshining. May collect soiled linen and perform cleaning tasks, such as mop dressing room floors, wash shower room walls and clean bathroom facilities. May collect fees for use of facilities, equipment, or supplies. May pack athletic uniforms and equipment for individual or team out-of-town sporting events. May attend to needs of athletic team in team clubhouse and be designated Clubhouse Attendant (amuse. & rec.). May provide baseball players with baseball bats, retrieve bats and foul balls from field, and supply balls to game officials and be designated Bat Boy/Girl (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 09.05.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 81

358.677-018 REST ROOM ATTENDANT (any industry) alternate titles: lavatory attendant; toilet attendant; washroom attendant

    Serves patrons of lavatories in store, public building, hotel, or similar establishment by providing soap and towels, brushing patrons' clothing, shining shoes, sewing on loose buttons, and performing related services. Replenishes rest room supplies. May scrub lavatory, floors, walls, mirrors, and fixtures, using brushes, detergent, and water. May administer first aid to ill or injured patrons.
GOE: 09.05.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

358.687-010 CHANGE-HOUSE ATTENDANT (any industry) alternate titles: dry boss; dry janitor; shower room attendant

    Maintains building, such as locker room of golf club, change house of mining camp, or shower facilities of industrial plant, in which patrons or workers shower and change clothes: Sweeps floor and scrubs shower stalls, using broom, brushes, and soap and water. Opens windows to control ventilation or adjusts controls of automatic heating, cooling, or dehumidifying unit to maintain healthful and comfortable conditions. May fire boiler to heat water for bathing or heating facility. May place contaminated work clothes in vacuum chamber for removal of toxic chemical dust. May requisition and issue supplies, such as soap, towels, and protective clothing.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with personal services.

359.137-010 SUPERVISOR, HOSPITALITY HOUSE (amuse. & rec.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in greeting, guiding, and serving patrons in amusement and recreation facilities: Formulates roster and personnel work assignments to assure work coverage. Explains work procedures for subordinates. Prepares written reports of operational activities to aid in planning future activities. Verifies cleanliness of facilities and operability of equipment and forwards work order forms on equipment requiring maintenance or repair to management. Inventories and orders supplies, checks and turns in receipts, and reviews correspondence. Attends meeting to plan future operational activities and implementation of plans with other department heads.
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

359.363-010 HEALTH-EQUIPMENT SERVICER (medical ser.)

    Delivers, installs, demonstrates, and maintains rental medical equipment, such as respirator, oxygen equipment, hospital beds, and wheelchairs, for use in private residences: Loads medical equipment on truck and delivers equipment to renter's or patient's residence. Unloads, installs, and sets up equipment, using handtools. Inspects and maintains rental oxygen equipment, performing such tasks as inspecting hoses and water traps to detect leaks and condensation; observing gauges of oxygen analyzer, pressure gauges, and other monitoring equipment to determine pressure and oxygen content of air output of compressors and concentrators; and changing filters. Maintains record on oxygen equipment by hours of usage to determine need for maintenance.
GOE: 05.08.03 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

359.367-010 ESCORT (personal ser.) alternate titles: guide escort

    Acts as social partner for person of opposite sex to enable individual to attend functions, participate in activities requiring a partner, or provide companionship or protection while visiting public establishments, such as restaurants, night clubs, theaters, and gambling houses. May suggest places of entertainment and arrange for transportation and tickets. May speak one or more foreign languages. May accompany individual on sightseeing tour [GUIDE, SIGHTSEEING (amuse. & rec.; personal ser.) 353.363-010].
GOE: 09.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

359.367-014 WEIGHT-REDUCTION SPECIALIST (personal ser.) alternate titles: nutrition educator

