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Note: The DOT was created by the Employment and Training Administration, and was last updated in 1991. It has been replaced by the O*NET.



169.127-010 to 187.167-226

    This category includes occupations concerned with the theoretical or practical aspects of such fields of human endeavor as art, science, engineering, education, medicine, law, business relations, and administrative, managerial, and technical work. Most of these occupations require substantial educational preparation (usually at the university, junior college, or technical institute level).

169.127-010 CIVIL PREPAREDNESS TRAINING OFFICER (government ser.)

    Instructs paid and volunteer workers in techniques for meeting disaster situations: Conducts classes in emergency techniques, such as first aid, flood protection, firefighting, shelter management, disaster communications and organization, use of radiological monitoring equipment, and post-attack operations. Confers with local government and federal authorities and with representatives of police, fire, sanitation, and public works departments to coordinate training. May direct or participate in preparation of geographic surveys of local areas to aid in formulating emergency survival plans. May specialize in preparing and distributing emergency preparedness information and be designated Civil Preparedness Public Information Officer (government ser.).
GOE: 11.07.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

169.167-010 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (any industry) alternate titles: administrative analyst; administrative officer

    Aids executive in staff capacity by coordinating office services, such as personnel, budget preparation and control, housekeeping, records control, and special management studies: Studies management methods in order to improve workflow, simplify reporting procedures, or implement cost reductions. Analyzes unit operating practices, such as recordkeeping systems, forms control, office layout, suggestion systems, personnel and budgetary requirements, and performance standards to create new systems or revise established procedures. Analyzes jobs to delimit position responsibilities for use in wage and salary adjustments, promotions, and evaluation of workflow. Studies methods of improving work measurements or performance standards. Coordinates collection and preparation of operating reports, such as time-and-attendance records, terminations, new hires, transfers, budget expenditures, and statistical records of performance data. Prepares reports including conclusions and recommendations for solution of administrative problems. Issues and interprets operating policies. Reviews and answers correspondence. May assist in preparation of budget needs and annual reports of organization. May interview job applicants, conduct orientation of new employees, and plan training programs. May direct services, such as maintenance, repair, supplies, mail, and files. May compile, store, and retrieve management data, using computer.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 88

169.167-014 ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY (any industry) alternate titles: executive secretary

    Keeps official corporation records and executes administrative policies determined by or in conjunction with other officials: Prepares memorandums outlining and explaining administrative procedures and policies to supervisory workers. Plans conferences. Directs preparation of records, such as notices, minutes, and resolutions for stockholders' and directors' meetings. Directs recording of company stock issues and transfers. Acts as custodian of corporate documents and records. Directs preparation and filing of corporate legal documents with government agencies to conform with statutes. In small organizations, such as trade, civic, or welfare associations, often performs publicity work. Depending on organization, works in line or staff capacity.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

169.167-018 CONTACT REPRESENTATIVE (government ser.)

    Provides information and assistance to public on government agency programs and procedures: Explains regulations, agency policies, form completion procedures, and determinations of agency to advise individuals regarding obtainment of required documents and eligibility requirements for receiving benefits. Analyzes applications and information for benefits, privileges, or relief from obligations, using knowledge of rules, regulations, and precedent decisions to determine qualifications for benefits and privileges or liability for obligations. Investigates errors or delays in processing of applications for benefits and initiates corrective action. May be designated according to title of agency represented.
GOE: 07.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 6 DLU: 79

169.167-022 FIRE ASSISTANT (government ser.) alternate titles: fire-control assistant; fire deputy

    Advises local governments, public, and timber interests on prevention and control of forest fires: Inspects forest areas and standby fire fighting crews in fire prevention and control program. Prepares public-information materials and campaigns on fire prevention techniques. Gives instructions to fire fighting crews in methods of controlling forest fires, considering such factors as terrain, wind conditions, history of rainfall in fire area, and location of population centers. Gives public lectures to campers, youth groups, and hunters to promote responsible use of fire and inflammable materials in forest areas. May direct activities of fire suppression crews. May participate in fighting fires.
GOE: 04.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

169.167-026 LABORATORY ASSISTANT, LIAISON INSPECTION (steel & rel.) alternate titles: laboratory coordinator

    Acts as liaison between manufacturer and private consumer or government agency to expedite testing and inspection of products according to contract specifications: Notifies consumer representative or government inspector of availability of products for testing. Designates tests required according to individual specifications. Reviews laboratory reports for completeness and accuracy and for test characteristics, such as strength, hardness, and quality of products. Promotes good will among plant divisions to facilitate expediting of orders.
GOE: 02.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

169.167-030 MANAGER, DATA PROCESSING (profess. & kin.) alternate titles: director, data processing; director, management information systems

    Directs and coordinates development and production activities of data processing department: Consults with management to determine information requirements of management, scientists, or engineers, determine boundaries and priorities of new projects, and discuss system capacity and equipment acquisitions. Confers with department heads involved with proposed projects to ensure cooperation and further define nature of project. Consults with COMPUTER SYSTEMS HARDWARE ANALYST (profess. & kin.) 033.167-010 to define equipment needs. Reviews project feasibility studies. Establishes work standards. Assigns and schedules work, or delegates work to subordinate managers and supervisors, and reviews work. Interprets policies, purposes, and goals of organization to subordinates. Prepares progress reports to inform management of project status and deviation from goals. Contracts with management specialists, technical personnel, or vendors to solve problems. Directs COMPUTER PROCESSING SCHEDULER (clerical) 221.362-030 to change computer operating schedule to meet department priorities. Reviews reports of computer and peripheral equipment production, malfunctions, and maintenance to ascertain costs and plan department operating changes. Analyzes department workflow and workers' job duties to recommend reorganization or departmental realignment within company. Participates in decisions concerning staffing and promotions within data processing department. Directs training of subordinates. May prepare proposals and solicit sale of systems analysis, programming, and computer services to outside firms. May assist staff to diagnose and solve computer equipment problems. May participate in technical projects, such as writing equipment specifications or developing computer programs for specified applications.
GOE: 11.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 88

169.167-034 MANAGER, OFFICE (any industry) alternate titles: chief clerk; manager, administrative services

    Coordinates activities of clerical personnel in establishment or organization: Analyses and organizes office operations and procedures, such as typing, bookkeeping, preparation of payrolls, flow of correspondence, filing, requisition of supplies, and other clerical services. Evaluates office production, revises procedures, or devises new forms to improve efficiency of workflow. Establishes uniform correspondence procedures and style practices. Formulates procedures for systematic retention, protection, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of records. Plans office layouts and initiates cost reduction programs. Reviews clerical and personnel records to ensure completeness, accuracy, and timeliness. Prepares activities reports for guidance of management, using computer. Prepares employee ratings and conducts employee benefit and insurance programs, using computer. Coordinates activities of various clerical departments or workers within department. May prepare organizational budget and monthly financial reports. May hire, train, and supervise clerical staff. May compile, store, and retrieve managerial data, using computer.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 88

169.167-038 ORDER DEPARTMENT SUPERVISOR (any industry)

    Coordinates activities of personnel of order-writing department: Plans and initiates order-writing procedures, using knowledge of company products, pricing methods, and discount classifications. Directs establishment and maintenance of customer order records, such as discount classifications, cost basis, special routing, and transportation information. Supervises workers writing master orders used by production, shipping, invoicing, advertising, cost, and estimating departments.
GOE: 07.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

169.167-042 PARK RANGER (government ser.) alternate titles: ranger

    Enforces laws, regulations, and policies in state or national park: Registers vehicles and visitors, collects fees, and issues parking and use permits. Provides information pertaining to park use, safety requirements, and points of interest. Directs traffic, investigates accidents, and patrols area to prevent fires, vandalism, and theft. Cautions, evicts, or apprehends violators of laws and regulations. Directs or participates in first aid and rescue activities. May supervise workers engaged in construction and maintenance of park facilities and enforces standards of cleanliness and sanitation. May compile specified park-use statistics, keep records, and prepare reports of area activities. May train and supervise park workers and concession attendants. May specialize in snow safety and avalanche control and be designated Snow Ranger (government ser.).
GOE: 04.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 82

169.167-046 PUBLIC HEALTH REGISTRAR (government ser.)

    Records and maintains birth and death certificates and communicable disease reports, and prepares statistical data and medical reports for city or county public health department: Registers birth, death, and communicable disease statistics from information supplied by physicians, hospital personnel, funeral directors, and representatives from other agencies. Analyzes cause of death statements and communicable disease reports for compliance with laws and local regulations, consistency, and completeness. Contacts information sources concerning vital statistics and disease reports to resolve discrepancies and obtain additional information. Makes certified copies of documents and issues permits to remove and bury bodies. Prepares reports, such as epidemiological case history and morbidity report and keeps file of communicable disease cases. Refers tuberculosis cases and contacts to appropriate health agencies for consultation, treatment referral, and assistance in disease control. Obtains medical, statistical, and sociological data for use by workers in various public health departments. Assists in maintaining statistical data file and medical information reference library.
GOE: 07.04.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

169.167-050 SPECIAL AGENT, GROUP INSURANCE (insurance)

    Explains group insurance programs to promote sale of insurance to prospective clients and establishes bookkeeping system for insurance plan: Explains types of insurance coverage, such as health, accident, life, or liability, and accounting documentation required by company, as requested by SALES AGENT, INSURANCE (insurance). Plans and oversees incorporation of insurance program into a company's bookkeeping system. Establishes client's method of payment. May install accounting systems and resolve system problems.
GOE: 08.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

169.167-054 TOOLING COORDINATOR, PRODUCTION ENGINEERING (aircraft mfg.) alternate titles: tool procurement coordinator

    Coordinates activities of engineering, tool design, purchasing, and other departments, to facilitate production or procurement of tooling: Evaluates tooling orders received from production engineering department to determine whether tooling should be manufactured in-house or procured from outside vendor. Examines blueprints to determine tool requirements and special materials or items to be ordered. Calculates and records tool requirement data on tooling order, and routes order to tool design or purchasing department. Prepares requisitions for items to be purchased. Contacts tool room, purchasing, receiving, or other personnel to follow up on procurement or production activities and to expedite movement of tools between departments or vendors. Maintains manual or computerized records of tooling procurement, status, and disposition information. Examines tools and tool records to determine disposition of tools. Processes requests for tool repair. May transport tooling between departments or vendors to expedite handling.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 88

169.167-062 COORDINATOR, SKILL-TRAINING PROGRAM (government ser.)

    Plans and arranges for cooperation with and participation in skill training program by private industry, agencies, and concerned individuals: Organizes and coordinates recruiting, training, and placement of participants. Contacts various service agencies on behalf of trainees with social problems and refers trainees to appropriate agencies to ensure trainees receive maximum available assistance. Prepares periodic reports to monitor and evaluate progress of program.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

169.167-066 LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT (government ser.)

    Assists legislator in preparation of proposed legislation: Conducts research into subject of proposed legislation and develops preliminary draft of bill. Analyzes pending legislation and suggests to legislator action to be taken. Briefs legislator on policy issues. Attends committee meetings and prepares reports of proceedings. Speaks with lobbyists, constituents, and members of press to gather and provide information on behalf of legislator. Analyzes voting records of other legislators and political activity in legislator home district to derive data for legislator consideration. Maintains liaison with government agencies affected by proposed or pending legislation. Assists in campaign activities and drafts speeches for legislator.
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

169.167-070 DIRECTOR, EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (radio-tv broad.)

    Plans, develops, and administers programs to promote educational uses of television programs and auxiliary services of public broadcasting station: Reviews past and current educational and instructional programs produced by station and others to determine improvements needed in production and presentation of programs and auxiliary services, such as teaching guides and workshops. Analyzes data to determine prospective users, audiences, and potential funding sources. Confers with education officials and administrators to develop programs and services consistent with mandated curriculum requirements. Plans, initiates, and administers, through subordinates, preparation of written proposals and implementation of special educational projects, such as instructional programs for in-school and home-viewing courses. Confers with representatives of international educational and broadcasting agencies to ascertain availability of programs from foreign sources and to promote use of station's programs and services by foreign stations and schools. Directs printing, publishing, and dissemination of educational and promotional materials, such as newsletters, lesson plans, and study guides. May prepare budget for contracting programs and services to educational institutions.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 86


    Plans and coordinates schedule of preventive maintenance for equipment, machinery, tools, or buildings: Reviews manufacturers' service manuals, own establishment's usage schedules, and records of maintenance problems to determine optimum frequency of preventive maintenance. Studies production and operation schedules and confers with other staff and with maintenance supervisors to determine when planned maintenance will least interfere with operation of establishment. Estimates costs of personnel, parts, and supplies to be used during scheduled maintenance. Maintains records of planned and completed maintenance. May develop and coordinate plans for reconstruction or installation of new equipment, machinery, or buildings. May direct and coordinate activities of subordinate staff, such as MAINTENANCE DATA ANALYST (military ser.) 221.367-038. May direct and coordinate activities of maintenance workers.
GOE: 05.01.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

169.167-078 UTILIZATION COORDINATOR (radio-tv broad.)

    Coordinates subscriber utilization of instructional television programming: Communicates with administrators, teaching staff, audiovisual specialists, and other personnel to assist subscribers in incorporating programs and related materials into planned curricula. Conducts surveys to determine problems in use of programs and materials and develops workshops and other services to address identified needs. Confers with prospective users of programs to elicit interest in subscribing to services. Participates with other station personnel in developing advertising and promotional material. Oversees activities of workers engaged in processing subscriber accounts.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

169.167-082 MANAGER, COMPUTER OPERATIONS (profess. & kin.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in computer operations: Plans and develops policies and procedures for carrying out computer operations. Meets with subordinate supervisors to discuss progress of work, resolve problems, and ensure that standards for quality and quantity of work are met. Adjusts hours of work, priorities, and staff assignments to ensure efficient operation, based on work load. Reviews daily logs and reports to detect recurring slowdowns or errors, using computer terminal. Consults with software and hardware vendors and other establishment workers to solve problems impeding computer processing. Meets with users to determine quality of service and identify needs. Meets with data processing managers to determine impact of proposed changes in hardware or software on computer operations and service to users. Evaluates new software and hardware to determine usefulness and compatibility with existing software and hardware. Evaluates proposed data processing projects to assess adequacy of existing hardware, and recommends purchase of equipment. Develops budget and monitors expenditures. May direct and coordinate activities of tape library and supervise TAPE LIBRARIAN (clerical) 206.367-018.
GOE: 11.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 90

169.167-086 MANAGER, CREDIT AND COLLECTION (any industry)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in conducting credit investigations and collecting delinquent accounts of customers: Assigns workers, directly or through subordinate supervisors, responsibility for investigating and verifying financial status and reputation of prospective customers applying for credit, preparing documents to substantiate findings, and recommending rejection or approval of applications. Establishes credit limitations on customer account. Assigns responsibility for investigation of fraud cases and possible legal action and collection for worthless checks and delinquent bills. Reviews collection reports to ascertain status of collections-and-balances outstanding and to evaluate effectiveness of current collection policies and procedures. Audits delinquent accounts considered to be uncollectible to ensure maximum efforts have been taken before assigning bad-debt status to account. Coordinates with others, including personnel in company branches and credit card companies, to exchange information and update controls. May submit delinquent accounts to attorney or outside agency for collection. May compile and analyze statistical data on fraudulent use of credit cards to develop procedures designed to deter or prevent use of cards. ay specialize in credit and collection activities for credit cards and be designated Manager, Credit Card Operations (any industry).
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 88

169.171-010 GAMEKEEPER (agriculture)

    Breeds, raises, and protects game animals and birds on state game farm or private game preserves: Cares for breeding stocks in pens. Selects pairs for mating on basis of size, color, vigor, or desired characteristics. Gathers eggs for artificial incubation, and transfers young to rearing pens. Mixes feed according to formulas and fills feeding stations. Cleans and fills water containers. Sets and maintains traps for predatory and noxious animals and birds that may prey upon or carry disease to charges. Drives birds into portable coops to prepare them for transportation to release area. May liberate birds and animals in designated areas.
GOE: 03.01.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

169.207-010 CONCILIATOR (profess. & kin.) alternate titles: mediator

    Mediates and conciliates disputes over negotiations of labor agreements or other labor relations disputes: Promotes use of fact-finding and advisory services to prevent labor disputes and to maintain sound labor relationships. Promotes use of mediation and conciliation services to resolve labor disputes. Advises and counsels parties to solve labor problems. Investigates and mediates labor disputes upon request of any bona fide party, using knowledge of labor law, industry practices, and social policies involved in labor relations. Urges expeditious settlement of negotiations to prevent employee wage loss, to minimize business interruptions, and to achieve labor-management peace. Interrogates parties and clarifies problems to focus discussion on crucial points of disagreement. Assists parties to compromise and settle deadlocked negotiations. Prepares reports of decisions reached or outcome of negotiations. May assist in arranging arbitration. May conduct representation elections according to written consent agreement of concerned parties. May oversee balloting procedures to assist in ratification of labor agreements.
GOE: 11.04.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

169.262-010 CASEWORKER (government ser.)

    Performs research into laws of United States and procedures of federal agencies and prepares correspondence in office of Member of Congress to resolve problems or complaints of constituents: Confers with individuals who have requested assistance to determine nature and extent of problems. Analyzes U.S. Code to become familiar with laws relating to specific complaints of constituents. Researches procedures and systems of governmental agencies and contacts representatives of federal agencies to obtain information on policies. Contacts Congressional Research Service to collect information relating to agency policies and laws. Contacts colleges and universities to obtain information relating to constituent problems. Determines action to facilitate resolution of constituent problems. Composes and types letters to Federal agencies and Congressional Committees concerning resolution of problems of constituents. Prepares memoranda to inform Member of Congress of problems which require legislative attention. Confers with personnel assisting Member of Congress to discuss introduction of legislation to solve constituent problems. Calculates social security benefits, veterans' benefits, tax assessments, and other data concerning constituent complaints, using desk calculator.
GOE: 07.01.06 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

169.267-010 CLAIMS ADJUDICATOR (government ser.)

    Adjudicates claims for benefits offered under governmental social insurance program, such as those dealing with unemployed, retired, or disabled workers, veterans, dependents, or survivors: Reviews and evaluates data on documents and forms, such as claim applications, birth or death certificates, physician's statements, employer's records, vocational evaluation reports, and other similar records. Interviews or corresponds with claimants or agents to elicit information, correct errors or omissions on claim forms, and to investigate questionable data. Authorizes payment of valid claims, or notifies claimant of denied claim and appeal rights. Reevaluates evidence and procures additional information in connection with claims under appeal or in cases requiring investigation of claimant's continuing eligibility for benefits. Prepares written reports of findings. May specialize in one phase of claim program, such as assisting claimant to prepare forms, rating degree of disability, investigating appeals, or answering questions concerning filing requirements and benefits provided. May be designated according to type of benefit-claim adjudicated. May act as consultant to board rating disability.
GOE: 11.12.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

169.267-014 EXAMINER (government ser.)

    Examines and evaluates data to determine persons' or organizations' eligibility for, conformity with, or liability under, government regulated activity or program: Examines data contained in application forms, agency reports, business records, public documents or other records to gather facts, verify correctness, or establish authenticity. Interviews persons, visits establishments, or confers with technical or professional specialists, to obtain information or clarify facts. Analyzes data obtained, utilizing knowledge of administrative policies, regulatory codes, legislative directives, precedent, or other guidelines. Determines eligibility for participation in activity, conformity to program requirements, or liability for damages or financial losses incurred, based on findings. Prepares correspondence to inform concerned parties of decision and rights to appeal. Prepares reports of examinations, evaluations, and decisions. May be classified according to job function, program involved, or agency concerned.
GOE: 07.01.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

169.267-018 FINANCIAL-AID COUNSELOR (education)

    Interviews students applying for financial aid, such as loans, grants-in-aid, or scholarships, to determine eligibility for assistance in college or university: Confers with individuals and groups to disseminate information and answer questions relating to financial assistance available to students enrolled in college or university. Interviews students to obtain information needed to determine eligibility for aid. Compares data on students' applications, such as proposed budget, family income, or transcript of grades, with eligibility requirements of assistance program. Determines amount of aid, considering such factors as funds available, extent of demand, and needs of students. Authorizes release of funds to students and prepares required records and reports. May assist in selection of candidates for financial awards or aid granted by specific department. May specialize in specific aid program and be designated Loan Counselor (education); Scholarship Counselor (education).
GOE: 07.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

169.267-022 SECRETARY, BOARD-OF-EDUCATION (education)

    Evaluates academic records and maintains personnel file on school employees, compiles budget estimates, and prepares reports: Reviews applications of teaching, administrative, and clerical personnel entering school system to determine that educational and experience qualifications meet city, county, and state requirements, and that such information as state certificates and military records are included. Sets up and maintains records for personnel of entire system according to established procedures. Prepares correspondence and answers inquiries regarding employees and other school matters. Compiles reports for various boards of education and other officials. Compiles statistical and other data from questionnaires and surveys requested by local, state, and national organizations. Estimates budget requirements and prepares master payroll for system's schools. Records minutes of board meetings. Studies new regulations and applies them in preparing reports and maintaining records.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

169.267-026 SUPERVISOR, SPECIAL SERVICES (education) alternate titles: veterans' coordinator

    Provides special informational services to veterans, potential military enlistees, and physically handicapped students of college or university: Advises students regarding eligibility for veterans benefits, ways of fulfilling military obligation, or availability of public assistance. Interprets selective service and veterans' assistance laws to students. Refers handicapped students for counseling regarding vocational choice. Directs workers engaged in processing students' application and certification forms.
GOE: 07.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

169.267-030 PASSPORT-APPLICATION EXAMINER (government ser.)

