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Note: The DOT was created by the Employment and Training Administration, and was last updated in 1991. It has been replaced by the O*NET.


363.681-010 to 389.687-018

    This category includes occupations concerned with performing tasks in and around private households; serving individuals in institutions and in commercial and other establishments; and protecting the public against crime, fire, accidents, and acts of war.


    This group includes occupations concerned with removing wrinkles from and restoring shape or giving finish to articles by the application of tension or pressure in commercial laundries, dry cleaning plants, and valet shops. The pressure method is usually accompanied by heat or steam.

363.681-010 SILK FINISHER (laundry & rel.)

    Presses drycleaned and wet-cleaned silk and synthetic fiber garments, using hot-head press or steamtable, puff irons, and hand iron: Operates machine presses to finish those parts that can be pressed flat and completes other parts of garments by pressing with hand iron. Finishes parts difficult to reach, such as flounces, by fitting parts over puff irons. Finishes velvet garments by steaming on buck of hot-head press or steamtable, and brushing pile (nap) with handbrush. Finishes fancy garments, such as evening gowns and costumes, with hand iron, applying knowledge of fabrics and heats to produce high quality finishes which cannot be obtained on machine presses. Presses ties on small pressing machine or by inserting heated metal form into tie and touching up rough places with hand iron. Finishes pleated garments, determining size of pleat from evidence of old pleat or from work order (for new garments) and presses with machine press or hand iron. May press wool fabrics requiring precision finishing. In establishments where many SILK FINISHERS (laundry & rel.) are employed may be designated according to specialty as Finisher, Hand (laundry & rel.); Form-Finishing-Machine Operator (laundry & rel.); Hot-Head-Machine Operator (laundry & rel.); Pleat Presser (laundry & rel.); Puff-Iron Operator (laundry & rel.) I; Tie Presser (laundry & rel.); Velvet Steamer (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

363.682-010 LEATHER FINISHER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: presser, leather garments

    Operates hot-head pressing machine to press and shape drycleaned leather or suede garments: Positions garment on buck of machine and pushes buttons to lower pressing head of machine onto garment. Rearranges garment on buck, repeating process until pressing is completed. Brushes suede to raise nap.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

363.682-014 PRESSER, ALL-AROUND (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: combination presser

    Operates steam pressing machine [PRESSER, MACHINE (any industry) 363.682-018] or uses hand iron [PRESSER, HAND (any industry) 363.684-018] to press garments, such as trousers, sweaters, and dresses, usually in small cleaning establishment. Presses silk garments [SILK FINISHER (laundry & rel.) 363.681-010] and wool garments [WOOL PRESSER (laundry & rel.) 363.682-018].
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 80

363.682-018 PRESSER, MACHINE (any industry) alternate titles: buck presser; finisher, machine; flattening-machine operator; ironer, machine; pressing machine operator; steam flattener; steam presser; steam-press operator

    Operates pressing machine to smooth surfaces, flatten seams, or shape articles, such as garments, drapes, slipcovers, and hose, in manufacturing or dry cleaning establishments, using either of following methods: (1) Spreads articles to be pressed on buck (padded table) of machine. Pulls pressing head onto article and depresses pedals or presses buttons to admit steam from buck through garments to press them and to exhaust steam from presser. Rearranges articles on buck and repeats process until pressing is complete. (2) Positions garment on buck and depresses pedal to lower $T3jump iron$T1 onto garment and to apply pressure. Pushes lever to release steam from iron. Pushes iron attached to movable arm back and forth over garment and shifts garment under iron until garment is pressed. Hangs pressed articles on wire hangers. May operate two presses simultaneously, positioning articles on one press while another article is steamed on other press. May finish pressed articles, using hand or puff irons. ay tend machine that presses and shapes articles, such as shirts, blouses, and sweaters [PRESSER, FORM (any industry) 363.685-018]. May be designated according to article pressed as Coat Presser (any industry); Pants Presser (any industry); or according to fabric pressed as Silk Presser (garment) II; or according to part of garment pressed as Armhole-And-Shoulder Off-Presser (garment); Lining Presser (laundry & rel.); or according to type of machine used as Jump-Iron-Machine Presser (garment). May be designated according to article, part, type of fabric, or machine used as Band Presser (garment); Collar Fuser (garment); Form-Press Operator (laundry & rel.); Legger-Press Operator (laundry & rel.); Mushroom-Press Operator (laundry & rel.); Puff-Iron Operator (laundry & rel.) II; Shirt Finisher (garment); Topper-Press Operator (laundry & rel.); Topper-Press Operator, Automatic (laundry & rel.); Vest-Front Presser (garment); Wash-Clothes Presser (laundry & rel.); Wool Presser (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.05 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 80

363.684-010 BLOCKER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: boucle finisher; knitted-garment finisher; knitted-goods shaper; presser-and-blocker, knitted goods; presser-and-shaper, knitted goods

    Blocks (shapes) knitted garments after cleaning: Shrinks or stretches garment by hand until it conforms to original measurements and pins garment to cover of steamtable or back of pressing machine. Applies steam to garment, as it is held in shape, by means of hand valves or foot levers. Measures and records dimensions of garments, using yardstick, cloth tape, or by making perforated outline on paper. Compares cleaned garments with recorded measurements or perforated paper and returns garments that have shrunk or stretched for reprocessing. May hang garments on forms corresponding to desired shape and saturate with steam from nozzle to block garments. May measure customer and record measurements for use in blocking customer's garments. May fold and wrap garments.
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

363.684-014 HAT BLOCKER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: hat finisher

    Blocks cleaned hats to specified size and shape: Selects wooden hat block according to size and shape of hat. Mounts hat on block and holds block over steamer to soften material. Pulls hat down over block to shape crown. Places hat on form of hat-ironing machine. Depresses pedal to engage automatic hat-ironing machine. Brushes crown with melted wax to ensure retention of shape during further processing. Removes hat from block and applies sizing to brim with sponge. Inserts hat in hollow, wooden brim form. Steams or wets brim and places under heated sandbag to press and shape brim. Rubs or brushes hat to smooth nap. Applies cleaning solvent with brush or sponge to remove spots. May insert finished hats in paper bags. May wait on patrons and collect payment. May be designated according to part of hat blocked as Brim Blocker (laundry & rel.); Crown Blocker (laundry & rel.); or according to machine operated as Crown-Ironer Operator (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L1 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

363.684-018 PRESSER, HAND (any industry) alternate titles: finisher, hand; ironer, hand

    Presses articles, such as drapes, knit goods, millinery parts, parachutes, garments, and slip covers, or delicate textiles, such as lace, synthetics, and silks to remove wrinkles, flatten seams, and give shape to article, using hand iron: Places article in position on ironing board or worktable. Smooths and shapes fabric prior to pressing. Sprays water over fabric to soften fibers when not using steam iron. Adjusts temperature of iron, according to type of fabric, and uses covering cloths to prevent scorching or to avoid sheen on delicate fabrics. Pushes and pulls iron over surface of article, according to type of fabric. Fits odd-shaped pieces which cannot be pressed flat over puff iron. May pin, fold, and hang article after pressing. May be designated according to article or part pressed as Coat Ironer, Hand (garment); Lining Presser (garment; laundry & rel.); Seam Presser (garment); Vest Presser (garment); or according to type of cloth pressed as Cotton Presser (garment); Silk Presser (garment) I or part pressed as: Flatwork Finisher, Hand (laundry & rel.); Piece Presser (garment); Pocket Presser (garment); Underpresser, Hand (garment); Waist Presser (garment); Wearing-Apparel Finisher, Hand (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 80

363.685-010 PRESS OPERATOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: wearing-apparel presser

    Tends pressing-machine (hot-head type) to press washed wearing apparel, such as uniforms, jackets, aprons, and shirts: Smooths section of garment on buck (table) of machine, and moistens dry portions of garment with wet cloth or water spray. Pushes buttons to lower pressing head of machine to press and dry garment. Rearranges garment on buck, repeating process until pressing is completed. May work as part of team and press only portion of garment. May tend two or three presses simultaneously, positioning garment on one press while other presses are closed.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

363.685-014 PRESSER, AUTOMATIC (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: press operator, automatic

    Tends automatic pressing machine equipped with single or double upright body forms to press front, yoke, and back of shirts, coats, and other garments: Fits garment on buck (table) and pulls lever to clamp neckband of garment to buck. Lowers pressing head to iron yoke. Depresses pedal to clamp tailband in position on buck, and release pressing head to raised position. Presses control buttons that rotate dressed buck into pressing cabinet for automatic ironing of front and back of garment. May pull sleeves over forms and shift levers to move forms into pressing cabinet for ironing. May finish one type of garment, such as duck or linen coats. May be designated according to type of garment pressed as Shirt Presser, Automatic (laundry & rel.); Pants Presser, Automatic (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

363.685-018 PRESSER, FORM (any industry) alternate titles: blocker; pressing-machine operator

    Tends machine that presses and blocks (shapes) garments, such as blouses, coats, dresses, shirts, and sweaters in manufacturing or drycleaning establishment: Selects pressing form (dummy) according to shape of garment. Positions form on holder over steaming device, expands or contracts form according to size of garment, and inserts pin into slot to lock form. Pulls garment over form. Turns dial to regulate steam pressure according to type of material pressed. Depresses pedals that activate steam and air to press, block, and dry garment. Removes garment from form and lays garment on table.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

363.685-022 PRESSER, HANDKERCHIEF (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: handkerchief ironer

    Tends machine that fluffs and irons flatwork articles, such as handkerchiefs and napkins: Dumps handkerchiefs from net into door-hopper of fluffer unit to condition for ironing. Places fluffed handkerchief on pad of machine and presses pedal to clamp edge. Pulls opposite edge to straighten and square handkerchief on pad. Pulls lever to revolve pad under steam chest to iron handkerchief and rotate second press in position. Removes handkerchief. May operate machine with sock attachment to press socks. May fold handkerchief and place in bag with identification tag. May tie bundles of handkerchiefs with paper ribbon.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

363.685-026 SHIRT PRESSER (laundry & rel.)

    Performs any combination of following tasks in conjunction with other workers to finish and fold shirts: Places collar, cuffs, and yoke on curved, padded forms of pressing machine. Pushes button or moves lever to lower pressing head and press shirt parts. Pulls sleeves of shirt over heated form to finish, or pulls sleeve over padded forms and presses button to insert forms into cabinet to iron sleeves. Lays back of shirt on buck (table) of pressing machine. Depresses pedal or pushes button to lower pressing head onto shirt. Drapes shirt over form and pushes buttons to rotate form into steam cabinet to press shirt bosom. Folds finished shirts around piece of cardboard on folding board or on folding machine. Finishes detached collars by feeding collars into equipment for dampening, shaping, and pressing. May be designated according to part of garment ironed as Body Presser (laundry & rel.); Bosom Presser (laundry & rel.); Shirt-Collar-And-Cuff Presser (laundry & rel.); Shirt Folder (laundry & rel.) II; Yoke Presser (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

363.686-010 FLATWORK FINISHER (laundry & rel.)

    Feeds laundered flatwork articles, such as sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, and napkins into machine that automatically spreads and presses finished articles: Shakes wrinkles and folds from semidry flatwork. Lays edge of flatwork articles on feeder roller that conveys articles into machine, shaking, smoothing, and guiding by hand during ironing process to prevent folds and wrinkles. Folds flatwork pieces discharged from machine, and places articles on table for assembly. Rejects faulty articles for reprocessing. May be designated according to operation performed as Flatwork Catcher (laundry & rel.); Flatwork Feeder (laundry & rel.); Flatwork Folder (laundry & rel.); Shaker, Flatwork (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

363.687-010 GLOVE FORMER (glove & mit.; laundry & rel.) alternate titles: glove finisher; glove presser; glove turner and former; ironer; layer-off

    Pulls gloves over heated, hand-shaped form and smooths with hands, cloth, or brush to shape and press gloves. Presses thick portion of heavy gloves by beating finger tips and seams with wooden block. May smooth glove between fingers (crotch) by pulling rake (pronged bar) over gloved form. May examine glove while pressing to detect defects. May turn seams inside [GLOVE TURNER (glove & mit.)]. May sew ripped seams and small tears by hand. May apply chemical solution and rub gloves with cloth to remove stains. May apply chemical or ready-mixed tint with cloth to restore original color to gloves.
GOE: 06.04.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

363.687-014 IRONER, SOCK (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: sock-and-stocking ironer; sock drier; sock folder

    Pulls socks and stockings over heated metal forms to dry and finish them. Folds and stacks the ironed socks and stockings. May cover small hole with adhesive cloth patch and apply heat to secure patch to fabric of sock.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 1 DLU: 77

363.687-018 PUFF IRONER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: baller; puffer

    Slides material back and forth over heated, metal, ball-shaped form to smooth and press portions of garments that cannot be satisfactorily pressed with flat presser or hand iron. May use hand iron to complete pressing of garment.
GOE: 06.04.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 1 DLU: 77

363.687-022 STRETCHER-DRIER OPERATOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: carder, blankets; curtain drier; curtain framer; curtain stretcher; stretcher operator

    Stretches and dries household articles, such as blankets, curtains, and linen tablecloths that require special treatment to protect delicate fabrics and retain desired measurements, using any of following methods: (1) Attaches article to projecting wires of adjustable stretcher and pushes, or rotates frame on locking pivot, to position article in drying cabinet. (2) Attaches curtains or blankets to horizontal frame mounted over steampipes and turns valve to allow steam to heat pipes and dry articles. (3) Adjusts levers to clamp and stretch drapes and comforts in horizontal frame of drapery former. May card (brush) blankets with wire-bristled handbrush to raise nap or feed blankets into carding machine. May touch-up (press) bindings and ruffles with hand iron. May guide ruffles of curtains through grooved, heated rollers to fluting machine that press fluting (grooves) in fabric. May fold and stack articles.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with changing the color of articles by means of dyes. Involves knowledge of composition of textiles being dyed and of reagents, such as acids, alkalies, soap and dyes, and their effect on textiles.

364.361-010 DYER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: sample dyer

    Dyes articles, such as garments, drapes, and slipcovers in kettles or dyeing machines, and mixes dyes and chemicals according to standard formulas or by matching customers' samples against color cards that provide formulas: Examines garment to identify fabric and original dye by sight, touch, or by testing sample with fire or chemical reagent. Computes and weighs out powdered dye, oil, and acids, following formulas. Dissolves dye in boiling water and tests dye on swatch of fabric. Adds dyes to water until desired color is produced. Immerses garment in solution and stirs with stick, or dyes garment in rotary-drum or paddle-dyeing machine. Removes or directs DYER HELPER (laundry & rel.) to remove garments from kettle or machine, and rinses them in water and acetic acid solution to remove excess dye and to fix colors. Directs DYER HELPER (laundry & rel.) in operation of extractor and drier. May mix chemicals to make bleaching bath, and immerse garments in bath before dyeing to remove original colors. May use spray gun to spray dye onto garments.
GOE: 05.05.16 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

364.361-014 RUG DYER I (laundry & rel.)

    Dyes rugs to match sample color, basing work procedure on knowledge of properties of bleaching agents and dyes, and on type, construction, condition, and colors of rug: Measures amounts of bleaches and dyes and mixes components with boiling water in vats. Immerses rug in bleaching bath to strip colors and in color bath to dye rug. May loop rug around reel that revolves rug in dye bath.
GOE: 05.05.16 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

364.381-010 PAINTER, RUG TOUCH-UP (laundry & rel.)

    Touches up worn and faded spots on cleaned rugs, using oil paint to restore color and contour of original pattern: Examines rug to determine color to apply. Selects matching paint and works paint into pile of rug pattern with stylus. May use inks instead of paints. May mix colors to attain matching color and shade.
GOE: 01.06.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

364.684-010 RUG DYER II (laundry & rel.)

    Dyes rugs on customers' premises, using spray gun and brushes: Mixes powdered dye with water according to prescribed formula. Sprays or brushes rugs with prepared solution to remove stains. Applies dye to rugs with spray gun, electrically rotated brush, and handbrushes.
GOE: 05.10.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

364.684-014 SHOE DYER (personal ser.) alternate titles: shoe tinter

    Dyes or tints shoes for customers of shoe repair or shoe shining shops: Inserts shoetree or stuffs paper into shoe to stiffen shoe upper, forming smooth working surface on shoe. Cleans shoes with acetone, alcohol, water, or other solutions to remove dirt, dye, and grease, using brushes, cloths, and sponges. Selects prepared dye or mixes dyes to match shade specified by instructions or color chart. Applies coat of dye or tint onto shoe upper, using spray gun or swab. Ignites dye on shoe to drive dye into leather.
GOE: 05.12.14 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

364.684-018 SPRAYER, LEATHER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: spray dyer

    Sprays dyes on leather articles, such as gloves and jackets, to restore original color, using spray gun: Selects suede or leather dyes to match color of garment and fills spray gun container with dye. Places article on dress form and sprays dye evenly over surface. Hangs finished garments on line to dry. Brushes (buffs) suede garments with handbrush to raise nap. Sprays some garments with water-repelling compounds. May prepare dye solutions by blending basic colors to obtain specified hue.
GOE: 05.12.14 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

364.687-010 DYER HELPER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: dyer assistant; dye-room helper

    Performs any combination of following tasks in dyeing textile products, such as garments, rugs, and drapes: Loads and unloads dyeing machines, extractor, and tumbler. Scrubs rugs with handbrush, soap, and water prior to dyeing. Bleaches articles, under direction of DYER (laundry & rel.), to strip them of original colors preparatory to dyeing by immersing articles in vat. May spread rug over steamtable and turn valves to admit steam through table and into rug, when dyeing rugs.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

364.687-014 RUG-DYER HELPER (laundry & rel.)

    Performs any combination of following duties to dye and dry carpets and rugs: Sews scrap material onto odd shaped rugs to facilitate handling during dyeing process. Hangs rug over roller of dyeing machine and stitches ends together with needle and twine so that rug can be immersed in solution when roller is turned. Observes rug during dyeing process and keeps rug straight on roller. Lifts rug with power hoist to drain off excess solution. oves rug to washing platform, using handtruck. Washes rug, using water hose to remove excess dye. Places rug in extractor or hangs rug on pole in drying room. Rolls dry rug and carries or transports rug to loading area, using handtruck. May remove dust from rug before dyeing process, using rug dusting machine or hand vacuum cleaner.
GOE: 05.12.14 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with resoling, reheeling, and otherwise repairing shoes. Includes repair and renovation of hand luggage, such as handbags, briefcases, golf club bags, and hatboxes, and also trunks and other heavy luggage made of leather, plastic, fiber, and other materials.

365.131-010 SHOE-REPAIR SUPERVISOR (personal ser.) alternate titles: rehabilitation technician

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers in repairing and refinishing shoes: Inspects donated new and used shoes to determine feasibility of repair or saleability. Trains subordinates and handicapped individuals in job duties of SHOE REPAIRER (personal ser.). Performs periodic performance evaluations. Performs duties as described under SHOE REPAIRER (personal ser.).
GOE: 05.05.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L1 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

365.361-010 LUGGAGE REPAIRER (any industry) alternate titles: hand luggage repairer

    Repairs and renovates worn or damaged luggage made of leather, fiber, and other materials: Sews rips by hand or machine, inserts and repairs linings, and replaces locks, catches, straps, buckles, corner protectors, and other parts to repair all types of hand luggage. Repairs and reconditions trunks and other heavy luggage, constructing and gluing together frame, cutting and bending fiberboard pieces together, and riveting on locks, catches, corner protectors, and other parts. May construct leather articles, such as purses, wallets, and briefcases, ordered specially by customers. May specialize in repairing trunks and other heavy luggage and be designated Trunk Repairer (any industry).
GOE: 05.10.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

365.361-014 SHOE REPAIRER (personal ser.) alternate titles: cobbler; shoemaker

    Repairs or refinishes shoes, following customer specifications, or according to nature of damage, or type of shoe: Positions shoe on last and pulls and cuts off sole or heel with pincers and knife. Starts machine, and holds welt against rotating sanding wheel or rubs with sandpaper to bevel and roughen welt for attachment of new sole. Selects blank or cuts sole or heel piece to approximate size from material, using knife. Brushes cement on new sole or heel piece and on shoe welt and shoe heel. Positions sole over shoe welt or heel piece on shoe heel and pounds piece, using machine or hammer, so piece adheres to shoe; drives nails around sole or heel edge into shoe; or guides shoe and sole under needle of sewing machine to fasten sole to shoe. Trims sole or heel edge to shape of shoe with knife. Holds and turns shoe sole or heel against revolving abrasive wheel to smooth edge and remove excess material. Brushes edge with stain or polish and holds against revolving buffing wheels to polish edge. Nails heel and toe cleats to shoe. Restitches ripped portions or sews patches over holes in shoe uppers by hand or machine. Dampens portion of shoe and inserts and twists adjustable stretcher in shoes or pull portion of moistened shoe back and forth over warm iron to stretch shoe. May build up portions of shoes by nailing, stapling, or stitching additional material to shoe sole to add height or make other specified alterations to orthopedic shoes. May repair belts, luggage, purses, and other products made of materials, such as canvas, leather, and plastic. May quote charges, receive articles, and collect payment for repairs [SERVICE-ESTABLISHMENT ATTENDANT (laundry & rel.; personal ser.) 369.477-014].
GOE: 05.05.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L1 SVP: 6 DLU: 82

365.674-010 SHOE-REPAIRER HELPER (personal ser.)

    Assists SHOE REPAIRER (personal ser.) to repair shoes by any combination of following tasks: Rips worn soles and heels from shoes, using handtools. Tacks new soles and heels in place and trims excess leather, using knife or revolving trimmer. Sands and finishes sole edges by holding against sanding rollers and revolving metal disk. Shines, stains, and dyes shoes. May sell merchandise, such as shoestrings, polishes, and other accessories. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.05.15 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 4 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with cleaning and polishing shoes.

366.677-010 SHOE SHINER (personal ser.) alternate titles: bootblack; boot polisher; shoe polisher

    Cleans and polishes footwear for customers: Removes surface dirt, using brush. Removes grime and old polish or wax from leather footwear, using brush or sponge dipped in cleaning fluid or soapy water. Applies coating of polish by hand or using dauber, and polishes leather, using brushes and cloths. Buffs buck or suede footwear with sandpaper or wire brush to clean areas or raise nap. Applies liquid dressing or dry wax by hand or dauber, and brushes surface to remove excess. Applies liquid dressing to fabric areas of footwear to restore appearance of cloth. Coats edges of sole and heel with sole dressing, using dauber or sponge. May dye or tint footwear [SHOE DYER (personal ser.)]. May brush lint from patron's clothing, using whiskbroom. May assist customers with wraps. May sweep and mop floors, dust and polish furnishings, and wash windows.
GOE: 09.05.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with improving appearance of, and repairing clothing, furnishings, and accessories.