    Assists clients in devising and carrying out weight-loss plan, using established dietary programs and positive reinforcement procedures: Interviews client to obtain information on weight development history, eating habits, medical restrictions, and nutritional objectives. Weighs and measures client, using measuring instruments, and enters data on client record. Discusses eating habits with client to identify dispensable food items and to encourage increased consumption of high nutrition, low calorie food items, or selects established diet program which matches client goals and restrictions. Explains program and procedures which should be followed to lose desired amount of weight, and answers client questions. Reviews client food diary at regular intervals to identify eating habits which do not coincide with established or agreed upon dietary program, and reviews weight loss statistics to determine progress. Counsels client to promote established goals and to reinforce positive results. May photograph client during therapy to provide visual record of progress. May conduct aversion therapy, utilizing electric shock, rancid odors, and other physical or visual stimuli to promote negative association with food designated for elimination from diet. May conduct positive conditioning therapy sessions, utilizing physical and visual stimuli to promote positive association with foods designated for increase in diet. May give client weight-loss aids, such as calorie counters, or sell nutritional products to be used in conjunction with diet program.
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 86

359.567-010 REDUCING-SALON ATTENDANT (personal ser.)

    Measures, weighs and records patron's body statistics, refers information to supervisor for evaluation and planning of exercise program, and demonstrates exercises and use of equipment. Monitors member's exercise activities to assure progress toward desired goals. Records patron's measurements periodically for re-evaluation.
GOE: 09.05.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

359.573-010 BLIND AIDE (personal ser.) alternate titles: clerk guide; escort, blind

    Performs any combination of following duties to assist blind persons: Drives motor vehicle to transport blind persons to specified locations according to their personal and business activities. Carries brief or sample cases. Assists client with dressing, moving from one location to another, obtaining information, or other personal service. Prepares and maintains records of assistance rendered. May type correspondence and reports [CLERK-TYPIST (clerical)]. May assist teacher of blind in routine classroom activities such as toiletry or group school activities.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

359.667-010 CHAPERON (personal ser.)

    Accompanies minors on trips to educational institutions, public functions, or recreational activities such as dances, concerts, or sports events, to provide adult supervision in absence of parents. Follows parents' instructions regarding minors' activities and imposes limitations and restrictions to ensure their safety, well-being, and conformance to specified behavior standards. May plan free-time activities. May arrange for transportation, tickets, and meals.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

359.673-010 CHAUFFEUR (domestic ser.) alternate titles: driver

    Drives private car as ordered by owner or other passenger and performs other miscellaneous duties: Assists passengers to enter and leave car and holds umbrellas in wet weather. Keeps car clean, polished, and in operating condition. May make minor repairs, such as fixing punctures, cleaning spark plugs, or adjusting carburetor. May assist CARETAKER (domestic ser.) with heavy work. May groom and exercise pets.
GOE: 09.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

359.673-014 CHAUFFEUR, FUNERAL CAR (personal ser.) alternate titles: funeral driver

    Drives mortuary vehicles, such as hearses and limousines: Drives hearse to transport bodies to mortuary for embalming and from mortuary to place of funeral service or interment. Helps PALLBEARERS (personal ser.) to move casket from mortuary into hearse and from hearse to destination. Arranges flowers in hearse. Drives limousine in funeral procession, following prearranged schedule, to transport mourners. Assists passengers entering or leaving limousine. May clean vehicles prior to funeral. May dust furniture and sweep floors in mortuary. May be designated according to type of vehicle driven as Funeral-Limousine Driver (personal ser.); Hearse Driver (personal ser.).
GOE: 05.08.03 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

359.677-010 ATTENDANT, CHILDREN'S INSTITUTION (any industry) alternate titles: child-care attendant; house parent

    Cares for group of children housed in city, county, private, or other similar institution, under supervision of superintendent of home: Awakens children each morning and ensures children are dressed, fed, and ready for school or other activity. Gives instructions to children regarding desirable health and personal habits. Plans and leads recreational activities and participates or instructs children in games. Disciplines children and recommends or initiates other measures to control behavior. May make minor repairs to clothing. ay supervise housekeeping activities of other workers in assigned section of institution. May counsel or provide similar diagnostic or therapeutic services to mentally disturbed, delinquent, or handicapped children. May escort child to designated activities. May perform housekeeping duties in children's living area.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 81

359.677-014 FUNERAL ATTENDANT (personal ser.) alternate titles: undertaker assistant; usher