    Approves applications for United States passports and related privileges and services: Reviews information on applications, such as applicant's birthplace and birthplaces of applicant's parents, to determine eligibility according to nationality laws and governmental policies. Examines supporting documents, such as affidavits, records, newspaper files, and Bibles, to evaluate relevance and authenticity of documents. Queries applicants to obtain additional or clarifying data. Forwards approved applications to designated official, and prepares summaries for cases not approved, indicating points of law. Answers questions of individuals concerning passport applications and related services.
GOE: 07.01.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

169.267-034 RESEARCH ANALYST (insurance)

    Evaluates insurance industry developments to update company products and procedures: Reviews industry publications and monitors pending legislation and regulations to determine impact of new developments on company insurance products. Consults with designated company personnel to disseminate information necessitating changes in language or provisions of insurance contracts and assists in preparation of documents or directives needed to implement changes. Corresponds or consults with agents, brokers, and other interested persons to determine feasibility and marketability of new products to meet competition and increase sales. Develops procedures and materials for introduction and administration of new products, and submits package for review by company personnel and regulatory bodies. May recommend lobbying activities to management. May direct or coordinate activities of other workers. May specialize in analyzing developments in group insurance operations and be designated Group-Contract Analyst (insurance).
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

169.267-038 ESTIMATOR (profess. & kin.) alternate titles: cost estimator; production estimator

    Analyzes blueprints, specifications, proposals, and other documentation to prepare time, cost, and labor estimates for products, projects, or services, applying knowledge of specialized methodologies, techniques, principles, or processes: Reviews data to determine material and labor requirements and prepares itemized lists. Computes cost factors and prepares estimates used for management purposes, such as planning, organizing, and scheduling work, preparing bids, selecting vendors or subcontractors, and determining cost effectiveness. Conducts special studies to develop and establish standard hour and related cost data or effect cost reductions. Consults with clients, vendors, or other individuals to discuss and formulate estimates and resolve issues. May specialize according to particular service performed, type of product manufactured, or phase of work involved, such as tool and fixture costs, production costs, construction costs, or material costs.
GOE: 05.03.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 88


    Authorizes payment on letters of credit used in international banking: Examines documents, such as bills of lading, certificates of origin, and shipping manifests, for accuracy and completeness and to ensure that conditions of letters of credit are in accordance with establishment policy and international uniform custom and practice. Verifies document computations, using calculator. Talks with customers and recommends acceptable wording for letters of credit. Explains regulatory and legal implications of terms and conditions, including U.S. trade restrictions. Instructs workers in preparing amendments to letters of credit. Contacts foreign banks, suppliers, or other sources to obtain required documents. Authorizes method of payment against letter of credit in accordance with client instructions.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

169.267-046 UNDERWRITER (insurance)

    Reviews insurance applications to evaluate, classify, and rate individuals and groups for insurance and accepts or rejects applications, following establishment underwriting standards: Examines such documents as application form, inspection report, insurance maps, and medical reports to determine degree of risk from such factors as applicant financial standing, age, occupation, accident experience, and value and condition of property. Reviews company records to determine amount of insurance in force on single risk or group of closely related risks, and evaluates possibility of losses due to catastrophe or excessive insurance. Writes to field representatives, medical personnel, and other insurance or inspection companies to obtain further information, quote rates, or explain company underwriting policies. Declines excessive risks. Authorizes reinsurance of policy when risk is high. Decreases value of policy when risk is substandard to limit company obligation, and specifies applicable endorsements, or applies rating to ensure safe and profitable distribution of risks, using rate books, tables, code books, computer records, and other reference materials. Workers typically specialize by type of insurance coverage, such as life, health, property and liability, or multiline insurance; and by individual or group underwriting. Within different types of coverage, workers may further specialize in areas, such as pension, workers' compensation, property, marine, automobile, homeowner, or fire.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

169.284-010 ADMEASURER (government ser.)

    Compiles data and prepares certificates of admeasurement to document ships, and determine type of license and safety equipment required, net tonnage, and applicable tolls and wharfage fees: Examines blueprints of ship and takes physical measurements to determine capacity, using rule and tape measure. Computes gross and net tonnage and deductible space of vessel required by laws. Prepares sketches of vessels, using drafting instruments. Writes certificates of admeasurement, listing such details as design, length, depth, and breadth of vessel, and method of propulsion.
GOE: 05.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

169.367-010 EMPLOYMENT-AND-CLAIMS AIDE (government ser.)

    Assists applicants completing application forms for job referrals or unemployment compensation claims: Answers questions concerning registration for jobs or application for unemployment insurance benefits. Reviews data on job application to claim forms to ensure completeness. Refers applicants to job opening or interview with EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWER (profess. & kin.), in accordance with administrative guidelines or office procedures. Schedules unemployment insurance claimants for interview by CLAIMS ADJUDICATOR (government ser.) when question of eligibility arises. Interviews claimants returning at specified intervals to certify claimants for continuing benefits. May assist applicants in filling out forms, using knowledge of information required or native language of applicant.
GOE: 07.04.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 77


    This division includes managerial occupations which require a knowledge of the management and operations of an organization, rather than a scientific, technical, or administrative specialty. Generally speaking, these are line management occupations in contrast to the staff and specialist occupations included in Division 16. Also includes such occupations as officers and executives of government, corporations, and nonprofit organizations; general managers; general supervisors; and department heads and their assistants in industrial establishments. Many general administrators and managers are former scientific, professional, and administrative specialists. Care must be taken to classify occupations according to duties and requirements rather than an incumbent's education or experience. Occupations in the administration of a scientific, technical, or professional activity must be carefully scrutinized to determine whether they are concerned primarily with technical supervision or with general management or specialized administrative work.


    This group includes managerial occupations concerned with operation for owners or other entities of all types of farms, ranches, hatcheries, and game preserves, including crop production and care of livestock for commercial use; care of timber tracts and reforestation activities; and commercial fishing, and related managerial services incidental to the industries. Occupations concerned with logging and related services are included under Group 183.

180.117-010 MANAGER, CHRISTMAS-TREE FARM (forestry)

    Plans, directs, and coordinates district operations of Christmas tree farm: Plans activities of district according to executive directives, budget, projected sales volume, and other guidelines. Negotiates contracts for lease of private lands for farming, and purchase of wild (uncultivated) trees for harvesting. Issues instructions to supervisors pertaining to variety and density of tree planting, cultural practices to apply, harvesting dates and locations, and shipping schedules. Contracts for trucks to haul trees from cutting areas to sorting yard. Hires workers and coordinates planting and cultivating of seedlings, and pruning, harvesting, grading, and shipping of trees. Directs office activities, such as compilation of production reports, preparation of payroll, and maintenance of office records.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.161-010 MANAGER, PRODUCTION, SEED CORN (agriculture) alternate titles: manager, regional

    Plans and directs development and production of hybrid seed corn for commercial seed companies: Plans and executes experimental field studies to develop and improve varieties of hybrid corn with desired characteristics, such as greater yield, resistance to disease and insects, and adaptability to specific soils and climate. Selects and inbreeds plants until specific inbred line is produced, using various breeding techniques, such as crossbreeding, backcrossing, and outcrossing. Confers with farmers to arrange contracts for raising hybrid corn. Distributes seeds, specifies areas of farm to be planted, directs workers engaged in corn planting to make most effective use of land, and oversees fertilizing, cultivating, detasseling, and harvesting [FIELD SUPERVISOR, SEED PRODUCTION (agriculture)]. Directs, through subordinate supervisors, workers engaged in shelling and grading corn. Examines equipment used to clean and grade shelled corn for proper functioning and plans changes in drying, grading, storage, and shipment of seed corn for greater efficiency and accuracy. Interprets company policies and hires, discharges, transfers, and promotes workers. Records production, farm management practices, parent stock, or other data.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Plans, coordinates, and directs activities concerned with breeding, growing, and displaying ornamental flowers, shrubs, and other plants in botanical garden, arboretum, park, or similar facility: Confers with administrative, technical, and maintenance staff members to plan activities for maintenance of growing stock and production of plants for display on grounds, installation in special exhibits, sale to public, or use in research projects. Discusses plans for renovation or additions to facility with administrative personnel and devises designs for floral exhibits to complement theme of new or renovated sections. Prepares scale drawings of outdoor or greenhouse exhibits for use of gardening staff members. Issues instructions to supervisory personnel in charge of plant growing, greenhouse, and display activities. Inspects greenhouse, hothouses, potting sheds, experimental growing areas, and other areas to determine need for repair and to observe activities of workers. Maintains inventory of propagation and growing equipment and supplies, and orders additional materials as needed. Arranges purchase, sale, or exchange of plants with representatives of similar institutions. Confers with research personnel to discuss development of new strains of plants and to devise methods to exhibit, publicize, or market new products. Represents establishment at civic or professional meetings. Participates in radio or television shows or prepares articles for newspapers to provide horticultural information to public.
GOE: 02.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86


    Manages distributorship concerned with collecting and packaging bull semen and inseminating cows: Hires, trains, and supervises ARTIFICIAL-BREEDING TECHNICIAN (agriculture). Prepares and issues advertising, speaks at farm organization meetings, and judges cattle shows to develop contacts with potential farmer-customers and to promote artificial breeding of cattle. Trains technicians in product knowledge, artificial insemination methods, and sales techniques. Organizes and coordinates sales and service functions and publishes material to motivate technicians and inform them of current breeding developments. Keeps customers' accounts and breeding and herd records for distributorship. Collects accounts due. Orders supplies, equipment, and promotional materials for technicians. May perform breeding services.
GOE: 03.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-014 FIELD SUPERVISOR, SEED PRODUCTION (agriculture)

    Coordinates activities of FARMERS (agriculture) engaged in producing seed stocks for commercial seed companies: Inspects and analyzes soil and water supplies of farm and studies wind currents, land contours, and windbreaks to plan production areas for effective utilization of land, prevention of cross-pollination, and avoid recurrence of previously planted crops. Distributes seed stock to FARMERS (agriculture) and specifies areas and number of acres to be planted. Gives instructions to workers engaged in cultivation procedures, such as fertilization, tilling, and detasseling. Determines harvesting dates and methods of harvesting. Plans and directs storage and shipment of harvested seed crop to ensure protection of seed life.
GOE: 03.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

180.167-018 GENERAL MANAGER, FARM (agriculture; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: ranch manager

    Manages farm concerned with raising, harvesting, packing, and marketing farm products for corporations, cooperatives, and other owners: Analyzes market conditions to determine acreage allocations. Negotiates with bank officials to obtain credit from bank. Purchases farm machinery and equipment and supplies, such as tractors, seed, fertilizer, and chemicals. Hires and discharges personnel. Prepares financial and other management reports. Supervises office personnel engaged in preparing payrolls and keeping records. Visits orchards and fields to inspect and estimate maturity dates of crops and potential crop damage due to harsh weather conditions. Confers with purchasers, and determines when and under what conditions to sell crops, marine life, or forest products. May be designated according to type of crop.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 79

180.167-022 GROUP LEADER (agriculture) alternate titles: crew boss; crew leader; row boss

    Coordinates activities of group of FARMWORKERS, GENERAL (agriculture) I engaged in planting, cultivating, and harvesting diversified crops: Recruits members for group. Locates jobs for group and accompanies group on job. May be required to hold state registration certificate. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-026 MANAGER, DAIRY FARM (agriculture)

    Manages dairy farm: Plans, develops, and implements policies, procedures, and practices for operation of dairy farm to ensure compliance with company's or owner's standards for farm production, propagation of herd, and regulations of regulatory agencies. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, farm activities, such as breeding and rearing livestock, feeding and milking of cows, storage of milk, and sterilizing and maintaining facilities and equipment. Reviews breeding and milk production records to determine bulls and cows that are unproductive and should be sold. Inspects facilities and equipment to ensure compliance with sanitation standards, and to determine maintenance and repair requirements. Authorizes, requisitions, or purchases supplies and equipment, such as feed, disinfective and sanitation chemicals, and replacements for defective equipment. Secures services of VETERINARIAN (medical ser.) for treatment of herd or when cows are calving. Prepares farm activity reports for evaluation by management or owner. May direct and coordinate activities concerned with planting, growing, harvesting, and storage of feed forage crops. May directly supervise dairy workers on small farms.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

180.167-030 MANAGER, FISH HATCHERY (fishing & hunt.) alternate titles: fish culturist; superintendent, fish hatchery

    Manages public or private fish hatchery, applying knowledge of management and fish culturing techniques: Determines, administers, and executes policies relating to administration, standards of hatchery operations, and maintenance of facilities. Confers with BIOLOGISTS (profess. & kin.) and other fishery personnel to obtain data concerning fish habits; food and environmental requirements; and techniques for collecting, fertilizing, incubating spawn, and treatment of spawn and fry. Oversees trapping and spawning of fish; incubating of eggs; rearing of fry; and movement of fish to lakes, ponds, and streams or commercial tanks. Prepares reports required by state and federal laws. Prepares budget reports, and receives, accounts for, and dispenses funds. May approve employment and discharge of employees, sign payrolls, and perform similar personnel duties. May manage hatchery concerned with culturing shellfish and other marine life and be designated Manager, Marine Life Hatchery (fishing & hunt.); Manager, Shellfish Hatchery (fishing & hunt.).
GOE: 03.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-034 MANAGER, GAME BREEDING FARM (agriculture)

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with operation of private or state game breeding farm: Consults with professional personnel and reviews technical publications and other literature to obtain data on breeding, rearing, habits, diets, and diseases and treatment, of various species of game birds and animals. Evaluates data in order to plan game breeding and rearing activities. Plans, formulates, and implements policies, methods, and procedures required to attain game farm objectives. Directs and coordinates farm activities, such as incubation and hatching of game bird eggs and rearing of birds; selection, pairing, and rearing of game animals; treatment of diseased or ill game birds and animals; and repair and maintenance of farm facilities. Inspects facilities and equipment for needed repairs or maintenance. Examines game for sign of illness or disease and notifies designated personnel of actions to be taken. May contract with state agencies or private game preserves to provide establishments with birds or animals. May contract with food establishments to furnish game birds and game animal meat. Must be licensed as breeder by state department of fish and game. ay be designated according to type of game bred as Manager, Game-Animal Farm (agriculture); Manager, Game-Bird Farm (agriculture).
GOE: 03.01.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-038 MANAGER, GAME PRESERVE (agriculture)

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with operation of state or private game preserve: Determines nature of habitat required for propagation and subsistence of species of game animals or birds on preserve, utilizing knowledge of habits and natural propagation of animals and birds. Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in constructing and maintaining habitats required, conducting game surveys, protection of game from predatory animals, and maintaining buildings and facilities of preserve. Determines from surveys number of birds or animals that may be hunted or killed in order to eliminate imbalances resulting from natural propagation of game and limitations imposed by area habitat. Posts signs restricting areas where game may be hunted and enforces fish and game laws. Prepares reports required by county, state, or federal government regulatory agencies. May breed, rear, and liberate game on preserve. May contract with breeding personnel for stocking purposes and liberate game on preserve. May arrange contracts for movie studios to film on preserve or for sale of game to zoos. May present lectures on objectives, policies, and practices of state fish and game department to inform and acquaint civic or other interested groups on wildlife and preserve programs.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

180.167-042 MANAGER, NURSERY (agriculture; retail trade; wholesale tr.)

    Manages nursery to grow horticultural plants, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, ornamental plants, or vegetables for sale to trade or retail customers: Determines type and quantity of horticultural plants to be grown, considering such factors as whether plants will be grown under controlled conditions in hothouse or greenhouse or under natural weather conditions in field, and market demand or conditions, utilizing knowledge of plant germination, growing habits of plants, soil conditions, plant nutrients, and disease control requirements. Selects and purchases seed, plant nutrients, and disease control chemicals according to type of horticultural plants and conditions under which plants will be grown. Tours work areas to observe quality and quantity of work being done, to inspect crops and to evaluate horticultural conditions, such as plant disease and soil conditions. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in planting of seed, raising, feeding, and controlling growth and disease of plants, and transplanting, potting, or cutting plants for marketing. Coordinates clerical, record keeping, accounting, and marketing activities. May purchase nursery stock for resale and sell gardening accessories, such as sprays, garden implements, and plant nutrients and be known as Manager, Retail Nursery (agriculture; retail trade). May grow horticultural plants under controlled conditions hydroponically and be known as Manager, Hydroponics Nursery (agriculture).
GOE: 03.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 81

180.167-046 MANAGER, POULTRY HATCHERY (agriculture)

    Manages poultry hatchery: Plans, develops, and implements policies and practices for operation of hatchery to ensure attainment of goals and profitable operation. Arranges with farmers to supply eggs or obtains eggs from company owned flocks. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, hatchery activities, such as hatching of eggs, sorting, vaccinating and shipping of chicks, and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Prepares hatching schedules for variety of chicks considering such factors as customer orders, market forecasts, and hatchery facilities and equipment. Arranges for sale of chicks to farmers or commercial growers. Interprets hatchery records and genetic data on chicks and advises customers regarding breeding, brooding, feeding, and sanitation practices to follow for various species of poultry. Arranges for purchases of equipment and supplies, such as brooders, incubators, feeds, and medicines. Prepares reports on hatchery activities, such as chick production and sales and reports required by regulatory bodies. May be designated by species of poultry hatched as Manager, Chicken Hatchery (agriculture); Manager, Duck Hatchery (agriculture); Manager, Turkey Hatchery (agriculture).
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-050 MIGRANT LEADER (agriculture) alternate titles: crew leader; farm-crew leader

    Contracts seasonal farm employment of MIGRANT WORKERS (agriculture): Consults employment agencies to locate work and confers with FARMERS (agriculture) to obtain suitable contracts for crew. Recruits and organizes crew and furnishes transportation to work site. Schedules en-route rest stops that afford shelters, benches or beds, cooking facilities, fuel and water, and adequate toilet and sanitary provisions. Confers with employer and community officials at site of employment to ensure availability of living quarters for families and single individuals, educational and recreational facilities, medical care, and day care for children. Supplies farm implements and machinery to crew and directs them in methods of cultivation, harvesting, and packaging of crop. Prepares payroll and production records. May provide initial financing of trips and advance funds to workers during idle periods. ay be required to hold state registration certificate. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) Master Title.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M2 L2 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-054 SUPERINTENDENT (agriculture; can. & preserv.)

    Coordinates packinghouse activities with harvesting of crops: Inspects farms to ascertain quantity of crops to be processed by packinghouse. Advises growers of best time for harvesting crops, considering such factors as maturity of and demand for products. Informs packinghouse supervisor and sales agents of crops to be processed to plan packinghouse activities and sales campaigns. Oversees packinghouse activities and assigns duties to subordinate supervisors. Reports needed packinghouse repairs and replacements to superiors. ay hire and discharge packinghouse employees.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

180.167-058 SUPERINTENDENT, PRODUCTION (agriculture) alternate titles: grove superintendent; manager, production

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in laying out of new citrus groves and maintenance of mature groves, owned by packinghouses or other absentee companies. Analyzes soil to determine type and quantity of plant food required for maximum production. Directs amount and kind of insecticides and fungicides to be used and method of application. Keeps company officials informed of condition of groves, quantity of crops estimated for harvesting, and other factors affecting production of citrus fruits. May contract to maintain groves for independent owners. May purchase supplies for grove care.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Manages operations of aerial seed sowing and crop dusting establishment: Negotiates contracts with farm personnel to sow seeds of specified varieties or to spray or dust fields or crops with specified agricultural chemicals. Confers with AIRPLANE PILOT (agriculture) 196.263-010 to determine materials and conditions required to meet terms of contract and schedules flights according to factors, such as client requests, weather conditions, aircraft availability, and legal and safety considerations. Monitors AIRPLANE-PILOT HELPER (agriculture) 409.667-010 mixing chemicals, loading chemicals and seeds into hopper of aircraft, and indicating flight passes to pilot from ground to ensure efficient and safe operations. Purchases seeds and chemicals from suppliers. Oversees repair and maintenance of aircraft and contracts for repair and maintenance of hangars, runway, and related company facilities. aintains records for billing and payroll purposes. Initiates personnel actions, such as hiring, firing, and disciplining workers.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

180.167-066 MANAGER, ORCHARD (agriculture)

    Manages orchards: Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, orchard activities, such as orchard development, irrigation, chemical application, and harvesting to ensure that company production goals are met. Evaluates oral and written reports and observes operations to monitor progress of work and to detect and resolve problems. Determines and authorizes alternative procedures to accommodate variables, such as weather conditions, water supply, stage of crop or tree development, and new legislation. Coordinates orchard department activities with those of engineering, equipment maintenance, packing house, and other related departments. Analyzes financial statements and makes budget proposals. May initiate personnel actions, interpret company policy, and enforce safety regulations.
GOE: 03.01.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86


    This group includes managerial occupations concerned with exploration and development of mineral properties; extracting minerals, such as coal and ores, liquid petroleum, and gases; quarrying, well operation, and mining.