369.137-010 SUPERVISOR, DRY CLEANING (laundry & rel.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in drycleaning and pressing wearing apparel and household articles, such as drapes, blankets, and linens: Determines standards and rates of production in accordance with company policy, type of equipment, and work load. Assigns duties to workers. Observes progress of work and transfers or hires new employees to maintain production. Confers with workers to resolve problems, complaints, and grievances. Confers with company officials and sellers of materials and equipment to plan improved methods. Reviews production and accounting records to determine cost levels of operation. Trains or assigns new employees to experienced workers for training. ay supervise workers engaged in cleaning and pressing garments in hotel establishment and be known as Valet Manager (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 06.04.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

369.137-014 SUPERVISOR, RUG CLEANING (laundry & rel.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in repair, storage, and cleaning of rugs and carpets. Examines rug to determine cleaning method. ay repair rugs [RUG REPAIRER (laundry & rel.)]. May measure and cut rugs to customer's specifications. Performs duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

369.167-010 MANAGER, LAUNDROMAT (laundry & rel.)

    Manages coin-operated drycleaning and laundering business: Plans and implements hours of operations, types of services to be provided, and charges for services. Orders machines, equipment, and supplies for operation. Hires, trains, and supervises personnel to provide laundry and drycleaning services. Records and analyzes business data to determine performance record. May clean and perform repair services on machines.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

369.367-010 FUR-STORAGE CLERK (retail trade) alternate titles: fur-vault attendant

    Tags and appraises fur garments received for storage: Examines garments to determine condition and estimate value. Records description of garment, estimated value, and name and address of owner. Computes and records charges. Attaches tag to garment. May take telephone orders. May prepare application for insurance, when customer gives approval, and forward application to insurance company.
GOE: 05.09.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

369.367-014 RUG MEASURER (laundry & rel.; retail trade) alternate titles: rug-receiving clerk

    Determines type of rug received for cleaning, measures it, calculates area, and records information for use in case rug is lost and to facilitate proper billing to customer. Affixes identifying tag to rug which indicates type of work to be performed. May examine rugs for stains and holes, and determine from its condition if rug will withstand cleaning. May determine repairs which should be made and contact customer concerning repairs.
GOE: 05.09.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

369.384-010 HATTER (laundry & rel.)

    Cleans, blocks, trims, and makes minor repairs to hats: Cuts threads to remove linings, sweatbands, hatbands and ornaments prior to cleaning. Immerses hat in solvent and rubs hat with sponge and brush to remove soil particles and stain. Tends extractor to remove moisture from hats. Shapes hat, using hat block, size ring, hat stretcher, turn-lathe, hat ironing machine and brim pressing machine. Rubs hat with pad to obtain finished appearance. Replaces linings, sweatbands, hatbands and ornaments, using needle and thread.
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

369.384-014 RUG CLEANER, HAND (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: carpet cleaner; rug renovator; rug scrubber; rug shampooer; rug washer

    Cleans rugs with chemical solutions in plant or on customer's premises, using handbrushes or portable scrubbing machine, determining washing method according to condition of rug: Vacuums rugs to remove loose dirt. Guides scrubbing machine over rug surface or sprays rug with cleaning solution under pressure to agitate nap and loosen embedded dirt. Removes excess suds and water from rug during scrubbing operation, using vacuum nozzle or squeegee. Identifies persistent stains and selects spotting agent to remove stain according to type of fiber, dye, and stain. Rubs chemical solution into rug with handbrush until stain disappears. Rinses rug, using water hose, and hangs rug on rack to dry. Pushes pilating (pile lifting) machine over surface of dried rug to raise and fluff nap or brushes pile, using broom. Removes excess water by feeding rugs between rollers of mechanical wringer, putting rugs in extractor, or going over surface with squeegee or vacuum nozzle. Brushes, sprays, or sprinkles sizing solutions on the backs of rugs, using handbrush, spray gun, or sprinkling can. May scrub fragile or oriental rugs, using handbrush, soap, and water. May spray acetic acid or salt solution over washed rugs to prevent colors from running. May measure rugs to determine cleaning fee. ay clean upholstered furniture, using sponge, brush, and cleaning solutions. May trim frayed edges of carpet and rebind carpet edges, using scissors, knife, needle, and thread. May perform rug cleaning duties as employee of establishment, such as hotel.
GOE: 06.02.27 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

369.387-010 LAUNDRY WORKER III (any industry)

    Prepares soiled clothing and linen for delivery to laundry and verifies contents of returned bundles: Prepares typed forms listing soiled articles received. Ties articles in bundle for transporting to laundry. Receives returned bundles and checks contents against lists, noting and reporting shortages. Stores clean linen on shelves and issues item on presentation of soiled articles for exchange.
GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.467-010 MANAGER, BRANCH STORE (laundry & rel.)

    Manages store where customers deliver and call for articles to be cleaned, laundered, and pressed and keeps records of same: Receives article from customer. Writes identifying slip or tag giving name of customer, work to be done, and date of completion. Pins or staples tag on article. Delivers finished article to customer and collects amount due. Records cash receipts and articles received and delivered. May examine article in presence of customer to advise of possible damage that might result during processing, such as shrinkage, loss of shape, and fading. May measure garments liable to shrink. May remove ornaments and sew or replace them on finished garment upon return from plant.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.477-010 CURB ATTENDANT (laundry & rel.)

    Gives curb service to customers: Receives and delivers articles to customers remaining in cars outside store or plant. Writes tickets to identify and to indicate work to be done. Receives amount due for servicing articles. Opens doors for customers entering or leaving store. May perform other duties, such as sweeping and dusting store, placing garments in paper bags, and running errands.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

369.477-014 SERVICE-ESTABLISHMENT ATTENDANT (laundry & rel.; personal ser.) alternate titles: counter attendant

    Receives articles, such as shoes and clothing, to be repaired or cleaned, in personal-service establishment: Examines articles to determine nature of repair and advises customer of repairs needed. Quotes prices and prepares work ticket. Sends articles to work department. Returns finished articles to customer and collects amount due. May keep records of cash receipts and articles received and delivered. May sell articles, such as cleaner, polish, shoelaces, and accessories.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.587-010 VAULT CUSTODIAN (laundry & rel.)

    Receives, identifies, fumigates, and places garments in cold-storage vaults: Marks incoming garments with identification tags, tape, or by some other method, and classifies and routes garments to cleaning and repair departments. Fills pans with fumigant and seals storage vaults to fumigate incoming and stored garments. Turns on ventilating system to remove fumigating gas from vaults. Hangs garments in specified place in storage vault. Removes stored garments at customer's request. Inspects or routes garments to INSPECTOR (laundry & rel.) and sends them to delivery department. May monitor vault room humidistat and adjust refrigeration thermostat to change temperature and relative humidity in vault. May record garment identifying information on control record.
GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.677-010 SELF-SERVICE-LAUNDRY-AND-DRY-CLEANING ATTENDANT (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: attendant, coin-operated laundry; attendant, laundry-and-dry-cleaning service; washateria attendant

    Assists customer to launder or dryclean clothes, or launders or drycleans clothes for customer paying for complete service, using self-service equipment: Gives instructions to customer in clothes preparation, such as weighing, sorting, fog-spraying spots, and removing perishable buttons. Assigns machine and directs customer or points out posted instructions regarding equipment operation. Weighs soiled items and calculates amount charged customer requiring complete services. Dampens garments with cleaning solvent and rubs with sponge or brush to remove spots or stains. Places clothes, cleaning material, bleach, and coins in laundering or drycleaning equipment, and sets automatic controls to clean or dry clothes. Removes clothes from equipment. Hangs, bags, folds, and bundles clothes for delivery to customer. Receives payment for service. May sell cleansing agents.
GOE: 09.04.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

369.684-010 FUR GLAZER (fur goods) alternate titles: fur glosser

    Coats hair of fur garments with moisture or glazing compound to protect against shedding and restore glossy appearance: Fits garment over form and sprays glazing compound on garment with spray gun. Brushes, combs, or shakes garment to fluff fur. Allows garment to hang for specified period, or directs nozzle of compressed air line to dry fur. May iron fur and lining. May rub fur with stick to make hair fluffy. May tend sawdust-filled rotating drum to remove loose hairs. May trim garment section, using furrier's knife. May pull offcolored hair from fur, using tweezers.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

369.684-014 LAUNDRY OPERATOR (laundry & rel.)

    Receives, marks, washes, finishes, checks, and wraps articles in laundry, performing any combination of following tasks: Classifies and marks incoming laundry with identifying code number, by hand or using machine [MARKER (laundry & rel.)]. Tends washing machine, extractor, and tumbler to clean and dry laundry. Finishes laundered articles, using hand iron, pressing machine, or feeds and folds flatwork on flatwork ironing machine. Sorts laundry and verifies count on laundry ticket [ASSEMBLER (laundry & rel.); CHECKER (laundry & rel.)]. May perform related tasks, such as mending torn articles, using sewing machine or by affixing adhesive patches. May wrap articles. May specialize in receiving and washing, or in finishing and checking, and be designated according to unit in which work is performed as Laundry Operator, Finishing (laundry & rel.); Laundry Operator, Wash Room (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.684-018 UMBRELLA REPAIRER (any industry)

    Repairs defective umbrellas, using handtools: Replaces parts of umbrella frames, such as springs, ribs, shanks, and handles, using handtools. Sews umbrella cover to frame [UMBRELLA TIPPER, HAND (fabrication, nec)]. May repair wheels and casters on beds, carts, and similar rolling equipment [WHEEL-AND-CASTER REPAIRER (any industry)].
GOE: 05.10.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

369.685-010 FUR BLOWER (retail trade) alternate titles: blower

    Tends equipment that fumigates and removes foreign matter from furs: Hangs furs in fumigating cabinet, pours fumigant into storage tank, and closes door. Turns switch to start blower that vaporizes and blows fumigant onto furs. Adjusts timing switch to stop fumigation process. Presses button to start ventilating system to exhaust vapors from cabinet, opens door, and removes furs. Adjusts valve on compressed air gun to regulate air pressure, according to condition or type of fur. Squeezes trigger of gun and directs stream of air on fur to remove dirt, insects, and loose fur.
GOE: 06.04.39 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

369.685-014 FUR CLEANER, MACHINE (fur goods; laundry & rel.; retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: fur beater; fur drummer; fur dry-cleaner; saw-dust machine operator

    Tends drum that tumbles fur garments in dry or liquid cleaning agents to clean fur: Selects and pours liquid or drycleaning agent into drum. Places garments in drum and moves lever to start and stop drum rotation. Removes garments from drum. Dumps drycleaning agents from drum and repeats tumbling process or uses compressed air gun to remove cleaning agents from garment; or places garment in extractor to remove liquid cleaning agent. Hangs garments in heated cabinets or places in drying tumbler to dry garments. ay glaze fur. May wash garment linings.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.685-018 FUR IRONER (laundry & rel.)

    Tends fur ironing machine to remove lining wrinkles and highlight hair luster of fur garments, using either of following methods: (1) Irons lining and hair of garments, using heated hand iron to remove wrinkles from lining and produce luster on fur. (2) Positions garment on feed roll of machine. Sets temperature control of metal ironing roll according to type of fur. Depresses pedal to bring garment into contact with heated roll and guides garment under roll. Releases pedal, changes position of garment, and repeats operation to complete ironing of garment. May iron garment by hand.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.685-022 FUR-GLAZING-AND-POLISHING-MACHINE OPERATOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: fur ironer

    Tends machine that combs and polishes furs, and manually applies glazing solution to restore luster: Sets thermostat to heat roller to specified temperature. Presses button to start machine and arranges garment on feed roller. Applies water or glazing solution, using hand spray gun. Depresses pedal to raise feed roller to grooved heated roller that polishes and straightens fur. Releases feed roller and rearranges garment to polish all parts. May iron lining and hair of garment to remove wrinkles and restore luster to fur, using hand iron. May polish furs only and be designated Fur-Polishing-Machine Operator (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.685-026 RUG-DRY-ROOM ATTENDANT (laundry & rel.)

    Tends rug conveyor or electric powered hoist that lifts and carries rugs to drying room, using either of following methods: (1) Pulls rug ejected from washing and wringing machines into drying room. Feeds end of rug to be sized through sizing rolls to distribute sizing compound evenly over back of rug. Fastens end of rug to pins attached to poles and pushes button to hoist and suspend rugs in drying room. (2) Feeds end of rug to be sized through sizing rolls and fastens ends to pin on rug poles. Pushes button to operate conveyor which hoists and transports rug through drying room. May adjust thermostat of heaters circulating hot air through drying room. May spray sizing compound on back of rugs with spray gun. May remove dried rugs from poles and wrap or tie for delivery to customer. May tend wrapping machine which wraps rug.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

369.685-030 SHIRT-FOLDING-MACHINE OPERATOR (garment; laundry & rel.)

    Tends machine that automatically folds shirts: Positions shirt on bed of machine, places button strip and collar of shirt in clamps on machine bed, and closes clamps by hand. Pushes button to lower folding blade onto shirt and actuates folding bar and plates of machine to fold body and arms of shirt around folding blade. Depresses pedal to retract folding blade and plates and open heated collar-shaping clamp. Inserts cardboard band under collar to maintain shape. May place cardboard on shirt prior to folding to strengthen folded package. May place paper bands around folded shirts and pack shirts in bags. May separate and stack shirts according to customers' markings. May insert paper cuff links in dress shirts.
GOE: 06.04.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

369.685-034 TUMBLER OPERATOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: drier operator; drying-machine operator; drying-tumbler operator; tumbler-drier operator

    Tends machines that fluff-dry laundered articles or dry and deodorize drycleaned items: Transfers partially dried articles from extractor by hand or by use of handtruck or overhead hoist, and places articles in drum of tumbler. Turns pointer on dial of machine timer for drying cycle, according to type of fabric and weight of items being dried. Starts drum and blower. May hang delicate fabrics in heated cabinet to dry. May tend extractor [EXTRACTOR OPERATOR (any industry) 581.685-038]. May fold, stack, and bundle finished articles.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

369.686-010 FOLDING-MACHINE OPERATOR (laundry & rel.)

    Feeds laundered towels, pillowcases, and napkins onto feeder conveyor of machine that folds, stacks, and counts flatwork: Sorts items on feedstacks according to size. Lays aside stained articles for separate feeding and ticketing. Adjusts position of gear lever to regulate speed of machine. Removes jammed articles from machine. May unload rack and transfer stacks of folded napkins to be bundled to tying machine.
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

369.687-010 ASSEMBLER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: distributor; matcher; subsorter

    Sorts laundered or drycleaned articles, such as linens, garments, blankets, and drapes, according to customer's identification mark or tag: Reads identification symbols on mark or tag attached to clean articles. Sorts articles with similar symbols into groups. Collects items belonging to each customer from group, using customer's list of articles received to verify completeness of order. Inspects items for quality of service. May be designated according to type of article assembled as Flatwork Assembler (laundry & rel.); Wearing-Apparel Assembler (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 78

369.687-014 CHECKER (laundry & rel.)

    Verifies number and type of laundered or dry cleaned articles by checking against customers' lists: Inspects articles for cleanliness and neatness of finish. Returns incomplete laundry bundles to bin. Folds curtains lengthwise and drapes curtains over hangers. Hangs dry cleaned garments on hangers, covering articles with paper or bags. May fill customers' orders for clean linens, such as sheets, towels, aprons, and uniforms. May wrap and load bundles onto trucks for delivery to customers. May count linen supplies returned by DRIVER, SALES ROUTE (retail trade; wholesale tr.) 292.353-010 to verify quantities shown on return list and be designated Return Checker (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

369.687-018 FOLDER (laundry & rel.)

    Folds fluff-dried or pressed laundry, such as shirts, towels, uniforms, and jackets: Shakes out, smooths, folds, sorts, and stacks wash according to identification tags. Inspects pressed laundry for holes or tears, and separates defective articles for transfer to repair department. Folds laundry, preparatory to wrapping, for delivery to customer. Folds pressed shirts around cardboard forms and inserts assembly in plastic bags. May attach missing buttons to articles, using button-sewing-machine or button-attaching machine. May unload tumbler. May turn socks, match pairs, and tie socks into bundles. May be designated according to type of laundry folded as Shirt Folder (laundry & rel.) I; Wearing-Apparel Folder (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.04.35 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

369.687-022 INSPECTOR (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: garment examiner

    Inspects garments or articles after cleaning and finishing, to verify items meet company standards: Returns articles having wrinkles, double creases, shine, spots, tears, broken seams, missing buttons, or missing belts to pressing, spotting, or repair units for correction. When examining garments to verify quality of alteration and repairs, may be designated Sewing Inspector (laundry & rel.).
GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

369.687-026 MARKER (laundry & rel.) alternate titles: clothes marker; entry clerk; garment marker; receiving checker; tagger

    Performs any combination of following duties in marking, sorting, and recording soiled garments, linens, and other articles received for cleaning and laundering: Opens bundle or bag and spreads articles on worktable. Examines articles and records defects, such as holes, stains, tears, and ripped seams. Compares articles with customer's listing or records by hand or by using listing-pricing machine. Affixes or marks customer-identifying symbols on soiled articles by one of following methods: (1) Adjusts numbered disks of marking machine by hand to set code number; places article or cloth tag under disks; depresses pedal or pulls lever that forces disks against article or tag to print code; pins or staples tag to article. (2) Writes code number on garment or tag with pen and waterproof ink; pins, staples, or sews tag to garment. (3) Positions garment under stapling machine and pulls lever that staples short length of tape to garment; writes identifying code on tape. (4) Presses lever of clipping machine that fastens metal clip to garment. (5) Depresses keys of marking machine that prints identifying symbol on garment. (6) Seals identification tape on article, using patching machine and adhesive tape. Routes defective articles to MENDER (any industry) 787.682-030 for repairs. Sorts articles according to color, degree of soil, and type of materials or treatment. Measures articles with yardstick or measuring tape and records measurements to ensure articles are finished to original size. Removes buttons, ornaments, and other trimmings from soiled garments and replaces buttons on cleaned garments. Places sorted articles in different colored nets or ties articles in bundles and attaches tags that indicate work to be performed, such as method of cleaning, articles to be starched or tinted, and pretreatment of stained articles. Counts finished articles for completeness of order and verifies count with plant records.
GOE: 05.09.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 78

369.687-030 RUG INSPECTOR (laundry & rel.)

    Examines cleaned rugs to detect deficiencies, such as inadequate cleaning, failure to remove spots or stains, and faulty brushing of pile. Returns imperfect rugs to workers responsible for defects. Rolls completed rugs by hand or guides rug into rug-rolling machine. May measure and calculate areas of rugs for billing purposes.
GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with protecting the public against crime, fire, accidents, and acts of war.


    This group includes occupations concerned with guarding crossings to warn motorists and pedestrians of approaching vehicles; and opening bridges so vessels may pass.

371.362-010 DRAWBRIDGE OPERATOR (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: bridge tender

    Controls railroad or highway drawbridge over waterways to permit passage of vessels: Observes approaching vessels and listens for whistle signal from vessel indicating desire to pass. Moves levers that activate traffic signals and alarms, lower gates to halt street traffic, or activate interlocking railroad signals to warn oncoming railroad trains. Starts motors of drawbridge and moves levers to raise or turn drawbridge, giving vessels passage. Signals vessels to pass through opening. Inspects drawbridge and auxiliary equipment. Cleans, oils, and greases machinery. Writes and submits maintenance work requisitions. Prepares reports of accidents occurring on or to bridge. Records name of vessels passing and number of trains or vehicles crossing bridge. May relay messages to vessels in waterway. May make repairs and adjustments to drawbridge. May be required to hold Railway Signalman Certificate or similar license.
GOE: 05.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

371.567-010 GUARD, SCHOOL-CROSSING (government ser.)

    Guards street crossings during hours when children are going to or coming from school: Directs actions of children and traffic at street intersections to ensure safe crossing. Records license numbers of vehicles disregarding traffic signals and reports infractions to police. May escort children across street. May place caution signs at designated points before going on duty and remove signs at end of shift. May stop speeding vehicles and warn drivers.
GOE: 10.03.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

371.667-010 CROSSING TENDER (any industry)

    Guards railroad crossing to warn motorists and pedestrians of approaching trains: Consults train schedules and listens for approaching trains from watchtower. Presses button to flash warning signal lights. Presses control button to lower crossing gates until train passes, and raises gate when crossing is clear. May wave flags, signs, or lanterns in emergencies.
GOE: 05.12.20 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with guarding property from illegal entry, fire, and theft, and enforcing safety regulations, including the custody and discipline of prisoners.

372.137-010 CORRECTION OFFICER, HEAD (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of CORRECTION OFFICERS (government ser.): Conducts roll call of officers and issues duty assignments. Directs release or transfer of prisoners based on court order instructions. Investigates and reports causes of inmate disturbances, such as assaults, fights, and thefts. Assists subordinates with unruly inmates and other assignments. Maintains prison records and prepares reports. Reviews work records of subordinates to evaluate efficiency and suitability for assignments.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

372.167-010 DISPATCHER, SECURITY GUARD (business ser.)