    Performs variety of tasks during funeral: Places casket in parlor or chapel prior to wake or funeral service and arranges floral offerings and lights around casket, following instructions of DIRECTOR, FUNERAL (personal ser.) or EMBALMER (personal ser.). Directs or escorts mourners to parlor or chapel in which wake or funeral is held. Assists DIRECTOR, FUNERAL (personal ser.) to close coffin. Carries flowers to hearse or limousine for transportation to place of interment. Assists mourners into and out of limousines. Issues and stores funeral equipment, such as casket lowering devices and grass mats used at place of interment. May carry casket [PALLBEARER (personal ser.)].
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

359.677-018 NURSERY SCHOOL ATTENDANT (any industry) alternate titles: child-care leader; child-day-care center worker; day care worker

    Organizes and leads activities of prekindergarten children in nursery schools or in playrooms operated for patrons of theaters, department stores, hotels, and similar organizations: Helps children remove outer garments. Organizes and participates in games, reads to children, and teaches them simple painting, drawing, handwork, songs, and similar activities. Directs children in eating, resting, and toileting. Helps children develop habits of caring for own clothing and picking up and putting away toys and books. Maintains discipline. ay serve meals and refreshments to children and regulate rest periods. May assist in preparing food and cleaning quarters.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 81


    Renders variety of personal services to airline passengers requiring other than normal service, such as company officials, distinguished persons, foreign speaking passengers, invalids, and unaccompanied children: Greets and escorts distinguished persons to lounge or waiting area. Transports special passengers between lobby and boarding area, using electric cart. Gives aid to ill or injured passengers and obtains medical assistance. Informs relatives of passengers whereabouts and condition. Assists elderly persons and unaccompanied children in claiming personal belongings and baggage. Prepares baby food for mothers with infants. Accompanies foreign speaking passengers, or aliens traveling without visas, aboard airplane and introduces them to AIRPLANE-FLIGHT ATTENDANT (air trans.). Arranges for air commuter and ground transportation. Teletypes or telephones down-line stations regarding special services for arriving passengers.
GOE: 09.01.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

359.677-026 PLAYROOM ATTENDANT (any industry) alternate titles: kindergartner

    Entertains children in nursery of department store, country club, or similar establishment as service to patrons. Reads aloud, organizes and participates in games, and gives elementary lessons in arts or crafts.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

359.677-030 RESEARCH SUBJECT (any industry) alternate titles: subject, scientific research

    Submits to scientifically conducted research relating to such fields as medicine, psychology, or consumer-product testing: Participates in activities such as performing physical tasks, taking psychological tests, or using experimental products, following instructions of researcher. Replies verbally or records responses to questionnaire to provide researcher with data for evaluation.
GOE: 09.05.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 1 DLU: 86

359.685-010 CREMATOR (personal ser.)

    Tends retort furnace that cremates human bodies: Slides casket containing body into furnace. Starts furnace. Adjusts valves to attain extreme heat and to maintain temperature for specified time. Allows furnace to cool. Removes unburned metal casket parts from furnace. Scrapes ashes of casket and body from furnace, using handtools. Sifts ashes through fine screen and removes extraneous material. Places remains in canister and attaches metal identification tag to canister. Cleans furnace and sweeps and washes floors. May place rings and jewelry in temporary box for return to relatives. May clean building and fixtures. May care for lawns and shrubs.
GOE: 06.04.19 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

359.687-010 PALLBEARER (personal ser.)

    Acts as one of group to carry casket from mortuary to place of funeral service and interment.
GOE: 09.05.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 1 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with improving the appearance of and repairing clothing, furnishings, and accessories.


    This group includes occupations concerned with washing, drying, and mending garments and household furnishings, such as blankets, curtains, and washable rugs, in commercial laundries. Includes sorting soiled articles; examining laundered articles for spots, tears, stains, wrinkles, and other defects; and folding laundered articles.