181.117-010 MANAGER, BULK PLANT (petrol. refin.; retail trade) alternate titles: field operating superintendent; terminal superintendent

    Manages plant in which gasoline, lubricants, and petroleum fuels are stored and distributed in bulk lots, formulating policies in regard to storage, distribution, and other operating problems: Determines type and quantities of products according to consumer demand. Contacts refineries and petroleum canning plants to schedule shipment of products. Establishes operating procedures for incoming shipments, indicating storage tanks and warehouse facilities to be used. Formulates policies for distribution and sale of products to wholesale and retail outlets and consumers.
GOE: 05.02.07 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

181.117-014 MINE SUPERINTENDENT (mine & quarry) alternate titles: superintendent, colliery; superintendent, quarry

    Plans and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in extracting minerals, such as coal, ore, or rock, from underground or surface mines, pits, or quarries: Reviews data, such as maps, survey reports, and geological records, and confers with engineering, maintenance, and supervisory personnel to plan and direct mine development. Calculates mining or quarrying operational costs, estimates potential income, and instructs PIT SUPERVISOR (mine & quarry) 939.137-014 to abandon or open mine sections, pits, or other working areas. Studies maps and blueprints to determine location for haulageways, access roads, ventilation shafts, rail tracks, and conveyor systems. Studies land contours and rock formations, and specifies locations to install pillars, timbers, and roof bolts, and use of equipment for cutting, drilling, blasting and loading minerals. Reads mining laws and safety regulations, and issues directives to workers to ensure adherence to applicable rules and regulations. Reviews and consolidates records, such as ore grade, air quality, safety reports, and production records. Tours and inspects mine to detect and resolve production, equipment maintenance, safety, atmospheric, and personnel problems. Negotiates with workers, union personnel, and other parties to settle grievances.
GOE: 05.02.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 80

181.167-010 MANAGER, FIELD PARTY, GEOPHYSICAL PROSPECTING (petrol. & gas) alternate titles: field-party manager

    Directs activities in petroleum company or geophysical exploration service concerned with providing transportation, supplies, housing, and other requirements for field party prospecting for petroleum reserves: Purchases and maintains flow of supplies to party. Arranges for housing and other living facilities. Discharges financial obligations. Arranges for and directs repair of automotive and drilling equipment.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

181.167-014 SUPERINTENDENT, DRILLING AND PRODUCTION (petrol. & gas) alternate titles: district superintendent; division superintendent

    Directs activities concerned with exploratory drilling, and drilling oil wells and producing oil and gas from wells within one or more oil fields: Plans erection of drilling rigs, and installation and maintenance of equipment, such as pumping units and compressor stations. Directs technical processes, such as treatment of oil and gas to reduce moisture and sediment content, mud analysis, well logging, and formation testing. Determines procedures to resolve drilling problems, such as nonvertical bore holes and broken drilling tools. Formulates methods to control production of wells in accordance with proration regulations. Schedules dismantling and storing derricks and drilling equipment, cleaning wells, and servicing well equipment. Analyzes production reports, initiates personnel actions, and revises drilling and production procedures to control operating costs and production efficiency of oil field. Directs petroleum exploration parties engaged in drilling for samples (cores) of subsurface stratigraphy and in seismic prospecting. May be designated according to specialty as Superintendent, Oil-Field Drilling (petrol. & gas); Superintendent, Production (petrol. & gas).
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

181.167-018 SUPERVISOR, MINE (mine & quarry) alternate titles: supervisor, general

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel, such as PIT SUPERVISOR (mine & quarry); SECTION SUPERVISOR (mine & quarry) in one or more underground or surface mines, pits, or quarries: Directs opening of new surface cuts or pits or underground rooms and passageways, or construction and installation of equipment as designated by MINE SUPERINTENDENT (mine & quarry). Coordinates activities with those of SAFETY ENGINEER, MINES (mine & quarry) and reports safety violations. Inspects mines and instructs supervisors to take necessary measures to improve production and working conditions.
GOE: 05.02.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    This group includes managerial and contractual occupations concerned with construction of dwellings, office buildings, stores, farm buildings, bridges, roads, and similar structures; plumbing, painting, electrical, carpentry, site preparation, and landscaping work.

182.167-010 CONTRACTOR (construction)

    Contracts to perform specified construction work in accordance with architect's plans, blueprints, codes, and other specifications: Estimates costs of materials, labor, and use of equipment required to fulfill provisions of contract and prepares bids. Confers with clients to negotiate terms of contract. Subcontracts specialized craft work, such as electrical, structural steel, concrete, and plumbing. Purchases material for construction. Supervises workers directly or through subordinate supervisors. May be designated according to specialty license or scope of principal activities as Contractor, General Engineering (construction); Contractor, General Building (construction).
GOE: 11.12.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

182.167-014 LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR (construction)

    Contracts to landscape grounds of houses, industrial plants, other buildings, or areas around highways: Confers with prospective client, studies landscape designs or drawings, and bills of materials to ascertain scope of landscaping work required, such as installation of lighting or sprinkler systems, erection of fences, concrete work, and types of trees, shrubs, or ornamental plants specified. Inspects grounds or area to determine equipment requirements for grading, tilling, or replacing top soil, and labor requirements to install sprinkler or lighting system, build fences, or perform concreting and planting work. Calculates labor, equipment, material, and overhead costs to determine minimum estimate or bid which will provide for margin of profit. Prepares and submits estimate for client or bid to industrial concern or governmental agency. Prepares contract for client to sign or signs contract if successful bidder. Plans landscaping functions and sequences of work at various sites to obtain optimum utilization of work force and equipment. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in performing landscaping functions in contractual agreement. Purchases and ensures that materials are on-site as needed. Inspects work at sites for compliance with terms and specifications of contract. May personally supervise workers. May participate in performing landscaping functions. May be required to possess state license as landscape contractor. May subcontract electrical installation or concrete work if not equipped to provide those services.
GOE: 03.01.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

182.167-018 RAILROAD-CONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR (r.r. trans.)

    Plans and coordinates activities of workers engaged in constructing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining railroad track and rights-of-way within assigned district of railroad: Plans work assignments and schedules. Requisitions supplies and materials to complete construction projects. Dispatches workers and equipment to scenes of accidents and impassable roadbeds or tunnels to repair damage and restore service. Investigates accidents, defective tracks, and obstructions to rights-of-way and issues restorative work orders. Prepares reports stating causes of accidents or concerning condition of tracks and issues recommendations to prevent future accidents, damage, or track deterioration. Recommends construction of new tracks.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Manages ready-mix concrete plant: Determines work procedure and assigns duties to personnel concerned with mixing and dispatching of concrete and maintenance of plant and equipment. Inspects personnel performance for quality and quantity. Prepares reports on cost of plant operation and maintains personnel records. Hires, trains, and discharges workers. Coordinates activities of sales personnel.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

182.167-026 SUPERINTENDENT, CONSTRUCTION (construction) alternate titles: superintendent, job

    Directs activities of workers concerned with construction of buildings, dams, highways, pipelines, or other construction projects: Studies specifications to plan procedures for construction on basis of starting and completion times and staffing requirements for each phase of construction, based on knowledge of available tools and equipment and various building methods. Assembles members of organization (supervisory, clerical, engineering, and other workers) at start of project. Orders procurement of tools and materials to be delivered at specified times to conform to work schedules. Confers with and directs supervisory personnel and subcontractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures, interpreting specifications, and coordinating various phases of construction to prevent delays. Confers with supervisory personnel and labor representatives to resolve complaints and grievances within work force. Confers with supervisory and engineering personnel and inspectors and suppliers of tools and materials to resolve construction problems and improve construction methods. Inspects work in progress to ensure that work conforms to specifications and that construction schedules are adhered to. Prepares, or receives from subordinates, reports on progress, materials used and costs, and adjusts work schedules as indicated by reports. May direct workers concerned with major maintenance or reconditioning projects for existing installations. Workers are usually designated according to type of project, work, or construction activity directed.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 80

182.167-030 SUPERINTENDENT, MAINTENANCE OF WAY (r.r. trans.)

    Plans and coordinates construction and maintenance of railroad right-of-way: Approves repair and construction projects and assigns work to specified departments. Reviews progress and production charts to ascertain that work is proceeding on schedule. Reviews and authorizes construction and maintenance projects or plans for budget, staff, and equipment requests. Coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining right-of-way. Visits sites damaged by wreck, derailment, or natural disaster, and prepares report identifying such factors as amount of damage, repairs to be done, and reasons for derailment or wreck. May consult with public-service agencies to resolve issues of unsafe crossings, bridges, trestles, and installation of additional warning devices. May direct construction and maintenance of buildings and other structures, such as bridges, trestles, and tunnels.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 81

182.167-034 SUPERVISOR, BRIDGES AND BUILDINGS (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in construction and repair of railroad structures, such as bridges, culverts, tunnels, and buildings: Plans work schedules for construction and maintenance projects. Interprets and explains plans for construction of new projects. Ensures that workers are supplied with tools, materials, and equipment for completion of construction or maintenance projects. Ensures that railroad construction specifications are followed. Dispatches workers and equipment to scenes of accidents to repair damaged bridges, tunnels, or right-of-way. Investigates reports of damage or accidents to determine and correct cause, if attributable to faulty construction or maintenance. Inspects right-of-way and structures to detect need for repairs. Prepares reports of hours, equipment, and materials used to complete each construction or maintenance project. May cooperate with engineering department to develop plans for new projects.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

182.267-010 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR (construction)

    Inspects and oversees construction of bridges, buildings, dams, highways, and other types of construction work to ensure that procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications: Measures distances to verify accuracy of dimensions of structural installations and layouts. Verifies levels, alignment, and elevation of installations, using surveyor's level and transit. Observes work in progress to ensure that procedures followed and materials used conform to specifications. Prepares samples of unapproved materials for laboratory testing. Examines quality of finished installations for conformity to standard and approves installation. Interprets blueprints and specifications for CONTRACTOR (construction) and discusses deviations from specified construction procedures to ensure compliance with regulations governing construction. Records quantities of materials received or used during specified periods. Maintains daily log of construction and inspection activities and compares progress reports. Computes monthly estimates of work completed and approves payment for contractors. Prepares sketches of construction installations that deviate from blueprints and reports such changes for incorporation on master blueprints. May be designated according to structure or material inspected as Building-Construction Inspector (construction); Ditch Inspector (construction); Highway Inspector (construction); Masonry Inspector (construction); Reinforced-Concrete Inspector (construction); Rod Inspector (construction). May be designated: Pipeline Inspector (construction); Structural-Steel Inspector (construction); Tunnel-Heading Inspector (construction).
GOE: 05.03.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    This group includes managerial occupations concerned with plants, factories, or mills which use power-driven machines and materials-handling equipment to bring about mechanical or chemical transformation of organic or inorganic substances into products. Includes establishments engaged in assembling component parts of manufactured products where the product is not a structure.

183.117-010 MANAGER, BRANCH (any industry) alternate titles: agent; manager, area; manager, division; manager, plant

    Directs production, distribution, and marketing operations for branch plant, or assigned territory of industrial organization: Coordinates production, distribution, warehousing, and sales in accordance with policies, principles, and procedures established by MANAGER, INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION (any industry) 189.117-022. Confers with customers and representatives of associated industries to evaluate and promote improved and expanded services in area. Develops plans for efficient use of materials, machines, and employees. Reviews production costs and product quality, and modifies production and inventory control programs to maintain and enhance profitable operation of division. Reviews operations of competing organizations, and plans and directs sales program to develop new markets, using sales aids, advertising, promotional programs, and field services. Directs personnel program. Directs preparation of accounting records. Recommends budgets to management. May be designated according to title of area of jurisdiction as Manager, District (any industry); Manager, Local (any industry); Manager, Regional (any industry).
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

183.117-014 PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT (any industry) alternate titles: manager, factory; manager, general; manager, plant; manager, production; plant supervisor; superintendent, factory; superintendent, general; superintendent, mill; superintendent, plant

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities concerned with production of company product(s), utilizing knowledge of product technology, production methods and procedures, and capabilities of machines and equipment: Confers with management personnel to establish production and quality control standards, develop budget and cost controls, and to obtain data regarding types, quantities, specifications, and delivery dates of products ordered. Plans and directs production activities and establishes production priorities for products in keeping with effective operations and cost factors. Coordinates production activities with procurement, maintenance, and quality control activities to obtain optimum production and utilization of human resources, machines, and equipment. Reviews and analyzes production, quality control, maintenance, and operational reports to determine causes of nonconformity with product specifications, and operating or production problems. Develops and implements operating methods and procedures designed to eliminate operating problems and improve product quality. Revises production schedules and priorities as result of equipment failure or operating problems. Consults with engineering personnel relative to modification of machines and equipment in order to improve production and quality of products. Conducts hearings to resolve or effect settlement of grievances and refers unresolved grievances for management-union negotiations. Supervises subordinates directly in plants having no GENERAL SUPERVISOR (any industry) 183.167-018. PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENTS (any industry) 183.117-014 are usually designated according to product produced or by type of plant, industry, or activity. May compile, store, and retrieve production data, using computer.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

183.161-014 WINE MAKER (beverage) alternate titles: enologist

    Directs and coordinates all activities of winery concerned with production of wine: Contracts with growers to provide fruit for processing or cooperates with HORTICULTURIST (profess. & kin.) of company vineyard in grape production. Examines grape samples to ascertain presence and extent of such factors as sugar and acid content, and ripeness. Orders grapes picked when analysis indicates they are at degree of ripeness desired. Coordinates processes and directs workers concerned with testing and crushing grapes, fermenting juice, fortifying, clarifying, aging, and finishing of wine, including cooling, filtering, and bottling. Blends wines according to formulas or knowledge and experience in wine making. ay develop new processes to improve product. When processing champagne, may be designated Champagne Maker (beverage). When processing wine into vinegar, is designated Vinegar Maker (beverage).
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

183.167-010 BREWING DIRECTOR (beverage) alternate titles: brewing superintendent

    Develops new or modifies existing brewing formulas and processing techniques and coordinates, through subordinate supervisors, brewing, fermenting, lagering, and malting departments of a brewery: Devises brewing formulas and processes or works in conjunction with research personnel to develop or modify formulas and processes. Directs and coordinates activities of departments to control processing, according to formula specifications. Confers with technical and administrative personnel to resolve formula and process problems. Reviews and analyzes production orders to determine brewing schedules and human resource requirements. Tests and inspects beer, grain, malt, wort, and yeast, using saccharimeter, hydrometer, and other test equipment and correlates results with quality control analyses. Advises and recommends to management methods and procedures for selecting, installing, and maintaining equipment. Reviews and resolves personnel actions. Prepares and submits production reports. May confer with worker's representatives to resolve grievances.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

183.167-014 GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT, MILLING (grain-feed mills) alternate titles: milling superintendent

    Directs operations of number of grain and feed mills under one establishment: Estimates operating time of each mill to produce various kinds of grain or feed products, basing estimates on experience, sales records, and anticipated need of stock. Prepares comparative data for each mill and type of product, and issues orders to each MILLER SUPERVISOR (grain-feed mills) concerning his particular mill. Plans new mills, selects milling machinery, and ensures that machinery is installed according to specifications. May supervise workers engaged in changing existing mills to improve production.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

183.167-018 GENERAL SUPERVISOR (any industry) alternate titles: department supervisor; division supervisor; process supervisor; production supervisor

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of production department(s) in processing materials or manufacturing products in industrial establishment, applying knowledge of production methods, processes, machines and equipment, plant layout, and production capacities of each department: Reviews production orders or schedules to ascertain product data, such as types, quantities, and specifications of products and scheduled delivery dates in order to plan department operations. Plans production operations, establishing priorities and sequences for manufacturing products, utilizing knowledge of production processes and methods, machine and equipment capabilities, and human resource requirements. Prepares operational schedules and coordinates manufacturing activities to ensure production and quality of products meets specifications. Reviews production and operating reports and resolves operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays. Inspects machines and equipment to ensure specific operational performance and optimum utilization. Develops or revises standard operational and working practices and observes workers to ensure compliance with standards. Initiates personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, discharges, or disciplinary measures. Resolves worker grievances or submits unsettled grievances to PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT (any industry) 183.117-014 for action. Workers are usually designated according to department processes, operations, activity, or industry. May compile, store, and retrieve production data, using computer.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 88

183.167-022 GENERAL SUPERVISOR (beverage)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of supervisory personnel engaged in brewing operations: Recommends improvements in processing, sanitation, and safety procedures. Reviews and approves requests for minor repairs and maintenance. Assists BREWING DIRECTOR (beverage) in departmental operations.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

183.167-026 MANAGER, FOOD PROCESSING PLANT (can. & preserv.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of food processing plant: Contacts buyers or growers to arrange for purchasing or harvesting and delivery of agricultural products, seafoods, meat, or other raw materials to plant for processing. Directs, through subordinate supervisory personnel, workers engaged in processing, canning, freezing, storing, and shipping food products. Directs and coordinates activities concerned with dismantling, moving, installing, or repairing of machines and equipment. Approves plant payroll and payments for purchased materials or products. Estimates quantities of foods for processing required and orders foods, materials, supplies, and equipment needed. Hires, transfers, and discharges employees. May provide suppliers with transportation to expedite delivery of purchased products or supplies to plant. May arrange for freezing of packaged products by other food processing plants. May negotiate with suppliers or growers prices to be paid for purchases.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates activities of service department of establishment concerned with providing lessees of machinery and equipment with maintenance and repair services as stipulated in leasing contract: Organizes field service offices and facilities in locations that will provide greatest number of customers with services. Stocks offices with spare parts and supplies to enable offices to provide required services. May arrange for transportation of machinery to and from customer's establishment when repairs cannot be performed on-site. May contact potential customers concerning leasing of machinery and equipment. May negotiate leasing and service contracts for machinery and equipment.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

183.167-034 SUPERINTENDENT, CAR CONSTRUCTION (railroad equip.)

    Coordinates, through subordinates, activities of workers engaged in constructing and repairing railroad freight cars: Reviews plans for construction of new cars and reports of cars requiring repairs and confers with subordinate department supervisors to estimate time, supplies, human resources, and equipment required to complete work. Schedules work to departments, such as metal, paint, or structural shops. Reviews progress reports and reschedules work for departments completing work in order to meet schedule deadlines. Recommends salvaging or scrapping of cars. Interprets and enforces company safety rules, building codes, and regulations.
GOE: 05.02.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

183.167-038 SUPERINTENDENT, LOGGING (logging) alternate titles: cutting supervisor; yarding supervisor

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in logging operations: Reviews logging orders and inspects designated timber tract and terrain to determine methods for logging operations, size of crew, and equipment requirements. Confers with mill, company, and government forestry officials regarding methods for logging tract in order to determine safest and most efficient method. Engages personnel and directs setting up of equipment at logging site. Plans, schedules, and coordinates logging operations in accordance with production requirements and in compliance with safety laws and government regulations. Observes logging operations to detect unsafe working conditions and noncompliance of workers with safety regulations. Changes logging procedures or methods to eliminate unsafe conditions and warns or disciplines workers disregarding safety regulations. Prepares production and personnel time records for management. ay negotiate contract with mill, logging company, governmental agency, or individuals to perform logging operations and be designated Logging Contractor (logging).
GOE: 05.02.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    This group includes managerial occupations concerned with passenger and freight transportation by railway, highway, water, or air; furnishing services relating to transportation; petroleum pipeline transportation; warehousing; telephone and telegraph communication services; radio broadcasting and television; and the supplying of electricity, gas, steam, water, or sanitary services.

184.117-010 DIRECTOR, PUBLIC SERVICE (radio-tv broad.) alternate titles: manager, public service

    Plans, schedules, and coordinates broadcasting of public service radio or television programs in various fields, such as education, religion, and civic and government affairs: Directs activities of public relations staff that maintains contacts between station or network and governmental and educational organizations. Evaluates proposed programs for suitability within station or network policy. Makes recommendations to formulate policy. Attends and addresses conventions and conferences of various groups to interest them in educational uses of radio and television. Interviews community officials and leaders to identify community problems and concerns. Examines station or network programming to ascertain available time and schedules public service programs. Contacts member network stations to promote public service programs on national scale. May research and write information on proposed program topics. May contact potential guests to solicit participation in program. May plan and schedule meetings with community organizations. May write or type notes on meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, letters, memos, and reports. May be designated according to specialization as Director, Educational Radio (radio-tv broad.).
GOE: 11.09.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

184.117-014 DIRECTOR, TRANSPORTATION (motor trans.)