    Dispatches security personnel to client's site for private, protective-service firm: Reads posted orders to ascertain personnel requirements and notifies guards of work assignments and changes in instructions by telephone. Posts assignment information on dispatch board. Compiles and records data for dispatch, payroll, billings, and personnel records. May issue regular and special equipment to guards. May interview applicants and recommend hiring or hire guards.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

372.167-014 GUARD, CHIEF (any industry)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of guard force of establishment, such as industrial plant, department store, or museum: Assigns personnel to posts or patrol, according to size and nature of establishment and protection requirements. Interprets security rules and directs subordinates in enforcing compliance, such as issuance of security badges, photographing of employees, and safekeeping of forbidden articles carried by visitors. Responds to calls from subordinates to direct activities during fires, storms, riots, or other emergencies. Inspects or directs inspection of premises to test alarm systems, detect safety hazards, and to ensure that safety rules are posted and enforced. Examines fire extinguishers and other safety equipment for serviceability. Reports irregularities and hazards to appropriate personnel. Cooperates with police, fire, and civil defense authorities in problems affecting establishment. May select and train subordinates in protective procedures, first aid, fire safety, and other duties. May be designated according to rank as Guard, Captain (any industry); Guard, Lieutenant (any industry); Guard, Sergeant (any industry); or according to establishment served as Plant-Protection Supervisor (any industry); Security Chief, Museum (museums).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

372.167-018 JAILER, CHIEF (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of jail staff: Establishes rules, regulations, and procedures to be executed by JAILERS (government ser.). Prepares work schedules and assigns duties. Reviews commitment orders of new inmates to ensure that legal requirements are met. Classifies and segregates inmates according to status, such as pretrial, under-sentence, or witness. Communicates with court officials to ensure availability of inmates for trials or hearings. Escorts inmates to courts, hospitals, and other correctional institutions. Schedules visits of medical personnel to treat inmates. Directs search of inmates and all areas for contraband. Inspects facilities for cleanliness. Selects trustees for special work assignments. Accepts and records bail and fine payments, issues receipts, and arranges for release of inmates. Prepares reports concerning inmate population and jail functions, as required by law. Writes daily activity reports for superiors. Maintains financial records for use in budget preparation. Prepares requisitions for commissary, clothing, and housekeeping supplies. Evaluates work of subordinates and takes disciplinary measures for inefficiency or violation of regulations. aintains personnel records of subordinates.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

372.167-022 MANAGER, ARMORED TRANSPORT SERVICE (business ser.)

    Plans, directs, and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in providing armored car services: Analyzes capability based on customer requirements and develops work procedures to satisfy customer needs. Assigns tasks and interprets company policies and procedures for workers. Directs workers engaged in driving armored cars, guarding money and articles in transit, sorting, and routing money bags, and clerical activities. Confers with customer and industry representatives to evaluate company services and promote expansion. Hires and discharges workers.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

372.267-010 SPECIAL AGENT (r.r. trans.)

    Guards shipments of valuables and investigates reports of theft or damage of shipments transported by railroad: Patrols railway express cars, baggage cars, and freight cars during run to guard shipments of valuables, such as money, bullion, strategic metals, or prototype machinery. Apprehends unauthorized persons and removes them from train at next stop or from railroad properties. Investigates report of theft [DETECTIVE (any industry) I]. Interviews train crew and other persons to gather information concerning theft. Cooperates with local law enforcement agencies to secure additional clues. Interviews neighbors, associates, and former employers of employment applicants to get personal and work history data. Prepares reports on findings of criminal and applicant investigations.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

372.363-010 PROTECTIVE OFFICER (government ser.) alternate titles: security inspector; security technician

    Guards government installations, materials, and documents against illegal acts, such as sabotage, riot, and espionage: Patrols area on foot, horseback, automobile, or aircraft to detect and prevent unauthorized activities, using weapons or physical force as necessary. Searches installation for explosive devices and notifies bomb disposal unit. Stands guard during secret and hazardous experiments. Performs routine police duties within installation. May travel throughout United States and foreign countries.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

372.367-010 COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER, PATROL (government ser.)

    Patrols city housing projects and community parks to prevent crimes, quell disturbances, and maintain civic harmony: Travels assigned area on foot or motor scooter to observe civil activity and maintain security. Confers with individuals involved in disturbances to determine cause and course of action to take. Attempts to resolve disputes and calls POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) I in situations requiring arrest authority. Refers individuals and families to social agencies for assistance in resolving social or health problems.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

372.367-014 JAILER (government ser.) alternate titles: jail keeper; turnkey

    Guards prisoners in precinct station house or municipal jail, assuming responsibility for all needs of prisoners during detention: Locks prisoner in cell after searching for weapons, valuables, or drugs. Serves meals to prisoner and provides or obtains medical aid if needed. May prepare arrest records identifying prisoner and charge assigned. May question prisoner to elicit information helpful in solving crime. May prepare meals for self and prisoner. May distribute commissary items purchased by inmates, such as candy, snacks, cigarettes, and toilet articles, and record payment on voucher. In small communities, may perform duties of SHERIFF, DEPUTY (government ser.) 377.263-010 or POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) I 375.263-014 when not engaged in guard duties.
GOE: 04.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 78

372.563-010 ARMORED-CAR GUARD AND DRIVER (business ser.) alternate titles: armored-car messenger

    Drives armored van to transport money and valuables, and guards money and valuables during transit: Loads and carries bags of cash, coin, and other valuables into and from armored van at protective service building, bank, or customer establishment. Drives armored van along established routes to transport valuables to destination. Guards bags of money and valuables during receipt and transfer to ensure safe delivery. Issues and receives receipts from customers to verify transfer of valuables. May drive truck along established route and collect coins from parking meters.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

372.567-010 ARMORED-CAR GUARD (business ser.) alternate titles: armored-car messenger

    Guards armored car enroute to business establishments to pick up or deliver money and valuables: Collects moneybags, receipts, daily guide sheet, and schedule from VAULT WORKER (business ser.). Guards money and valuables in transit to prevent theft. Records information, such as number of items received, destination, contents of packages, and delivery time at scheduled stops, on daily guide sheet. Deposits moneybags, receipts, daily guide sheet, change box, and money with cashiering department.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

372.567-014 GUARD, IMMIGRATION (government ser.)

    Guards aliens held by immigration service pending further investigation before being released or deported: Takes into custody and delivers aliens to designated jail, juvenile detention facility, hospital, court, claim's office, immigration facility, or other areas to transact business. Escorts aliens departing or arriving by airplane, train, car, ship, or bus. Prepares and maintains records relating to detention, release, transportation of alien, and completes application for travel documents. May prepare related correspondence. May be required to travel throughout nation and foreign countries.
GOE: 04.02.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

372.667-010 AIRLINE SECURITY REPRESENTATIVE (air trans.) alternate titles: customer security clerk; flight security specialist; screening representative

    Screens passengers and visitors for weapons, explosives, or other forbidden articles to prevent articles from being carried into restricted area of air terminal, performing any combination of following tasks: Greets individuals desiring to enter restricted area and informs them that they must be screened prior to entry. Asks individual to empty contents of pockets into tray. Examines contents of tray for forbidden articles and directs individual to pass through metal-detecting device. Asks individual to remove metal articles from person if metal detector signals presence of metal, or uses hand held metal detector to locate metal item on person. Places carry-on baggage or other containers onto x-ray device, actuates device controls, and monitors screen to detect forbidden articles. Requests owner to open baggage or containers when x ray shows questionable contents. Returns baggage and tray contents to individual if no forbidden articles are detected. Notifies GUARD, SECURITY (any industry) if forbidden articles are discovered or detector equipment indicates further search is needed. May turn on power and make adjustments to equipment. May perform duties of GUARD, SECURITY (any industry). May screen boarding passengers against Federal Aviation Administration approved profile of aircraft hijackers. May make reports.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

372.667-014 BODYGUARD (personal ser.)

    Escorts individuals to protect them from bodily injury, kidnapping, or invasion of privacy. May perform other duties, such as receiving and transcribing dictation or driving motor vehicle to transport individuals to disguise purpose of employment.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

372.667-018 CORRECTION OFFICER (government ser.) alternate titles: guard

    Guards inmates in penal institution in accordance with established policies, regulations, and procedures: Observes conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes. Inspects locks, window bars, grills, doors, and gates for tampering. Searches inmates and cells for contraband articles. Guards and directs inmates during work assignments. Patrols assigned areas for evidence of forbidden activities, infraction of rules, and unsatisfactory attitude or adjustment of prisoners. Reports observations to superior. Employs weapons or force to maintain discipline and order among prisoners, if necessary. May escort inmates to and from visiting room, medical office, and religious services. May guard entrance of jail to screen visitors. May prepare written report concerning incidences of inmate disturbances or injuries. May be designated according to institution as Correction Officer, City Or County Jail (government ser.); Correction Officer, Penitentiary (government ser.); Correction Officer, Reformatory (government ser.). May guard prisoners in transit between jail, courtroom, prison, or other point, traveling by automobile or public transportation and be designated Guard, Deputy (government ser.).
GOE: 04.02.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 86

372.667-022 FLAGGER (construction) alternate titles: traffic control signaler

    Controls movement of vehicular traffic through construction projects: Discusses traffic routing plans, and type and location of control points with superior. Distributes traffic control signs and markers along site in designated pattern. Directs movement of traffic through site, using sign, hand, and flag signals. Warns construction workers when approaching vehicle fails to heed signals to prevent accident and injury to workers. Informs drivers of detour routes through construction sites. Records license number of traffic control violators for police. May give hand marker to last driver in line up of one-way traffic for FLAGGER (construction) at opposite end of site, signaling clearance for reverse flow of traffic.
GOE: 05.12.20 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

372.667-026 FLAGGER (amuse. & rec.)

    Signals with checkered flag when first race horse crosses starting line after release from starting gate to notify racing timer when to start timing race.
GOE: 12.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

372.667-030 GATE GUARD (any industry) alternate titles: gatekeeper; guard; watch guard, gate

    Guards entrance gate of industrial plant and grounds, warehouse, or other property to control traffic to and from buildings and grounds: Opens gate to allow entrance or exit of employees, truckers, and authorized visitors. Checks credentials or approved roster before admitting anyone. Issues passes at own discretion or on instructions from superiors. Directs visitors and truckers to various parts of grounds or buildings. Inspects outgoing traffic to prevent unauthorized removal of company property or products. May record number of trucks or other carriers entering and leaving. May perform maintenance duties, such as mowing lawns and sweeping gate areas. May require permits from employees for tools or materials taken from premises. May supervise use of time clocks for recording arrival and departure of employees [TIMEKEEPER (clerical) 215.362-022]. May answer telephone and transfer calls when switchboard is closed. When stationed at entrance to restricted area, such as explosives shed or research laboratory, may be designated Controlled-Area Checker (any industry).
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 80

372.667-034 GUARD, SECURITY (any industry) alternate titles: patrol guard; special police officer; watchguard

    Guards industrial or commercial property against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal entry, performing any combination of following duties: Patrols, periodically, buildings and grounds of industrial plant or commercial establishment, docks, logging camp area, or work site. Examines doors, windows, and gates to determine that they are secure. Warns violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles, and apprehends or expels miscreants. Inspects equipment and machinery to ascertain if tampering has occurred. Watches for and reports irregularities, such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors left unlocked. Observes departing personnel to guard against theft of company property. Sounds alarm or calls police or fire department by telephone in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons. Permits authorized persons to enter property. May register at watch stations to record time of inspection trips. May record data, such as property damage, unusual occurrences, and malfunctioning of machinery or equipment, for use of supervisory staff. ay perform janitorial duties and set thermostatic controls to maintain specified temperature in buildings or cold storage rooms. May tend furnace or boiler. May be deputized to arrest trespassers. May regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic at plant entrance to maintain orderly flow. May patrol site with guard dog on leash. May watch for fires and be designated Fire Patroller (logging). May be designated according to shift worked as Day Guard (any industry); area guarded as Dock Guard (any industry); Warehouse Guard (any industry); or property guarded as Powder Guard (construction). May be designated according to establishment guarded as Grounds Guard, Arboretum (any industry); Guard, Museum (museums); Watchguard, Racetrack (amuse. & rec.); or duty station as Coin-Vault Guard (any industry). May be designated Guard, Convoy (any industry) when accompanying or leading truck convoy carrying valuable shipments. May be designated: Armed Guard (r.r. trans.); Camp Guard (any industry); Deck Guard (fishing & hunt.; water trans.); Night Guard (any industry); Park Guard (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 88

372.667-038 MERCHANT PATROLLER (business ser.) alternate titles: doorshaker; guard; security guard

    Patrols assigned territory to protect persons or property: Tours buildings and property of clients, examining doors, windows, and gates to assure they are secured. Inspects premises for such irregularities as signs of intrusion and interruption of utility service. Inspects burglar alarm and fire extinguisher sprinkler systems to ascertain they are set to operate. Stands guard during counting of daily cash receipts. Answers alarms and investigates disturbances [ALARM INVESTIGATOR (business ser.)]. Apprehends unauthorized persons. Writes reports of irregularities. May call headquarters at regular intervals, using telephone or portable radio transmitter. May be armed with pistol and be uniformed. May check workers' packages and vehicles entering and leaving premises.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

372.667-042 SCHOOL BUS MONITOR (government ser.)

    Monitors conduct of students on school bus to maintain discipline and safety: Directs loading of students on bus to prevent congestion and unsafe conditions. Rides school bus to prevent altercations between students and damage to bus. Participates in school bus safety drills. May disembark from school bus at railroad crossings and clear bus across tracks.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

372.677-010 PATROL CONDUCTOR (government ser.) alternate titles: correction officer

    Guards prisoners being transported in correctional van between jail, courthouse, prison, mental institution, or other destination: Searches or assures that prisoners have been searched by POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) I and receives commitment papers before placing prisoner in van. Watches prisoner to prevent escape or violence. Delivers prisoner to appropriate authority and obtains signed receipt for prisoner. Searches inside of correctional van after each trip to determine if weapons or valuables have been hidden by prisoner. May administer first aid to injured or ill prisoners. May handcuff violent or dangerous prisoners.
GOE: 04.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with fighting fires; and inspecting fire-fighting equipment, factories, places of amusement and other establishments, to detect unsafe conditions and to recommend improvements or repairs which will reduce fire hazards. Includes investigative activities concerning causes of fire and other hazards.

373.117-010 FIRE CHIEF (government ser.) alternate titles: chief engineer

    Directs activities of municipal fire department: Directs training of personnel and administers laws and regulations affecting department. Evaluates fire prevention and fire control policies by keeping abreast of new methods and conducting studies of departmental operations. Assumes personal command at multiple-alarm fires. Supervises firefighters engaged in operation and maintenance of fire stations and equipment. Coordinates mutual fire protection plans with surrounding municipalities. Surveys buildings, grounds, and equipment to estimate needs of department and prepare departmental budget. Confers with officials and community groups and conducts public relations campaigns to present need for changes in laws and policies and to encourage fire prevention. May investigate causes of fires and inspect buildings for fire hazards. May control issue of occupancy permits and similar licenses. May perform duties of BATTALION CHIEF (government ser.) 373.167-010 in smaller communities. May be designated Chief Of Field Operations (government ser.); District Fire Chief (government ser.); or Fire Chief, Deputy (government ser.) in larger organizations.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

373.134-010 FIRE CAPTAIN (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of company of FIRE FIGHTERS (any industry) assigned to specific firehouse: Inspects station house, buildings, grounds, and facilities, and examines firetrucks and equipment, such as ladders and hoses, to ensure compliance with departmental maintenance standards. Responds to fire alarms and determines from observation nature and extent of fire, condition of building, danger to adjacent buildings, and source of water supply, and directs firefighting crews accordingly. Trains subordinates in use of equipment and methods of extinguishing all types of fires. Evaluates efficiency of personnel. Inspects commercial establishments in assigned district and reports fire hazards or safety violations to FIRE INSPECTOR (government ser.). Compiles report of each fire call, listing location, type, probable cause, estimated damage, and disposition. May respond to emergency calls to render first aid. May recommend corrective measures for fire hazards or safety violations to building owners. May conduct fire drills for occupants of buildings. May supervise and coordinate activities of fire companies fighting multiple alarm fire until relieved by superiors. May write and submit proposal for new equipment or modification of existing equipment to superiors. May be designated Fire Lieutenant (government ser.) in larger organizations. May be designated according to specialty as Fire Captain, Marine (government ser.); Fire Lieutenant, Marine (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

373.167-010 BATTALION CHIEF (government ser.)

    Directs and coordinates firefighting activities of battalion of fire companies in municipality: Determines plan of action of fire companies for answering calls in fire, salvage, and rescue operations. Directs inspections of commercial buildings to ensure compliance with fire and safety regulations. Enters fire site during fires to coordinate and supervise fire fighting activities of companies on-site, and reports events to superior, using portable two-way radio. Plans for purchase of new equipment and use of new techniques in rescue, first aid, and firefighting operations. Directs personnel in use of firefighting equipment. Inspects fire stations, equipment, personnel, and records of assigned companies to ensure efficiency and enforcement of departmental regulations. Recommends awards for personnel for superior service. Prepares reports of accidents involving equipment and personnel. Keeps equipment and personnel records. May direct investigation of causes of incendiary and arson cases. May determine cause of fire and appraise amount of fire loss to building and other property. May promote fire prevention activities by organizing and training fire brigades in industrial plants.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

373.167-014 CAPTAIN, FIRE-PREVENTION BUREAU (government ser.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of personnel of municipal fire prevention bureau: Directs building inspection, arson investigation, and distribution of fire prevention publicity material. Confers with officials or civic representatives to improve fire safety and fire education. Directs public information program for adults and juveniles, such as talks and demonstrations on resuscitation, fire safety, and home-safety inspections. Oversees review of new building plans to ensure compliance with laws, ordinances, and administrative rules for public fire safety. Studies and interprets fire safety codes to establish procedures for issuing permits regulating storage or use of hazardous and flammable substances. Assigns FIRE INSPECTORS (government ser.) to investigate hazards, cases of suspected arson, and false alarms. May participate in inspections and investigations made by subordinates. May train and evaluate employees and oversee performance of department's clerical activities.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

373.167-018 FIRE MARSHAL (any industry)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of firefighting personnel of industrial establishment and inspects equipment and premises to ensure adherence to fire regulations: Inspects and orders replacement or servicing of firefighting equipment, such as sprinklers and extinguishers. Issues permits for storage and use of hazardous or flammable materials. Inspects premises to detect combustion hazards [FIRE INSPECTOR (any industry) 373.367-010]. Orders and directs fire drills. Directs firefighting and rescue activities according to knowledge of accepted procedures. May be designated according to employing establishment as Fire Chief (saw. & plan.); Fire Marshal, Refinery (petrol. refin.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

373.267-010 FIRE INSPECTOR (government ser.) alternate titles: field inspector

    Inspects buildings and equipment to detect fire hazards and enforce local ordinances and state laws: Observes tests of equipment, such as gasoline storage tanks and air compressors, and inspects storage conditions to ensure conformance to fire and safety codes. Issues permits to attest to safe operating conditions. Examines interiors and exteriors of buildings to detect hazardous conditions or violations of fire ordinances and laws. Prepares report of violations or unsafe conditions. Discusses condition with owner or manager and recommends safe methods of storing flammables or other hazardous materials. Informs owner or manager of conditions requiring correction, such as faulty wiring. Issues summons for fire hazards not corrected on subsequent inspection and enforces code when owner refuses to cooperate. Keeps file of inspection records and prepares report of activities. May perform duties of FIRE FIGHTER (any industry) or FIRE CAPTAIN (government ser.). May collect fees for permits and licenses.
GOE: 11.10.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

373.267-014 FIRE MARSHAL (government ser.)

    Investigates and gathers facts to determine cause of fires and explosions and enforces fire laws: Investigates case when either arson or criminal negligence is suspected; multialarm fire results in serious injury or death; or fire takes place in commercial establishment of public building. Examines fire site to determine $T3burn pattern$T1 and detect presence of flammable materials and gases and incendiary devices, using various detectors. Performs match test to determine flash point of suspicious material at fire site. Subpoenas and interviews witnesses, building owners, and occupants to obtain sworn testimony of observed facts. Prepares reports on each investigation and submits data indicating arson to DISTRICT ATTORNEY (government ser.) 110.117-010. Arrests, logs, fingerprints, and detains arson suspect. Testifies in court, citing evidence obtained from investigation. Conducts inquiries into departmental employees delinquency in performance of duties and violation of laws or regulations.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

373.267-018 FIRE-INVESTIGATION LIEUTENANT (government ser.)

    Investigates and analyzes evidence of fires to determine causes and testifies as expert witness in court: Examines sites of fires and collects evidence to ascertain causes of fires, utilizing knowledge and experience in fire fighting and fire investigation techniques and equipment. Photographs fire damage and evidence of fire causes and stores evidence in vault. Questions persons reporting fires, FIRE FIGHTER (any industry), police, and others to obtain information. Compiles investigation results, determines probable causes of fire, and reports results to superiors. Cooperates with police and insurance companies to investigate reports of fires and stolen flammable materials. Swears out warrants for arrest of suspected arsonists. Gives testimony in court cases involving fires, suspected arson, and false fire alarms. Investigates false fire alarm in cooperation with police. Maintains records of convicted arsonists and arson suspects. Responds to calls from schools and parents to instruct children in dangers of fires.
GOE: 11.10.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

373.363-010 FIRE CHIEF'S AIDE (government ser.)

    Maintains administrative records, chauffeurs FIRE CHIEF (government ser.), and performs related duties in fire department: Compiles administrative records and types reports. Maintains sets of keys to high-rise buildings in area of responsibility. Drives car to transport and accompany FIRE CHIEF (government ser.) on rounds and to scenes of fire. Inspects scene of fire to assess extent of fire and needs of firefighting crew. Radios assessment to superior, using walkie-talkie. Participates in fire drills, and performs FIRE FIGHTER (any industry) duties on chief's instructions.
GOE: 04.02.04 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

373.364-010 FIRE FIGHTER (any industry)

    Controls and extinguishes fires, protects life and property, and maintains equipment as volunteer or employee of city, township, or industrial plant: Responds to fire alarms and other emergency calls. Selects hose nozzle, depending on type of fire, and directs stream of water or chemicals onto fire. Positions and climbs ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings or to assist individuals from burning structures. Creates openings in buildings for ventilation or entrance, using ax, chisel, crowbar, electric saw, $T3core cutter,$T1 and other power equipment. Protects property from water and smoke by use of waterproof salvage covers, smoke ejectors, and deodorants. Administers first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons and those overcome by fire and smoke. Communicates with superior during fire, using portable two-way radio. Inspects buildings for fire hazards and compliance with fire prevention ordinances. Performs assigned duties in maintaining apparatus, quarters, buildings, equipment, grounds, and hydrants. Participates in drills, demonstrations, and courses in hydraulics, pump operation and maintenance, and firefighting techniques. May fill fire extinguishers in institutions or industrial plants. May issue forms to building owners, listing fire regulation violations to be corrected. May drive and operate firefighting vehicles and equipment. ay be assigned duty in marine division of fire department and be designated Firefighter, arine (any industry).
GOE: 04.02.04 STRENGTH: V GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

373.367-010 FIRE INSPECTOR (any industry) alternate titles: fire watcher

    Inspects premises of industrial plant to detect and eliminate fire hazards: Inspects fire-extinguishing and fire-protection equipment to ensure equipment is operable and prepares reports listing repairs and replacements needed. Patrols plant areas and notes and investigates unsafe conditions and practices which might cause or increase fire hazards. Reports findings to FIRE MARSHAL (any industry) with recommendations for eliminating or counteracting hazards. Renders first aid in emergencies. Patrols plant areas in which raw and combustible materials are stored, takes temperature and pressure readings from instruments, and reports undesirable conditions or takes steps to correct such conditions. May instruct employees in fire safety practices. May perform tests on fire-prevention equipment in plants where explosive or flammable materials are processed. May participate in fighting fires [FIRE FIGHTER (any industry)].
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

373.663-010 FIRE FIGHTER, CRASH, FIRE, AND RESCUE (air trans.) alternate titles: fire fighter, airport

    Responds to actual or potential air-crash emergencies to prevent or extinguish fires and rescue plane crew and passengers: Drives to scene of crash or to end of runway where distressed craft is expected to land. Sprays chemical foam onto runway surface to minimize danger of fire and explosion on impact, and water fog or chemical agents onto craft after landing. Participates in removal of trapped or injured crewmembers and passengers, using flame-cutting equipment if necessary to gain entry to damaged craft. Renders first aid to injured. Establishes firelines to prevent unauthorized persons from entering crash area. ay participate in removal or neutralization of explosive ordnance material when military aircraft is involved. May deactivate aircraft electrical power to prevent fires or explosions.
GOE: 04.02.04 STRENGTH: V GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with protecting the public; maintaining law and order; detecting and preventing crime; directing and controlling motor traffic; and investigating and apprehending suspects in criminal cases.