361.137-010 SUPERVISOR, LAUNDRY (laundry & rel.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving, marking, washing, and ironing clothes or linen in laundry: Determines sequence in which flatwork, one-day service, and white and colored work are to be scheduled through laundry to provide quick and efficient service to customers and to regulate work loads. Inspects articles to determine methods of specific cleaning requirements. Inspects finished laundered articles to ensure conformance to standards. Observes operation of machines and equipment to detect possible malfunctions. Investigates and resolves customer complaints of unsatisfactory work or bundle shortage. Studies literature of launderers' and dry cleaners' associations, and confers with salespersons to obtain information on new or improved work methods and equipment. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title. ay be designated according to activity supervised as Flatwork Supervisor (laundry & rel.); Laundry-Marker Supervisor (laundry & rel.); Receiving, Marking, And Washing Supervisor (laundry & rel.); Shirt-Ironer Supervisor (laundry & rel.); Sorting-And-Folding Supervisor (laundry & rel.); Washroom Supervisor (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 05.09.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 78

361.587-010 FLATWORK TIER (laundry & rel.)

    Folds, stacks, counts, and wraps ironed flatwork: Verifies customer's identification accompanying each group of flatwork. Records customer's name on company invoice. Completes folding of flatwork, such as sheets, pillowcases, and towels. Counts flatwork for each customer and records amount on production record and invoice. Verifies customer's count. Wraps flatwork, writes customer's name on bundle, and places bundle in storage bin.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.665-010 WASHER, MACHINE (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: steam cleaner, machine; wet cleaner, machine; wet washer, machine

    Tends one or more machines that wash commercial, industrial, or household articles, such as garments, blankets, curtains, draperies, fine linens, and rags: Loads, or directs workers engaged in loading, machine with articles requiring identical treatment. Starts machine and turns valves to admit specified amounts of soap, detergent, water, bluing, and bleach. Adds starch to loads of such articles as curtains or linens, when bell signal indicates that washing cycle is completed. Removes, or directs workers in removing, articles from washer and into handtrucks or extractors. May wash delicate fabrics by hand. May mix solutions, such as bleach, bluing, or starch, and apply them to articles before or after washing to remove color or improve appearance. May spot-clean articles, before washing, to remove heavy stains. May sterilize items. May hang curtains, draperies, or blankets on stretch-frames to dry. ay brush blankets, or feed blankets into carding machine, to raise and fluff nap. May pull trousers over heated metal forms to dry and stretch legs. May load and remove articles from extractor or drier by hand or hoist, using metal basket or cord mesh bag. May tend semiautomatic or computer-controlled washing machines that automatically select water levels, temperature, cleaning additives, and wash cycle according to type of articles to be laundered. May tend machines that dry articles. When washing contaminated laundry from hospital isolation wards, may be designated Isolation-Washer (laundry & rel.). May be designated according to type of articles washed as Flatwork Washer (laundry & rel.); Overall Washer (laundry & rel.); Rag Washer (laundry & rel.); Washer, Blanket (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 81

361.682-010 RUG CLEANER, MACHINE (laundry & rel.)

    Operates machine that washes, rinses, and partially dries rugs and carpets: Starts machine, and turns valves to admit cleaning solutions and water. Feels rug to determine end to be fed into machine to retain natural lay of pile. Fastens edge of rug to pins on conveyor bar and guides rug into machine. Sprinkles chemical solutions on stained area to dissolve stains. Moves levers or turns handwheels to regulate roller clearance, sprayer, water force, and speed of machine to avoid damage to rugs. May soap and scrub rugs requiring special attention, using portable scrubber prior to cleaning in machine. May sort rugs according to pile before cleaning. May turn valve handle to regulate heat when machine is drier equipped. May sew rugs end-to-end, using rail-mounted sewing machine and portable sewing machine to obtain continuous rug lengths for processing through machine. May load and push handtruck to transport rugs within plant.
GOE: 06.02.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L1 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

361.684-010 LAUNDERER, HAND (laundry & rel.)