    Formulates policies, programs, and procedures for transportation system, including schedules, rates, routes, assignment of drivers and vehicles and other terminal operations: Submits recommendations for development of, and compliance with transportation policies, procedures, and programs. Plans, directs, and implements vehicle scheduling, allocation, dispatching, licensing, and communication functions in accordance with established policies and objectives to effect economical utilization of vehicle facilities. Directs compilation and issuance of timetables. Conducts continuous analyses of vehicle and driver assignments and analyzes scheduling for possible consolidation. Reviews and revises driver schedules to ensure increased efficiency and to lower costs. Conducts field surveys to evaluate operations and recommends changes. Directs compilation and preparation of statistical surveys to determine traffic trends. Reviews and analyzes reports, such as revenue and performance records, and seat occupancy patterns to secure information for recommended changes. Analyzes proposed schedules and rates, initiates preparation and distribution of proposed trip schedule changes, and submits analyses of data and rescheduling recommendations to administration. Directs operation and maintenance of communication systems, reviews procedures, provides guidance to resolve technical problems, analyzes costs and recommends cost control measures. Reviews cost statements to locate excessive expenses, and develops plans, policies, and budgets. Selects and recommends personnel for staff positions and trains and assigns personnel for supervisory positions.
GOE: 11.05.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-018 DISTRICT SUPERVISOR (motor trans.) alternate titles: city service supervisor

    Selects passenger bus depot sites along routes and sets up agreement between company and agent. Inspects depots to ensure maintenance of company standards for food and passenger comfort facilities. Collects and audits ticket sales and computes agent's commission. Advises agent of bus schedule changes. Investigates accidents and arranges settlements.
GOE: 11.12.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

184.117-022 IMPORT-EXPORT AGENT (any industry) alternate titles: foreign agent

    Coordinates activities of international traffic division of import-export agency and negotiates settlements between foreign and domestic shippers: Plans and directs flow of air and surface traffic moving to overseas destinations. Supervises workers engaged in receiving and shipping freight, documentation, waybilling, assessing charges, and collecting fees for shipments. Negotiates with domestic customers, as intermediary for foreign customers, to resolve problems and arrive at mutual agreements. Negotiates with foreign shipping interests to contract for reciprocal freight-handling agreements. May examine invoices and shipping manifests for conformity to tariff and customs regulations. May contact customs officials to effect release of incoming freight and resolve customs delays. May prepare reports of transactions to facilitate billing of shippers and foreign carriers.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.117-026 MANAGER, AIRPORT (air trans.) alternate titles: director, airport; superintendent, airport

    Plans, directs, and coordinates, through subordinate personnel, activities concerned with construction and maintenance of airport facilities and operation of airport in accordance with governmental agency or commission policies and regulations: Consults with commission members, governmental officials, or representatives of airlines to discuss and plan such matters as design and development of airport facilities, formulation of operating rules, regulations, and procedures, and aircraft landing, taxiing, and take-off patterns for various types of aircraft. Negotiates with representatives of airlines, utility companies, or individuals for acquisition of property for development of airport, lease of airport buildings and facilities, or use of rights-of-way over private property. Formulates procedures for use in event of aircraft accidents, fires, or other emergencies. Inspects airport facilities, such as runways, buildings, beacons and lighting, and automotive or construction equipment, or reviews inspection reports, to determine repairs, replacement, or improvements required. Coordinates activities of personnel involved in repair and maintenance of airport facilities, buildings, and equipment to minimize interruption of airport operations and improve efficiency. Directs personnel in investigating violations of aerial or ground traffic regulations, reviews investigation reports, and initiates actions to be taken against violators. Directs studies on noise abatement resulting from complaints of excessive noise from low flying aircraft or other operations. Reviews reports of expenditures for previous fiscal year, proposed improvements to facilities, and estimated increase in volume of traffic, in order to prepare budget estimates for upcoming fiscal year. Represents airport before civic or other organizational groups, courts, boards, and commissions. When management functions are divided at large or international airports, workers may be designated according to activities directed as Director, Airport Operations (air trans.); anager, Airport-Property-And-Development (air trans.); Superintendent, Airport-Buildings-Maintenance (air trans.); Superintendent, Airport-Facilities-Repair-And-Maintenance (air trans.).
GOE: 11.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-030 MANAGER, AREA DEVELOPMENT (utilities) alternate titles: area-development consultant

    Negotiates with representatives of industrial, commercial, agricultural, or other interests utilizing electric power or fuel gas to encourage location of facilities in area served by utility: Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparation of surveys and studies of prospective development area to compile information of interest to companies desirous of relocation. Analyzes compiled data and formulates methods and procedures for developing industrial areas to determine industries that would enhance developmental plan. Plans promotional sales program and advertising to promote maximum utilization of land and consumption of electric power. Contacts companies to persuade them to locate in service area.
GOE: 11.09.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-034 MANAGER, AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES (any industry)

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with acquisition of automotive equipment and operation and maintenance of automotive fleet repair and storage facilities for public utility, transportation, commercial, or industrial company: Coordinates activities of staff personnel conducting research and testing program on automotive equipment considered for acquisition for such factors as operational performance, operational and maintenance costs, safety of operation, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Reviews and submits staff proposals for modifications to vendor or manufacturer. Directs procurement of all types of company-owned-and-operated automotive equipment, and materials, supplies, and parts required to maintain automotive equipment, garages, and storage facilities. Coordinates automotive repair and maintenance services to obtain maximum utilization of automotive equipment and prevent operational delays in other departments.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-038 MANAGER, FLIGHT OPERATIONS (air trans.)

    Directs and coordinates through subordinate management personnel, flight operation and control activities of air transport company terminal station: Reviews flight schedules, flight crew bid sheet for routes, and crew schedules to ensure assignments for schedules and routes are in accordance with personnel qualifications for type of aircraft, federal safety and operational regulations, union contract provisions, and company policy. Confers with flight crew personnel to resolve any differences regarding schedule and route assignments. Coordinates activities of sections in flight operations department, such as dispatching, flight control, flight training and meteorology, to ensure maximum operating efficiency. Confers with administrative personnel, government regulatory agencies, and representatives of other airlines to propose revision and adoption of rules and procedures governing flight operation activities. Directs preparation of supplemental training materials or revision of operational manuals resulting from changes in rules and procedures. Conducts investigations in cooperation with federal agencies to determine causes of aircraft accidents and to establish accident prevention and emergency methods and procedures. May check out flight crew personnel on aircraft.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-042 MANAGER, HARBOR DEPARTMENT (water trans.)

    Manages operations of municipal harbor department or port authority: Enforces orders, rules, and regulations, concerning use and control of navigable waters, tidelands, and submerged lands within harbor. Authorizes acquisition and maintenance of water craft and erection of facilities for department. Directs assignment of berths and wharves to steamship companies. Negotiates leases for office space and warehouses. Coordinates activities of purchasing, traffic, wharfage, and accounting divisions. Analyzes reports of harbor operations to plan and develop future operations, taking into consideration such factors as economic conditions, tariff changes, and commodity movements. Prepares and submits reports and recommendations to board or authority. Prepares budget and authorizes expenditures within departments.
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R6 M4 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

184.117-046 MANAGER, IRRIGATION DISTRICT (waterworks) alternate titles: manager, water department

    Plans and directs construction, maintenance, and operation of irrigation system within area delegated by board of directors: Establishes company policies relating to matters such as regulation of distribution and use of water, setting up of operation and maintenance standards, and standards concerned with construction of drainage systems. Recommends changes in policy, basing recommendations on study of capacity of present facilities, agricultural requirements, crop trends, and probable future water needs. Prepares directives to carry out policies approved by board. Confers with farmers, officials of city water systems, and representatives of county, state, and federal government to discuss matters such as water delivery schedules, construction problems at road and highway intersections, and diversion of river water for district use. Visits division offices, inspects field operations, and reviews periodic reports from subordinates to determine progress of construction and maintenance projects, distribution of water within divisions, collection of charges to users, and status of other phases of operation. Reviews budget estimates and compiles and approves estimates for district. Approves employment and discharge of employees, signs payrolls, and performs similar personnel duties.
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

184.117-050 MANAGER, OPERATIONS (air trans.; motor trans.; r.r. trans.; water trans.) alternate titles: operations manager

    Directs and coordinates activities of operations department of air, motor, railroad, or water transportation organization: Confers and cooperates with management personnel in formulating administrative and operational policies and procedures. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate managerial personnel, activities of operations department to obtain optimum use of equipment, facilities, and personnel. Reviews and analyzes expenditure, financial, and operations reports to determine requirements for increasing profits, such as need for increase in fares or tariffs, expansion of existing schedules, or extension of routes or new routes. Prepares recommendations on findings for management evaluation. Recommends capital expenditures for acquisition of new equipment which would increase efficiency and services of operations department. Approves requisitions for equipment, materials, and supplies within limits of operations department budget. Enforces compliance of operations personnel with administrative policies, procedures, safety rules, and governmental regulations. Directs investigations into causes of customer or shipper complaints relating to operations department. May negotiate contracts with equipment and materials suppliers. May act as representative of transportation organization before government commissions or regulatory bodies during hearings for increased fares or tariffs and on extensions of or new routes.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 81

184.117-054 MANAGER, REGIONAL (motor trans.)

    Directs and coordinates regional activities of motor transportation company: Examines and analyzes rates, tariffs, operating costs, and revenues to determine such needs or requirements as increase in rates and tariffs, reduction of operations and maintenance costs, and expansion of or changes in schedules or routes. Prepares, for management evaluation, recommendations designed to increase efficiency and revenues and lower costs. Directs, through subordinate management personnel, compliance of workers with established company policies, procedures, and standards, such as safekeeping of funds and tickets, personnel employment and grievance practices, and enforcement of union contracts and government regulations. Reviews operational records and reports and refers to manuals, company instructions, and government regulations to detect deviations from operational practices and prepares directives to eliminate such infractions. Investigates safeguards and inspects regional premises to ensure that adequate protection exists for company assets, property, and equipment. Participates in union contract negotiations and settling of grievances. Coordinates advertising and sales promotion programs for region. Reviews replies to passenger complaints and settlement of claims for conformance with company public relations policies and procedures. Inspects terminals for conformance with standards for cleanliness, appearance, and need of repair or maintenance, and directs corrective measures required to meet standards.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-058 MANAGER, SCHEDULE PLANNING (air trans.)

    Negotiates with governmental regulatory body to change company's route application (fixed schedule for flights) over authorized routes as representative of certificated air carrier: Analyzes documentation on company operations and recommended changes in route application, prepared by subordinates, to determine if company position warrants requesting route application hearing, considering such factors as current and projected traffic load, route application of competitive carriers over same route, and profitability of route operations. Submits current and proposed schedules to Schedule Committee for consideration and approval to request hearing before regulatory body. Prepares company's position and arguments for presentation at route application hearing and negotiates with body for additional route applications or deletion of route applications on unprofitable routes in order to improve efficient utilization of flight personnel and equipment and to reduce losses or increase revenues. Directs and coordinates activities of workers compiling documentation on route application, analyzing data, and preparing recommendations for schedule changes.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-062 MANAGER, STATION (radio-tv broad.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of radio or television station, or of cable television franchise: Supervises directly, or through subordinates, personnel engaged in departments, such as sales, program, engineering, and personnel. Observes activities to ensure compliance with government regulations. Discusses plans with marketing personnel to promote sales of programs and time periods to advertisers and their agencies. Confers with owners or company senior management to discuss station policy and administrative procedures. ay prepare operational budget and monitor expenses for station or franchise. May negotiate with motion picture companies for purchase of independent film programs. May negotiate cable franchise contract with local issuing authority. May develop strategy to promote sales of new cable television service, or upgraded service, to customers within franchise area. May contact prospective buyers of station time to promote sale of station services. May manage station engaged in transmitting broadcasts to foreign countries and be known as Director, International Broadcasting (radio-tv broad.). May perform different duties and responsibilities, according to station size and network affiliation, and be designated General Manager, Broadcasting (radio-tv broad.).
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

184.117-066 MANAGER, TRAFFIC (air trans.; motor trans.; water trans.) alternate titles: manager, rates and schedules

    Conducts studies on company freight and passenger classifications, rates, and tariffs and formulates changes required to provide for increased revenues and profitability of operations: Analyzes financial reports on operations and evaluates existing classifications, rates, and tariffs to determine changes required and need for expansion or curtailment of schedules and routes. Documents data to support proposals for increased revenues, expansion of schedules or routes, and files application for new rates, schedules, or routes with regulatory agencies. Testifies before regulatory agencies to present company's position and need for increased revenues in order to operate profitably. Negotiates with personnel of other transportation companies on division of interline revenues and signs contract on terms of agreement. Consults with officials of other companies on traffic movement problems, such as freight handling, transfer, and in-transit storage. Directs and coordinates activities of workers in classification of shipments and in applying and enforcing rates and tariffs.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-070 OPERATIONS MANAGER (tel. & tel.)

    Directs activities of main and branch offices of telegraph communications systems division: Interprets and implements company policies, and develops operating procedures to facilitate branch office operations. Conducts management studies, collecting and interpreting economic and statistical data to prepare budget estimates, determine work load, personnel, and equipment requirements, and to forecast future community needs. Approves branch office personnel assignments and requisition and installation of new equipment. Locates and appraises properties for proposed office locations and negotiates lease agreements with property owners. Prepares telegraph office layouts and drawings for administrative review. Inspects branch office installations and facilities to ensure that company service and operating standards are followed. Audits branch office accounts and verifies cash balances to determine accuracy and completeness of financial accounts and records. Directs security measures for protection of funds and personnel against injury or loss from sources, such as fire or theft.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Directs activities concerned with intercompany negotiations on revenue settlements: Negotiates revenue settlements with intercompany representatives on proposed facility arrangements, such as cables and switching equipment, and changes in operations and procedures. Supervises workers engaged in analyzing settlement agreements. Analyzes results of studies to determine effects on revenue, expense, and investment. Prepares settlement contracts, following guidelines developed during negotiations. Prepares or supervises preparation of revenue budget estimates for accounting purposes. May represent company at Public Utilities Commission hearings.
GOE: 11.12.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-078 SUPERINTENDENT, COMMISSARY (water trans.)

    Manages commissary department of company operating sea-going vessels: Processes requisitions for supplies and equipment from vessels and approves or denies request. Negotiates contracts with supply houses, manufacturers, or wholesalers for equipment, supplies, and furnishings. Formulates and issues instructions for management commissary department aboard vessels. Represents company in formulating policies when negotiating contracts with union. Resolves labor-management problems of commissary department personnel. Inventories food supplies aboard vessels and examines menus to ensure that vessels are serving balanced diets. Inspects vessels to ensure that housekeeping functions conform to sanitary regulations and that repairs and improvements are made. Analyzes food costs and prepares reports for management.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-082 SUPERINTENDENT, COMMUNICATIONS (tel. & tel.) alternate titles: plant chief

    Directs construction, operation, and maintenance of telephone or telegraph communication systems: Studies and accepts or rejects recommendations for improvement or additions to communication facilities. Investigates availability and approves cost estimates of new equipment requested. Approves or rejects equipment rental and electric-power contracts. Supervises personnel and performs other administrative duties to ensure efficient operation. May direct installation and operation of radio communications systems.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.117-086 MANAGER, CAR INSPECTION AND REPAIR (r.r. trans.)

    Plans, directs, and coordinates, through subordinate supervisors, activities concerned with inspection, repair, and maintenance of railroad equipment: Confers with department heads to establish administrative and operational policies and procedures for following federal, Railroad Association, and union regulations and agreements. Interprets policies and procedures for subordinate supervisors, and monitors activities to ensure that policies and procedures are followed. Analyzes records of daily operations, such as freight car inspections, repairs completed or scheduled, or worker absenteeism, to maintain knowledge of department activities. Instructs subordinates to institute specific measures, such as studies and maintaining bar graphs, to monitor productivity. Discusses freight car repairs with shippers or consignees and inspection and repair violations with federal and public representatives to resolve concerns, such as time of repair, repair cost, and methods of preventing future violations. onitors inventory of parts and materials and prepares requisition forms for items in short supply. Conducts investigations of personnel matters, such as continued tardiness, excessive absenteeism, or safety violations; negotiates with union representative matters, such as contract violations, job abolishment, and reallocation of human resources; and prepares required reports, according to prescribed procedures.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86


    Plans and coordinates inspection, maintenance, and repair of railroad equipment within assigned railroad region: Analyzes productivity and budget reports to determine allocation of work force, and equipment and productivity of inspection and repair facilities within assigned region. Confers with shop and yard supervisory personnel and shippers to stay apprised of daily work schedules and to ensure priority scheduling of repairs for railcars needed back in service. Oversees administrative matters, such as training policies, budget allocations, and equipment replacement. Monitors administration of safety program, according to company rules, union agreements, and federal regulations.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 86

184.161-010 CABLE SUPERVISOR (tel. & tel.)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in installation, maintenance, and repair of underground, buried, aerial, or submarine telephone carrier cables in plant district: Reviews proposed construction plans and schematic drawings to ensure that proposals are compatible with existing equipment and that plans adhere to specifications. Inspects construction sites and installations to ensure service deadlines are being met. Directs and coordinates testing and inspecting of plant equipment for operational performance. Prepares budget, determines work force requirements, and establishes production schedules to meet service loads.
GOE: 05.05.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in installation, maintenance, repair, expansion, and relocation of water distribution and sewage facilities: Analyzes trends, such as population and industrial growth of area being served to determine adequacy of current facilities and to project community demands for future facilities. Develops plans to meet and serve expanding community needs, such as increasing capacity of water storage and filtration facilities, or arranging new sources of water supply. Plans methods and sequence of operations to facilitate additions, deletions and modifications to the system. Directs activities of subordinate personnel who oversee installation, maintenance, and repair of water distribution and sewage facilities. Inspects field projects to confirm conformance to specifications. Confers with administrative and technical personnel and personnel of other utilities to coordinate departmental activities. Evaluates new developments in materials, tools, and equipment to recommend or deny purchase. Prepares budget estimates based on anticipated needs of department. For classification of workers concerned only with water supply see SUPERVISOR, WATERWORKS (waterworks); for those concerned only with sewage disposal see SUPERVISOR, SEWER SYSTEM (waterworks).
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R6 M6 L6 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

184.162-010 MANAGER, PRODUCTION (radio-tv broad.)

    Coordinates work of various departments to produce radio or television programs and commercial announcements: Trains, assigns duties, and supervises employees engaged in production and taping such programs as game shows, talk broadcasts, and special programs. Ensures that slanderous, libelous, and profane statements are avoided or deleted and that program is in conformance with station or network policy and regulations. Schedules usage of studio and editing facilities needed by PRODUCERS (radio-tv broad.) 159.117-010, and engineering and maintenance staff to maximize use of facilities, according to scheduled events. Operates television broadcasting equipment, such as switcher, video and color monitors, tape decks, lights and microphones to train workers or to substitute for absent employees. Operates portable, shoulder-mounted camera to record or broadcast live programs from location of event. May direct subordinates in auditioning talent and proposed programs. ay coordinate audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work, and script writing, to develop desired production, and review production to ensure objectives are obtained.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

184.163-010 TRAFFIC INSPECTOR (motor trans.; r.r. trans.) alternate titles: dispatcher; transportation inspector

    Coordinates scheduled service within assigned territory of streetcar, bus, or railway transportation system: Periodically observes vehicles along route to ensure that service is provided according to schedule. Investigates schedule delays, accidents, equipment failures, and complaints, and files written report. Reports disruptions to service, using radiotelephone. Determines need for changes in service, such as additional coaches, route changes, and revised schedules to increase operating efficiency and improve service. Drives automobile along route to detect conditions hazardous to equipment and passengers, and negotiates with local government personnel to eliminate hazards. Assists in dispatching equipment when necessary. Recommends promotions and disciplinary actions involving transportation personnel. Inspects mechanical malfunctions of vehicles along route and directs repair.
GOE: 11.10.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-010 BOAT DISPATCHER (water trans.)

    Coordinates movement of freight by barge or lighter to provide most efficient service to shippers consistent with available equipment and facilities: Determines number and kind of barges and lighters needed to transport cargo. Coordinates movement of vessels to ensure most efficient service. Assigns barges and lighters to individual haulage jobs and issues orders to TUGBOAT CAPTAINS (water trans.). Compiles or directs activities of workers engaged in compilation of periodic reports on freight tonnage transported and cost of operations.
GOE: 07.05.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-014 DIRECTOR, NEWS (radio-tv broad.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of news department of radio or television network or station: Confers with executives and production staff members regarding budget, station policy, news coverage of special events, and production problems. Originates or approves feature ideas and sends ideas to personnel of assignment department for implementation. Monitors news development and reviews edited copy and news film. Approves program content or issues directions for changes or modification. Coordinates news staff activities with radio or television programming, traffic, and film editing departments. Hires, discharges, and evaluates performance of news staff. May operate video equipment to review and approve news film or tape, using knowledge of usage of equipment. May write or type news copy, letters, and memos. May perform production duties or directly supervise those performing them in smaller station. May be designated according to media as Director, Radio News (radio-tv broad.); Director, Television News (radio-tv broad.).
GOE: 11.08.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

184.167-018 DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS (radio-tv broad.)

    Directs and coordinates operations departments of radio, television or cable television station: Carries out general policies established by company officers. Prepares and administers budget for program department. Makes decisions pertaining to general policies beyond scope of authority of department heads under jurisdiction. Approves hiring and discharging of department personnel. May compose memos on budgetary and policy matters, using computer.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

184.167-022 DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS, BROADCAST (radio-tv broad.)