375.117-010 POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) alternate titles: police inspector, chief; superintendent, police

    Directs and coordinates activities of governmental police department in accordance with authority delegated by Board of Police: Promulgates rules and regulations for department as delegated by regulating code. Coordinates and administers daily police activities through subordinates. Coordinates internal investigation of members of department for alleged wrong doing. Suspends or demotes members of force for infractions of rules or inefficiency. Directs activities of personnel engaged in preparing budget proposals, maintaining police records, and recruiting staff. Approves police budget and negotiates with municipal officials for appropriation of funds. May command force during emergencies, such as fires and riots. May make inspection visits to precincts. May address various groups to inform public of goals and operations of department. May prepare requests for government agencies to obtain funds for special operations or for purchasing equipment for department. In smaller communities, may assist one or more subordinates in investigation or apprehension of offenders. In communities having no Board of Police, may be designated Police Commissioner (government ser.) II.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 81

375.133-010 POLICE SERGEANT, PRECINCT I (government ser.) alternate titles: detail sergeant; division sergeant; patrol sergeant; sergeant; squad sergeant

    Supervises and coordinates activities of squad of POLICE OFFICERS (government ser.) I 375.263-014 assigned to patrol, in car or on foot, designated area of municipality: Assumes command of squad at precinct or headquarters, inspects uniforms and equipment, and reads orders to squad. Cruises in car to observe POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) I on post or in cars for efficiency and appearance and to direct them in duties. Reports infractions of rules to superiors. Notifies superior of major crimes or disturbances within area and takes necessary action until arrival of superior. Reports dangers in streets or sidewalks, such as holes, obstructions, or leaking gas mains. May be designated according to assigned duty of force members supervised as Police Sergeant, Radio Patrol (government ser.); or according to type facility assigned as Airport Safety And Security Duty Officer (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 78

375.137-010 COMMANDER, IDENTIFICATION AND RECORDS (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in gathering, cataloging, and identifying evidence, and maintaining police department records: Conceives, develops, and installs police record keeping and cross-filing system to ensure ready retrieval. Directs exchange of criminal records by mail or facsimile transmission between department and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Maintains evidence file of active criminal cases. Assigns POLICE OFFICER, IDENTIFICATION AND RECORDS (government ser.) 375.384-010 to duties according to departmental work load. Reviews informational requests to determine whether release of information on cases to public is in accord with law and department policy. Directs subordinates in preparation of statistical and activity records and reviews reports for accuracy prior to release. Analyzes and resolves work problems or supervises subordinates in resolving problems. Prepares budget for unit and submits to POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) 375.117-010 for review. May perform duties of subordinate officers.
GOE: 07.01.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

375.137-014 DESK OFFICER (government ser.) alternate titles: operations officer

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel assigned to police precinct station: Assumes responsibility for safekeeping of money and valuables taken from prisoners, lost or stolen articles, and property held as evidence. Supervises work of POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) II 375.367-010 or POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) I 375.263-014 who search suspects. Supervises TELEPHONE OPERATOR (clerical) 235.662-022 engaged in sending and receiving police communication by telephone and radio systems. Receives notification and informs commanding officer of calls and orders received over police communication systems. Records information, such as name of arresting officer and prisoner's name, address, and charge, to complete precinct activity reports for commanding officer. Commands subordinate officers and subordinate personnel on assigned duty and assumes responsibility for efficiency and discipline of workers under command. Assumes command of station house in absence of commanding officer. May make inspection tour of police beats in precinct area [TRAFFIC LIEUTENANT (government ser.) 375.167-046]. May supervise and coordinate activities of police clerical staff [SECRETARY OF POLICE (government ser.) 375.137-022]. May be designated according to rank as Desk Captain (government ser.); Desk Lieutenant (government ser.); Desk Sergeant (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

375.137-018 POLICE LIEUTENANT, COMMUNITY RELATIONS (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of law enforcement personnel in endeavoring to resolve community social problems, and to create better understanding of police functions within community: Assigns subordinates to establish rapport with groups and individuals to identify and resolve grievances, problems, and needs. Consults social service agencies and public groups to determine community needs and to develop and coordinate remedial programs. Sponsors events, such as concerts, dances, and ball games for neighborhood youth groups. Lectures on specific aspects, functions, and goals of police departments to civic, school, and other community groups. Plans and initiates training of new employees. Compiles activity reports and prepares budget of unit for review by POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) 375.117-010.
GOE: 11.09.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

375.137-022 SECRETARY OF POLICE (government ser.) alternate titles: chief clerk; police-department secretary; secretary to board of commissioners

    Supervises and coordinates activities of clerical workers of police department or personally maintains payroll, personnel, and similar records. Swears in and issues appointment papers to police recruits. May assume custody of valuables deposited with police [DESK OFFICER (government ser.)].
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.137-026 TRAFFIC SERGEANT (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of officers performing traffic control duties: Visits officers at assigned traffic control stations to relay orders of TRAFFIC LIEUTENANT (government ser.) and observe activities of officers. Notifies superior of traffic conditions requiring additional personnel. Reports irregular conduct or inefficiency of personnel to superior. May supervise and coordinate activities of GUARD, SCHOOL-CROSSING (government ser.). May inspect and test police vehicles to verify operator maintenance reports and contact maintenance shop to perform repairs. May train new GUARDS, SCHOOL-CROSSING (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.137-030 COMMANDER, POLICE RESERVES (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of police reserve officers to support police personnel at special functions: Writes news releases for press, radio, and television and speaks before community and business groups to recruit police reserve volunteers. Confers with potential reservists to explain policies, duties, responsibilities, and working conditions, and to provide other pertinent information. Reviews applications, results of physical and psychological examinations, oral interviews, and background information to determine suitability of candidates. Plans and coordinates instruction to train reservists in basic police techniques. Issues uniforms, arms, and equipment to reservists. Reviews schedules to determine areas of need and coordinates assignments of reservists to support police personnel at special functions, such as parades and sporting events. Observes reservists at work to evaluate work performance.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

375.137-034 COMMANDING OFFICER, POLICE (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in locating and apprehending fugitives and others sought for various reasons and in locating missing persons: Supervises work of POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) III 375.267-038. Inspects vehicles to detect damage and determine maintenance needs. Prepares reports to document personnel activities and budget requirements. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

375.137-038 COMPLAINT EVALUATION SUPERVISOR (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving telephone requests for police services: Supervises work of COMPLAINT EVALUATION OFFICER (government ser.) 375.367-014. Confers with workers to resolve problems when decision involving procedure or action to be taken is questionable. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

375.163-010 COMMANDING OFFICER, MOTORIZED SQUAD (government ser.) alternate titles: commanding officer, highway district

    Directs and coordinates activities of members of motorized (motorcycle and squad car) highway patrol who enforce state and municipal traffic laws and ordinances: Prepares reports on traffic conditions in patrol areas and recommends changes in traffic-control techniques and regulations to improve conditions. Directs members in safe use and care of motorcycles or cars, and assigns personnel to patrol areas. Evaluates work performance and disciplines immediate subordinates, and reviews evaluation of members of highway patrol unit for infraction of policy or procedures. May review changes in policy or law related to division activities to determine required revisions in operating procedures, and implements revisions. May prepare, or assign subordinate to prepare, revision of patrol training manual. May be designated according to rank as Motorized-Squad Captain (government ser.); otorized-Squad Lieutenant (government ser.); Motorized-Squad Sergeant (government ser.). In some municipalities, may coordinate activities of all personnel engaged in enforcing traffic laws, directing traffic, and investigating accidents and be designated Commanding Officer, Traffic Division (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

375.163-014 PILOT, HIGHWAY PATROL (government ser.)

    Pilots airplane or drives automobile to engage in law enforcement activities: Patrols highway by aircraft to enforce traffic laws and coordinates air operations with ground personnel to apprehend traffic and other law violators. Flies emergency missions to deliver medical supplies. Prepares activities reports. Engages in routine police ground activities.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

375.167-010 COMMANDING OFFICER, HOMICIDE SQUAD (government ser.)

    Coordinates activities of detectives investigating homicide cases for clues and evidence leading to arrest and conviction of guilty parties: Proceeds to scene of crime and takes charge of investigation. Orders detention of persons in vicinity of crime for questioning. Directs photographing position of body and other evidence. Directs DETECTIVES, HOMICIDE SQUAD (government ser.) in search for clues at crime scene. Questions witnesses and suspects. Prepares and submits report on crime to superior. May assign subordinates to specific cases. May evaluate and prepare work performance reports on subordinates. May be designated according to rank as Homicide-Squad Captain (government ser.); Homicide-Squad Lieutenant (government ser.); Homicide-Squad Sergeant (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.167-014 COMMANDING OFFICER, INVESTIGATION DIVISION (government ser.) alternate titles: commanding officer, vice squad

    Directs and coordinates activities of squad of law enforcement personnel engaged in investigating establishments and persons suspected of violating laws concerning gambling, liquor, narcotics, and prostitution: Conducts raids upon suspect establishments and directs arrest of persons involved. Directs persons engaged in collection of evidence to be used in prosecuting arrested suspects. Evaluates work performance of immediate subordinates. May train subordinates newly assigned to investigation division in performance of duties. May prepare and maintain various activity and personnel reports and records. May maintain budget of money to be utilized in purchasing of narcotics from sellers to effect arrest. May be designated according to rank of officer in charge as District Lieutenant (government ser.); Investigation Division Captain (government ser.); Investigation Division Lieutenant (government ser.); Investigation Division Sergeant (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.167-018 COMMANDING OFFICER, MOTOR EQUIPMENT (government ser.) alternate titles: commanding officer, garage; commanding officer, motor transport division; commanding officer, vehicle maintenance unit

    Directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in repairing, maintaining, and modifying motor vehicles used by municipal or metropolitan police force: Plans and schedules departmental activities to maintain police vehicles in operating condition. Reviews complaints about police vehicle malfunctions from field units and assigns technical research teams to develop corrective modifications or orders repairs. Evaluates work performance of immediate subordinates and reviews evaluations of other division personnel. Disciplines workers for infractions of rules and regulations. Reviews productivity records of work force and operating procedures to identify work areas requiring improvements, and revises procedures. Discusses grievances of worker with supervisor to identify and resolve problem. Prepares division budget estimates, identifying operating cost, procurement of motor vehicles, replacement parts and materials, and cost of outside contractual services. Directs preparation of technical specifications for police vehicles to be purchased and submits to purchasing department. May be designated according to rank as Motor-Equipment Captain (government ser.); Motor-Equipment Lieutenant (government ser.); Motor-Equipment Sergeant (government ser.).
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

375.167-022 DETECTIVE CHIEF (government ser.) alternate titles: commanding officer, detectives; detective-bureau chief

    Directs and coordinates activities of detective squad engaged in investigation of criminal cases, such as auto theft, armed robbery, missing persons, homicide, vice, narcotics, fraud, and crimes involving youths: Assigns DETECTIVES (government ser.) 375.267-010 to designated posts or criminal cases. Reviews and submits reports of cases investigated to superiors. Ensures that apprehended criminals are fingerprinted. Directs photographing of crime scene, evidence, and suspects. Submits record of suspicions along with statement of witnesses and informants to office of DISTRICT ATTORNEY (government ser.) 110.117-010 for submission to MAGISTRATE (government ser.) 111.107-014 to obtain search warrant necessary to raid premises suspected of housing illegal activities. Conducts raids upon establishments suspected of violating such statutes as gambling or prostitution laws and oversees arrest of persons involved. Details officers to public gatherings to protect public from pickpockets and other criminals. May personally investigate criminal cases. May be designated according to nature of crime investigated as Commanding Officer, Automobile Section (government ser.); or according to rank as Detective Captain (government ser.); Detective Lieutenant (government ser.); Detective Sergeant (government ser.) I.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

375.167-026 HARBOR MASTER (government ser.) alternate titles: port warden

    Directs and coordinates activities of harbor police force to ensure enforcement of laws, regulations, and policies governing navigable waters and property under jurisdiction of municipality or port district: Confers with officials, such as port authorities, Coast Guard officers, and members of city council to establish policies, define responsibilities, and determine operating requirements. Issues general instructions and outline of departmental policies regarding water-traffic control, public safety, theft prevention, and apprehension of law violators to subordinate officers and confers with them to determine operating procedures. Authorizes or approves departmental expenditures, personnel actions, and department's participation or assistance in activities not regularly assigned. Prepares periodic activity reports and annual budget. May evaluate work performance of captain and crew of ship. May direct rescue operations from patrol launch after major disaster, such as ship collision or downed aircraft.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

375.167-030 LAUNCH COMMANDER, HARBOR POLICE (government ser.)

    Coordinates activities of crew patrolling municipal harbor to detect and apprehend criminals and render assistance to persons in distress: Directs navigation of power launch. Assigns stations and duties to crew as required by occurrences during patrol. Rescues drowning victims, recovers bodies, and attempts to prevent sinking of ships in distress. Cooperates with federal or other law enforcement officers in detection and apprehension of criminals, such as smugglers and illegal entrants. Investigates suspicious vessels and establishments in harbor area. Reports navigation hazards, faulty navigation aids, and fires or marine accidents to authorities concerned. Receives orders from and reports activities to POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) or HARBOR MASTER (government ser.), using radio or telephone. Inspects appearance and condition of vessel and crew for conformity with departmental standards. Maintains log of activities and fuel or other supplies consumed. Requisitions provisions and fuel. May participate in firefighting activities in dock area. May train crewmembers to rescue drowning victims, recover bodies, and prevent sinking of ships in distress. May be designated according to rank as Harbor-Police Captain (government ser.); Harbor-Police Lieutenant (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

375.167-034 POLICE CAPTAIN, PRECINCT (government ser.) alternate titles: captain; commanding officer, precinct; district captain; patrol commander; precinct captain; uniform-force captain

    Directs and coordinates activities of members of police force assigned to precinct or patrol division: Conducts roll call of officers at beginning and end of tour of duty. Explains general orders, special messages, and decisions of POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) 375.117-010 to subordinates. Assigns force members to designated posts. Informs members of command of changes in regulations and policies, implications of new or amended laws, and new techniques of police work. Submits report on condition of precinct or police station house and equipment and on daily precinct or patrol activities to superiors. Investigates charges of inefficiency or neglect of duty against force members and files charges based on evidence. Recommends merit awards for subordinates. Investigates charges filed against private citizens by complainants before issuing arrest orders. Reads and forwards reports of subordinates to POLICE CHIEF (government ser.). May review activity reports prepared by police personnel for quantity and quality of work performance. May read and answer police correspondence. May write and submit police press releases to media. May issue city permits signed by POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) for parades, street vendors and petitioners. May assign and work with ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (any industry) 169.167-010 to prepare budget of department. May be designated according to assignment as Chief, Airport Safety And Security (government ser.); Police Lieutenant, Precinct (government ser.); Police Sergeant, Precinct (government ser.) II.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

375.167-038 POLICE LIEUTENANT, PATROL (government ser.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of municipal police patrol force: Conducts roll call of subordinates. Relays orders and messages from superior. Inspects police logbooks to ascertain that information is recorded in conformance with regulations. Assists subordinates in performance of duties. Records information identifying arrested suspect in logbook and advises prisoner of charges. Sets bail for prisoners held on nonfelony charges, following court prepared instructions. May perform inspection tours of police beats.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

375.167-042 SPECIAL AGENT (government ser.) alternate titles: criminal investigator

    Investigates alleged or suspected criminal violations of federal, state, or local laws to determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution: Analyzes charge, complaint, or allegation of law violation to identify issues involved and types of evidence needed. Assists in determining scope, timing, and direction of investigation. Develops and uses informants to get leads to information. Obtains evidence or establishes facts by interviewing, observing, and interrogating suspects and witnesses and analyzing records. Examines records to detect links in chain of evidence or information. Uses cameras and photostatic machines to record evidence and documents. Verifies information obtained to establish accuracy and authenticity of facts and evidence. Maintains surveillances and performs undercover assignments. Presents findings in clear, logical, impartial, and properly documented reports. Reports critical information to and coordinates activities with other offices or agencies when applicable. Testifies before grand juries. Serves subpoenas or other official papers. May lead or coordinate work of other SPECIAL AGENTS. May obtain and use search and arrest warrants. May serve on full-time, detail, or rotational protection assignments. May carry firearms and make arrests. May be designated according to agency worked for as Special Agent, FBI (government ser.); Special Agent, IRS (government ser.); Special Agent, Secret Service (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.167-046 TRAFFIC LIEUTENANT (government ser.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of police personnel in performance of traffic-control duties and removal of illegally parked vehicles: Recommends changes in traffic-control devices and regulations, considering suggestions of subordinates as well as own observations of traffic conditions at intersections or other points where police personnel are stationed. Evaluates work performance of subordinates. May cooperate with demonstration and parade officials to identify line of march and number of people involved in event. May analyze proposed parade plans to determine traffic rerouting requirements and number and disposition of police personnel; and prepares operations procedure to be utilized. ay assume command of police personnel at site of unauthorized demonstrations to minimize traffic disruption and to maintain law and order.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.167-050 COMMANDER, INTERNAL AFFAIRS (government ser.)

    Directs activities of workers engaged in investigating accusations against police personnel, administering disciplinary actions and inspecting police personnel and equipment: Directs investigative work of internal affairs personnel to gather information for presentation at hearings in response to accusations against police personnel or deficiencies in performance. Schedules hearings to permit complainant or accused officer to appeal recommended disciplinary action. Supervises work of POLICE INSPECTOR (government ser.) I 375.267-026.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

375.167-054 POLICE ACADEMY PROGRAM COORDINATOR (government ser.)

    Plans and coordinates training programs for recruits, in-service police officers, licensed security guards, and other law enforcement personnel: Reviews police technology and law enforcement literature, surveys agency personnel, and confers with Police Academy and Police Department administrators to determine training needs, assess current programs, and propose new courses. Determines feasibility of proposed courses based on factors such as number of registrants, availability of instructors, and funds allocation. Arranges for course instructors, allocates space, and ensures availability of training materials and equipment. Assists instructors during training sessions and evaluates course effectiveness. aintains enrollee records. May specialize in coordinating training in specific area, such as security, police vehicle driving, or firearms.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

375.227-010 POLICE-ACADEMY INSTRUCTOR (government ser.)

    Instructs probationary and experienced POLICE OFFICERS (government ser.) I in such phases of police work as police science, police ethics, investigative methods and techniques, government, law, community relations, marksmanship, self defense, and care of firearms. Evaluates test results and classroom performance of students and prepares performance evaluation reports. May drill personnel at regular intervals or before parades and similar events.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.263-010 ACCIDENT-PREVENTION-SQUAD POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) alternate titles: crash-squad accident investigator

    Investigates traffic accidents as member of squad to obtain details surrounding accident, determine if crime was committed, and to provide interested parties with reliable data surrounding accident for use in legal action or formulation or revision of traffic safety program: Photographs and diagrams accident scene and tests brakes and tires of involved vehicles, using testing equipment. Questions and records statements of principals and eye witnesses of accident. Reviews all facts to determine if crime, such as vehicular homicide, murder, manslaughter, or assault, or traffic violation was involved. Arrests perpetrator of criminal act or submits traffic citation to violator of motor vehicle ordinance. Files all facts, records, and information involved in case for possible use in criminal or civil legal action or safety program.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

375.263-014 POLICE OFFICER I (government ser.) alternate titles: patrol officer; traffic officer

    Patrols assigned beat on foot, on motorcycle, in patrol car, or on horseback to control traffic, prevent crime or disturbance of peace, and arrest violators: Familiarizes self with beat and with persons living in area. Notes suspicious persons and establishments and reports to superior officer. Reports hazards. Disperses unruly crowds at public gatherings. Renders first aid at accidents, and investigates causes and results of accident. Directs and reroutes traffic around fire or other disruption. Inspects public establishments requiring licenses to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Warns or arrests persons violating animal ordinances. Issues tickets to traffic violators. Registers at police call boxes at specified interval or time. Writes and files daily activity report with superior officer. May drive patrol wagon or police ambulance. May notify public works department of location of abandoned vehicles to tow away. May accompany parking meter personnel to protect money collected. May be designated according to assigned duty as Airport Safety And Security Officer (government ser.); Dance-Hall Inspector (government ser.); Traffic Police Officer (government ser.); or according to equipment used as Ambulance Driver (government ser.); Motorcycle Police Officer (government ser.); Mounted Police Officer (government ser.). May be designated: Emergency-Detail Driver (government ser.); Patrol Driver (government ser.); Pool-Hall Inspector (government ser.); Radio Police Officer (government ser.); Show Inspector (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

375.263-018 STATE-HIGHWAY POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) alternate titles: state trooper

    Patrols state highways within assigned area, in vehicle equipped with two-way radio, to enforce motor vehicle and criminal laws: Arrests or warns persons guilty of violating motor vehicle regulations and safe driving practices. Monitors passing traffic to detect stolen vehicles and arrests drivers where ownership is not apparent. Provides road information and assistance to motorists. Directs activities in accident or disaster area, rendering first aid and restoring traffic to normal. Investigates conditions and causes of accident. Directs traffic in congested areas and serves as escort for funeral processions, military convoys, and parades. Performs general police work by keeping order and apprehending criminals. Appears in court as witness in traffic violation and criminal cases. Keeps records and makes reports regarding activities. May assist law enforcement officers not under state jurisdiction. May serve as DISPATCHER, RADIO (government ser.) 379.362-010 at patrol substation. May supervise activities of station equipped to inspect automobiles for safe operating conditions.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 81

375.264-010 POLICE OFFICER, CRIME PREVENTION (government ser.)