    Washes, dries, and irons articles in hand-laundries and laundromats, using equipment, such as hand iron, and small washing and drying machines: Sorts articles on worktable or in baskets on floor to separate special washes, such as fugitives and starch work. Loads and unloads washing and drying machines, and adds detergent powder and bleach as required. Folds fluff-dry articles preparatory to wrapping. Presses wearing apparel, using hand iron [PRESSER, HAND (any industry)]. Assembles, wraps, or bags laundered articles for delivery to customer. Some hand laundries are machine-equipped and only touching-up is done by hand iron; in others, some articles, such as flatwork and shirts, are sent to larger machine-equipped plants.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.684-014 LAUNDRY WORKER I (any industry) alternate titles: camp-laundry operator; company laundry worker

    Washes and irons wearing apparel, sheets, blankets, and other linens and clothes used by employees of logging, construction, mining, or other camp, or washes uniforms, aprons, and towels in establishments supplying employees with these linens. Uses equipment usually found in household or in small laundry.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.684-018 SPOTTER I (laundry & rel.)

    Identifies stains in washable cotton and synthetic garments or household linens prior to laundering and applies chemicals until stain dissolves, using brush, sponge, or bone spatula: Sorts stained articles to segregate items stained with oil, grease or blood. Applies and rubs chemicals into garment, using bone spatula, sponge or brush, until stain dissolves. Places spotted articles in net bags for return to washroom. Bleaches and washes some articles in small washing machine.
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

361.685-010 CONDITIONER-TUMBLER OPERATOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: tumbler operator

    Tends conditioner machine that semidries and untangles flatwork preparatory to ironing: Inserts small pieces directly into drum and places large pieces, such as sheets, on conveyor which feeds into conditioner where items are heated, untangled, and discharged onto conveyor leading to flatwork ironing machine.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.685-014 CONTINUOUS-TOWEL ROLLER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: towel-rolling-machine operator

    Tends machine that winds washed, damp, or ironed roller towels into rolls preparatory to ironing or packaging: Wraps end of towel around metal rod and inserts ends of rod into slots in machine. Swings down hinged tension gate until it latches to put tension on towel. Pushes and pulls hand-operated clutch bar to start and stop machine. Inspects towel for stains and holes as it is being wound onto roll. Secures end of wound towel with tape. Lifts rolled towel from machine. May tend machine that unrolls and folds towels.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.685-018 LAUNDRY WORKER II (any industry)

    Tends laundering machines to clean articles, such as rags, wiping cloths, filter cloths, bags, sacks, and work clothes: Loads articles into washer and adds specified amount of detergent, soap, or other cleaning agent. Turns valve to fill washer with water. Starts machine that automatically washes and rinses articles. Lifts clean, wet articles from washer and places them successively into wringers and driers for measured time cycles. Sorts dried articles according to identification numbers or type. Folds and places item in appropriate storage bin. Lubricates machines, using grease gun and oil can. May dissolve soap granules in hot water and steam to make liquid soap. May mend torn articles, using needle and thread. May sort and count articles to verify quantities on laundry lists. May soak contaminated articles in neutralizer solution in vat to precondition articles for washing. May mix dyes and bleaches according to formula, and dye and bleach specified articles. May be designated according to article cleaned as Bag Washer (any industry); Cloth Washer (any industry); Color-Straining-Bag Washer (textile); Oil-Rag Washer (any industry); Wiping-Rag Washer (tex. prod., nec).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.685-022 PATCHING-MACHINE OPERATOR (laundry & rel.)

    Tends machine that patches articles, such as tablecloths, sheets, and uniforms: Positions damaged article between platens (heated irons) of machine. Selects adhesive patching material to match article to be repaired. Cuts out patch with scissors, and places patch over tear. Reads gauge on machine to ensure that ram is heated to specified temperature. Presses control button to close press and secure patch on article. May seal identification tapes on articles.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.686-010 WASHING-MACHINE LOADER-AND-PULLER (laundry & rel.)