    Coordinates activities of personnel engaged in preparation of station and network program schedules: Reviews program schedules in advance and issues daily corrections. Arranges for split network programs furnishing stations not carrying sponsored programs with noncommercial programs. Notifies traffic department to install or cancel programs originating at points remote from broadcasting station. Advises affiliated stations regarding their schedules. Examines expenditures for programs to determine compliance with budgetary restrictions. Prepares schedules for talent and assigns talent to broadcast periods. Arranges for office space and equipment.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 88

184.167-026 DIRECTOR, PHOTOGRAMMETRY FLIGHT OPERATIONS (business ser.) alternate titles: director of flight operations; director of photography

    Directs flight operations of photogrammetry engineering company in making aerial surveys of specified geographical area: Ascertains from client geographical area and extent of survey required in order to estimate cost. Determines type of plane(s) and photographic equipment to be used, time allotted for conducting survey, and altitude from which to photograph terrain. Schedules and directs flight operations for AIRPLANE PILOT, PHOTOGRAMMETRY (business ser.) 196.263-018 and PHOTOGRAPHER, AERIAL (profess. & kin.) 143.062-014.
GOE: 05.03.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-030 DIRECTOR, PROGRAM (radio-tv broad.) alternate titles: manager, program

    Plans programming for radio or television stations or network: Determines type, length, and time of each program, including commercial announcements and newscasts, as well as entertainment programs. Evaluates programming available from distributors, syndicators, and independent producers to recommend acquisitions for broadcast. Confers with PRODUCER (radio-tv broad.) 159.117-010 and DIRECTOR, TELEVISION (radio-tv broad.) 159.067-014 or DIRECTOR, RADIO (radio-tv broad.) 159.167-014 to solve production or casting problems. May establish work schedules for ANNOUNCERS (radio-tv broad.) 159.147-010, audition and hire talent, and negotiate contracts for spot commercial announcements. May be known as Director, International Programs (radio-tv broad.) if programming for foreign broadcasts.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

184.167-034 DIRECTOR, SPORTS (radio-tv broad.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in broadcasting sports news or sports events over radio or television network or for individual station: Plans broadcast coverage of sports events, such as baseball, basketball, and football games or boxing matches. Directs or arranges for setup of remote broadcast facilities. Hires and assigns staff personnel to operate and direct broadcasting activities and to announce event. Directs preparation and broadcast of sports news and commentaries. Plans for and arranges employment of well-known individuals (personalities) to serve as guest commentators for special events or programs. May participate in broadcasts and interview sport personalities during broadcast, depending on size of station.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

184.167-038 DISPATCHER, CHIEF I (petrol. & gas; petrol. refin.; pipe lines) alternate titles: superintendent, scheduling

    Plans transmission schedules and operating procedures to direct movement of crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, or coal slurry through pipelines from transmission terminal to distribution points or destinations: Contacts customers or shippers to ascertain volume or quantities of products to be transported, reviews consumption records and forecasts on consumer demands, and estimates peak delivery periods in order to plan and determine quantities, pressures, or volume of products required in transmission lines. Schedules movement of petroleum products to minimize contamination of various grades or types of products. Prepares operating schedules for compressor or pump stations, tank farms and refineries, as to type and quantities of product movement, time of movement, pressures or volumes specified in pipeline, and destination for specified products. Issues instructions relative to gauging, switching, sampling, and testing of products. Reviews operating reports on receipts, movements, withdrawals, deliveries, and on-hand storage stocks to ensure safe and efficient operation of pipelines. Prepares emergency operating procedures to meet schedules, provide for specified volumes and pressures in pipeline, and recover losses resulting from breakdown of equipment. May communicate with field personnel, using teletype or telephone. May be designated according to type of product scheduled as Dispatcher, Chief, Coal Slurry (pipe lines); Dispatcher, Chief, Natural Gas (petrol. & gas; pipe lines); Dispatcher, Chief, Oil (pipe lines); Dispatcher, Chief, Petroleum Products (petrol. refin.; pipe lines).
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-042 GENERAL AGENT, OPERATIONS (air trans.; motor trans.; r.r. trans.) alternate titles: service center manager

    Directs and coordinates activities of personnel involved in transportation of freight by air, motor, and railway transportation systems: Coordinates transportation and handling of express shipments within geographic subdivision by directing activities of airport field offices, branch agencies, and railway terminals. Recruits, hires, and administers training of employees. Establishes procedures and standards to implement policies of company. Inspects operations to evaluate efficiency of methods and submits reports to regional manager.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operating one or more incinerator plants: Schedules work and assigns crews to shifts or plants. Plans routine for receiving and incinerating rubbish and refuse. Instructs employees in work methods and interprets and enforces operating orders and procedures. Issues orders and directives regarding operation, repair, and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Inspects plant operations and directs compilation of operating records. Analyzes cause of operating failure and recommends repair methods and procedures. Interviews and recommends prospective employees. Directs preparation of timesheets and personnel records, and initiates requests for supplies and contract repair work.
GOE: 05.06.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

184.167-050 MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR (utilities)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance of electric-power generating equipment, and transmission, distribution, and control equipment of electric power utility: Confers with management and other department heads to plan preventive maintenance programs and to schedule inspections and major overhauls in coordination with other operating activities. Reviews technical papers, catalogs, and other reference materials, and confers with equipment sales representatives to select and recommend new supplies and maintenance methods to improve plant operations. Confers with contractors to resolve problems in installation of new equipment and to assist in start of new plants or additions. Reviews inspection and repair reports and observes progress of work on major overhauls to evaluate efficiency and work quality. May prepare annual departmental budget. May specialize in supervision of maintenance work and be designated Maintenance Supervisor, Electrical (utilities); Maintenance Supervisor, Mechanical (utilities).
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 81

184.167-054 MANAGER, BUS TRANSPORTATION (motor trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of motor bus company to provide passengers with fast, efficient, and safe transportation, either performing following duties personally or through subordinate supervisory personnel: Applies for or recommends fare revisions, extension of routes, or changes in schedules in order to improve passenger services and increase revenues. Coordinates terminal and dispatching activities, communication operations, and assignment of driving personnel to obtain optimum use of facilities, equipment, and human resources. Inspects physical facilities of terminal and buses for such factors as cleanliness, safety, and appearance, and takes required actions in order to meet prescribed standards. Processes passenger complaints and initiates corrective actions designed to improve customer relations and services. Initiates investigations into causes of accidents, interviews operators concerned to determine responsibility, and takes actions on findings or submits reports to management. Directs preparation and issuance of new schedules to terminal and operating personnel. Dispatches replacement buses for vehicles involved in accidents and buses and operators for special charter or tours. Directs and participates in training of personnel and issues manuals, bulletins, and technical guides to improve services and operational activities. Reviews operator bids for routes to determine assignments for driving personnel. Checks trip and dispatch logs for conformance with schedules. Verifies cash fares with operator reports and reviews errors with personnel concerned. Directs preparation of and keeping of dispatch and vehicle operations records and reports.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-058 MANAGER, CARGO-AND-RAMP-SERVICES (air trans.)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, air transport terminal cargo and ramp activities to provide fast and efficient services for clients and passengers: Reviews data on incoming flights, such as scheduled or estimated times of arrival or departure, destinations and downline station stops, and air cargo and passenger manifests in order to plan work activities. Directs preparation of loading plans for each departing flight, and confers with supervisory personnel to ensure workers and equipment are available for air cargo and baggage loading, unloading, and handling activities and for ramp service activities. Analyzes reports and records of operations and inspects facilities to determine effectiveness of existing methods and procedures and physical condition of facilities and equipment. Prepares and submits recommendations designed to improve efficiency of cargo and ramp services. Investigates causes of accidents and recommends safety measures for preventing further occurrences. Reviews performance evaluations of personnel for conformance to standards, recommends personnel actions, and directs and coordinates training activities to increase workers' efficiency and proficiency. Interprets and enforces, through supervisory personnel, company policies, procedures, and safety regulations.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-062 MANAGER, COMMUNICATIONS STATION (tel. & tel.)

    Directs and coordinates, through shift supervisory personnel, operation and maintenance activities of submarine-cable head, microwave-satellite, or coastal radio-telephone station of communications company: Reviews station logs and confers with supervisory personnel to ascertain apparatus or equipment malfunctions and remedial procedures taken. Plans station activities, prepares work schedules, and assigns technical personnel to operating or maintenance duties. Authorizes requisitions for replacement parts, materials, and supplies. Prepares reports and records on station activities. May personally supervise workers in stations where shift supervisory personnel are not utilized. May be designated according to type of communications station managed.
GOE: 05.02.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-066 MANAGER, FLIGHT CONTROL (air trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of commercial airline flight control center concerned with dispatching aircraft on scheduled flights and controlling flight movements on routes in accordance with federal and company regulations and policies: Assigns aircraft dispatching and flight controlling duties for specific scheduled flights on designated routes to center personnel, basing assignments on knowledge and abilities of personnel and human resource requirements for operation of flight control center. Reviews dispatching and flight control actions taken by control center personnel for conformance with federal and company regulations and procedures. Explains to center personnel prescribed methods and procedures for planning flight operations and sequences to be followed in dispatching (releasing) flight and controlling aircraft on route. Interviews prescreened applicants for center staff to ascertain abilities and qualifications and recommends qualified applicants to personnel department. Instructs new employees on federal and company regulations and procedures for dispatch of aircraft and control of flight movements. Evaluates center personnel on job proficiency and recommends such personnel actions as salary increases, promotions, disciplinary actions, and dismissals. Must possess valid Aircraft Dispatchers Certificate of Competency issued by Federal Aviation Agency.
GOE: 05.02.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-070 MANAGER, FLIGHT-RESERVATIONS (air trans.)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, flight reservation activities for certificated commercial or transport company: Reviews flight reservation reports, statistical data on passenger miles flown, and conducts comparison studies on other airline reservations to develop methods and procedures designed to improve operating efficiency and increase reservations for company flights. Interprets and implements, through supervisory personnel, company policies and procedures regarding customer relations and contact with public. Analyzes economic statistics as applied to air transportation and other factors, such as weather conditions, special flight rates, and package deals, to estimate future volume of flight reservations. Prepares estimates of work force required to process work load and equipment requirements in order to formulate budget estimate. Reviews performance evaluations on reservations personnel and initiates personnel actions as required. Schedules notation of worker assignments to improve capabilities of personnel and develop worker overall knowledge of department activities. Directs investigation of customer complaints regarding reservation services and prepares correspondence designed to improve customer relations. Endeavors to resolve personnel grievances and submits unresolved grievances to higher authority.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-078 MANAGER, SOLID-WASTE-DISPOSAL (government ser.) alternate titles: superintendent, landfill operations

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, landfill site activities concerned with solid-waste disposal for governmental sanitation agency or private refuse-disposal company: Inspects site and confers with supervisory personnel to determine procedures and methods for utilizing site area for disposal activities and to remain in compliance with specifications of environmental impact study. Plans sequences of waste disposal operations to obtain optimum utilization of site basing plans on such factors as past and predicted solid-waste disposal and land reclamation requirements, quantity of waste handled daily, and space in site required for waste handled. Ensures that waste disposal activities are in compliance with public health insect and rodent control laws and regulations. Prepares records and reports on disposal activities, such as quantities of waste handled, receipts from operations, and actions taken to comply with public health and environmental regulations. May prepare operational budget for landfill waste disposal activities and submit budget to agency management. May examine loads of waste for recyclable material and direct sorting, handling, and recycling operations. May supervise workers engaged in waste disposal operations. May operate heavy equipment to compact and bury waste in private landfill disposal dump.
GOE: 05.02.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-082 MANAGER, STATION (air trans.)

    Directs and coordinates airline station activities at transport station or terminal point located at airport to provide services for scheduled flight operations: Reviews station activity reports to ascertain data required for planning station operations. Directs preparation of work schedules to obtain optimum utilization of human resources and facilities. Coordinates activities of passenger reservations and ticketing, passenger services, ramp and cargo services, commissary services, and dispatching of aircraft to ensure operations meet company and government policies and regulations. Directs preparation of passenger lists, cargo manifests, and plans for stowage of cargo and baggage aboard aircraft. Evaluates training and performance records of employees to determine and formulate training designed to increase employee efficiency. May direct activities of TRANSPORTATION AGENTS (air trans.) in expediting movement of freight, mail, baggage, and passengers through station or from other company's terminal to station. May be designated in large airlines according to specific station activity directed as Manager, Commissary Service (air trans.); Manager, Flight Dispatching (air trans.); Manager, Flight Service (air trans.); Manager, Passenger Service (air trans.); Manager, Reservations-And-Ticketing (air trans.).
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-086 MANAGER, TELEGRAPH OFFICE (tel. & tel.)

    Manages activities of branch or local telegraph office: Directs handling of circuits and telegrams. Supervises personnel, and coordinates work of various departments. Answers customer inquiries, suggests services, and adjusts complaints to promote goodwill. Reviews financial accounts and records, verifies accuracy of daily cash balances, remittances, and bank deposits. Compiles and analyzes statistical and operating reports and data. Writes correspondence.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-090 MANAGER, TRAFFIC (radio-tv broad.)

    Arranges for leasing of wire facilities to transmit radio and television programs to individual stations of network: Contacts communication companies and arranges for facilities to transmit programs from point of origin to network stations. Informs stations of noncommercial programs available for broadcast. Informs affiliated stations of charges to be made for commercial broadcasts and programs requiring special facility hookups. Directs activities of workers engaged in transmitting messages by teletype or simplex systems.
GOE: 11.12.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-094 MANAGER, TRAFFIC (any industry)

    Directs and coordinates traffic activities of organization: Develops methods and procedures for transportation of raw materials to processing and production areas and commodities from departments to customers, warehouses, or other storage facilities. Determines most efficient and economical routing and mode of transportation, using rate and tariff manuals and motor freight and railroad guidebooks. Directs scheduling of shipments and notifies concerned departments or customers of arrival dates. Initiates investigations into causes of damages or shortages in consignments or overcharges for freight or insurance. Conducts studies in areas of packaging, warehousing, and loading of commodities and evaluates existing procedures and standards. Initiates changes designed to improve control and efficiency of traffic department. May negotiate contracts for leasing of transportation equipment or property. May assist in preparing department budget.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-098 MANAGER, TRAFFIC I (tel. & tel.)

    Directs traffic operations in central telegraph office: Directs transmitting and receiving of telegrams and facsimile recordings and clearing of communications circuits. Evaluates data, such as traffic loads, speed and accuracy of message handling, and cost factors to improve services. Coordinates work activities of various operational departments. Hires, promotes, discharges, or transfers employees. Regulates production and performs other administrative or supervisory functions.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-102 MANAGER, TRAFFIC I (motor trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with documentation and routing of outgoing freight, and verification and reshipment of incoming freight, at motor-transportation company warehouse: Directs activities of workers engaged in assigning tariff classifications according to type and weight of freight or merchandise, routing and scheduling shipment by air, rail, or truck, and preparing billings from tariff and classification manuals. Reviews documents to ensure that assigned classifications and tariffs are in accordance with mode of transportation and destination of shipment. Investigates shipper or consignee complaints regarding lost or damaged merchandise or shortages in shipment to determine responsibility. Directs preparation of claims against carrier responsible and corresponds with shipper or consignee to effect settlement. Schedules shipments to ensure compliance with interstate traffic laws and regulations and company policies.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-106 MANAGER, TRAFFIC II (tel. & tel.) alternate titles: traffic chief; traffic superintendent

    Directs and coordinates telephone traffic activities within specific geographical area: Directs activities, such as customer service, traffic measurements and operations, and traffic studies. Directs preparation of budgets and control and assignment of personnel to meet traffic-volume requirements. Participates in public relations activities with customer representatives and attends service and professional organizational meetings as part of company's public relations program. Consults with representatives of connecting telephone companies to resolve service problems.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-110 MANAGER, TRUCK TERMINAL (motor trans.) alternate titles: terminal manager

    Directs and coordinates activities of terminal used by trucking concerns as intermediate freight distribution or shipping point: Reviews schedules to ascertain trucking concerns having freight consignments for terminal and shipments originating from terminal in order to plan activities. Assigns workers to specific duties, such as loading or unloading trucks, checking incoming and outgoing shipments against bills of ladings, and moving freight into and out of storage. May hire terminal personnel or order workers from union dispatch office. May provide garage services for trucks.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-114 MANAGER, WAREHOUSE (any industry) alternate titles: storekeeper; superintendent, storage area; superintendent, warehouse; warehouse supervisor

    Directs warehousing activities for commercial or industrial establishment: Establishes operational procedures for activities, such as verification of incoming and outgoing shipments, handling and disposition of materials, and keeping warehouse inventory current. Inspects physical condition of warehouse and equipment and prepares work order for repairs and requisitions for replacement of equipment. Confers with department heads to ensure coordination of warehouse activities with such activities as production, sales, records control, and purchasing. Screens and hires warehouse personnel and issues work assignments. Directs salvage of damaged or used material. May participate in planning personnel-safety and plant-protection activities.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 88

184.167-118 OPERATIONS MANAGER (motor trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in crating, moving, and storing household goods and furniture: Inspects warehouse facilities and equipment and recommends changes in allocation of space, and crating procedures to WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR (motor trans.). Purchases moving equipment such as dollies, pads, trucks, and trailers. Plans pickup and delivery schedules for TRUCK DRIVERS, HEAVY (any industry). Answers such inquiries as type of service offered, rates, schedules, and areas serviced. Examines items to be moved, to ascertain approximate weights and type of crating required. Investigates customers' complaints involving such matters as damaged items, overcharges, and delay in shipment, and makes necessary adjustment. Interviews, selects, trains, and assigns new personnel. May call on customers to solicit new business. May prepare cost estimates for clients.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

184.167-122 PORT-TRAFFIC MANAGER (water trans.)

    Manages operations of traffic division for port authorities: Enforces rules and regulations, such as berthing of ships, handling and storing of cargo, and use of port facilities. Directs policing and cleaning activities of harbor department land, streets, buildings, and water areas. Ensures that activities concerning revenue are documented and submitted to accounting division. Advises port authorities on rates and revisions of port tariff. Solicits steamship companies to use port facilities. Directs activities concerned with compiling daily and annual ship and cargo statistics.
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-126 SERVICE SUPERVISOR III (utilities)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinates, activities of workers who inspect, maintain, and test distribution lines, and install meters and customer service drops, but does not supervise major repair activities involving use of line crews.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-130 STATION MANAGER (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of railroad station employees and authorizes departure of trains: Notifies employees of changes in arrival and departure times of trains, boarding track numbers, and other information affecting passengers for announcement over loudspeaker and for posting on callboard. Ensures that shift workers and train crews report as scheduled, or that replacements are obtained. Authorizes departure of passenger trains after transfer of mail and baggage is completed, delaying departure for arrival of connecting train if necessary. Authorizes repairs to station facilities and directs activities of custodial and maintenance workers. Investigates passenger service complaints to ensure efficient and courteous service. May negotiate with concessionaires to lease station space or facilities for restaurants, newsstands, advertising displays, and parking.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Coordinates program presentations between network and independently owned radio and television stations comprising network: Aids in formulating network policies. Advises station personnel on operating procedures to disseminate programs to all parts of network. Acts as liaison officer between various stations and networks.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-138 SUPERINTENDENT OF GENERATION (utilities) alternate titles: superintendent, operations

    Directs and coordinates generation of electrical energy by interconnected generating stations throughout electric utility system: Analyzes fuel consumption and power output reports to determine need for plant maintenance and repair work. Coordinates plant shutdowns for emergency and periodic inspection and repair. Directs and coordinates testing activities and analyzes such test data as heat input, heat output, and boiler and turbine efficiency, to evaluate capability and efficiency of generating stations. Directs activities of maintenance crews servicing scattered generating stations. May direct operation of substations and transmission lines [SUPERINTENDENT, TRANSMISSION (utilities)].
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-142 SUPERINTENDENT, COLD STORAGE (any industry)

    Coordinates activities of workers in cold storage plant to ensure perishable commodities are stored with minimum spoilage: Specifies refrigeration temperatures for commodities, such as vegetables, milk products, and meat to be stored and supervises REFRIGERATING ENGINEERS (any industry) in maintaining temperatures within specified limits.
GOE: 05.06.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates operational and maintenance activities of system of compressor stations, located at transmission terminals and at intermittent points along pipeline, to boost pressure in pipeline and expedite transmission of natural gas to distribution points: Directs preparation of operation, safety, and maintenance manuals for compressor stations. Directs and coordinates, through COMPRESSOR-STATION ENGINEER, CHIEF (pipe lines), activities of personnel to ensure adjustments of gas pressures for transmission are performed safely and in accordance with prescribed procedures. Selects, and directs training of, supervisory personnel for compressor stations. Develops plans for additional stations, as required, and recommends design of station structures and types of machinery, such as compressors, driving engines, generators, and auxiliary equipment to engineering personnel. Directs and coordinates activities, such as testing of new or repaired machinery, and maintenance and repair of machinery and station structures, to ensure uninterrupted transmission of gas.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-150 SUPERINTENDENT, DISTRIBUTION I (utilities) alternate titles: chief power dispatcher; district manager; manager, electric distribution department

    Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintenance and extension of power-distribution facilities, adjustment of customer complaints, and other activities concerned with distribution of electrical energy from substations to customers of electric power company. May be designated Superintendent, Overhead Distribution (utilities); Superintendent, Underground Distribution (utilities).
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

184.167-154 SUPERINTENDENT, DISTRIBUTION II (utilities) alternate titles: superintendent, city plant; superintendent, gas distribution; superintendent, operations division

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers in city gas-distribution plant to ensure adequate facilities and gas supply to meet consumer demands with minimum interruptions to service: Schedules activities, such as gas dispatching, pressure regulation, pumping of drips, odorization of gas, and patrolling and inspection of facilities. Authorizes and supervises, through subordinate supervisory personnel, repair and construction or installation of structures, mains, services (pipes leading from mains to residences), meters, regulators, gas appliances, and other distribution equipment. Formulates policies for promoting customer relationships and directs activities of workers engaged in investigating and adjusting distribution or appliance complaints.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-158 SUPERINTENDENT, DIVISION (motor trans.; r.r. trans.) alternate titles: division superintendent