    Inspects dwellings and public buildings to evaluate security needs and to recommend measures to make premises less vulnerable to crime, and installs burglar alarm systems: Inspects locks, window barriers, alarms, lighting, and other features to evaluate needs and to recommend actions to strengthen security. Lends etching tools to individuals to inscribe identifying information on personal and household articles. Installs portable self-contained protective signal systems and positions sensing devices at strategic locations to detect burglary or other irregularities and to notify police. Inspects equipment to detect malfunctions. Addresses community groups to inform citizens of crime prevention and security methods. May compile and analyze data from patrol unit reports to identify patterns of crime and to recommend changes in police patrols to prevent further crimes.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

375.267-010 DETECTIVE (government ser.) alternate titles: detective, criminal investigation; plain-clothes officer

    Carries out investigations to prevent crimes or solve criminal cases: Investigates known or suspected criminals or facts of particular case to detect planned criminal activity or clues. Frequents known haunts of criminals and becomes familiar with criminals to determine criminals' habits, associates, characteristics, aliases, and other personal information. Records and reports such information to commanding officer. Investigates crimes and questions witnesses. Examines scene of crime to obtain clues and gather evidence. Investigates suspected persons and reports progress of investigation. Arrests or assists in arrest of criminals or suspects. Prepares assigned cases for court, according to formalized procedures. Testifies before court and grand jury. May be designated according to nature of crime investigated as Detective, Automobile Section (government ser.); Detective, Homicide Squad (government ser.); according to rank as Detective Sergeant (government ser.) II; or according to administrative division to which assigned as Detective, Precinct (government ser.); Detective, Youth Bureau (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 80

375.267-014 DETECTIVE, NARCOTICS AND VICE (government ser.)

    Investigates and apprehends persons suspected of illegal sale or use of narcotics, or violating anti-vice laws: Examines prescriptions in pharmacies and physicians' records to ascertain legality of sale and distribution of narcotics, and determines amount of such drugs in stock. Investigates persons suspected of illegal sale or purchase of narcotics and arrests offenders. Investigates establishments and persons suspected of violating anti-vice laws, working as member of squad, and conducts or participates in raids of such establishments. Arrests suspects and obtains evidence to be used by DISTRICT ATTORNEY (government ser.) in prosecuting case in court. Obtains statements for prosecution of offenders and appears in court as witness. Records progress of investigation and reports to superior.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.267-018 INVESTIGATOR, NARCOTICS (government ser.) alternate titles: narcotics investigator

    Investigates and apprehends persons suspected of illegal sale or use of narcotics: Compiles identifying information on suspects charged with selling narcotics. aintains surveillance of suspect to detect modus operandi. Selects undercover officer best suited to contact suspect and purchase narcotics. Obtains police funds required to make purchase. Submits written report containing charges, available facts, and evidence to MAGISTRATE (government ser.) to authorize search warrant or wire tap. Observes and photographs narcotic purchase transaction to compile evidence and protect undercover investigator. Arrests narcotics offenders. Obtains statements for prosecution of offenders and appears in court as witness.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.267-022 INVESTIGATOR, VICE (government ser.) alternate titles: morals-squad police officer; vice-squad police officer

    Investigates establishments and persons suspected of violating antivice laws, working as member of squad, and conducts raids upon such establishments: Arrests suspects and obtains evidence to be used by state or municipality in prosecuting suspects arrested. Records and maintains informational files on suspects and establishments. Reviews governmental agency files to obtain identifying data pertaining to suspects or establishments suspected of violating antivice laws. Maintains surveillance of establishments to attain identifying information on suspects. May operate as undercover agent to penetrate organized crime ring to obtain evidence necessary to arrest and prosecute.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

375.267-026 POLICE INSPECTOR I (government ser.) alternate titles: division commander; field control inspector; police captain, senior

    Inspects police stations and examines personnel and case records to ensure that police personnel conform to prescribed standards of appearance, conduct, and efficiency: Inspects premises and police records and observes activities in assigned division for evidence of inefficiency and misconduct. Prepares reports concerning discipline, efficiency, and condition of force within division. Submits reports to superiors and recommends disciplinary action or changes in rules governing activities of force. Transmits orders from POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) 375.117-010 to commanding officers within division. Takes command of members of force during emergencies, such as fires and riots. May formulate procedures and human resource requirements, and direct personnel assigned to crowd control at such events as parades, demonstrations, and labor disputes. May serve as police liaison on public and civic boards engaged in planning and developing programs, and prepare procedures to identify police function in assisting board to improve community living. May be designated Police Chief, Deputy (government ser.) and report directly to POLICE CHIEF (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

375.267-030 POLICE INSPECTOR II (government ser.)

    Visits railroad stations, stores, theaters, places of amusement, or public gatherings to detect, prevent, and solve crimes: Notes actions of known criminals or suspicious persons to prevent crimes. Ascertains that establishments and publicly licensed gatherings conform to law. Arrests or warns unruly persons, law violators, and suspected criminals. Compares lists of stolen merchandise with items displayed in retail stores, pawn shops, used-car lots, and other outlets for such goods. Directs closing of illegal establishments and indecent amusement performances. Alerts other police officers or public authorities to take prescribed action after he has left the premises. Files reports of establishments visited, findings, and recommendations for action. May be designated according to assigned beat or establishment visited as Inspector, Pawnshop Detail (government ser.). May be permanently assigned to specific establishment, such as ballpark or recreation center.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

375.267-034 INVESTIGATOR, INTERNAL AFFAIRS (government ser.)

    Investigates complaints filed against police officers by citizens: Interviews complainant to identify officers being accused and to obtain facts concerning complaints. Interviews accused officers to obtain responses to accusations. Records interviews, using recording device, and prepares charges and responses to charges, using recorded information as reference. Conducts investigations to establish facts supporting complainant or accused, using supportive information from witnesses or tangible evidence. Schedules polygraph test for consenting parties, and records results of test interpretations for presentation with findings. Writes report of findings from results of investigation and submits reports to commanding officer for review. Testifies at hearings as requested.
GOE: 07.01.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

375.267-038 POLICE OFFICER III (government ser.)

    Conducts investigations to locate, arrest, and return fugitives and persons wanted for nonpayment of support payments and unemployment insurance compensation fraud, and to locate missing persons: Reviews files and criminal records to develop possible leads, such as previous addresses and aliases. Contacts employers, neighbors, relatives, law enforcement agencies, and other persons to locate person sought. Obtains necessary legal documents, such as warrants or extradition papers, to bring about return of fugitive. Serves warrants and makes arrests to return persons sought. Examines medical and dental x rays, fingerprints, and other information to identify bodies held in morgue. Completes reports to document information acquired and actions taken. Testifies in court to present evidence regarding cases.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

375.267-042 POLICE OFFICER, SAFETY INSTRUCTION (government ser.)

    Conducts training programs to enhance public and personal safety and law enforcement: Collects and organizes materials, prepares and delivers lectures, and plans and implements activities to educate and advise school students, teachers, parents, and civic and business groups on such topics as personal and public safety, drugs, safe driving, and law enforcement. Coordinates activities between schools, clubs and other organizations, and police department to administer crime prevention programs. Talks with students, teachers, parents, and other individuals to establish rapport, identify problems, offer assistance, and to aid students in danger of becoming delinquent. Carries out investigations to prevent crimes and solve criminal cases [DETECTIVE (government ser.) 375.267-010]. May survey premises of homes, businesses, and other establishments to evaluate needs and to recommend safety and security measures.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

375.362-010 POLICE CLERK (government ser.)

    Compiles daily duty roster and types and maintains various records and reports in municipal police department to document information, such as daily work assignments, equipment issued, vacation scheduled, training records, and personnel data: Prepares duty roster to indicate such personnel information as days on, days off, equipment assigned, and watch. Arranges schedule to most efficiently use personnel and equipment and ensure availability of personnel for court dates. Submits roster to superior for approval. Compiles and records data to maintain personnel folders. Reviews duty roster, personnel folders, and training schedules to schedule training for police personnel. Performs other duties as described under POLICE AIDE (government ser.) 243.362-014.
GOE: 07.05.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

375.363-010 BORDER GUARD (government ser.) alternate titles: border patrol agent

    Patrols on foot, by motor vehicle, power boat, or aircraft along border or seacoast of United States to detect persons attempting to enter country illegally. Apprehends and detains illegal entrants for subsequent action by immigration authorities. May question agricultural workers near border to identify and apprehend illegal aliens. May report evidence of smuggling observed on patrol to customs authorities.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

375.367-010 POLICE OFFICER II (government ser.) alternate titles: correction officer; supervisor, education and custody

    Guards female and juvenile persons detained at police station house or detention room pending hearing, return to parents, or transfer to penal institution, and is responsible for inmates' care while incarcerated: Searches all female prisoners for weapons, contraband, drugs, and other harmful articles. Investigates background of first offenders and causes for arrest, and makes recommendations to MAGISTRATE (government ser.) concerning the disposition of case. Cares for and administers to female and juvenile prisoners who are sick or intoxicated. Cares for lost and runaway children until parents or guardians are contacted. Accompanies all female and juvenile prisoners to court and remains with prisoners until case has been disposed of. May observe inmates in cells to assure prisoners' well-being and adherence to regulations and rules. May maintain identification record of incarcerated females. May be responsible for cleanliness and sanitation of dormitory and cells of detention rooms.
GOE: 04.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

375.367-014 COMPLAINT EVALUATION OFFICER (government ser.)

    Evaluates telephone requests for police services and monitors alarm systems to determine urgency of requests and need to dispatch patrol car: Converses with telephone caller to obtain information and respond to requests for police services. Evaluates information received to determine if patrol car should be dispatched immediately, dispatched on delayed basis, or if situation can be resolved without patrol car being dispatched. Observes light and sound signals on wall panel to monitor alarm systems of fire department, private protective agencies, citizen band radio, city hall, or other buildings. Relays information to DISPATCHER, RADIO (government ser.) 379.362-010 when patrol car is to be dispatched.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

375.367-018 POLICE OFFICER, BOOKING (government ser.)

    Completes and maintains various records to book and process prisoners: Prepares reports to document arrest information, such as name, address, charge, and arresting officer. Fingerprints and searches prisoners. Records personal property of prisoners and seals property in envelope. Logs and forwards arrest registers to teleprocessing unit to enter information into computer-based information system. Monitors arrest registers, using computer-based information system to ensure timely processing of prisoners in accordance with procedural requirements. Reviews booking reports of prisoners arrested in other districts to verify completeness and accuracy of reports. Schedules pretrial interviews, prepares court dockets, and releases prisoners in response to bail being posted to process prisoners. Answers inquiries to explain procedures, give status of individuals, verify information, and expedite processing of prisoners.
GOE: 04.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 86


    Collects evidence at scene of crime or fatal accident, classifies and identifies fingerprints, and photographs evidence for use in criminal and civil cases: Dusts selected areas of crime scene to locate and reveal latent fingerprints. Lifts prints from crime site, using special tape. Photographs crime or accident scene to obtain record of evidence. Photographs, records physical description, and fingerprints homicide victims and suspects for identification purposes. Classifies and files fingerprints FINGERPRINT CLASSIFIER (government ser.) 375.387-010. Develops film and prints, using photographic developing equipment. Submits evidence to COMMANDER, IDENTIFICATION AND RECORDS (government ser.) 375.137-010 for cataloging.
GOE: 07.01.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

375.387-010 FINGERPRINT CLASSIFIER (government ser.) alternate titles: fingerprint expert

    Classifies fingerprints and compares fingerprints of unknown persons or suspects with fingerprint records to determine if prints were involved in previous crimes: Classifies record cards containing fingerprints of crime suspects according to specified grouping, and compares fingerprints with others in file to determine if prisoner has criminal record or is wanted for other crimes. Examines fingerprint evidence left at scene of crime, classifies prints, and endeavors to identify person. May fingerprint prisoner, using ink pad. May transfer residual fingerprints from objects, such as weapons or drinking glasses, to record cards, using standard technique. May keep files of criminals and suspects, containing such information as photographs, habits, and modus operandi of crimes with which individual has been connected.
GOE: 02.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

375.587-010 PARKING ENFORCEMENT OFFICER (government ser.) alternate titles: parking enforcement agent

    Patrols assigned area, such as public parking lot or section of city, to issue tickets to overtime parking violators. Winds parking meter clocks. Surrenders ticket book at end of shift to supervisor to facilitate preparation of violation records. May report missing traffic signals or signs to superior at end of shift. May chalk tires of vehicles parked in unmetered spaces, record time, and return at specified intervals to ticket vehicles remaining in spaces illegally. May collect coins deposited in meters. When patrolling metered spaces, may be known as Meter Attendant (government ser.).
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with policing private property to prevent thievery, malicious damage, and dishonesty among employees or patrons; and to maintain order. Includes investigating irregularities concerning fire, sabotage, or unlawful intrusion, and conducting private investigations on a fee basis.

376.137-010 MANAGER, INTERNAL SECURITY (business ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of STORE DETECTIVES (retail trade), conducts private investigations, and sells internal protective service to wholesale and retail businesses: Assigns STORE DETECTIVES (retail trade) to shifts at various locations according to job requirements and worker's abilities, skills, and experience. Observes workers in performance of duties to evaluate efficiency and to detect and correct inefficient work practices. Interviews and hires workers to fill vacant positions. Demonstrates and explains methods of detecting and apprehending shoplifters. Explains state laws concerning arrest and detention to employees. Conducts private investigation to obtain information concerning such matters as divorce evidence, juvenile runaways, and background data on persons applying for employment, insurance, or bonding. Acts as undercover agent in retail stores to detect employee incompetency and dishonesty. Prepares detailed reports concerning matters investigated. Contacts business establishments to promote sales of security services. Analyzes security needs, estimates costs, and presents proposal to prospective customer.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

376.167-010 SPECIAL AGENT-IN-CHARGE (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of security staff to protect railroad passengers, employees, and property: Plans and implements programs to protect railroad passengers, employees, and property. Directs investigation of crimes on railroad property, freight theft claims, or suspicious damage and loss of passenger's valuables. Directs security activities at derailments and fires, floods and strikes involving railroad property or responsibility. Conducts investigations and implements programs related to fire prevention and inspections, grade crossing accident prevention, and other special safety and prevention measures. Directs security training of new employees.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

376.267-010 INVESTIGATOR, CASH SHORTAGE (retail trade)

    Investigates cash shortages occurring in sales section of department store: Receives notification regarding shortage of cash from audit or sales department. Discusses shortage with sales department and security department supervisors. Reviews sales checks and cash register tapes, and counts cash to verify shortages. Observes personnel on closed circuit television to detect thefts. Questions store personnel to obtain evidence and develop cases. Apprehends and turns suspect over to security department. Prepares case summaries and testifies at hearings of suspects.
GOE: 11.10.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

376.267-014 INVESTIGATOR, FRAUD (retail trade)

    Investigates cases of fraud involving use of charge cards reported lost or stolen, cash refunds, and nonexistent accounts in retail stores: Receives information from credit, sales, and collection departments regarding suspected fraud cases. Interviews store personnel, and observes and questions suspected customers to obtain evidence. Compiles detailed reports on fraud cases, and submits and discusses cases with police. Consults with postal officials when charge cards are reported stolen in mail. Testifies at court trials of offenders. Prepares reports of fraud cases and submits reports to security department and other store officials.
GOE: 11.10.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

376.267-018 INVESTIGATOR, PRIVATE (business ser.) alternate titles: detective, private eye; undercover agent; undercover operator

    Conducts private investigations to locate missing persons, obtain confidential information, and solve crimes: Questions individuals to locate missing persons. Conducts surveillance of suspects using binoculars and cameras. Conducts background investigation of individual to obtain data on character, financial status, and personal history. Examines scene of crime for clues and submits fingerprints and findings to laboratory for identification and analysis. Writes reports of investigations for clients. Reports criminal information to police and testifies in court. May investigate activities of individuals in divorce and child custody cases. May arrange lie detector tests for employees of clients or witnesses. ay escort valuables to protect client's property. May be employed in commercial or industrial establishments for undercover work [DETECTIVE (any industry) I] or be assigned to guard persons [BODYGUARD (personal ser.)].
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

376.267-022 SHOPPING INVESTIGATOR (business ser.) alternate titles: investigator; service auditor; shopping inspector; spotter

    Shops in commercial, retail, and service establishments to test integrity of sales and service personnel, and evaluates sales techniques and services rendered customers: Reviews establishment's policies and standards to ascertain employee-performance requirements. Buys merchandise, orders food, or utilizes services to evaluate sales technique and courtesy of employee. Carries merchandise to check stand or sales counter and observes employee during sales transaction to detect irregularities in listing or calling prices, itemizing merchandise, or handling cash. Delivers purchases to agency conducting shopping investigation service. Writes report of investigations for each establishment visited. Usually works as member of shopping investigation crew.
GOE: 11.10.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

376.367-010 ALARM INVESTIGATOR (business ser.) alternate titles: armed guard; investigator operator; security agent

    Investigates source of alarm and trouble signals on subscribers' premises, as recorded in central station of electrical protective signaling system: Drives radio-equipped car to subscriber's establishment, and locates source of alarm. Investigates disturbances, such as unlawful intrusion, fires, and property damage. Apprehends unauthorized persons found on property, using armed force if necessary, and releases them to custody of authorities. Contacts supervisor by radio or telephone to report irregularities and obtain further instructions. Adjusts and repairs subscriber's signaling equipment to restore service, using handtools. Coordinates activities with police and fire departments during alarms. Writes investigation and automobile usage reports.
GOE: 04.02.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

376.367-014 DETECTIVE I (any industry) alternate titles: investigator

    Protects property of business establishment by detecting vandalism, thievery, shoplifting, or dishonesty among employees or patrons, performing any combination of following duties: Conducts investigations on own initiative or on request of management. Stakes out company grounds to apprehend suspects in illegal acts. Questions suspects and apprehends culprits. Files complaints against suspects and testifies in court as witness. Writes case reports. Alerts other retail establishments when person of known criminal character is observed in store. May be designated according to type of establishment as Store Detective (retail trade).
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

376.367-018 HOUSE OFFICER (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: house detective; security officer; special officer

    Patrols hotel or motel premises to maintain order, enforce regulations, and ensure observance of applicable laws: Patrols lobbies, corridors, and public rooms, confers with management, interviews guests and employees, and interrogates persons to detect infringements and investigate disturbances, complaints, thefts, vandalisms, and accidents. Patrols public areas to detect fires, unsafe conditions, and missing or inoperative safety equipment. Warns or ejects troublemakers, and cautions careless persons. Obtains assistance for accident victims and writes accident reports. Notifies staff of presence of persons with questionable reputations. Assists management and enforcement officers in emergency situations. Usually is not armed. May enter and check rooms of guests suspected of leaving without paying bill to confirm suspicions and to seize any remaining personal property.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

376.367-022 INVESTIGATOR (utilities)

    Investigates persons suspected of securing services through fraud or error: Makes personal calls on individuals in question and tactfully attempts to secure evidence or personal admission that individual being investigated owes for previous service, or obtains pertinent data to show that suspicion was unwarranted.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

376.367-026 UNDERCOVER OPERATOR (retail trade) alternate titles: undercover agent

    Detects thievery or problems of morality, or verifies employee conformance to company policies and procedures, working in any occupation of establishment: Talks to employees to gain their friendship and confidence. Observes daily routines of employees and unusual occurrences. Performs duties of regular employees, such as sales, stock control, or truck driving, depending on assignment and experience. Maintains record of activities and makes periodic reports to home office.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

376.667-010 BOUNCER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: house detective

    Patrols place of entertainment to preserve order among patrons and protect property: Circulates among patrons to prevent improper dancing, skating, or similar activities, and to detect persons annoying other patrons or damaging furnishings of establishment. Warns patrons guilty of infractions and evicts them tactfully from premises if they become unruly or ejects them by force if necessary. Calls police if unable to quell disturbance. ay be designated according to type of establishment patrolled as Fun-House Attendant (amuse. & rec.); Guard, Dance Hall (amuse. & rec.); Ice Guard, Skating Rink (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

376.667-014 DETECTIVE II (any industry)

    Patrols premises of business establishment to preserve order and enforce standards of decorum established by management: Requests patrons to conform with rules pertaining to dress, behavior, or sobriety. Requests undesirable persons, such as inebriates, rowdies, known criminals, or perverts to leave premises and forcibly ejects undesirables or notifies police. May be designated according to employing establishment as Detective, Bowling Alley (amuse. & rec.); Special Officer, Automat (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

376.667-018 PATROLLER (r.r. trans.)

    Guards, patrols, and polices railroad yards, stations, and other facilities to protect company property: Examines credentials of persons desiring entrance to unauthorized areas. Patrols yards to apprehend unauthorized persons and remove them from yard. Walks about stations or terminal to maintain order. Polices right-of-way to prevent dumping of rubbish on company grounds. Arrests persons dumping rubbish on grounds. Cooperates with local law enforcement agencies in apprehending trespassers or thieves. May record seal numbers of boxcars containing high pilferage items, such as cigarettes and liquor, and verify record with electronic data processing list of original seal and car numbers to detect pilfered cars. May seal empty boxcars by twisting nails in door hasps, using nail twister. May be designated according to assigned post as Gate Guard (r.r. trans.); Right-Of-Way Inspector (r.r. trans.); Station Patroller (r.r. trans.); Yard Patroller (r.r. trans.).
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with enforcing law and order in rural or unincorporated districts; maintaining order in court; and serving summonses.