    Loads and unloads washing machines in laundry: Pushes handtruck containing soiled laundry from marking and classifying department to washing machine and loads articles into machine. Removes washed laundry from machine and places in extractor baskets. May lift loaded extractor baskets, using power hoist. May place baskets in extractor and start extractor. May be known according to task performed as Puller (laundry & rel.); Washer Helper, Machine (laundry & rel.); Washing-Machine Loader (laundry & rel.) I.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.687-010 ASSEMBLER, WET WASH (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: net checker-hanger

    Reassembles washed laundry according to lot number or individual customer's bundles preparatory to subsequent processing, such as tumbling, starching, or ironing: Compares pin number on nets of laundry to numbers on laundry ticket and hangs nets in bins, or slides key-tag onto key-tag holder to assemble lots. Counts key-tags on holder or compares count of nets in bin to count of pin numbers written on laundry ticket to verify completed assembly. Loads assembled lots in basket trucks for delivery to other work stations.
GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.687-014 CLASSIFIER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: assorter, laundry; separator; soiled linen distributor; sorter, laundry articles

    Sorts laundry into lots, such as flatwork, starchwork, and colored articles prior to washing or ironing: Places sorted articles in bins, nets, or baskets, or onto conveyor belt. May weigh flatwork and record weight on laundry ticket. May affix customer's identification mark on articles or fasten identifying pin to nets.
GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

361.687-018 LAUNDRY LABORER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: bundle clerk

    Prepares laundry for processing and distributes laundry, performing any combination of following duties: Opens bundles of soiled laundry. Places bundles onto conveyor belt or drops down chute for distribution to marking and classification sections. Weighs laundry on scales and records weight on tickets. Removes bundles from conveyor and distributes to workers, using handtruck. Fastens identification pins or clips onto laundry to facilitate subsequent assembly of customers' orders. Sorts net bags containing clean wash according to customers' identification tags. Sorts empty net bags according to color and size. Collects identification tags from lots of laundered articles for reuse. Moistens clean wash preparatory to ironing. Operates power hoist to load and unload washing machines and extractors. Stacks linen supplies on storage room shelves. Unloads soiled linen from trucks. May be designated according to duties performed as Bundle Weigher (laundry & rel.); Chute Worker (laundry & rel.); Clipper (laundry & rel.); Linen-Supply-Room Worker (laundry & rel.); Net Sorter (laundry & rel.). May be designated: Pin Sorter And Bagger (laundry & rel.); Pin Worker (laundry & rel.); Washing-Machine Loader (laundry & rel.) II.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.687-022 LINEN GRADER (laundry & rel.)

    Grades laundered towels and similar linens according to quality, condition, and kind of item. Ties them into bundles of specified size or number of articles and records contents of each bundle. Stores bundles in bins for delivery to customers of linen-rental service.
GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.687-026 SHAKER, WEARING APPAREL (laundry & rel.)

    Shakes out semidry wearing apparel to prepare it for ironing, sorting, or folding. Inspects articles for tears or missing buttons, and routes damaged articles to repair department. Sorts, folds, and stacks articles on handtrucks or hangs them on moving conveyor. May starch shirt collars and cuffs.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

361.687-030 WASHER, HAND (laundry & rel.)

    Washes articles, such as curtains, table linens, and lingerie by hand: Soaps and rubs articles, and rinses them in chemical solutions and clear water. Extracts excess moisture with hand wringer or tends small extractor [EXTRACTOR OPERATOR (any industry)]. Hangs articles on racks to dry. May immerse articles in tint or dye solutions to restore color. May operate small machines to wash articles. May wash and card blankets.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with washing garments, furs, hats, rugs, and other household furnishings with cleaning solvents, in drycleaning plants. Includes washing unusually soiled articles with water, which may or may not be preparatory to washing them with solvents.

362.381-010 SPOTTER II (laundry & rel.)