    Plans and administers operations of railroad or bus transportation system within geographic division, consistent with safe and efficient utilization of human resources and equipment, and convenience of shippers and passengers: Establishes and enforces administrative policies and procedures. Evaluates reports of train or bus movements, emergency changes in schedules, accidents, weather conditions, and other factors influencing operations to make decisions affecting service. Coordinates repair and maintenance of equipment within division, and recommends capital investments and erection of structures or other facilities. Investigates causes of accidents and delays in traffic and takes steps to ensure that they will not recur. Reviews complaints from shippers and passengers regarding improper or discourteous service. Interprets company agreements for subordinate officials to resolve or prevent labor-relations problems. Confers with state government regulatory commissions and other transportation systems to establish new fares, schedules, routes, and traffic agreements. May personally inspect company facilities and equipment throughout division.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-162 SUPERINTENDENT, ELECTRIC POWER (utilities) alternate titles: manager, public utility, rural

    Plans and directs activities of major division, district, plant, or department of utility company, or directs particular phase of operation, concerned with production and distribution of electrical power: Interprets company policies and methods and develops specific operating procedures. Delegates functional activities to workers and establishes supervisory schedules to define authority for independent decisions imperative to continuous service to public and safety of workers. Recruits, trains, and supervises workers directly or through subordinate supervisors. Investigates, evaluates, and determines best application of new developments in electric power industry, and devises other means of securing maximum efficiency of personnel and equipment within his jurisdiction. Anticipates and forecasts power consumption and economic trends, prepares budget recommendations, and makes related decisions in order to keep facilities and system operation concurrent with economic changes. Cooperates with other SUPERINTENDENTS, ELECTRIC POWER (utilities) in solving interrelated administrative, organizational, and technical problems. Directs maintenance of property records and upkeep of equipment and structures. Is usually required to possess an electrical or mechanical engineering background, extensive familiarity with electric power systems, and experience directly related to particular phase of electrical activity superintended.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-166 SUPERINTENDENT, GENERATING PLANT (utilities) alternate titles: chief operating engineer

    Directs and coordinates operation of major generating plant of electric power system: Directs and coordinates periodic plant inspections to evaluate condition of equipment. Prepares work orders for major maintenance or repairs. Reviews daily operating reports and other records to ensure specified operating characteristics in control of steam and electric power generating equipment. Confers with personnel, such as SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR (utilities) 952.362-034 to diagnose equipment malfunctions during emergencies and directs activities to restore normal operation or to shutdown malfunctioning unit. Notifies LOAD DISPATCHER (utilities) 952.167-014 of shutdown or major changes in power output of unit preparatory to transfer of load to other units. Cooperates with SUPERINTENDENT, TESTS (utilities) 184.167-218 and SAFETY INSPECTOR (utilities) 821.367-014 in routine and special tests and plant inspections to improve operations and maintain safe working conditions. May prepare operating budget. May perform personnel activities of department, such as recruitment, hiring, and training.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 81

184.167-170 SUPERINTENDENT, MAINTENANCE (motor trans.) alternate titles: shop superintendent

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in repairing and maintaining motor freight transportation equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation. Purchases parts and records expenditures. Determines specifications for new equipment and directs construction of truck bodies. Contracts for repair services not performed in shop.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-174 SUPERINTENDENT, MAINTENANCE (air trans.)

    Directs and coordinates work of employees engaged in maintaining and repairing aircraft: Plans, schedules, and directs, through subordinates, activities of maintenance department concerned with maintaining and repairing engines, airframes, and electrical and hydraulic systems of aircraft. Reviews production records and time-cost statistics, and confers with supervisory personnel to ensure adherence to company standards and to locate areas of inefficient operation. Confers with management to recommend modifications of factors, such as employee and equipment utilization, supervisory and production methods, and procedures to increase efficiency of department. Provides technical advice to subordinates on operating problems. May participate in collective bargaining and settlement of grievances.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-178 SUPERINTENDENT, MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT (motor trans.; r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in servicing and repairing buses, trolley cars, or other operating vehicles of busline or railway transit system: Establishes policies for inspection, maintenance, and repair of vehicles. Supervises subordinate supervisors who assign and direct activities in servicing and repairing equipment. Authorizes and arranges for purchasing supplies, tools, and machinery. Consults with officials of operating and servicing divisions on vehicle replacement needs. May investigate and evaluate cause and extent of damage to vehicles involved in accidents.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-182 SUPERINTENDENT, MARINE (water trans.)

    Manages on-shore activities for company vessels: Reads radio message from MASTER, SHIP (water trans.) to determine services requested. Requisitions ship's stores or equipment to be delivered on dock at vessel's arrival. Places orders for fuel oil and arranges for time of delivery. Orders personnel replacements from unions. Arranges for other services, such as inspections, tests, overhauls, as required by federal regulations or by company. Notifies MASTER, SHIP (water trans.) by radio of arrangements made. When licensed to command ship, may be designated Port Captain (water trans.).
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-186 SUPERINTENDENT, MARINE OIL TERMINAL (water trans.)

    Directs and coordinates marine petroleum terminal activities concerned with delivery of crude and fuel oil, gasoline, and other petroleum products to, and receipt from, tankers, barges, or ships; storing of products in terminal tanks; and transfer of products by pipelines: Reviews data, such as vessel arrival date and manifest of cargo showing types and quantities of products to be offloaded or delivered, in order to plan work activities. Determines if storage tanks have capacity to hold quantities of products being discharged or quantities of products to be loaded, using gauging reports showing contents and levels in each tank. Notifies pipeline or refinery personnel of transfer requirements. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, connecting of oil transfer hoses, lining up of cross-connections and valves to pump products into or from vessels' tanks or storage tanks. Coordinates activities, such as gauging of tanks, recording tank contents temperature, and obtaining samples of products for analysis, to ensure specified quantities and types of products are received or delivered. Directs preparation of reports on receipt or delivery to and from vessels, pipeline, or storage tanks. Prepares report on status of storage tanks' contents and quantities of products in each tank. Requisitions and schedules repair and maintenance work on terminal facilities and equipment for periods when oil movements are not scheduled.
GOE: 05.02.07 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-190 SUPERINTENDENT, MEASUREMENT (petrol. & gas; pipe lines) alternate titles: measurement superintendent

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with operation and maintenance of control stations used to regulate, measure, and direct flow of crude oil, petroleum products, or natural gas in pipeline system. Plans and directs studies on flow control and measurement of petroleum products and gas and directs activities of workers evaluating newly developed devices. Refers selected devices to engineering personnel for feasibility and test studies prior to purchase and installation in system. Ascertains need for new control stations, extensions of existing pipelines, and determines locations and sizes of lines from data on forecasts of estimated sales volume and potential customers available at distribution points. Recommends design features of control stations to engineering personnel and directs activities concerned with installation, testing, and maintenance of control and measurement equipment, such as pressure gauges, thermostats, and specialized metering devices in system. Develops plans for coordinating station activities of pipeline system to regulate and measure flow of products from point of origin into and from distribution points in system.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-194 SUPERINTENDENT, METERS (utilities) alternate titles: meter shop superintendent

    Coordinates activities of workers engaged in installation, testing, maintenance, and repair of meters used in electric, gas, steam, and water utilities: Develops testing procedures and standards for meters and installations. Provides technical advice and assistance to customers, contractors, and utility personnel concerning metering problems. Directs training of personnel in testing and maintenance of meters and metering installations.
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-198 SUPERINTENDENT, PIPELINES (pipe lines)

    Coordinates engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance activities of cross-country pipeline used to transport crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, or coal slurry from transmission to distribution terminal: Reviews forecasts of customer demands to determine additional pipeline construction or alteration requirements on pipeline system and facilities. Develops plans to meet expanded demands and requests engineering section to design and prepare specifications for expanded facilities and capacity, award construction contracts, and assign project engineering personnel for on-site direction. Directs and coordinates, through other management personnel, scheduling, measuring, transmission, and maintenance activities to ensure efficient operation of pipelines and minimize losses. Authorizes procurement of equipment, materials, and supplies required for operations and maintenance. May be designated according to area of pipeline for which responsible as Pipeline Superintendent, District (pipe lines); Pipeline Superintendent, Division (pipe lines).
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-202 SUPERINTENDENT, POWER (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: superintendent, electrical department

    Directs procurement of electric power for street-railway or electrical railway system, and directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in planning, installing, and maintaining power generation and distribution facilities: Confers with officials of power companies to arrange for power. Directs activities of company-owned generating plant through subordinate officials. Directs subordinates who supervise construction, maintenance, and repair of distribution system including trolley wire, power lines, poles, underground conduits, and trolley contact signals, when working for street-railway system. Approves plans and designs for electrical distribution equipment.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-206 SUPERINTENDENT, STATIONS (motor trans.; r.r. trans.)

    Manages stations and terminals of busline, subway, elevated or interurban railway transit system and confers with other transportation companies on matters, such as fares, routes, and schedules: Examines books and records of stations and terminals. Analyzes financial reports from stations and terminals and prepares reports for management showing profits and expenditures. Analyzes statistics to determine which areas require additional terminals and stations to provide adequate service to public. Reviews agreements with other transportation companies to ensure against or settle disputes concerning fares, routes, and schedules. Confers with governmental commissions and management to establish policy concerning adequate service to public.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

184.167-210 SUPERINTENDENT, SYSTEM OPERATION (utilities) alternate titles: planning-division superintendent

    Directs activities of system-planning department of electric power company to ensure safe, economical, efficient scheduling of loads and use of facilities to meet normal and emergency power demands. Supervises such personnel as PROTECTION ENGINEERS (utilities) and ENGINEER OF SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT (utilities) concerned with planning and development responsibilities to promote maximum operating efficiency and safety of system.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-214 SUPERINTENDENT, TERMINAL (water trans.)

    Manages operations of freight terminal to load and discharge ships' cargoes: Studies ship's manifests to determine whether cargo should be stored in transit sheds or on wharves and to determine what equipment is needed to handle cargo. Notifies SUPERINTENDENT, STEVEDORING (water trans.) to assign workers to jobs and arrange dock space for freight. Computes cost of operations for tonnage handled. Directs purchase of cargo-handling gear and maintenance of terminal and company equipment. May order railroad cars or hire trucks and tractors for transporting freight from docks. When working with company whose terminal has piers located at different places, may be designated Superintendent, Pier (water trans.). May direct operations at container terminal and be designated Superintendent, Container Terminal (water trans.).
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-218 SUPERINTENDENT, TESTS (utilities)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers conducting chemical, physical, mechanical, and electrical tests on materials, apparatus, and equipment used in electric power utility: Develops and prepares standard testing procedures manuals for conducting tests and fault analysis research in system. Plans testing activities and prepares schedules for conducting tests, considering such factors as priorities, budget limitations, available human resources, testing facilities, and equipment, in order to obtain optimum utilization of human resources and equipment. Analyzes test results and reports on newly developed apparatus and equipment, malfunctioning and repaired apparatus and equipment, system disturbances, and materials. Consults with other engineering personnel, manufacturers' representatives, and personnel of other utilities to keep abreast of newly developed apparatus and equipment, testing policies and procedures, and modifications of existing equipment. Directs design and testing of new equipment or modification of existing testing equipment. Recommends awarding of contracts for purchase of new equipment, apparatus and materials, basing recommendations on results of tests. May be designated according to testing operations directed as Electrical-Tests Supervisor (utilities); Superintendent, Materials-And-Apparatus Tests (utilities); Superintendent, Meter Tests (utilities); Superintendent, Research-And-Fault-Analysis Tests (utilities); Superintendent, Station-And-Protection-System Tests (utilities).
GOE: 05.01.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

184.167-222 SUPERINTENDENT, TRANSMISSION (utilities)

    Directs operation and maintenance of substations and transmissions lines located at various points throughout electric power system, and the transmission of electrical energy from source to substations: Confers with management and executives of other divisions on such matters as design, construction, operation, and maintenance of system equipment. Formulates and interprets company policies and operating procedures to subordinate supervisory personnel. Prepares budget estimates. Reviews and approves material requisitions and work authorization. Investigates, evaluates, and prepares reports on application of new developments. Reviews and approves drawings for facilities. Prepares, or directs preparation of specifications for materials and work methods. Analyzes bids for materials, equipment, and services, and recommends purchases and awarding of contracts. Directs selection and training of new workers through subordinates. Schedules operation and maintenance work programs and periodically inspects work activities to ensure compliance with company and government regulations. Prepares monthly operating reports.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-226 SUPERINTENDENT, TRANSPORTATION (any industry) alternate titles: manager, transportation; motor vehicles supervisor; superintendent, automotive; transportation department head

    Directs and coordinates operational activities of automotive equipment department of an establishment: Procures state-required certificates of title and arranges for registrations and state inspections. Inspects automotive equipment, scheduling needed repair or service work. Coordinates operation and maintenance of equipment, storage facilities, and repair facilities. Directs recording of expenses and analyzes purchase and repair costs to control expenditures. May arrange for insurance coverage on vehicles. May plan and direct safety campaigns. May negotiate with vendors to purchase automotive equipment, materials, and supplies. May assign trucks and passenger cars for use [DISPATCHER, MOTOR VEHICLE (clerical)].
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-230 SUPERVISOR OF COMMUNICATIONS (any industry)

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with acquisition, installation, and maintenance of equipment in private communications system of commercial, financial, industrial, transportation firm, or public utility: Directs studies to be conducted on existing communications system and equipment, such as present and projected volume of communications, effectiveness and adequacy of system, and estimated equipment replacement and maintenance costs. Coordinates engineering studies to obtain data on new equipment and systems developments in communications field and adaptability of equipment to existing system. Analyzes reports, records, and recommendations to determine whether equipment should be repaired or replaced, additional equipment installed, or newly developed equipment acquired considering such factors as predicted volume of communications traffic, acquisition and installation costs, estimated improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and changes in operational procedures resulting from new system installation. Prepares recommendations for acquisition of newly developed, additional, or replacement equipment based on analyses for action by management. Directs preparation of, or prepares, equipment specifications and floor plans for installation in offices or departments. Contacts vendors to arrange for bids for lease or purchase of equipment. Approves acquisition and installation of equipment within limitations approved by management. Coordinates equipment installation and maintenance activities with operations to avoid disruptions in communications and ensure efficiency of operations.
GOE: 05.02.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-234 SUPERVISOR OF WAY (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: maintenance-of-way supervisor

    Directs personnel in maintenance-of-way department and coordinates maintenance and repair activities with other functions of street-railway system: Issues instructions to personnel engaged in removal of snow or other obstruction from tracks, and construction, maintenance, and repair of roadway, bridges, and other structures. Dispatches crews of workers and equipment during emergencies, such as breakdowns, derailments, floods, and landslides, to make necessary repairs for restoration of service. Inspects equipment along way, periodically, to ascertain that it is maintained according to standards. Directs personnel engaged in maintaining time and work records.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-238 SUPERVISOR, SEWER SYSTEM (waterworks)

    Directs and coordinates work of subordinate personnel engaged in installing, maintaining, repairing, servicing, enlarging, and relocating sewage facilities: Studies proposed projects to evaluate most feasible approach for excavations and repairs, using land plats, topographical maps, and other source data. Determines need for material and equipment required to complete project, such as type and size of pipe, fittings and unions, cranes, bulldozers, welders, or trenching machines, according to size and nature of project. Inspects project to evaluate progress and assure conformance to specifications. Confers with representatives of other utilities to coordinate work schedules for most effective and economic repair activities. Writes reports concerning human resource utilization, work progress, and disposition of materials. Prepares budget estimates based on anticipated material and personnel needs. May effect liaison between field operations and top management or assume regional or zonal responsibility.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-242 SUPERVISOR, TERMINAL OPERATIONS (motor trans.)

    Manages terminal operations of passenger or freight motor transportation company: Observes personnel performing duties and studies terminal operations reports on revenues derived, costs of operation, accidents, and frequency of personal or merchandise claims for losses or damages, to determine changes in work practices and procedures necessary to improve operations and reduce claims. Inspects terminal facilities for conformance to prescribed standards of safety and cleanliness, and for maintenance or repair required, and initiates requisitions for corrective actions. Enforces worker compliance with established safety rules and regulations and measures to protect safety of employees and customers and security of merchandise, property, and equipment. Reviews accident reports and takes actions prescribed by company policy. Evaluates worker performance and recommends or initiates personnel actions. May process or attempt to resolve employee grievances according to union contract procedures.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

184.167-246 SUPERVISOR, WATERWORKS (waterworks)

    Plans and coordinates activities of workers in operation and maintenance of waterworks system to ensure adequate water supply for human consumption, industrial or agricultural use: Schedules and coordinates activities concerned with processing and distributing water. Assigns personnel to shifts to operate filtering and chemical treatment, coagulating and settling basins, and other plant facilities. Determines action to be taken in event of emergencies such as machine, equipment or power failure, or need to release dammed water to effect flood control. Prepares plans and specifications for new equipment or modification of existing equipment to effect increased operational capacity or efficiency. Reviews and evaluates water reports, records, logs, and graphs to confirm adequacy of present and projected water needs. Prepares budget estimates based on anticipated material and personnel needs. May prepare reports concerned with chemical and bacteriological analyses of water for administrative purposes and governmental agencies. May direct construction and maintenance of roads and communication lines used in operating water supply system.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-250 TARIFF PUBLISHING AGENT (business ser.)

    Files applications with state and federal regulatory agencies, on behalf of certificated carrier or public utility and under power of attorney, to establish schedule of rates and charges: Receives rates compiled by clerical personnel. Analyzes and arranges tariff to cover one or more carrier or utility and receives power of attorney for any new coverage. Files with federal and state commissions new or revised tariff with new power of attorney. May participate in federal tariff proceedings. May assist attorneys preparing transportation or utility documents.
GOE: 11.04.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-254 TERMINAL SUPERINTENDENT (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: assistant superintendent, transportation

    Directs and coordinates activities of personnel involved in transportation and handling of freight within geographic subdivision of railroad. Investigates train derailments or other accidents and directs clean-up operations. Directs activities of workers within railroad stations and terminals.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-258 TESTING-AND-REGULATING CHIEF (tel. & tel.)

    Directs and coordinates, through shift supervisory personnel, activities concerned with testing, regulating, and maintaining telegraphic channels and circuits and associated terminal apparatus to ensure continuity of wire services: Reviews logs and reports and confers with shift supervisory personnel to ascertain data required for planning, testing, and regulating activities. Prepares work schedules assigning workers to shift supervisory personnel, considering workers' expertise in diagnosing and isolating circuit and apparatus malfunctions and knowledge and experience in adjusting and maintaining telegraphic circuits, channels, and apparatus, such as teleprinters, repeaters, and carriers. Authorizes requisitions for replacement parts, materials, and supplies. Prepares reports and records on testing and regulating activities, circuit and apparatus malfunctions, and resulting adjustment and maintenance functions.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-262 TRAIN DISPATCHER (r.r. trans.) alternate titles: ctc operator; dispatcher; traffic-control operator

    Coordinates railroad traffic on specified section of line from CTC (centralized-traffic-control) unit that electrically activates track switches and signals: Reads train orders and schedules to familiarize self with scheduled runs, destination of trains, times of arrivals and departures, and priority of trains. Monitors CTC panelboard that indicates location of trains by lights that illuminate as train passes specified positions on run. Operates controls to activate track switches and traffic signals. Reroutes trains or signals LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER (r.r. trans.) to stop train or change speed according to traffic conditions. Talks by telephone with crewmembers to relay changes in train orders and schedules, and to receive notification of emergency stops, delays, or accidents. Records time each train reaches specified point, time messages are given or received, and name of person giving or receiving message. ay chart train movements on graph to estimate arrival times at specified points. May operate teletypewriter to transmit messages to freight offices or other points along line.
GOE: 07.04.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates, through supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in maintenance of transportation equipment in industrial establishment: Confers with department heads to arrange for equipment, such as motor vehicles, railroad rolling stock and equipment, and within-plant trackage systems, to be released from service for inspection, service, or repair. Schedules repairs and follows up on repairs made.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-270 WATER CONTROL SUPERVISOR (waterworks)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in allocation, regulation, and delivery of government controlled water in irrigation district, and in repair and maintenance of irrigation facilities: Reviews water-rights agreements, irrigation contracts, and departmental policies and regulations to determine equitable distribution of water. Schedules time and amount of water to be delivered to users in accordance with instructions. Inspects channels, siphons, tunnels, weirs, roads, bridges, buildings, and equipment for need of repair and maintenance. Assigns supervisory personnel to sanitation, maintenance and repair activities and inspects work for compliance with prescribed operational procedures and methods. Confers with water users to investigate and resolve complaints and public relations problems. Notifies water users of changes in policies and procedures.
GOE: 05.02.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-274 WHARFINGER, CHIEF (water trans.)