    Supervises and coordinates activities of officers engaged in gathering and identifying evidence and operating radio relay transmitters to furnish information to fire and law enforcement departments: Designs and installs criminal identification filing systems, such as fingerprint, photograph, modus operandi and name, criminal-wanted and crimes reported files, to facilitate information retrieval. Directs exchange of criminal records between department and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Prepares operator's work schedules to ensure round-the-clock coverage of radio transceivers. Assigns officers to duties according to work load. Verifies fingerprint classifications performed by IDENTIFICATION OFFICER (government ser.) to ensure accuracy. Collects and processes evidence in homicide cases [IDENTIFICATION OFFICER (government ser.)]. Testifies in court as qualified fingerprint expert. Determines equipment needs and prepares and submits request for federal grants upon approval of DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF (government ser.). Checks permit prior to hook-up of commercial establishment's burglar alarm to department's communication system. Analyzes and resolves or assists subordinates in resolving work problems. Estimates annual expenditures, prepares budget, and submits to superior for review. Directs staff in preparation of activity and statistical reports.
GOE: 07.01.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

377.137-010 DEPUTY SHERIFF, COMMANDER, CIVIL DIVISION (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in executing mandates of civil court: Reviews contents of orders, such as summonses, garnishments, property seizures, and arrest orders, for adherence to state laws and county ordinances. Assigns cases to DEPUTY SHERIFF, CIVIL DIVISION (government ser.) for execution of court orders. Discusses cases with subordinates and recommends course of action. Prepares legal notices of $T3sheriff's sales$T1 by arranging for posting in public places and mailing copy to newspapers. Oversees or conducts sale of real and personal property legally confiscated by county. Reviews reports to determine progress and disposition of cases. Oversees collection, recording, and depositing of legal fees gathered by subordinates. Examines civil division accounts and financial records for completeness and accuracy. Submits data for audits by state and county officials. Writes reports on civil division activities and submits to superiors. Disciplines staff for violation of regulations and resolves personnel problems. Performs duties such as serving civil court orders, seizing property, and making arrests.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

377.137-014 DEPUTY SHERIFF, COMMANDER, CRIMINAL AND PATROL DIVISION (government ser.) alternate titles: squad leader; watch commander

    Supervises and coordinates activities of one or more squad units in law enforcement activities of patrol and criminal division of county sheriff's department: Reviews duty log of previous shift. Assigns units to posts based on activities of log or on order of DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF (government ser.). Tours patrol areas to ensure execution of orders and adherence to divisional work procedures. Inspects uniform appearance of officers and checks patrol vehicles for conformity to standards. Directs squad activities in cases of civil unrest or emergency to coordinate deployment of human resources and weapons, first aid units, sniper-suppression teams, search-rescue units, and mounted forces. Consults with state and local law enforcement agencies to provide or obtain information. Prepares reports about patrol activities, squad efficiency, discipline, and personnel evaluation and submits reports to superior. Prepares shift schedules and human resource projections. Conducts hearings in cases of misconduct of subordinates. Evaluates reports on undercover operations, determines priority, and assigns personnel to cases. Supervises officers in obtaining court orders and oversees procedures involved with arrests, fingerprinting, and filing of charges. Trains officers in police techniques. Assists subordinates in operations, such as surveillance, raids, and arrests. May speak before civic groups on law enforcement topics. May act as receiving officer for division when accepting delivery of equipment and supplies. May act as extradition officer for division. May perform duties of absent DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

377.137-018 DEPUTY, COURT (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of court peace officers engaged in providing security and maintaining order within individual courtrooms and throughout courthouse: Tours and inspects duty stations of BAILIFF (government ser.) to ensure compliance with regulation job duties and correct appearance. Patrols courthouse to quell disturbances and to keep order. Trains newly appointed officers in performance of job duties. Communicates with COURT CLERKS (government ser.) to identify day's court calendar. Prepares and schedules work assignments of court officers, and issues daily duty assignments. Prepares jury's meal vouchers for court official assigned to escort jurors to restaurant. Secures lodging facilities and transportation for jurors deliberating lengthy trials. Prepares and submits activity and time reports to DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF (government ser.). May witness name selection list of prospective jurors to ensure impartiality. May perform duties of BAILIFF (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

377.167-010 DEPUTY SHERIFF, CHIEF (government ser.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of county sheriff's department: Schedules work assignments and deployment of human resources in patrol division and transmits orders to subordinate officers for execution. Supervises investigations of narcotics traffic and auto theft, evaluates progress with investigators, and plans actions, such as raids, surveillance, or arrests. Issues funds to undercover operatives to buy information or contraband. Advises subordinates of procedures required to secure search and bench warrants. Reviews available evidence for suitability and consults with district attorney in preparation of grand jury cases. Develops departmental procedures to serve as guidelines for proper conduct of patrol division activities, based on legal information and previous law enforcement experience. onitors effectiveness of procedures through follow-up with patrol officers. Reviews daily patrol activity log prepared by subordinates. Conducts meetings of patrol officers to evaluate operations and efficiency of squad members. Investigates civilian complaints against division members and determines action to be taken based on evidence secured. Disciplines division members for violation of intradepartmental rules and regulations. Resolves personnel problems of division members or refers problems to supervisor if no solution is found. Inspects firearms in division armory to ensure operational readiness. Collects and analyzes data on division activities. Prepares regular and supplemental budgets for division and submits to superior. Requisitions equipment and services for division and assumes responsibility for receipt of items. Writes reports concerning division activities and submits to sheriff. Addresses civic and educational groups on law enforcement subjects. Conducts training sessions in police training school and within division and assumes field command of division during emergency operations.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

377.263-010 SHERIFF, DEPUTY (government ser.)

    Maintains law and order and serves legal processes of courts: Patrols assigned area to enforce laws, investigate crimes, and arrest violators. Drives vehicle through assigned area, observing traffic violations and issuing citations. Assumes control at traffic accidents to maintain traffic flow, assist accident victims, and investigate causes of accidents. Investigates illegal or suspicious activities of persons, quells disturbances, and arrests law violators. Locates and takes persons into custody on arrest warrants. Transports or escorts prisoners between courtrooms, prison, and medical facilities. Serves subpoenas and summonses [PROCESS SERVER (business ser.)] and keeps record of dispositions. Keeps order in courtroom [BAILIFF (government ser.)]. May operate radio to deliver instructions to patrol units. May assist in dragging river to locate bodies.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

377.264-010 IDENTIFICATION OFFICER (government ser.)

    Collects, analyzes, classifies and photographs physical evidence and fingerprints to identify criminals: Searches for evidence and dusts surfaces to reveal latent fingerprints. Photographs crime site and fingerprints to obtain record of evidence. Lifts print on tape and transfers to permanent record cards. Vacuums site to collect physical evidence and submits to SUPERVISOR, IDENTIFICATION AND COMMUNICATIONS (government ser.) for verifications. Photographs, fingerprints, and measures height and weight of arrested suspects, noting physical characteristics, and posts data on record for filing. Prepares and photographs plastic moulage of footprints and tire tracks. Compares fingerprints obtained with suspect or unknown files to identify perpetrator [FINGERPRINT CLASSIFIER (government ser.)]. Manipulates $T3mask mirror$T1 on specialized equipment to prepare montage of suspect according to description from witnesses. May fingerprint applicant for employment or federal clearance and forward prints to other law enforcement agencies. May testify in court as qualified fingerprint expert.
GOE: 07.01.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

377.267-010 DEPUTY UNITED STATES MARSHAL (government ser.)

    Enforces law and order under jurisdiction of federal courts: Receives prisoners into federal custody. Escorts prisoners to and from jails and courts, and guards prisoners during hospitalization. Provides protection to court personnel, jurors, and witnesses or their families. Serves civil and criminal writs. Reviews records, gathers information, and traces and arrests individuals named in criminal warrants. Assists federal agencies in matters such as investigations, raids, and arrests as directed. Seizes property pursuant to court orders.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

377.363-010 DEPUTY SHERIFF, GRAND JURY (government ser.) alternate titles: deputy, grand jury

    Guards grand jury room and district attorney's offices to provide security: Searches premises to ensure security of rooms. Questions individuals entering area to determine purpose of business and directs or reroutes individuals to destinations. Arrests persons violating law, and summons patrol unit to take custody. Notifies sheriff's patrol units of need for assistance or medical aid. Requests prisoner's arrest records be sent by criminal identification unit to DISTRICT ATTORNEY (government ser.). Prepares and validates receipts to reimburse witnesses for travel expenses. Occasionally transports prisoners between jail, district attorney's office, and penitentiary for questioning, trial, or incarceration.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

377.667-010 BAILIFF (government ser.) alternate titles: court officer

    Maintains order in courtroom during trial and guards jury from outside contact: Checks courtroom for security and cleanliness. Assures availability of sundry supplies for use of JUDGE (government ser.). Enforces courtroom rules of behavior and warns persons not to smoke or disturb court procedure. Collects and retains unauthorized firearms from persons entering courtroom. Stops people from entering courtroom while JUDGE (government ser.) charges jury. Provides jury escort to restaurant and other areas outside of courtroom to prevent jury contact with public. Guards lodging of sequestered jury. Reports need for police or medical assistance to sheriff's office. May advise attorneys of dress required of witnesses. May announce entrance of JUDGE (government ser.).
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

377.667-014 DEPUTY SHERIFF, BUILDING GUARD (government ser.) alternate titles: deputy, building guard

    Patrols courthouse, guards court, and escorts defendants: Patrols courthouse to provide security. Escorts defendants to and from courtroom and stands guard during court proceedings. Records daily activities in log. May operate vehicle to transport prisoners to penal institutions. May direct traffic in courthouse parking areas.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

377.667-018 DEPUTY SHERIFF, CIVIL DIVISION (government ser.)

    Serves orders of civil court: Delivers court orders, such as subpoenas, garnishments, property executions, commitments and show-cause orders to individuals. Collects money from garnishee and issues receipt. Confiscates real or personal property by court order for disposal at $T3sheriff's sale$T1 and posts notice of sale in public places. Serves warrants and evicts persons from property designated by court order. Submits written report on disposition of assigned cases to superior. May conduct or assist at sheriff's sale.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with protecting the nation from enemies and maintaining peace and order during times of martial law or civil disobedience.

378.132-010 FIELD ARTILLERY SENIOR SERGEANT (military ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in direction of artillery fire, target acquisition, operation of field artillery, operation of radar equipment, and operation of survey and fire direction equipment incident to control of artillery fire and naval gunfire: Prepares field orders, training, and status reports, and intelligence reports. Advises superior on assignments, promotions, and other matters related to troop welfare. Prepares schedule for unit training. Conducts classes on unit drill, military courtesy, and similar subjects. Assists supervisor on inspection tour of artillery units, and prepares notes on discrepancies found. Initiates corrective action to correct discrepancies.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

378.137-010 INFANTRY UNIT LEADER (military ser.)

    Supervises or assists in supervision of personnel during training and tactical employment of infantry unit: Directs personnel in preparing weapons and equipment for movement and combat operations. Directs personnel in establishment of unit command post and assists in operation of command post. Assists supervisor in formulating plans of employment of unit and in directing and leading infantry unit. Assists supervisor in coordinating employment of unit's fire and support weapons. Inspects unit weapons and equipment to determine functioning condition of weapons and equipment and initiates action to correct deficiencies. Directs personnel in preparation of unit correspondence, reports, schedules, and rosters. Directs personnel in distribution of ammunition, food, and other supplies.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in providing combat surveillance and target acquisition information, such as sound, flash, or survey, in support of field artillery units: Confers with firing battery personnel to coordinate target acquisition and combat surveillance activities and to provide liaison between target acquisition or combat surveillance units and artillery units. Advises commanding officer on matters related to troop welfare, including personnel assignments, discipline, and training needs. Directs personnel in preparing charts, maps, and overlays.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

378.227-010 MARKSMANSHIP INSTRUCTOR (military ser.)

    Instructs personnel in rifle, pistol, and shotgun marksmanship: Explains and demonstrates weapon safety, firing positions, sight picture, and alignment, breath and trigger control, and other specified fundamentals and techniques of marksmanship: Instructs personnel in nomenclature, weapon disassembly, weapon operation, weapon stoppages, and immediate corrective action for small arms weapons. Explains range safety regulations. Inspects small arms weapons to ensure that weapons are clean, properly lubricated, and in designated operating condition. Observes personnel during firing to ensure that safety procedures are followed. Offers corrective advice to personnel to improve marksmanship and to aid in correcting weapon malfunctions. Scores field firing results to include target detection, range estimation, firing positions, and other marksmanship principles.
GOE: 11.02.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

378.227-014 RECRUIT INSTRUCTOR (military ser.) alternate titles: drill sergeant

    Instructs newly recruited military personnel, in accordance with training schedules and orders: Orients recruits in fundamentals of service life, discipline, physical fitness, pride and love of service and country. Trains recruits in close order drill. Instructs recruits in nomenclature, disassembly, assembly, and functioning of small arms weapons; and assists in weapons marksmanship instruction. Instructs recruits in general orders (standing requirements) for sentinels, interior guard duty, personal hygiene, first aid, military posture, and care of clothing and equipment. Lectures on military history and tradition, customs of the armed services, military courtesy, and regulations. Evaluates recruit performance in all facets of training. Assists superior in conduct of parades and reviews; maintains records and prepares reports. May instruct personnel in conduct of hand-to-hand combat and bayonet drill.
GOE: 11.02.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

378.227-018 SURVIVAL SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Instructs personnel in survival and rescue techniques and procedures and on how to evade, escape, and resist enemy interrogation, exploitation, and political indoctrination as prisoner of war: Demonstrates methods of constructing emergency shelter, building animal or fish traps and snares, improvising clothing and equipment, and recognizing, procuring, preparing, and preserving water and various plant and animal life. Demonstrates use of life support and recovery equipment, basic survival kit items, and application of survival medicine. Instructs personnel in use of support and recovery equipment and procedures for signaling and guiding search vehicles. Discusses and demonstrates principles and techniques of escape and evasion, penetration of barriers, camouflage, and organization of prisoner of war groups.
GOE: 11.02.01 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.267-010 COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AGENT (military ser.)

    Collects, evaluates, and disseminates counterintelligence information: Investigates activities of enemy agents, collaborationists or other specified personnel known or suspected to have knowledge or record of counterintelligence information. Interrogates suspects, informants, and witnesses while conducting investigations to obtain information pertaining to activities, such as actual, attempted, or suspected treason, sedition, subversion, disaffection, espionage, and sabotage. Conducts security surveys and inspections of installation, activities, and personnel. Evaluates information obtained and recommends remedial action. Prepares administrative forms and correspondence incident to granting security clearances. Conducts security lectures. Directs personnel engaged in general security indoctrination for military personnel or civilian employees. May plan, organize, and coordinate activities of counterintelligence agents and teams.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Assists disaster preparedness officer in preparation and monitoring of disaster preparedness plans and procedures: Inspects protective equipment to determine operational readiness. Directs personnel in repair of equipment. Directs location, marking, and stocking of radiation shelters. Confers with superiors and civil defense personnel to provide information on radiological monitoring and survey; biological and chemical weapons and effects; protective measures and decontamination methods; and biological, chemical, and nuclear accident control to assist superior in development of local emergency plans. Tests suspected area to detect presence of toxic agents, using chemical detection equipment and identifies type of chemical agent. Tests areas for radioactive contamination, using portable measuring instruments. Collects biological samples and tests and identifies biological agents. Plots area of contamination on map. Informs superior of contaminated area and type of contamination. Recommends to superior method to be followed to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and area. Informs superior when decontamination has been completed. Conducts training in methods and techniques of defense during chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

378.281-010 TARGET AIRCRAFT TECHNICIAN (military ser.)

    Services, repairs, and overhauls drone target aircraft and aircraft engines: Repairs, replaces, and assembles parts, such as wings, cowlings, stabilizers, and propeller assembly, using power tools and handtools to rebuild or replace airframe or airframe components. Replaces worn or damaged parts, such as spark plugs, parachute, and battery, using handtools. Tests aircraft engine operation. Places aircraft on launching device, including catapult launcher. Installs JATO (Jet Assist Take-Off) or other launching propellant. Starts aircraft, using portable starting equipment. Adjusts carburetor to regulate fuel mixture to attain optimum engine performance. Performs preflight inspection of target aircraft. Inspects launching device prior to each launch. Diagnoses electronic malfunctions. Repairs and replaces defective parts and wiring.
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

378.362-010 SOUND RANGING CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Operates sound ranging equipment to detect location of enemy artillery fire during combat or training, serving as member of sound ranging crew: Patrols area and selects operating site. Deploys and positions sound detection equipment and monitors equipment to detect sounds of enemy artillery fire. Records sound data and computes location of enemy artillery. Notifies friendly artillery unit, using radio, of direction and location of enemy artillery.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.363-010 ARMOR RECONNAISSANCE SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Drives military wheeled or tracked vehicle and observes area to gather information concerning terrain features, enemy strength, and location, serving as member of ground armored reconnaissance unit: Reports information to commander, using secure voice communication procedure. Writes field messages to report combat reconnaissance information. Drives armored, tracked, and wheeled vehicles in support of tactical operations to harass, delay, and destroy enemy troops. Directs gunfire from vehicle to provide covering or flanking fire against enemy attack. Prepares and employs night firing aids to assist in delivering accurate fire. Tests surrounding air to determine presence and identity of chemical agents, using chemical agent detecting equipment, radiac, or radiological monitoring device. Drives vehicle to bridge locations to mark routes and control traffic. Requests and adjusts mortar and artillery fire on targets and reports effectiveness of fire.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.367-010 ARTILLERY OR NAVAL GUNFIRE OBSERVER (military ser.)

    Observes and reports by specified means of communications, enemy and simulated enemy locations to coordinate and adjust artillery or naval gunfire during combat or training: Selects sites for observation posts. Sets up observation and communication instruments and equipment. Informs infantry, artillery, or naval gunfire ships of enemy activity, location of friendly troops and other pertinent intelligence data, using radio. Confers with artillery and gunship personnel to request and adjust artillery and naval gunfire. Confers with fire direction center personnel to report gunfire results based on knowledge of characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of artillery, mortar, rocket, and naval gunfire, using radio.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77


    Collects, records, and evaluates information pertinent to location of enemy weapons for use by friendly artillery, using chronograph, gun direction computer, and other fire direction equipment: Observes enemy fire, using transit and records angle to firing position. Measures velocity of projectiles fired from enemy weapon, using chronograph. Determines direction of enemy weapons, using gun direction computer. Collects data and constructs firing chart to plot target location. Computes azimuth (direction), elevation, and other firing data (information to engage target). Communicates firing data to artillery unit personnel, using radio and transmits artillery fire adjustment data to artillery unit.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.367-018 FLASH RANGING CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Measures range and horizontal and vertical angles to enemy artillery flashes and projectile bursts, using flash ranging equipment in observation post: Selects location site for observation post. Performs traverse survey to establish coordinate location of observation post. Orients and calibrates flash ranging instruments. Observes enemy weapon flashes during firing and projectile bursts, using flash ranging instrument, and records horizontal and vertical angles to flash or burst. Computes data to determine distance and direction of enemy emplacement. Confers with artillery personnel to report location of enemy forces and effectiveness of friendly fire weapons.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R4 M4 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.367-022 INFANTRY OPERATIONS SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Collects, evaluates, and prepares operation and intelligence information at battalion or higher headquarters for combined arms combat operations: Assists superior in organizing and operating unit operations section when deployed in field. Prepares operation maps, maintains situation maps, indicating location, strength, tactical deployment and emplacements of friendly and enemy units. Receives and records on situation maps pertinent information obtained from intelligence and reconnaissance reports, using conventional signs and symbols. Prepares and maintains operations journal which contains briefs of important written and oral messages received and sent, notations of periodic reports, orders, and specified matters that pertain to section or unit. Assists superior in preparing war diaries and special reports upon completion of operation. Prepares orders, training orders, memorandums, schedules, status, and periodic reports.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    Collects, consolidates, and evaluates air defense intelligence information received from ground observers; radar sections; other supportive units; and prepares and revises operations and situation maps: Communicates with intelligence personnel from radar, ground observation, and other supportive units to collect air defense information, using field telephone and radiotelephone equipment, and plots early warning information on situation board. Prepares and revises operations and situation maps to indicate location, strength, and tactical employment of friendly and hostile units. Alerts personnel of firing batteries as to grid locations of incoming targets, using radio.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.367-030 RECONNAISSANCE CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Observes, locates, and reports enemy force movements and terrain characteristics from vantage point: Conducts surveillance from vantage post to observe such places as bridges, airfields, roads, and rivers to detect enemy movements. Observes beach areas to determine possible amphibious landing site. Requests artillery, air, and naval gunfire to destroy enemy forces, using radio. Fires weapons, such as pistol, rifle, and grenade launcher. Studies maps and aerial photographs to locate enemy force.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

378.382-010 AIRBORNE SENSOR SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Operates airborne sensing equipment to locate and identify friendly and enemy aircraft: Places and secures sensing and monitoring equipment, such as IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), infrared, and radar, in aircraft. Pushes buttons, presses switches and turns knobs to start, control, and stop equipment. Observes equipment scopes and indicators to obtain data to determine location and identity of aircraft. Contacts Command Post personnel, using radio, to report presence of enemy aircraft. Examines equipment to detect malfunctions. Replaces malfunctioning components, including tubes and circuit boards, to repair equipment, using handtools.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    Operates inflight fire control system to detect intrusion of enemy aerial vehicles and to evade or destroy airborne threat during combat or training: Observes radar scope to detect blips indicative of aerial vehicles. Identifies vehicles following manual procedures. Notifies superior of presence of enemy aircraft, missile, or other aerial vehicle. Presses buttons as directed by superior to activate automatic tracking system and to automatically fire weapons and infrared missile launcher to destroy enemy or simulated threat. Diagnoses equipment malfunction. Replaces defective parts and wiring and adjusts mechanical parts.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Emplaces, records location, and operates remote surveillance devices and other monitoring equipment to gather intelligence information relating to enemy location, direction, and speed of movement: Examines air photographs and contour maps to determine best location for surveillance devices and monitoring equipment. Assists superiors in sensing equipment emplacement. Selects radio-relay sensor sites, and emplaces and activates relay stations. Installs and operates communications equipment. Uses authentication codes, signal operating instructions, and standing signal instructions when operating communication equipment. Camouflages sensor positions and tactical field positions. Observes monitoring, recording, and display devices and interprets and reports information gathered. Computes density, direction, rate of movement, and nature of targets detected. Performs preventive maintenance on unattended ground sensors, relay equipment, monitoring devices, and ancillary equipment. May recommend appropriate action and reaction to be taken and request supporting fire on targets.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

378.464-010 ANTITANK ASSAULT GUNNER (military ser.)