    Identifies stains in wool, synthetic, and silk garments and household fabrics and applies chemical solutions to remove stains, determining spotting procedures on basis of type of fabric and nature of stain: Spreads article on worktable and positions stain over vacuum head or on marble slab. Sprinkles chemical solvents over stain and pats area with brush or sponge until stain is removed. Applies chemicals to neutralize effect of solvents. Sprays steam, water, or air over spot to flush out chemicals and dry garment. Applies bleaching powder to spot and sprays with steam to remove stains from certain fabrics which do not respond to other cleaning solvents. May mix bleaching agent with hot water in vats and soak material until bleached. May operate drycleaning machine. May be designated according to type of material spotted as Silk Spotter (laundry & rel.); Wool Spotter (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

362.382-010 DRY-CLEANER APPRENTICE (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: dry-cleaning-machine-operator apprentice

    Performs duties as described under APPRENTICE (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 06.02.16 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

362.382-014 DRY CLEANER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: dry-cleaning-machine operator

    Operates dry cleaning machine to clean garments, drapes, and other materials, utilizing knowledge of cleaning processes, fabrics, and colors: Sorts articles, places lot of sorted articles in drum of dry cleaning machine. Fastens cover and starts drum rotating. Turns or pushes valves, levers, and switches to admit cleaning solvent into drum. Adds liquid soap or chemicals to facilitate cleaning process. Tends extractor that removes excess cleaning solvent from articles [EXTRACTOR OPERATOR (any industry) 581.685-038]. Tends tumbler that dries articles and removes odor of solvent from articles [TUMBLER OPERATOR (laundry & rel.) 369.685-034]. Opens valves of dry cleaning machine to drain dirty solvent into filter tank. Adds chemicals to solvent to facilitate filtration, and starts electric pumps, forcing solvent through filters to screen lint, dirt, and other impurities. Pulls sludge box from bottom of tank to remove sludge. Starts electric pumps and turns valves to operate distilling system that reclaims dirty solvent. May operate dry cleaning machine that automatically extracts excess cleaning solvent from articles. May clean by hand articles that cannot be cleaned by machine because of amount of soil on article or delicacy of fabric [DRY CLEANER, HAND (laundry & rel.) 362.684-010]. May add chemicals to dry cleaning machine to render garments water repellant. May spot articles [SPOTTER (laundry & rel.) II 362.381-010].
GOE: 06.02.16 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 81

362.684-010 DRY CLEANER, HAND (laundry & rel.)

    Cleans, by hand, articles, such as garments, drapes, lampshades, and leather goods that require individual treatment or are too delicate for machine cleaning: Determines whether article will be cleaned with water or drycleaning solvents. Determines work aids to use, such as cloths, brushes, or sponges. Immerses articles in water or cleaning solvent, or dips brush or sponge into liquid and rubs article until clean. Observes work methods to ensure that articles are not damaged. Rinses and dries cleaned article. May bleach articles, such as draperies and bedspreads, to strip articles of color or discoloration.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

362.684-014 FUR CLEANER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: fur dry-cleaner; furrier; sawdust-machine operator

    Cleans fur pieces and garments by hand or machine, using brushes, pads, sawdust, corncob dust, and cleaning fluids, determining procedure and type of cleaning agent from knowledge of difference in dyed, processed, or natural furs: Examines fur for damage and to identify type of fur. Cleans furs, using either of following methods: (1) rubbing lining of garment and brushing collar, cuffs, and soiled areas, using pad and brush dipped in cleaning solvent or (2) placing furs in drum of cleaning machine containing treated sawdust or corncob dust. Removes sawdust or corncob dust from cleaned garments, using compressed air line nozzle or rotating drum. Dries fluid-cleaned garments, using extractor and either drying cabinet or tumbler drier. Beats or rubs fur with rattan or bamboo stick to fluff fur. ay spray glazing compound on fur and brush by hand. May wash fur garment linings. May iron fur.
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

362.684-018 FUR CLEANER, HAND (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: fur dry-cleaner, hand

    Cleans fur pieces and fur garments, by hand, that are too delicate to be cleaned by machine: Brushes fur pieces with handbrush dipped in cleaning fluid. Places garment or piece in box of sawdust or corncob dust and rubs dust through fur with hands to remove moisture and further clean fur. Removes cleaning dust from furs with electric blower. ay brush or spray glazing compound on furs [FUR GLAZER (fur goods; laundry & rel.)].
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

362.684-022 FURNITURE CLEANER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: dry cleaner, furniture, hand; furniture shampooer