    Plans and directs activities of persons in wharfage department to ensure that fees assessed shipping companies, using municipal facilities, are in accordance with port tariff: Assigns responsibility to personnel for berthing, compiling dockage, wharfage, demurrage, and storage reports, and enforcing safety regulations. Reviews department reports to verify accuracy of assessments. Assigns berth, dock, and shed space for incoming ships. Prepares recommendations for assignment of facilities to companies on a continuous basis. Analyzes reports to determine efficiency of dock operations and recommends improvements. Contacts representatives of shipping companies to resolve problems pertaining to facilities and to maintain business relationship.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.167-278 YARD MANAGER (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in makeup and breakup of trains and switching inbound and outbound traffic of railroad yard: Reviews train schedules and switching orders, and observes traffic movement in yard to determine which tracks can be made available to accommodate inbound and outbound traffic. Directs routing of inbound and outbound traffic to specific tracks. Reviews waybills or other shipping records indicating material to be loaded or unloaded, tonnage of cargo, type of carrier, and planned routes. Provides instruction concerning switching of cars, makeup and breakup of trains, and routing of inbound and outbound traffic to ensure safe and efficient conduct of yard activities.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

184.167-282 DIVISION ROAD SUPERVISOR (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates through supervisory personnel activities of railroad engine crews to ensure efficient operation of railroad in specified jurisdictions: Interviews engine crew personnel to evaluate workers' knowledge of operating and train-handling rules and of railroad route characteristics, such as locations and meanings of signals and types of grades on routes. Rides trains and observes personnel to determine conformance to regulations governing matters, such as train signals, train timetables, and emergency procedures. Determines speed of trains, using radar gun and electrical speed-recording device, and documents detected violations. Conducts investigations of train wrecks to determine causes, to assess equipment damage, to identify personnel responsible, and issues reports of findings.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

184.167-286 GENERAL CAR SUPERVISOR, YARD (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisors, activities of workers engaged in inspection, repair, and maintenance of railroad freight cars, utilizing knowledge of railroad maintenance regulations: Analyzes production reports, work schedules, and freight car repair list to determine efficient utilization of human resources, and recommends to superiors increasing, reducing, or shifting human resources as necessary to complete work requirements. Fills out daily worksheets identifying defective freight cars, necessary repairs, and priority of repairs for use of subordinate supervisors. Notifies YARD ANAGER (r.r. trans.) 184.167-278 to close tracks on which freight trains are being inspected to other rail traffic. Coordinates dispatching of wreck crews and heavy equipment to wreck site within yard or assigned geographic area. Contacts private contractors to rent equipment needed at wreck site. Informs consignees of damaged freight cars and obtains permission to transfer loads when necessary. Observes work in yard and repair shop to determine that areas are clean and free of hazards. Serves on committees to investigate causes of wrecks. Conducts investigations to determine cause of accidental worker injuries. Submits written reports of findings to superiors.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86


    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in installing, maintaining, and testing communications and signalling equipment within specified jurisdiction of railroad: Reviews reports that describe handling of communications and signal irregularities to discern whether deployment of personnel and maintenance procedures followed administrative and labor regulations. Discusses causes of irregularities with supervisor who directed repairs to suggest changes in inspection or maintenance techniques that would prevent recurrence of irregularities, utilizing knowledge of communication and signal functioning. Writes summary of reports indicating worker overtime involved and nature of equipment malfunctions and routes reports to superior. Confers with company engineers regarding major repairs or installation projects in communication and signal system to stay apprised of changes within system. Confers with supervisors throughout projects to provide technical assistance and to ensure availability of equipment needed to complete project.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

184.167-294 SUPERVISOR, TRAIN OPERATIONS (r.r. trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in scheduling and routing trains and engines in specified railroad territory: Observes record entries and monitors railroad radio communications and lights on train location panelboard to oversee train and engine movements along specified territory of railroad. Confers with railroad dispatchers to determine scheduling of trains and engines. Directs delays of train departures upon notification of substandard track conditions. Coordinates train movements to utilize train crews efficiently to schedule engines to arrive at service locations when due for maintenance and to maximize use of local trains versus special work trains. Scrutinizes train schedules and advises specified personnel of availability of tracks for scheduled repair and maintenance. Issues directives to subordinates to coordinate movement of expedited, late, or special railroad trains, using information received through railroad information network.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

184.267-010 FREIGHT-TRAFFIC CONSULTANT (business ser.) alternate titles: transportation consultant

    Advises industries, business firms, and individuals concerning methods of preparation of freight for shipment, rates to be applied, and mode of transportation to be used: Consults with client regarding packing procedures and inspects packed or crated goods for conformance to shipping specifications to prevent damage, delay, or penalties. Selects mode of transportation, such as air, water, railroad, or truck without regard to higher rates when speed is necessary. Confers with shipping brokers concerning export and import papers, docking facilities, or packing and marking procedures. Files claims with insurance company for losses, damages, and overcharges of freight shipments.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

184.387-010 WHARFINGER (water trans.)

    Compiles reports, such as dockage, demurrage, wharfage, and storage, to ensure that shipping companies are assessed specified harbor fees: Compares information on statements, records, and reports with ship's manifest to determine that weight, measurement, and classification of commodities are in accordance with tariff. Calculates tariff assessment from ship's manifest to ensure that charges are correct. Prepares and submits reports. Inspects sheds and wharves to determine need for repair. Arranges for temporary connection of water and electrical services from wharves. Reads service meters to determine charges to be made.
GOE: 07.02.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L2 SVP: 5 DLU: 77


    This group includes managerial occupations concerned with selling merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users; or to other wholesalers; or acting as agents in buying merchandise for or selling merchandise to such persons or companies.

185.117-010 MANAGER, DEPARTMENT STORE (retail trade)

    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate managerial personnel, activities of department store selling lines of merchandise in specialized departments: Formulates pricing policies for sale of merchandise, or implements policies set forth by merchandising board. Coordinates activities of nonmerchandising departments, as purchasing, credit, accounting, and advertising with merchandising departments to obtain optimum efficiency of operations with minimum costs in order to maximize profits. Develops and implements, through subordinate managerial personnel, policies and procedures for store and departmental operations and customer personnel and community relations. Negotiates or approves contracts negotiated with suppliers of merchandise, or with other establishments providing security, maintenance, or cleaning services. Reviews operating and financial statements and departmental sales records to determine merchandising activities that require additional sales promotion, clearance sales, or other sales procedures in order to turn over merchandise and achieve profitability of store operations and merchandising objectives.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

185.117-014 AREA SUPERVISOR, RETAIL CHAIN STORE (retail trade) alternate titles: operations manager

    Directs and coordinates activities of subordinate managerial personnel involved in operating retail chain stores in assigned area: Interviews and selects individuals to fill managerial vacancies. Maintains employment records for each manager. Terminates employment of store managers whose performance does not meet company standards. Directs, through subordinate managerial personnel, compliance of workers with established company policies, procedures, and standards, such as safekeeping of company funds and property, personnel and grievance practices, and adherence to policies governing acceptance and processing of customer credit card charges. Inspects premises of assigned area stores to ensure that adequate security exists and that physical facilities comply with safety and environmental codes and ordinances. Reviews operational records and reports of store managers to project sales and to determine store profitability. Coordinates sales and promotional activities of store managers. Analyzes marketing potential of new and existing store locations and recommends additional sites or deletion of existing area stores. Negotiates with vendors to enter into contracts for merchandise and determines allocations to each store manager.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

185.137-010 MANAGER, FAST FOOD SERVICES (retail trade; wholesale tr.)

    Manages franchised or independent fast food or wholesale prepared food establishment: Directs, coordinates, and participates in preparation of, and cooking, wrapping or packing types of food served or prepared by establishment, collecting of monies from in-house or take-out customers, or assembling food orders for wholesale customers. Coordinates activities of workers engaged in keeping business records, collecting and paying accounts, ordering or purchasing supplies, and delivery of foodstuffs to wholesale or retail customers. Interviews, hires, and trains personnel. May contact prospective wholesale customers, such as mobile food vendors, vending machine operators, bar and tavern owners, and institutional personnel, to promote sale of prepared foods, such as doughnuts, sandwiches, and specialty food items. May establish delivery routes and schedules for supplying wholesale customers. Workers may be known according to type or name of franchised establishment or type of prepared foodstuff retailed or wholesaled.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 81

185.157-010 FASHION COORDINATOR (retail trade) alternate titles: fashion stylist

    Promotes new fashions and coordinates promotional activities, such as fashion shows, to induce consumer acceptance: Studies fashion and trade journals, travels to garment centers, attends fashion shows, and visits manufacturers and merchandise markets to obtain information on fashion trends. Consults with buying personnel to gain advice regarding type of fashions store will purchase and feature for season. Advises publicity and display departments of merchandise to be publicized. Selects garments and accessories to be shown at fashion shows. Provides information on current fashions, style trends, and use of accessories. May contract with models, musicians, caterers, and other personnel to manage staging of shows. May conduct teenage fashion shows and direct activities of store-sponsored club for teenage girls.
GOE: 11.09.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

185.157-014 SUPERVISOR OF SALES (business ser.)

    Coordinates and publicizes tobacco marketing activities within specified area: Visits tobacco growers, buyers, and auction warehouses to cultivate interest and goodwill. Develops publicity for tobacco industry. Investigates and confirms eligibility of buyers. Collects membership dues for tobacco Board of Trade. Schedules tobacco auction dates. Records quantity and purchase price of tobacco sold daily, and prepares reports specified by board. May prepare report of marketing activities for state and federal agencies. May review and verify reports for individual warehouses. May examine quality and growth of tobacco in fields of individual growers and inform buyers of results.
GOE: 11.09.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

185.157-018 WHOLESALER II (wholesale tr.)

    Exports domestic merchandise to foreign merchants and consumers and imports foreign merchandise for sale to domestic merchants or consumers: Arranges for purchase and transportation of imports through company representatives abroad and sells imports to local customers. Sells domestic goods, materials, or products to representatives of foreign companies. May be required to be fluent in language of country in which import or export business is conducted. May specialize in only one phase of foreign trade and be designated Exporter (wholesale tr.); Importer (retail trade; wholesale tr.).
GOE: 11.05.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

185.164-010 SERVICE MANAGER (retail trade)

    Coordinates activities of service department in lawnmower sales and service establishment: Directs activities of workers through supervisory staff. Discusses with supervisory staff methods of assembling and repairing lawnmowers to ensure compliance with prescribed procedures. Interviews and hires workers. Maintains time and production records. Answers questions and discusses complaints with customers regarding services as specified in equipment warranty agreement. Assembles and tests operation of new lawnmowers to prepare mowers for sales floor, following assembly and test procedures and using handtools.
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

185.167-010 COMMISSARY MANAGER (any industry)

    Directs and coordinates activities of commissary store to sell to or provide company employees or other eligible customers with foodstuffs, clothing, or other merchandise: Determines quantities of foodstuffs or other merchandise required to stock commissary, from inventory records, and prepares requisitions or buys merchandise to replenish stock. Sells merchandise to company employees or other eligible customers or issues merchandise upon requisition by authorized personnel. Keeps records pertaining to purchases, sales, and requisitions. May issue foodstuffs and supplies to COOKS, CAMP (any industry) for preparation of meals.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

185.167-014 MANAGER, AUTOMOBILE SERVICE STATION (retail trade)

    Manages automobile service station: Plans, develops, and implements policies for operating station, such as hours of operation, workers required and duties, scope of operations, and prices for products and services. Hires and trains workers, prepares work schedules, and assigns workers to specific duties, such as customer service, automobile maintenance, or repair work. Directs, coordinates, and participates in performing customer service activities, such as pumping gasoline, checking engine oil, tires, battery, and washing windows and windshield. Notifies customer when oil is dirty or low, tires are worn, hoses or fanbelts are defective, or evidence indicates battery defects, to promote sale of products and services, such as oil change and lubrication, tires, battery, or other automotive accessories. Reconciles cash with gasoline pump meter readings, sales slips, and credit card charges. Orders, receives, and inventories gasoline, oil, automotive accessories and parts. May perform automotive maintenance and repair work, such as adjusting or relining brakes, motor tune-ups, valve grinding, and changing and repairing tires. May sell only gasoline and oil on self-service basis and be designated Manager, Self-Service Gasoline Station (retail trade).
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 81

185.167-018 MANAGER, DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE (wholesale tr.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of wholesaler's distribution warehouse: Reviews bills of lading for incoming merchandise and customer orders in order to plan work activities. Assigns workers to specific duties, such as verifying amounts of and storing incoming merchandise and assembling customer orders for delivery. Establishes operational procedures for verification of incoming and outgoing shipments, handling and disposition of merchandise, and keeping of warehouse inventory. Coordinates activities of distribution warehouse with activities of sales, record control, and purchasing departments to ensure availability of merchandise. Directs reclamation of damaged merchandise.
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

185.167-022 MANAGER, FOOD CONCESSION (hotel & rest.)

    Manages refreshment stand or other food concession at public gatherings, sports events, amusement park, or similar facility: Purchases refreshments, according to anticipated demand and familiarity with public taste in food and beverages. Directs storage, preparation, and serving of refreshments by other workers at refreshment stand or circulating throughout audience. Assigns VENDORS (amuse. & rec.) to locations. Tabulates receipts and balances accounts. Inventories supplies on hand at end of each day or other designated period.
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates activities of establishment engaged in renting or leasing machinery, tools and equipment to companies involved in business operations such as manufacturing, petroleum production, construction or materials handling, or to individuals for personal use: Confers with customer to ascertain article required, duration of rental time, and responsibility for maintenance and repair, in order to determine rental or leasing charges based on such factors as type and cost of article, type of usage, duration of rental or lease, and overhead costs. Prepares rental or lease agreement, specifying charges and payment procedures, for use of machinery, tools, or equipment. Directs activities of workers engaged in bookkeeping, record and inventory keeping, and in checking, handling, servicing or maintaining in-house, leased, or rented machines, tools and equipment. Managers of leasing or renting establishments may be designated according to type or use of machinery, tools or equipment.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

185.167-030 MANAGER, MEAT SALES AND STORAGE (retail trade; wholesale tr.)

    Coordinates activities of workers engaged in buying, processing, and selling meats and poultry and renting frozen food lockers: Prepares daily schedule and directs activities of employees. Examines products bought for resale or received for storage. Cuts, trims, bones, and cleans meats and poultry. Displays and sells different cuts of meats and poultry to customers and advises customers on quality of food, method of handling, and other factors affecting preparing, freezing, and storing food. Conducts in-service training for employees.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: M GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

185.167-034 MANAGER, MERCHANDISE (retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: director, merchandise

    Formulates merchandising policies and coordinates merchandising activities in wholesale or retail establishment: Determines mark-up and mark-down percentages necessary to ensure profit, based on estimated budget, profit goals, and average rate of stock turnover. Determines amount of merchandise to be stocked and directs buyers in purchase of supplies for resale. Consults with other personnel to plan sales promotion programs.
GOE: 11.05.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

185.167-038 MANAGER, PARTS (retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: manager, stockroom

    Manages retail or wholesale automotive parts establishment or department of repair shop or service station: Requisitions new stock. Verifies cash receipts and keeps sales records. Hires, trains, and discharges workers. Confirms credit references of customers by mail or telephone. May sell parts.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates activities of establishment engaged in sale of professional equipment and supplies, and providing customer services, to organizations in such fields as medicine and medical services, engineering, and education: Plans and directs sales and service programs to promote new markets, improve competitive position in area, and provide fast and efficient customer service. Confers with potential customer to ascertain equipment, supplies, and service needs. Advises customer on types of equipment to purchase, considering such factors as costs, space availability, and intended use. Directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in sales and service accounting and record keeping, and receiving and shipping operations. Reviews articles in trade publications to keep abreast of technological developments in types of professional equipment merchandised. Resolves customer complaints regarding equipment, supplies, and services. Workers are usually classified according to type of firm managed or type of equipment and supplies sold such as dental, hospital, school, medical, or laboratory supply house.
GOE: 11.05.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

185.167-046 MANAGER, RETAIL STORE (retail trade) alternate titles: store manager

    Manages retail store engaged in selling specific line of merchandise, such as groceries, meat, liquor, apparel, jewelry, or furniture; related lines of merchandise, such as radios, televisions, or household appliances; or general line of merchandise, performing following duties personally or supervising employees performing duties: Plans and prepares work schedules and assigns employees to specific duties. Formulates pricing policies on merchandise according to requirements for profitability of store operations. Coordinates sales promotion activities and prepares, or directs workers preparing, merchandise displays and advertising copy. Supervises employees engaged in sales work, taking of inventories, reconciling cash with sales receipts, keeping operating records, or preparing daily record of transactions for ACCOUNTANT (profess & kin.) 160.162-018, or performs work of subordinates, as needed. Orders merchandise or prepares requisitions to replenish merchandise on hand. Ensures compliance of employees with established security, sales, and record keeping procedures and practices. May answer customer's complaints or inquiries. May lock and secure store. May interview, hire, and train employees. May be designated according to specific line of merchandise sold, such as women's apparel or furniture; related lines of merchandise, such as camera and photographic supplies, or gifts, novelties, and souvenirs; type of business, such as mail order establishment or auto supply house; or general line of merchandise, such as sporting goods, drugs and sundries, or variety store.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 81

185.167-050 MANAGER, TEXTILE CONVERSION (business ser.; wholesale tr.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of firm engaged in purchasing, finishing, and wholesaling textile fabrics, or in finishing fabrics for trade on commission basis: Purchases textile fabrics from mills or receives fabrics from apparel or other finished fabric product manufacturers. Directs and coordinates finishing operations, such as bleaching, dyeing, and printing (roller, screen, flock, or plisse techniques), preshrinking, calendering, or napping, according to customer specifications. May direct other chemical finishing treatments of fabric to develop qualities, such as water repellency, fire resistance, or mildew proofing.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

185.167-054 MANAGER, TOBACCO WAREHOUSE (wholesale tr.)

    Manages tobacco warehouse: Oversees auction sale of consigned tobacco to wholesale buyers. Ascertains eligibility of each purchaser before completing sale. Supervises workers engaged in collecting payment from buyers and paying growers for tobacco sold. Directs advertisement of firm through printed matter and subordinates who contact prospective customers.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

185.167-058 SERVICE MANAGER (automotive ser.)

    Coordinates activities of workers in one or more service departments of automobile accessories sales-service establishment: Directs activities of workers, such as TIRE REPAIRER (automotive ser.) and BRAKE REPAIRER (automotive ser.). Assists sales personnel in adjusting customers' service complaints. Hires, transfers, and discharges workers. Directs activities of workers engaged in testing new equipment and recommends purchase or rejection of equipment. Determines work standards and evaluates workers' performance. May handle claims regarding defective factory work quality. May determine need and cost of automobile repair [AUTOMOBILE-REPAIR-SERVICE ESTIMATOR (automotive ser.)].
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

185.167-062 SUPERVISOR, LIQUOR STORES AND AGENCIES (government ser.)

    Directs activities of alcoholic beverage control authority in counties or other governmental units of states operating retail liquor stores: Coordinates, through subordinates, purchasing, sale, inventory control, display, tabulating of receipts, and warehousing of beverages in stores according to public demand and established policy of control authority. Visits stores to inspect facilities and procedures and evaluate condition of stock. Authorizes transfer of beverages among stores to maintain fresh, balanced stock. Recommends expansion, remodeling, or relocation of stores according to accepted merchandising principles and policy of authority. Reviews sales and inventory reports to develop more efficient procedures and to supply data on beverage consumption to legislative officials or other interested parties. May plan window displays or other merchandising techniques to stimulate sales. May direct activities of state self-service stores and be designated Supervisor, Self-Service Store (government ser.).
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

185.167-066 VENDING-STAND SUPERVISOR (government ser.) alternate titles: operations supervisor; vending-enterprises supervisor

    Coordinates activities of persons engaged in vending-stand operations of state program for rehabilitation of the blind: Observes stand operation and advises blind vendor on merchandise purchase and display, improved methods of operation, personal appearance, and sanitation. Inspects condition of stock and fixtures to ascertain adherence to regulations and to determine need for maintenance and repairs. Examines invoices and receipts to determine equity of charges and to prepare monthly profit and loss statement. Investigates and resolves problems varying from nuisance complaints to breach-of-contract. May address civic groups to promote public relations. May collect cash, invoices, receipts, and specified assessments as determined by state program requirements. May plan, locate, and arrange for installation of stands, train vendors, and negotiate contracts with building managers for stand operation [BUSINESS-ENTERPRISE OFFICER (government ser.)].
GOE: 09.04.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

185.167-070 WHOLESALER I (wholesale tr.)

    Manages establishment engaged in purchasing, wholesaling, and distributing merchandise, such as furniture and home furnishings, construction materials and supplies, metals and minerals, electrical goods, drugs and drug proprietaries, groceries and foodstuffs, and professional equipment and supplies to retailers, industrial and commercial consumers, or professional personnel: Estimates stock requirements based on sales orders, inventory, projected volume of sales, and current condition of economy. Authorizes purchase of merchandise based on estimates. Directs assembly of and storing of merchandise by workers, filling of orders, and distribution to customers according to sales orders. Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in wholesaling merchandise and extending credit to purchasers. Advises customers concerning current and future market conditions and availability of merchandise. Workers are classified according to type of merchandise, product, or material wholesaled and distributed.
GOE: 11.05.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

185.167-074 MANAGER, AUTO SPECIALTY SERVICES (automotive ser.)