    Positions, fires, and maintains antitank and assault weapons, such as recoilless rifle, portable flame thrower, and multishot portable flame weapon: Prepares weapons and equipment for movement. Designates location for and positions weapons. Computes firing data, loads and aims weapons preparatory to firing. Fires antitank and assault weapons at fixed and moving targets. Assists supervisor in leading antitank or assault units to assault positions during combat or training operations, furnishing supporting fire for other infantry units. Assists supervisor in coordinating unit's fire and movement with that of unit supported, adjacent units, and other support units. Constructs and camouflages positions and ground obstacles for antitank and assault squads. Employs, arms, disarms, and removes mines used for local security and antitank defense. Protects weapons and equipment against chemical warfare agents and decontaminates weapons and equipment when exposed to chemical attack. Performs minor repairs to weapons and equipment. May direct fire of other infantry crew-served weapons.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

378.663-010 VULCAN CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Fires vehicle mounted Vulcan artillery system (multibarrel rapid firing weapon) during combat and training operations: Drives vehicle to transport Vulcan system into firing position. Lifts and carries ammunition from vehicle storage to Vulcan firing platform. Inserts ammunition into firing tube to load Vulcan for firing. Presses button to engage firing mechanism that automatically fires system. Operates support equipment, such as power generators, fire control devices, and radios. Repairs and maintains support equipment, using handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments, to ensure optimum operational efficiency.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

378.682-010 REDEYE GUNNER (military ser.)

    Operates and fires Redeye Guided Missile Weapon System (short range ground to air missile) to destroy low flying enemy aircraft: Observes low flying enemy aircraft or receives radar information concerning low flying aircraft. Visually identifies aircraft detected. Evaluates enemy threat, and establishes priority of engagement. Notifies superior of target. Presses switches, upon order, to activate automatic tracking system and fires missile at target. Confers with supervisor, using radio to transmit results of firing. Selects appropriate primary and alternate positions for Redeye employment, considering capabilities and limitations of weapon, friendly troop location and situation in area to be defended, and probable aircraft tactics and directions of attack.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

378.682-014 SMOKE AND FLAME SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Operates and controls smoke or flame and support equipment, such as self-propelled flamethrowers, smoke generators, and radio equipment, to provide smokescreen or flame support for military forces during combat or training: Observes terrain and weather conditions to determine location for smoke generators and smoke munitions. Starts smoke generator to form smokescreen. Observes smokescreen to ensure proper screening without interference to mission of adjacent friendly units. Adjusts smoke generators as needed to obtain optimum quality and quantity of screening smoke. Assists in loading flamethrower and on-vehicle weapons. Moves firing controls and fire control instruments to operate and fire vehicular mounted weapons and self-propelled flamethrowers. Moves driver controls to start, stop, and steer self-propelled flamethrower vehicles. Receives and stores on-vehicle materials, such as rations, fuel, and ammunition. Confers with squad or unit personnel to report observance of targets or other combat information, using visual signal, radio or telephone, in conformance with terminology and security procedures. Performs preventive maintenance and repairs on equipment and weapons, such as flamethrowers, radio equipment, and smoke generators.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

378.683-010 AMPHIBIAN CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Drives or steers military amphibious equipment, such as tractors and armored vehicles on land and sea to transport personnel, supplies, and equipment in support of combat or training operations: Loads supplies and equipment aboard vehicle. Confers with superior to determine course to be followed. Drives or steers vehicle to transport personnel, supplies, and equipment between ship and shore. Confers with personnel aboard ship and on land, using radio to transmit and receive information concerning enemy location, troop movement, and enemy gunfire encountered. Loads ammunition into breech of weapon. Aims and fires weapon at enemy emplacement.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

378.683-014 POWERED BRIDGE SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Operates mobile military assault bridge vehicle and other power bridging equipment on land and water to position and connect bridge and raft sections across streams, rivers, and other water obstacles: Selects most suitable site for entering of streams and other water obstacles based on physical characteristics of water obstacles, such as depth, distance across, and swiftness of water, using depth charges, range indicators, and tide and current tables. Manipulates driver's controls and helm to start, stop, and steer vehicle and connects with other vehicles to form rafts and bridges. Pumps water out of vehicle, using bilge pump. Confers with other vehicle operators and unit personnel, using radio and interphone to provide information concerning progress of work, enemy troop movement, and similar tactical information.
GOE: 05.11.04 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.683-018 TANK CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Drives military tank and fires tank weapons working as member of tank crew: Prepares tank and equipment for movement and combat. Drives tank over various types of terrain to locate target. Loads ammunition into breech of weapon. Aims weapon, using tank fire control equipment and fires weapon at target. Camouflages position and protects tank and equipment against chemical warfare agents. Decontaminates tank and equipment when exposed to contaminants.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

378.684-010 CAMOUFLAGE SPECIALIST (military ser.)

    Camouflages military field equipment and installations, using items such as nets, paint, brush, and grass: Observes field areas to determine types of camouflage required. Applies specified garnishes to nets to prepare nets for use in camouflaging activities. Drapes and covers field equipment and activities with nets, employing rigging techniques. Camouflages equipment and structures, using paint and natural materials, such as grass and brush. Fabricates camouflage materials and decoys in shop, using handtools. Erects decoys, runs misleading tracks to decoys, and simulates activity to confuse enemy forces.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

378.684-014 COMBAT RIFLE CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Opposes members of enemy ground force in effort to destroy or capture enemy forces, using rifle, during combat or training operations, and serving as member of infantry unit: Constructs field fortifications, including wire entanglements and road blocks, using handtools, barbed wire, and lumber. Camouflages combat equipment and weapons, using items such as paint, nets, leaves, and brush. Places and activates antitank or antipersonnel mines in mine field. Decontaminates weapons and equipment when exposed to chemical or nuclear contamination, using specified procedures. Observes compass, aerial photographs, and maps to determine field position for troop movements. Examines equipment and weapons to detect malfunctions. Repairs weapons and equipment, using items such as handtools, oil, and rags. Fires machine guns, grenade launchers, and rifles to inflict casualties on enemy force.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

378.684-018 FIELD ARTILLERY CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Loads and fires field artillery gun or howitzer during combat or training situations: Selects firing site and positions cannon according to orders. Camouflages position if terrain and situation require camouflage. Loads ammunition into breech of cannon. Fires cannon upon order. Realigns cannon position to engage target and repeats cannon firing procedures to fulfill mission requirements on target. Inspects weapon and replaces worn or unserviceable parts, such as gears, springs, and ejectors. Cleans and lubricates hubs, wheels, and similar assemblies, using handtools, brushes, solvents, and rags.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

378.684-022 INFANTRY INDIRECT FIRE CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Positions and fires mortar during combat or training operations: Selects site and positions mortar utilizing concealment and camouflage procedures to prevent detection by enemy. Studies maps and aerial photographs to locate friendly and enemy positions. Confers with friendly unit personnel and furnishes information concerning enemy location, troop movement and similar tactical information. Drops ammunition into mortar to discharge and fire ammunition at target. Observes projectile burst and readjusts mortar to obtain effective hit on target.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

378.684-026 INFANTRY WEAPONS CREWMEMBER (military ser.)

    Deploys, positions, fires, and maintains crew-served weapons, such as recoilless rifle, tank destroying missile system, or light machine guns, during training or combat mission: Disassembles, cleans, and loads weapons and equipment for movement and use in combat. Designates location of gun, sector of fire, and targets. Computes firing data, aims, and fires weapons at fixed and moving targets, employing direct fire techniques. Assists superior in leading and directing personnel in combat missions, and during maneuvers or tactical problems. Fires weapons at enemy forces to support and assist other infantry units. Assists superior in coordinating fire and movement with that of other friendly units. Constructs and camouflages weapon positions and ground obstacles. Emplaces and arms, or disarms and removes mines used for local security. Protects weapons and equipment against attack from chemical warfare agents. Decontaminates weapons and equipment when exposed to chemical attack. Performs preventive maintenance, routine tests, and authorized minor repairs to weapons and equipment.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    Fires variety of light air defense artillery automatic weapons or machine guns during combat or in training, serving as member of light air defense artillery unit: Removes ammunition from truck and stacks ammunition in storage pit. Positions light air defense artillery automatic weapons and machine guns in specified location. Camouflages ammunition, weapons, and equipment, using nets, paint, and similar items. Installs wire to specified locations to establish field communications. Loads ammunition in breech of weapon or machine gun and fires weapon or machine gun on order at aerial and surface targets during combat or training.
GOE: 04.02.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    Assists crewmembers of sound, flash, and other target acquisition units in detecting sound or flash of enemy artillery: Assists crewmembers to emplace sound, flash, or other target acquisition equipment. Plots sound or flash data on maps. Assists personnel in operating searchlights. Lays wire to establish field communications. Cleans and lubricates vehicles and equipment.
GOE: 05.03.05 STRENGTH: V GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with protective service.

379.132-010 SUPERVISOR, TELECOMMUNICATOR (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving emergency or nonemergency calls, dispatching personnel and equipment, and providing prearrival instructions to callers: Prepares work schedules to ensure that sufficient shift personnel are available for work load demands, using knowledge of supervisory techniques, department regulations, and procedures. Teaches emergency medical dispatch course to new employees, using dispatch simulator. Reviews dispatch office operations to identify technical and operational training needs. Teaches courses dealing with hazardous materials, highrise fires, and medical triage to update training for TELECOMMUNICATOR (government ser.) 379.362-018. eets with committees composed of representatives from fire and police departments, public, and other interested groups to develop, review, and update policies and procedures for dispatch office. Pushes buttons, flips power switches, and reads gauges to determine serviceability of backup emergency equipment. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M2 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

379.137-010 SUPERVISOR, ANIMAL CRUELTY INVESTIGATION (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: animal humane agent supervisor; inspector

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in investigating complaints of cruelty to animals, inspecting establishments housing animals and monitoring public exhibitions featuring animals to enforce humane laws: Assigns ANIMAL TREATMENT INVESTIGATORS (nonprofit org.) to geographical work areas to investigate complaints. Inspects workers for proper attire. Telephones or writes to complainants to resolve complaints or to obtain additional information. Directs worker to investigate emergency complaints received, using telephone or two-way radio. Advises public and workers of provisions and applications of humane laws. Interviews and recommends hiring and firing of employees. Maintains records of workers' daily activities and submits records to superior. Supervises on-the-job training for new workers.
GOE: 11.10.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M2 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

379.137-014 SUPERVISOR, DOG LICENSE OFFICER (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: chief, dog license inspector

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in enforcing dog license laws and inspecting license books of pet shops: Assigns DOG LICENSERS (nonprofit org.) to crews to assure adequate staff to cover all geographical canvass areas. Reviews work of crews and recommends areas requiring coverage. Checks pet shop license books to assure that license applications and fees have been forwarded. Compares recorded number of dogs sold for period with number of applications completed to assure that pet shop is complying with dog license laws. Records results of visit on control cards. Performs personnel functions, such as interviewing new workers, recommending hiring, and resolving employee grievances.
GOE: 07.04.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

379.137-018 WILDLIFE AGENT, REGIONAL (government ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of FISH AND GAME WARDENS (government ser.) engaged in enforcing fish and game laws, reporting crops and property damage by wildlife, and compiling biological data: Studies and surveys assigned region to learn topography and available cover and feed for wildlife. Subdivides region into geographical districts and submits request for FISH AND GAME WARDENS (government ser.) to patrol districts. Plans location of access roads, trails, sanitary facilities, boat launching sites, and parking areas, based on number of people using area. Trains and assists subordinates to solve work problems and to interpret directives and regulations. Observes issuance of citations, apprehension of game law violators, and seizure of equipment to verify compliance with laws and regulations. Evaluates and submits efficiency reports on subordinates, and initiates personnel actions such as reprimand, disciplinary action, transfer, or discharge. Addresses school, civic, and sports groups on wildlife and recreational activities. Arranges for witnesses and evidence to be used at court trials of game law violators. Compiles consolidated report of region activities and approves requests for new equipment.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in monitoring protective-signaling system controls and investigating alarm signals transmitted from subscriber premises: Confers with workers to help resolve difficulties encountered during monitoring of system controls and investigation of alarms. Monitors system equipment displays, scans system operations reports, and talks to subscribers to ensure that systems operate according to company and subscriber specifications. Schedules repair of defective installations and equipment. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

379.162-010 ALARM OPERATOR (government ser.) alternate titles: fire-alarm dispatcher

    Operates municipal fire alarm system, radio transmitter and receiver, and telephone switchboard: Receives incoming fire calls by telephone or through alarm system. Questions caller, observes alarm register that codes location of fire, and scans map of city to determine whether fire is located within area served by city fire department. Determines type and number of units to respond to emergency. Notifies fire station, using radio, and starts alarm system that automatically contacts all fire stations and indicates location of fire. Relays messages from scene of fire, such as requests for additional help and medical assistance. Records date, time, type of call and destination of messages received or transmitted. Maintains activity, code, and locator files. Tests various communications systems and reports malfunctions to maintenance units. May operate telegraph to relay code as back-up if transmitter fails.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

379.167-010 FISH AND GAME WARDEN (government ser.) alternate titles: conservation officer; game and fish protector; game warden; guard, range

    Patrols assigned area to prevent game law violations, investigate reports of damage to crops and property by wildlife, and compile biological data: Travels through area by car, boat, airplane, horse, and on foot to observe persons engaged in taking fish and game, to ensure method and equipment used are lawful, and to apprehend violators. Investigates reports of fish and game law violations and issues warnings or citations. Serves warrants, makes arrests, and prepares and presents evidence in court actions. Seizes equipment used in fish and game law violations and arranges for disposition of fish and game illegally taken or possessed. Collects and reports information on condition of fish and wildlife in their habitat, availability of game food and cover, and suspected pollution of waterways. Investigates hunting accidents and files reports of findings. Addresses schools and civic groups to disseminate information and promote public relations. May enlist aid of sporting groups in such programs as lake and stream rehabilitation, and game habitat improvement. May assist in promoting hunter safety training by arranging for materials and instructors. May be designated according to specialty as Fish Protector (government ser.); Game Protector (government ser.); or according to assigned patrol as Fish-And-Game Warden, Marine Patrol (government ser.).
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

379.227-010 INSTRUCTOR-TRAINER, CANINE SERVICE (government ser.)

    Instructs police officers in handling of dogs for police work in canine training facility: Instructs police officers in dog training techniques, such as obedience training, tracking, and crowd control. Demonstrates dog handling techniques with dog on and off leash, using trained dog. Instructs officers on subjects related to use of dogs in police work, such as theory of scent and narcotics and bomb detection. Informs officers (handlers) of health care of dogs and responsibilities of handlers. Observes officer and dog teams during practice sessions, and offers suggestions to improve handling techniques when necessary. Contacts representatives of other police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout country to keep training updated and to schedule training sessions. Conducts tours of facility and explains importance of dogs in police work. Purchases dog food and supplies and directs maintenance of facility.
GOE: 03.03.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

379.263-010 ANIMAL TREATMENT INVESTIGATOR (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: animal control officer

    Investigates animal cruelty and neglect charges and performs related duties to promote compliance with laws regulating animal treatment: Observes areas of alleged violations and interviews available witnesses to determine if laws are being violated. Informs persons perpetrating inhumane acts of laws and penalties for violations. Reports violators to police or requests police to arrest violators. Aids animals in distress by feeding starving animals and freeing trapped animals. Removes animals from inhumane conditions and drives vehicle to transport animals to shelter for treatment and care. Inspects establishments housing or exhibiting animals to ascertain compliance with humane laws. Writes reports of activities.
GOE: 11.10.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

379.263-014 PUBLIC-SAFETY OFFICER (government ser.)

    Patrols assigned beat and responds to emergency calls to protect persons or property from crimes, fires, or other hazards: Patrols assigned area on foot or horseback or using vehicle to regulate traffic, control crowds, prevent crime, or arrest violators. Responds to crimes in progress, initiating actions such as aid to victims and interrogation of suspects. Attends public gatherings to maintain order. Responds to fire alarms or other emergency calls. Forces openings in buildings for ventilation of fire or for entry, using ax or crowbar. Controls and extinguishes fires, using water and chemicals. Administers first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons. Participates in drills and emergency precautionary demonstrations. May inspect establishments for compliance with local regulations. May drive and operate firefighting and other emergency equipment.
GOE: 04.01.02 STRENGTH: V GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

379.267-010 WILDLIFE CONTROL AGENT (government ser.)

    Controls animal population in geographical district and investigates crop and property damage claims caused by wildlife: Conducts on-site surveys to estimate number of birds and animals, such as deer, pheasant, and mountain fox, in designated areas and availability of game food and cover. Recommends changes in hunting and trapping seasons and relocation of animals in overpopulated areas to obtain balance of wildlife and habitat. Implements approved control measures, performing duties such as trapping beavers, dynamiting beaver dams, and tranquilizing and relocating deer, bear, cougar, and other animals. Resurveys area and totals bag counts of hunters to determine effectiveness of control measures. Recommends revised hunting and trapping regulations and other control measures and release of birds for restocking. Searches area of reported property damage for animal tracks, leavings, and other evidence to identify specie of animal responsible. Photographs extent of damage, documents other evidence, estimates financial loss, and recommends compensation. Advises owner of methods to remedy future damages, and implements other measures, such as erecting fences, tranquilizing and relocating animal herds, and spraying flower beds and bushes with repellants. Performs duties of wildlife agent during hunting season. Gives talks to civic groups, school assemblies, and sports organizations to disseminate information about wildlife and department policies.
GOE: 03.01.02 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

379.362-010 DISPATCHER, RADIO (government ser.) alternate titles: dispatcher; police radio dispatcher; station operator

    Receives complaints from public concerning crimes and police emergencies, broadcasts orders to police radio patrol units in vicinity to investigate complaint, and relays instructions or questions from remote units. Records calls broadcast and complaints received. In some municipalities coordinates all police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency requests, relaying instructions to radio unit concerned. May make operating adjustments to transmitting equipment where station is not automatic and be required to hold federal license. May transmit and receive messages between divisions of own agency and other law enforcement agencies. May monitor silent alarm system to detect illegal entry into business establishments. May contact POLICE OFFICERS (government ser.) I 375.263-014 and GUARDS, SCHOOL-CROSSING (government ser.) 371.567-010 to verify assignment locations.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 81

379.362-014 PROTECTIVE-SIGNAL OPERATOR (any industry) alternate titles: alarm-signal operator; drop-board operator; dx board operator; operator, circuit; operator, direct wire; signal timer

    Reads and records coded signals received in central station of electrical protective signaling system: Interprets coded audible or visible signals received on alarm signal board by direct wire or register tape from subscribers' premises that indicate opening and closing of protected premises, progress of security guard, unlawful intrusions, or fire. Reports irregular signals for corrective action. Reports alarms to police or fire department. Posts changes of subscriber opening and closing schedules. Prepares daily alarm activity and subscriber service reports. May adjust central station equipment to ensure uninterrupted service. ay dispatch security personnel to premises after receiving alarm.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

379.362-018 TELECOMMUNICATOR (government ser.) alternate titles: dispatcher

    Operates communication equipment to receive incoming calls for assistance and dispatches personnel and equipment to scene of emergency: Operates telephone console to receive incoming calls for assistance. Questions caller to determine nature of problem and type and number of personnel and equipment needed, following established guidelines. Scans status charts and computer screen to determine units available. Monitors alarm system signals that indicate location of fire or other emergency. Operates two-way radio to dispatch police, fire, medical, and other personnel and equipment and to relay instructions or information to remove units. Types commands on computer keyboard to update files and maintain logs. Tests communications and alarm equipment and backup systems to ensure serviceability. May provide prearrival instructions to caller, utilizing knowledge of emergency medical techniques. May activate alarm system to notify fire stations.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M2 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

379.364-010 AUTOMOBILE TESTER (government ser.) alternate titles: motor-vehicle inspector; vehicle-safety inspector

    Inspects automobiles and trucks at state-operated inspection station to ensure compliance with state safety requirements: Examines or tests specified components of vehicle, such as brake system, tires, lighting system, directional signals, steering, horn, and exhaust line for evidence of wear, damage, or improper adjustment. Applies inspection sticker to vehicles that pass and rejection sticker to those that do not. May prepare records on condition of each vehicle for follow-up action by owner or police. May perform duties of STATE-HIGHWAY POLICE OFFICER (government ser.) when not assigned to inspection detail. May arrest or direct the arrest of vehicle owners having illegal equipment installed on vehicle. May utilize mechanical, electronic, or electrical devices and instruments to determine condition of vehicle components.
GOE: 05.07.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

379.364-014 BEACH LIFEGUARD (amuse. & rec.)

    Patrols public beach area to monitor activities of swimmers and prevent illegal conduct: Observes activities in assigned area on foot, in vehicle, or from tower or headquarters building with binoculars to detect hazardous conditions, such as swimmers in distress, disturbances, or safety infractions. Cautions people against use of unsafe beach areas or illegal conduct, such as drinking or fighting, using megaphone. Rescues distressed persons from ocean or adjacent cliffs, using rescue techniques and equipment. Examines injured individuals, administers first aid, and monitors vital signs, utilizing training, antiseptics, bandages, and instruments, such as stethoscope and sphygmomanometer. Administers artificial respiration, utilizing cardiopulmonary or mouth-to-mouth methods, or provides oxygen to revive persons. Compiles emergency and medical treatment report forms and maintains daily information on weather and beach conditions. Occasionally operates switchboard or two-way radio system to maintain contact and coordinate activities between emergency rescue units.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: V GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 86

379.367-010 SURVEILLANCE-SYSTEM MONITOR (government ser.)

    Monitors premises of public transportation terminals to detect crimes or disturbances, using closed circuit television monitors, and notifies authorities by telephone of need for corrective action: Observes television screens that transmit in sequence views of transportation facility sites. Pushes hold button to maintain surveillance of location where incident is developing, and telephones police or other designated agency to notify authorities of location of disruptive activity. Adjusts monitor controls when required to improve reception, and notifies repair service of equipment malfunctions.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M1 L3 SVP: 2 DLU: 86

379.384-010 SCUBA DIVER (any industry) alternate titles: salvage diver

    Performs various underwater jobs, wearing diving gear, such as self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, mask, flippers, and insulated suit: Swims from boat, dock, or shore to job site. Dives to locate or recover submerged automobiles, boats, logs, and articles, such as purses, keys, and other valuables. Swims to bottom and fastens lines or chains around heavy objects and attaches to lowered hook. Picks up lightweight objects and carries to surface. May search for bodies. May fish for abalone, crab, or sponge. May use safety line, and communicate with tender by jerking on line. May repair underwater installations. May engage in fire fighting activities.
GOE: 05.10.01 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

379.664-010 SKI PATROLLER (amuse. & rec.)