    Cleans upholstered furniture in plant or on customer's premises, using vacuum cleaner, brush, sponge, drycleaning fluids, or detergent solutions: Cleans loose dust and dirt from furniture, using vacuum cleaner. Applies cleaning solutions selected according to stains and pats or rubs stained areas with brush or sponge to remove stains. Scrubs upholstery with brush and drycleaning solvents or detergent solutions and water to clean upholstery. Rubs leather or plastic surfaces with oiled cloth and buffs with cloth or hand buffer to restore softness and luster. May spray upholstery, using spray gun and solutions such as stain repellent or plastic fluid which reduces soil collection. May polish wooden parts of furniture.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

362.684-026 LEATHER CLEANER (laundry & rel.)

    Cleans suede and leather garments, such as gloves, jackets, and coats: Sorts and classifies articles into lots according to color, degree of dirtiness, and work to be performed. Brushes or sponges stains with fatty liquors (leather oils extracted from hides) to spot garment preparatory to cleaning. Observes surface and modifies pressure on brush according to type of leather to avoid damage to garment. Loads sorted articles into drum of cleaning machine. Turns valve to admit cleaning fluid into drum. Loads cleaned garments into extractor and tumbler to dry and fluff garments. May hand clean articles that are too delicate or badly soiled for machine cleaning.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

362.685-010 FEATHER RENOVATOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: pillow cleaner

    Tends renovator machine that cleans feathers for reuse in pillows: Cuts pillow along seam and empties feathers into hopper of machine that automatically cleans and sterilizes feathers with ultra violet light or steam and hot air. Clamps new or cleaned pillow tick over discharge spout to refill pillow. Opens air valve to blow feathers into pillow tick. ay sew opening in tick, using power sewing machine.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

362.686-010 DRY-CLEANER HELPER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: cleaner assistant; cleaner helper; dry-cleaning-machine-operator helper

    Assists DRY CLEANER (laundry & rel.) to dryclean or wet-clean garments, drapes, and other articles: Starts drycleaning machines and adds filter powder and activated carbon to prepare machines for work. Loads and unloads drycleaning and washing machines, extractor, and tumbler. Moves articles to and from machines, using handtruck. Scrubs articles, such as shirts and raincoats which require more vigorous action than obtained from wet-cleaning machines, using brushes and soap solution. Cleans filter on drycleaning machines. Sorts and distributes cleaned garments to pressers. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

362.686-014 RUG-CLEANER HELPER (laundry & rel.)

    Performs variety of tasks to assist in cleaning rugs in plant or at customers' premises: Moves furniture to remove rug to plant or to clear room for cleaning rug on premises. Pushes vacuum cleaner over rug or feeds rug into machine equipped with rotating straps or brushes that remove dirt and dust preparatory to scrubbing. Fastens rug to pins attached to conveyor chain of automatic cleaning machine, as directed by RUG CLEANER, MACHINE (laundry & rel.). Examines or rubs cleaned rugs with towel to determine cleanliness and notifies RUG CLEANER, MACHINE (laundry & rel.) if additional cleaning is required. Rolls and wraps rug with paper or ties it with cord for delivery to customer or storage. May brush or spray sizing on back of rug. May spray rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture with insecticides to mothproof them.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

362.687-010 GLOVE CLEANER, HAND (laundry & rel.)

    Cleans leather gloves with cleaning solvents, using handbrush: Soaks gloves in vessel containing cleaning solution. Lays soaked gloves on worktable and brushes gloves with handbrush until clean, observing texture of leather and controlling pressure on brush to avoid damage (scuffing) to leather. Clips gloves to hanger or fits gloves on heated form to dry. May immerse white gloves in solution to prevent yellowing. May dye gloves or jackets, following customer's specifications.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

362.687-014 LINING SCRUBBER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: brusher-down; lining brusher; lining cleaner

    Cleans linings of fur garments by scrubbing the linings with brush dipped in cleaning solvent.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

362.687-018 SHAVER (laundry & rel.)

    Brushes surface of cleaned suede leather garments with stiff handbrush to raise nap. May position garment on form and actuate steam and air pressure to expand garment for ease in brushing.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

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