    Patrols ski trails and slope areas to provide assistance and protection to skiers and report condition of trails, ski lifts, and snow cover on slopes: Patrols assigned areas, using skis or snowshoes. Rescues injured skiers and renders first aid or transfers them to waiting ambulance, using toboggan. Notifies medical personnel in case of serious injury where moving skier might prove dangerous. Ensures that no skiers remain on slopes or trails at end of day or during inclement weather. Inspects ski lifts, such as rope tows, T-bar, J-bar, and chair lifts, to report safety hazards and evidence of damage or wear. May pack snow on slopes. ay give ski instruction. May participate in skiing demonstrations for entertainment of resort guests. May assist demolition crew to blast for avalanche control.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

379.667-010 GOLF-COURSE RANGER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: golf-course patroller

    Patrols golf course to prevent unauthorized persons from using facilities, keep play running smoothly, and assist injured or ill players: Inspects player and CADDIE (amuse. & rec.) registration and green fee tickets for validity. Prevents players from entering course beyond starting tee. Advises players to speed up or slow down in order to alleviate bottlenecks. Explains rules of game to players to settle disputes. Locates damaged or hazardous areas and marks areas for repair, using lime marker or stake. Cautions players against tearing up turf or otherwise abusing course. Renders first aid to injured or ill players and carries their equipment to clubhouse. Returns lost equipment to owners or to clubhouse. Keeps log of daily activities. May deliver urgent messages to players on course.
GOE: 12.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

379.667-014 LIFEGUARD (amuse. & rec.)

    Monitors activities in swimming areas to prevent accidents and provide assistance to swimmers: Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe areas. Rescues swimmers in danger of drowning and administers first aid. Maintains order in swimming areas. Inspects facilities for cleanliness. May clean and refill swimming pool. May determine chlorine content and pH value of water, using water testing kit. May conduct or officiate at swimming meets. May give swimming instructions.
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

379.673-010 DOG CATCHER (government ser.) alternate titles: dog warden

    Captures and impounds unlicensed, stray, and uncontrolled animals: Snares animal with net, rope, or device. Cages or secures animal in truck. Drives truck to shelter. Removes animal from truck to shelter cage or other enclosure. Supplies food, water, and personal care to detained animals. Investigates complaints of animal bite cases. Destroys rabid animals as directed. Examines dog licenses for validity and issues warnings or summonses to delinquent owners. May destroy unclaimed animals, using gun, or by gas or electrocution. ay examine captured animals for injuries and deliver injured animals to VETERINARIAN (medical ser.) for medical treatment. May maintain file of number of animals impounded and disposition of each. May enforce regulations concerning treatment of domestic animals and be designated Humane Officer (government ser.).
GOE: 03.04.05 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 77

379.687-010 FIRE-EXTINGUISHER-SPRINKLER INSPECTOR (any industry) alternate titles: fire-apparatus sprinkler inspector

    Inspects and tests sprinkler valves. Inspects pipes, hoses, and hose houses of fire apparatus in plants, offices, apartment buildings, and similar structures. Fills out inspection report on condition of valves, pipes, tanks, pumps, and alarms for superiors and customers.
GOE: 05.07.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 77

379.687-014 MOSQUITO SPRAYER (government ser.) alternate titles: hand-spray operator; sanitarian; sprayer, insecticide

    Sprays marshland, drainage ditches, or catch-basins with insecticide, using portable compressed-air spray tank, to control breeding of mosquitoes. Removes blockage from area being sprayed, using pick and shovel, to facilitate drainage. May drive truck equipped with gasoline-powered fogger to spray insecticide over designated areas. ay place poison bait in storm sewers and ditches to exterminate rodents.
GOE: 03.04.05 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 3 DLU: 77


    This division includes occupations concerned with the cleaning and upkeep of building interiors and the conveying of passengers and freight by elevator.


    This group includes occupations concerned with cleaning buildings, furniture, and equipment. Includes sweeping, dusting, mopping, polishing floors and walls, and disposing of trash.

381.137-010 SUPERVISOR, JANITORIAL SERVICES (any industry) alternate titles: janitor, head; lead janitor; porter, head; supervisor, building maintenance

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning and maintaining premises of commercial, industrial, or other establishments, such as schools, stores, or auditorium: Assigns tasks to workers, and inspects completed work for conformance to standards. Issues supplies and equipment. Resolves workers' problems or refers matters to supervisor. Trains new workers, records hours worked, recommends discharge of incompetent workers, and performs other personnel duties as required. May submit requests for repair of cleaning equipment to SUPERINTENDENT, BUILDING (any industry) 187.167-190. ay hire new employees. May requisition or purchase cleaning supplies and equipment. May perform duties of workers supervised. May supervise employees of public school system and be designated Supervisor, Maintenance And Custodians (education).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 87

381.137-014 SUPERVISOR, CENTRAL SUPPLY (medical ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel in medical central supply room engaged in furnishing sterile and nonsterile supplies and equipment for use in care and treatment of patients: Directs activities of workers engaged in cleaning, assembling, and packing of linens, gowns, dressings, gloves, treatment trays, instruments, and related items; preparation of solutions; arrangement of stock; and requisitioning, issuing, controlling, and charging of supplies and equipment. Instructs personnel in use of sterilizing equipment and water distillation apparatus, setting up standardized treatment trays, and maintaining equipment of central supply room. Establishes standards of work performance and methods of operation for department. Inspects work activities to ensure workers are following prescribed procedures to meet hospital standards. Ensures that aseptic techniques are employed by personnel in preparing and handling sterile items. Inspects daily inventory, maintains records of supply usage, and compiles periodic reports.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

381.687-010 CENTRAL-SUPPLY WORKER (medical ser.) alternate titles: central-service technician

    Performs any combination of following duties: Scrubs and washes surgical instruments, containers, and equipment, such as aspirators and suction units. Sterilizes instruments, equipment, surgical linens, and supplies, such as surgical packs and treatment trays, using autoclave, sterilizer, or antiseptic solutions. Prepares packs of supplies, instruments, and dressing and treatment trays, according to designated lists or codes, and wraps, labels, and seals packs. Stores prepared articles and supplies in designated areas. Fills requisitions, writes charges, and inventories supplies. May be assigned to hospital areas, such as surgery and delivery rooms.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 88

381.687-014 CLEANER, COMMERCIAL OR INSTITUTIONAL (any industry) alternate titles: clean-up worker; housekeeper; janitor; laborer, building maintenance; mopper; porter; scrubber; sweeper

    Keeps premises of office building, apartment house, or other commercial or institutional building in clean and orderly condition: Cleans and polishes lighting fixtures, marble surfaces, and trim, and performs duties described in CLEANER (any industry) I aster Title. May cut and trim grass, and shovel snow, using power equipment or handtools. ay deliver messages. May transport small equipment or tools between departments. May setup tables and chairs in auditorium or hall. May be designated according to duties performed as Hall Cleaner (hotel & rest.); Light-Fixture Cleaner (any industry); Marble Cleaner (any industry); etal Polisher (any industry); Paint Cleaner (any industry); or according to equipment used as Scrubbing-Machine Operator (any industry).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: H GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 88

381.687-018 CLEANER, INDUSTRIAL (any industry) alternate titles: clean-up worker; janitor; sanitor; scrubber; sweeper; trash collector; vacuum cleaner; waste collector

    Keeps working areas in production departments of industrial establishment in clean and orderly condition, performing any combination of following duties: Transports raw materials and semifinished products or supplies between departments or buildings to supply machine tenders or operators with materials for processing, using handtruck. Arranges boxes, material, and handtrucks or other industrial equipment in neat and orderly manner. Cleans lint, dust, oil, and grease from machines, overhead pipes, and conveyors, using brushes, airhoses, or steam cleaner. Cleans screens and filters. Scrubs processing tanks and vats. Cleans floors, using water hose, and applies floor drier. Picks up reusable scrap for salvage and stores in containers. Performs other duties as described under CLEANER (any industry) I Master Title. May burn waste and clean incinerator. May pick up refuse from plant grounds and maintain area by cutting grass or shoveling snow. May operate industrial truck to transport materials within plant. May start pumps to force cleaning solution through production machinery, piping, or vats. May start pumps to lubricate machines. May be designated according to area cleaned as Alley Cleaner (textile); Can-Filling-Room Sweeper (beverage); Casting-And-Locker-Room Servicer (plastic-synth.); Ceiling Cleaner (any industry); Engine-Room Cleaner (any industry); Floor Cleaner (any industry); Overhead Cleaner (any industry).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 88

381.687-022 CLEANER, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT (any industry) alternate titles: equipment washer; laboratory aide; laboratory assistant; laboratory helper; laborer, laboratory; tester helper

    Cleans laboratory equipment, such as glassware, metal instruments, sinks, tables, and test panels, using solvents, brushes, and rags: Mixes water and detergents or acids in container to prepare cleaning solution according to specifications. Washes, rinses, and dries glassware and instruments, using water, acetone bath, and cloth or hot-air drier. Scrubs walls, floors, shelves, tables, and sinks, using cleaning solution and brush. May sterilize glassware and instruments, using autoclave. May fill tubes and bottles with specified solutions and apply identification labels. May label and file microscope slides. May arrange specimens and samples on trays to be placed in incubators and refrigerators. May deliver supplies and laboratory specimens to designated work areas, using handtruck. May tend still that supplies laboratory with distilled water. May be designated Glass Washer, Laboratory (any industry) when cleaning glassware. May maintain inventory reports and logs.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 88

381.687-026 CLEANER, WALL (any industry) alternate titles: wallpaper cleaner; wall washer

    Cleans interior walls and ceilings of offices, apartments, and other buildings, by hand or by use of wall-washing machine: Cleans walls and ceilings by hand, using sponge and soapy water or chemical solution, or presses lever in nozzle of machine to control flow of solution and moves nozzle fitted with porous pad over surfaces, exerting sufficient pressure to remove dirt and grease. May estimate cost of cleaning walls and submit bids.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

381.687-030 PATCH WORKER (agriculture)

    Sweeps floors of cotton-bale compressing plant. Gathers loose cotton from floor. Carries or transfers light equipment to various workers, using handtruck.
GOE: 06.04.40 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

381.687-034 WAXER, FLOOR (any industry)

    Cleans, waxes, and polishes floors by hand or machine: Removes dirt and blemishes from floor, using various cleaning solvents and compounds, according to composition of floor. Applies paste or liquid wax to floor with rags or machine. Polishes floor with electric polishing machine or weighted brush.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with cleaning buildings and keeping them in good repair; performing minor painting, plumbing, and carpentry tasks; and firing and tending furnaces and boilers.

382.137-010 SUPERVISOR, MAINTENANCE (chemical) alternate titles: labor supervisor

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintenance of chemical plant. Performs duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) aster Title.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

382.664-010 JANITOR (any industry) alternate titles: maintenance engineer; superintendent, building

    Keeps hotel, office building, apartment house, or similar building in clean and orderly condition and tends furnace, air-conditioner, and boiler to provide heat, cool air, and hot water for tenants, performing any combination of following duties: Sweeps, mops, scrubs, and vacuums hallways, stairs and office space. Regulates flow of fuel into automatic furnace or shovels coal into hand-fired furnace. Empties tenants' trash and garbage containers. Maintains building, performing minor and routine painting, plumbing, electrical wiring, and other related maintenance activities, using handtools. Replaces air-conditioner filters. Cautions tenants regarding complaints about excessive noise, disorderly conduct, or misuse of property. Notifies management concerning need for major repairs or additions to lighting, heating, and ventilating equipment. Cleans snow and debris from sidewalk. Mows lawn, trims shrubbery, and cultivates flowers, using handtools and power tools. Posts signs to advertise vacancies and shows empty apartments to prospective tenants. May reside on property and be designated Manager, Resident (any industry).
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L3 SVP: 3 DLU: 88


    This group includes occupations concerned with pest control in buildings and surrounding areas.

383.361-010 FUMIGATOR (business ser.)

    Releases poisonous gas and sets traps in buildings to kill dry-wood termites, beetles, vermin, and other pests, using cylinders of compressed gas and mechanical traps: Inspects infested building to identify pests causing damage and to determine treatment necessary. Examines porosity of walls and roof, based on knowledge of construction techniques, to determine method of sealing house. Measures inside dimensions of rooms with rule, and calculates volume of fumigant required and cost to owner. Tapes vents. Climbs ladder, pulls tarpaulins over building, and fastens edges of tarpaulins with clamps to make building airtight. Posts warning signs and padlocks doors. Turns valve on cylinder to discharge gas into building through hose. Holds halide lamp near seams of tarpaulins and building vents to detect leaking fumigant. Sprays or dusts chemicals in rooms or work areas and sets mechanical traps to destroy pests. May fumigate clothing and house furnishing in vaults at business establishment.
GOE: 05.10.09 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

383.364-010 EXTERMINATOR, TERMITE (business ser.) alternate titles: termite treater

    Treats termite-infested and fungus-damaged wood in buildings: Studies report and diagram of infested area prepared by SALES AGENT, PEST CONTROL SERVICE (business ser.) to determine sequence of operations. Examines building to determine means of reaching infested areas. Cuts openings in building to gain access to infested areas, using handtools and power tools, such as electric drills, pneumatic hammers, saws, and chisels. Inserts nozzle into holes and opens compressed air valve of treating unit to force termicide into holes. Sprays pesticide under and around building, using pressure spray gun. Bores holes in concrete around buildings and injects termicide to impregnate ground. Keeps record of work performed. May direct EXTERMINATOR HELPER, TERMITE (business ser.). ay replace damaged wood in sills, flooring, or walls, using carpenter's tools. May pour concrete or lay concrete blocks to raise height of foundation or isolate wood from contact with earth to prevent reinfestation.
GOE: 05.10.09 STRENGTH: H GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

383.684-010 EXTERMINATOR HELPER (any industry) alternate titles: pest control worker helper

    Assists EXTERMINATOR (any industry) 389.684-010 in destroying and controlling field rodents, noxious weeds, or other pests in or around buildings, performing any combination of following tasks: Sets traps and places poisonous bait in rodent infested areas. Fumigates burrows, using toxic gas, or kills rodents, using firearms. Secures tarpaulins over building to be fumigated, using ladder. Applies insecticides to buildings and grounds, using spray pumps and other equipment. Digs up, sprays with herbicides, or burns noxious weeds. Identifies and reports evidence of pest infestation. May drive service vehicles or equipment. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.10.09 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 4 DLU: 86

383.687-010 EXTERMINATOR HELPER, TERMITE (business ser.) alternate titles: termite-treater helper

    Assists EXTERMINATOR, TERMITE (business ser.) in treating termite-infested buildings: Digs around foundations to be chemically treated and digs ditches for forms, using pick and shovel. Carries lumber, building materials, and tools to work site. Crawls underneath buildings to remove debris prior to spraying. Cleans work site after completion of job. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 05.12.03 STRENGTH: H GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations concerned with conveying persons and freight between floors; giving information and directions to passengers; and frequently assisting passengers on and off cars.

388.367-010 ELEVATOR STARTER (any industry) alternate titles: elevator dispatcher; elevator supervisor; starter

    Schedules, supervises, and coordinates activities of ELEVATOR OPERATORS (any industry) to provide efficient service to building patrons and employees: Provides elevator service according to demand by signaling operators or by establishing time schedules for each car. Enforces crowding and weight restrictions in cars. Answers questions regarding location of offices, individuals, or merchandise, and ushers passengers into waiting elevators. Gives instructions to new employees in elevator operation. Ensures that sufficient personnel are available to meet service demands, regulating shift assignments accordingly. Inspects equipment for safety and efficient operation. Reports need for maintenance to supervisor or elevator service company. May record employees' time on cards.
GOE: 09.05.09 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

388.663-010 ELEVATOR OPERATOR (any industry) alternate titles: service-car operator

    Operates elevator to transport passengers between floors of office building, apartment house, department store, hotel, or similar establishment: Pushes buttons or moves lever to control movement of elevator on signal or instructions from passengers or others. Opens and closes safety gate and door of elevator at each floor where stop is made. Supplies information to passengers, such as location of offices, merchandise, and individuals. ay perform other duties, such as distributing mail to various floors, answering telephone, preventing unauthorized persons from entering building, and assisting other employees to load and unload freight. May sweep or vacuum elevator. May be designated according to location of elevator operated as Front-Elevator Operator (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 09.05.09 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77


    This group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, concerned with building and related service occupations.

389.134-010 SUPERVISOR, EXTERMINATION (business ser.)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of EXTERMINATORS (any industry) engaged in destroying vermin with insecticides, rodenticides or fumigants: Inspects infested structure and recommends treatment, basing diagnosis on knowledge of pests' habits, fumigants, rodenticides and insecticides, and structural conditions. Directs EXTERMINATORS (any industry) in type of chemicals to use and locations to be treated. Advises building owners on preventive measures against reinfestation. May spray or apply insecticides, rodenticides or fumigants and perform duties as described under EXTERMINATOR (any industry).
GOE: 05.10.09 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning and restoring interiors of homes damaged by fire, smoke, or water: Schedules work crews according to type and extent of interior damage to home. Inventories, requisitions, and issues supplies and equipment. Trains and supervises workers in methods of cleaning and restoring interiors of homes, including floors, walls, ceilings, carpet, upholstery, and draperies. Inspects completed work and work in progress for conformance to standards. Resolves workers' problems or refers matters to management. Explains methods of restoration and attempts to persuade prospective customers to contract for services.
GOE: 05.12.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

389.664-010 CLEANER, HOME RESTORATION SERVICE (any industry) alternate titles: cleaner, carpet and upholstery

    Cleans and restores interiors of homes damaged by fire, smoke, or water, using commercial cleaning equipment: Receives work orders and schedules from supervisor. Drives van equipped with floor-mounted or portable commercial carpet, upholstery, and interior cleaning machines, tools, and supplies to work site. Cleans carpet, upholstery, floors, walls, ceilings, draperies, windows, and room accessories to remove effects of smoke and water damage such as dirt, soot, stains, mildew, and excess water and moisture, using commercial cleaning machines mounted in van with extension hoses or portable cleaning machines and variety of work aids, such as vacuum cleaners, chemical cleaning solutions, ladders, drop cloths, sponges, buckets, mops, and brushes. Places fans and dehumidifiers in strategic room locations to remove moisture from carpet, upholstery, and air. Verifies moisture presence and removal with moisture sensor. Sprays or fogs carpet, upholstery, and accessories with fabric conditioners and protectors, deodorizers, and disinfectants, using hand and power sprayers and electric foggers, applying knowledge of types of fabrics, dyes, and chemical sprays. Inspects completed restoration to ensure conformance to standards. Collects payments and discusses results of work with customers.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: H GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 3 DLU: 86

389.667-010 SEXTON (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: janitor, church; verger

    Takes care of church buildings and furnishings: Performs cleaning and routine maintenance duties in church and auxiliary buildings and in churchyard, or gives directions to other workers so engaged. Takes care of vestments and sacred vessels and prepares altar for religious services according to prescribed rite. Opens and locks church before and after services. Rings bells to announce services and other church events. Tends furnace and boiler to provide heat. May order cleaning supplies. May act as usher during services, maintain attendance count, and conduct visitors between services. May take part in conduct of services performing activities, such as lighting candles. May maintain church cemetery. May patrol church premises to provide security against vandalism and theft.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R2 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

389.683-010 SWEEPER-CLEANER, INDUSTRIAL (any industry) alternate titles: cleaner operator; power-cleaner operator; vacuum-cleaner operator

    Drives industrial vacuum cleaner through designated areas, such as factory aisles and warehouses, to collect scrap, dirt, and other refuse. Empties trash collecting box or bag at end of each shift. May sift refuse to recover usable materials, such as screws, metal scrap, or machine parts. May clean machine, using rags and vacuum cleaner. May refuel machine and lubricate parts. May hand sweep areas inaccessible to machine and pick up scrap.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

389.684-010 EXTERMINATOR (business ser.) alternate titles: pest control worker; vermin exterminator

    Sprays chemical solutions or toxic gases and sets mechanical traps to kill pests that infest buildings and surrounding areas: Fumigates rooms and buildings, using toxic gases. Sprays chemical solutions or dusts powders in rooms and work areas. Places poisonous paste or bait and mechanical traps where pests are present. May clean areas that harbor pests, using rakes, brooms, shovels, and mops, preparatory to fumigating. May be required to hold state license. May be designated according to type of pest eliminated as Rodent Exterminator (business ser.).
GOE: 05.10.09 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 81

389.687-010 AIR PURIFIER SERVICER (business ser.) alternate titles: air deodorizer servicer

    Delivers, installs, and services air deodorizing and sanitizing devices in commercial, institutional, and public establishments: Drives delivery truck to convey deodorizing devices and chemical refills to building of customers. Attaches deodorizing devices (dispensers) to walls, using handtools, or places device unattached at various locations of customer's building. Places nontoxic chemical into deodorizing containers. May clean deodorizing device, using wire brush, or remove unit, if defective. May clean and disinfect equipment, such as urinals, toilet bowls, and washbasins, using brushes, sponges, and cleaning agents.
GOE: 05.12.12 STRENGTH: L GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

389.687-014 CLEANER, WINDOW (any industry) alternate titles: window washer

    Cleans windows, glass partitions, mirrors, and other glass surfaces of building interior or exterior, using pail of soapy water or other cleaner, sponge, and squeegee. Crawls through window from inside and hooks safety belt to brackets for support, sets and climbs ladder to reach second or third story, or uses bosun's chair, swing stage, or other scaffolding lowered from roof to reach outside windows, or stands to reach first floor or inside windows.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

389.687-018 LIGHT-FIXTURE SERVICER (any industry) alternate titles: fixture relamper; fluorescent lamp replacer; light-bulb replacer; light cleaner

    Replaces electric light fixture parts, such as bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and starters. Repairs fixture parts, such as switches and sockets, using handtools. Cleans fixtures and lamps, using soap, water and rags. Requisitions and keeps supply of bulbs, tubes, and replacement parts.
GOE: 05.12.18 STRENGTH: M GED: R1 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77

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