    Manages establishment engaged in automotive specialty services, such as engine tune-up, front-end alignment, or muffler installation: Directs and coordinates, through subordinate personnel, activities of workers engaged in diagnosing and repairing automobile malfunctions. Monitors operations to ensure that services rendered conform to company policy and standards. Resolves customer complaints. Reviews operational expenses and collection reports for accuracy. Authorizes acquisition of tools, equipment, and parts. Hires, discharges, and assists in training workers. May contact advertising media to publicize services.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86


    This group includes managerial and management related occupations concerned with banks and trust companies, credit agencies other than banks, investment companies, brokers, and dealers in securities and commodity contracts, and security and commodity exchanges; all types of insurance, and insurance agents and brokers; owners, lessors, lessees, buyers, sellers, agents, and developers of real estate.


    Administers business affairs of college or university: Prepares operating budget draft for submission through PRESIDENT, COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY (education) to board of trustees. Directs control of budget upon its approval by board, including collection, custody, investment, disbursement, accounting, and auditing of all college funds. Recruits, supervises, and oversees training of clerical staff. Formulates, with DIRECTOR OF STUDENT AFFAIRS (education), policies and procedures governing financial relations with students, dormitories, cafeterias, bookstores, and recreational and parking facilities. Audits financial status of student organization accounts, campus food service, housing, and bookstores. Administers financial aspects of student loans, scholarships, and student credit. Negotiates with groups, such as foundations, for university loans. Keeps financial records and prepares annual financial report. Formulates and administers policies and procedures for development and management of physical plant, including custodial care, sanitation, and fire and police protection. Negotiates with industry representatives on costs and materials for building construction. Develops policies and procedures for procurement of goods and nonpersonal services for university. Coordinates service operations, such as printing, duplicating, mail and messenger service, bindery, and machine computing and tabulating.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

186.117-018 CUSTOMS BROKER (financial) alternate titles: customs-house broker

    Prepares and compiles documents required by federal government for discharge of foreign cargo at domestic port to serve as intermediary between importers, merchant shipping companies, airlines, railroads, trucking companies, pipeline operators, and the United States Customs Service: Prepares entry papers from shipper's invoice in accordance with U.S. Customs Service regulations, and regulations of other federal agencies bearing on importation of goods, such as Environmental Protection Agency and Food And Drug Administration. Files papers with Customs Service and arranges for payment of duties. Quotes duty rates on goods to be imported, based on knowledge of federal tariffs and excise taxes. Prepares papers for shippers desiring to appeal duty charges imposed by Customs Service. Provides for storage of imported goods and for transportation of imported goods from port to final destination. May register foreign ships with U.S. Coast Guard. Must be licensed by U.S. Treasury Department or operate under corporate license granted to employer by Treasury Department.
GOE: 11.04.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.117-022 DEPUTY INSURANCE COMMISSIONER (government ser.)

    Directs investigative, examining, and surety bonding activities of State Insurance Commission to ensure that companies and agents comply with provisions of insurance regulations and laws: Reviews insurance policies for conformance with prescribed underwriting standards or directs this work by others. Coordinates staff investigative activities concerning complaints of fraud, misrepresentation, excessive rates, financial irresponsibility, and other improprieties. Reviews financial statements of companies and agents to determine adherence to licensing requirements and state laws. Conducts examination of agents or other insurance personnel to determine qualifications for licensing. Receives and validates surety bonds from company representatives. Recommends or initiates punitive action, such as prosecution or license revocation, in cases of company or agent impropriety.
GOE: 11.10.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

186.117-030 GENERAL CLAIMS AGENT (air trans.; motor trans.; r.r. trans.; water trans.)

    Directs and coordinates activities involving claims against transportation company for shortages in or damaged freight, accidental death or injury to persons or employees, and private property damages: Directs activities of workers investigating claims to ascertain validity of claims and extent of company liability. Processes freight and property claims for which company is liable and submits claims to head office for settlement, or negotiates settlement with claimant and authorizes payment. Reviews employee accident reports to determine compensation program under which accidents are covered, and doctor reports for type of injury and length of time disabled. Authorizes payment of disability compensation according to state or federal acts. Contacts medical personnel to ascertain need for extension of payments beyond specified recovery date. Negotiates with persons having valid claims against company or death or injury to effect out-of-court settlement and refers cases that cannot be settled to legal department. Represents company at industrial accident or compensation board hearings to present company position on accident liability. May testify at court hearings to present evidence on company liability from investigation documents.
GOE: 11.12.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

186.117-034 MANAGER, BROKERAGE OFFICE (financial) alternate titles: branch manager; office manager

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with buying or selling investment products and financial services, such as securities, insurance, and real estate, for clients of brokerage firm: Screens, selects, and hires REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVES (financial) 250.257-018 and other employees. Directs inservice training to improve client services and increase sales volume. Develops and implements plans to ensure compliance of workers with established programs, procedures, and practices. Establishes internal control procedures to control margin accounts, short sales, and options and to reduce office errors and client complaints. Reviews recapitulation of daily transactions to ensure accordance with rules and regulations of government agencies, regulatory bodies, and securities exchanges. Analyzes operations to determine areas where cost reductions could be implemented or program improvements initiated. Evaluates profitability of gross sales and transactions. Conducts staff meetings of personnel to discuss changes in policy, redirection of sales emphasis to other programs, or to propose methods and procedures to increase firm's share of local market and trade volume. Explains firm's research and customer service facilities and how use of facilities can promote customer relations and sales. Prepares activity reports for evaluation by management. May be required to have securities agent license. May be required to have experience in certain type of brokerage office managed, such as full-service brokerage office, discount brokerage office, or full-service/discount brokerage office.
GOE: 11.05.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.117-042 MANAGER, LAND DEVELOPMENT (real estate)

    Coordinates activities of land development company and negotiates with representatives of real estate, private enterprise and industrial organizations, and community leaders to acquire and develop land: Supervises staff engaged in such activities as preparing appraisal reports on available land, preparing feasibility studies, showing availability and quality of water resources, mineral deposits, electric power, and labor supply. Prepares or directs preparation of statistical abstracts to reveal trends in tax rates in given communities, and proportion of total work force having specified skills. Plans, oversees, and directs activities of field staff engaged in sampling mineral deposits, surveying land boundaries, and testing water supply to determine optimum usage of land. Negotiates with community, business, and public utility representatives to eliminate obstacles to land purchase, development, sale, or lease. Negotiates mortgage loans. Directs collection and auditing of funds from sale or lease of property. May perform duties of REAL-ESTATE AGENT (profess. & kin.) 186.117-058. May cooperate with representatives of public utilities, universities, and other groups to coordinate research activities. May work for railroad and specialize in industrial development and be designated Manager, Industrial Development (r.r. trans.). May work for government and be designated Property Manager (government ser.).
GOE: 11.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.117-046 MANAGER, LEASING (petrol. & gas) alternate titles: general manager, land department; land-and-leases supervisor; land department head; lease agent; leases-and-land supervisor; manager, land department; superintendent, land department

    Directs land and leasing department of petroleum company to secure leases, options, rights-of-way, and special agreements covering land and mineral rights for drilling wells and producing gas and oil: Studies leases bought, prices paid, and other negotiations of competing companies in specified areas and determines expenditure necessary to obtain leases and other contracts in those areas. Determines and specifies date of termination of lease rentals. Negotiates with brokers or other individuals to sell interests in leases owned. Executes general policies established by company officials. May make final decisions on and sign agreements and contracts for purchase, sale and acquisition of land leases, mineral and royalty rights. May be designated according to area of operations as Manager, Divisional Leasing (petrol. & gas).
GOE: 11.12.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Plans, develops, and directs financial policies and practices of bank, savings bank, commercial bank, trust company, mortgage company, credit union, or company dealing in consumer credit, such as finance company, to ensure that financial objectives, goals, and institutional growth are met and in accordance with policies of Board of Directors or corporate charter and government regulations: Plans and develops investment, loan, interest, and reserve policies to ensure optimum monetary returns in accordance with availability of investment funds, government restrictions, and sound financial practices. Coordinates communication and reporting activities between divisions, departments, and branch offices to ensure availability of data required for efficient daily operations. Delegates to subordinate corporate officers authority for administering activities and operations under their control. Reviews reports and financial statements to determine policy changes due to changes in economic conditions. May serve as bank representative in professional, business, and community organizations to promote bank services. May plan budget and monitor financial activities, using computer. May serve on Board of Directors. May be designated according to type of financial institution as President, Commercial Bank (financial); President, Credit Union (financial); President, Finance Company (financial); President, Mortgage Company (financial); President, Savings Bank (financial); President, Trust Company (financial).
GOE: 11.05.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R6 M5 L5 SVP: 9 DLU: 89

186.117-058 REAL-ESTATE AGENT (profess. & kin.) alternate titles: land agent

    Coordinates activities of real-estate department of company and negotiates acquisition and disposition of properties in most beneficial manner: Supervises staff engaged in preparing lease agreements, recording rental receipts, and performing other activities necessary to efficient management of company properties, or in performing routine research on zoning ordinances and condemnation considerations. Directs appraiser to inspect properties and land under consideration for acquisition, and recommends acquisition, lease, disposition, improvement, or other action consistent with best interest of company. Authorizes or requests authorization for maintenance of company properties not under control of operating departments, such as dwellings, hotels, or commissaries. Evaluates and promotes industrial-development potential of company properties. Negotiates contracts with sellers of land and renters of properties.
GOE: 11.12.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Negotiates contracts for leasing arenas, auditoriums, stadiums, or other public events facilities: Solicits new business and renews established contracts to promote rental of facilities. Maintains schedule of rentals to determine availability of facilities for bookings. Oversees operation and maintenance of facilities. Notifies fire and police departments of scheduled use of buildings to provide protection. Studies reports to ascertain time lessee used facilities and if damage was incurred to facilities or contents. Submits bills and receives and accounts for monies paid for rentals.
GOE: 11.12.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

186.117-066 RISK AND INSURANCE MANAGER (any industry) alternate titles: insurance and risk manager

    Plans, directs, and coordinates risk and insurance programs of establishment to control risks and losses: Analyzes and classifies risks as to frequency and potential severity, and measures financial impact of risk on company. Selects appropriate technique to minimize loss, such as avoidance (reducing chance of loss to zero), loss prevention and reduction (reducing frequency and severity of loss), retention (including self-insurance and planned noninsurance), grouping of exposure units (to increase predictability of loss), and transfer (placement of property, activity, or risk with other establishment or insurers). Directs insurance negotiations, selects insurance brokers and carriers, and places insurance. Appoints claims and self-insurance administrators, and allocates program costs. Prepares operational and risk reports for management analysis. Manages insurance programs, such as fidelity, surety, liability, property, group life, medical, pension plans, and workers' compensation. Prepares operational and risk reports for management analysis. May direct loss prevention and safety programs. May select and direct activities of safety, engineering, and loss prevention experts. ay negotiate with unions for employee benefits.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

186.117-070 TREASURER, FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (financial) alternate titles: cashier

    Directs and coordinates programs, transactions, and security measures of financial institution: Examines institution operations to evaluate efficiency. Plans and implements new operating procedures to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Directs receipt and disbursement of funds and acquisition and sale of other assets. Approves agreements affecting capital transactions. Directs safekeeping, control, and accounting of assets and securities. Ensures that institution reserves meet legal requirements. Analyzes financial and operating statements of institution, and reports and makes recommendations to management or board of directors in regard to financial policies and programs. May participate as member of committee deciding on extending lines of credit to commercial enterprises and other organizations. May be designated according to type of financial institution, such as Treasurer, Savings Bank (financial).
GOE: 11.06.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

186.117-074 TRUST OFFICER (financial) alternate titles: trust administrator

    Directs and coordinates activities relative to creating and administering personal, corporate, probate, and court-ordered guardianship trusts in accordance with terms creating trust, will, or court order: Directs drafting of, drafts, or consults with client's attorney who drafts, legal documents specifying details, conditions, and duration of trust. Locates and places funds, securities, and other assets in trust account. Interviews trust beneficiaries of court-ordered guardianship trusts in order to locate probable sources of assets. Negotiates with public agencies, such as Social Security Administration and Worker's Compensation Commission, in effort to accumulate all assets into trust. Directs collection of earnings, dividends, or sale of assets and placement of proceeds in trust account. Directs realization of assets, liquidation of liabilities, and payment of debts for trusts. Directs disbursement of funds according to conditions of trust or needs of court ward or beneficiary. Ensures that excess or surplus funds are invested according to terms of trust and wishes of trust client. May specialize in promoting trust services and establishing new trust accounts. May prepare federal and state tax returns for trusts. May be designated according to type of trust as Corporate Trust Officer (financial); Personal Trust Officer (financial).
GOE: 11.06.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 89


    Directs and coordinates, through subordinate managerial personnel, activities of department, region, administrative division, or specific function of financial institution, such as lending, trusts, mortgages, investments, acting under authority and responsibility delegated by corporate executive officer: Coordinates activities of assigned program, such as sales, operations, or electronic financial services, determines methods and procedures for carrying out program, and assists in interpreting policies and practices. Directs or conducts management studies, prepares work load and budget estimates for specified or assigned operations, analyzes operational reports, and submits activity reports. Develops and recommends plans for expansion of programs, operations, and financial activities. May solicit new business or participate in community or service organizations. May authorize loans of specified types and amounts when permitted by institution regulations. May be designated according to type of financial institution as Vice President, Commercial Bank (financial); or according to activity as Vice President, Lending (financial).
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.117-082 FOREIGN-EXCHANGE DEALER (financial) alternate titles: foreign-exchange trader

    Maintains bank's balances on deposit in foreign banks to ensure foreign exchange position, and negotiates prices at which such exchanges shall be purchased and sold, based on demand, supply, and stability of currency: Refers to international bank market rate to determine foreign exchange rates. Establishes local rates based upon international bank rates, size of transaction involved, stability of market, and bank's balances available to fund customer requirements. Negotiates purchase and sale of foreign exchange drafts on foreign exchange market and calculates U.S. dollar equivalents, using calculator or computer. Adjusts deposit balances with foreign banks. May direct foreign exchange personnel in transactions relating to international monetary business.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.117-086 MANAGER, EXCHANGE FLOOR (financial) alternate titles: manager, floor operations; manager, floor services

    Directs floor operations of brokerage firm engaged in buying and selling securities at exchange: Monitors order flow and transactions that brokerage firm executes on floor of exchange. Reviews reports of securities transactions and price lists, using computer, to analyze market conditions. Informs staff of changes affecting firm or exchange. Calculates profit made by firm and estimates business volume lost to competition. Develops plan to increase firm's market share of business. Negotiates business contracts with exchange officials, and represents firm by membership in various exchange committees. Interviews, selects, and hires employees, such as FLOOR BROKER (financial) 162.167-034 and clerical workers. Develops and implements plans to ensure compliance of workers with established programs and procedures. Conducts staff meetings to discuss changes in policy or to propose methods and procedures which could increase profit and trade volume. Monitors employee attendance and takes disciplinary action when regulations are violated. Evaluates employee job performance and promotes or terminates personnel. May place orders with independent trader when additional help is needed to fill orders for brokerage firm. May buy and sell securities on floor of exchange [FLOOR BROKER (financial)]. May specialize according to type of securities traded at exchange and be designated Manager, Commodity Exchange Floor (financial); Manager, Options Exchange Floor (financial); Manager, Stock Exchange Floor (financial).
GOE: 11.05.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 90

186.137-014 OPERATIONS OFFICER (financial)

    Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel involved in performing internal operations in department or branch office of financial institution: Prepares work schedules and assigns duties to operations personnel to ensure efficient operation of department or branch. Audits accounts, records of proof, and certifications to ensure compliance of workers with established standard procedures and practices. Compiles required and special reports on operating functions of department or branch. Interviews, selects, and hires new employees. Directs employee training to improve efficiency and ensure conformance with standard procedures and practices. Verifies workers' count of incoming cash shipments. Controls supply of money on hand to meet branch's daily needs and legal requirements. Conducts staff meetings of operations personnel, or confers with subordinate personnel to discuss operational problems or explain procedural changes or practices. May be designated according to type of financial operations supervised as Operations Officer, Branch Office (financial); Operations Officer, Trust Department (financial).
GOE: 11.06.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.167-010 ESTATE PLANNER (insurance)

    Reviews assets and liabilities of estate to determine that insurance is adequate for financial protection of estate: Studies legal instruments, such as wills, trusts, business agreements, life insurance policies, and government benefits to estimate value and expenses of estate. Computes expenses, taxes, and debts to determine value of adjusted gross estate, using knowledge of accounting and tax laws. Prepares and discusses insurance program with client that will provide maximum financial security for family and protect investments. Suggests purchase of additional or new life insurance when analysis of estate indicates need for meeting cash demands at death. Discusses legal instruments with family attorney if study indicates need for change. May be required to hold state license.
GOE: 08.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

186.167-018 MANAGER, APARTMENT HOUSE (real estate)

    Manages apartment house complex or development for owners or property management firm: Shows prospective tenants apartments and explains occupancy terms. Informs prospective tenants of availability of nearby schools, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and public transportation. Rents or leases apartments, collects security deposit as required, and completes lease form outlining conditions and terms of occupancy when required. Collects rents due and issues receipts. Investigates tenant complaints concerning malfunctions of utilities or furnished household appliances or goods, and inspects vacated apartments to determine need for repairs or maintenance. Directs and coordinates activities of maintenance staff engaged in repairing plumbing or electrical malfunctions, painting apartments or buildings, and performing landscaping or gardening work, or arranges for outside personnel to perform repairs. Resolves tenant complaints concerning other tenants or visitors. May arrange for other services, such as trash collection, extermination, or carpet cleaning. May clean public areas of building and make minor repairs to equipment or appliances.
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 81

186.167-030 MANAGER, HOUSING PROJECT (profess. & kin.)

    Directs operations of housing project to provide low-income or military families, welfare recipients, or other eligible individuals with furnished or unfurnished housing in single or multiunit dwellings or house trailers: Develops and implements plans for administration of housing project and procedures for making housing assignments. Reviews occupancy reports to ensure that applications, selection of tenants and assignment of dwelling units are in accordance with rules and regulations. Conducts surveys of local rental rates and participates in setting of rental rates according to occupants' income and accommodation requirements. Prepares operational budget requests and receives accounts for and disburses funds. Conducts analyses of management and maintenance costs to determine areas where cost reductions can be effected. Plans long range schedule of major repairs on units, such as reroofing or painting exterior of dwellings. Studies housing demands occupancy and turnover rates and accommodation requirements of applicants to recommend policy and physical requirement changes. Promotes harmonious relations among tenants, housing project personnel, and persons of the community. Directs work activities of office and clerical staff in processing applications, collecting of rents and accounting for monies collected, and assigns building and grounds maintenance personnel to specific duties. Requisitions furnishings and furniture for housing units. May direct activities of other management personnel in housing project having commercial shops, concessions, theater, library, and recreational facilities. May refer applicants to private housing if all available units are occupied or if accommodation requirements are inadequate.
GOE: 11.05.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

186.167-034 MANAGER, INSURANCE OFFICE (insurance) alternate titles: district agent

    Directs and coordinates activities of branch or district office of insurance company, agency or insurance brokerage firm: Hires and trains workers in performing activities, such as selling insurance, processing insurance claims, or underwriting. Reviews activity reports to ensure that personnel have achieved sales quotas, processed claims promptly, or credited collections to policyholders' accounts. Confers with company officials to plan and develop methods and procedures to increase sales, lower costs, and obtain greater efficiency. Interprets, implements, and enforces company policies. Prepares and submits activity reports. May reconcile earned commissions with commission advances on sales personnel. May be designated according to type of office managed as District Branch Manager (insurance); District Claims Manager (insurance); District Sales Manager (insurance); Manager, Farm Underwriters (insurance); Manager, Field Underwriters (insurance); Manager, Insurance Agency (insurance).
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

186.167-038 MANAGER, LAND LEASES-AND-RENTALS (petrol. & gas)

    Directs and coordinates recordkeeping activities concerning land leases, agreements, and contracts relative to petroleum company rights for drilling wells on public or private lands and producing gas and oil: Directs activities of workers engaged in keeping current files and records on terms, conditions, and expiration dates of land documents. Prepares reports on expiration dates, disposition of, and for renegotiation of existing contracts, leases, and agreements for use by management or other land department personnel. Coordinates activities of lease and rental section with activities of other sections of land department to ensure that files and records are current and that company is in compliance with terms and conditions set forth in documents. Requests title searches, procurement of deeds and affidavits, or other substantiating data to ensure legality of documents. May authorize payment of royalties, bonuses, or other compensation as provided for in terms and conditions of documents. May be designated according to activity directed as Manager, Contracts-And-Titles (petrol. & gas); Manager, Titles-And-Land-Records (petrol. & gas).
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

186.167-042 MANAGER, MARKET (retail trade; wholesale tr.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of municipal, regional, or state fruit, vegetable, or meat market or exchange: Negotiates contracts between wholesalers and market authority or rents space to food buyers and sellers. Directs through subordinate supervisory personnel collection of fees or monies due market, maintenance and cleaning of buildings and grounds, and enforcement of market sanitation and security rules and regulations. Keeps records of current sales prices of food items and total sales volume. May endeavor to resolve differences arising between buyers and sellers. May prepare market activity reports for management or board.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

186.167-046 MANAGER, PROPERTY (real estate)

    Manages commercial, industrial, or residential real estate properties for clients: Discusses with client terms and conditions for providing management services, and drafts agreement stipulating extent and scope of management responsibilities, services to be performed, and costs for services. Prepares lease or rental agreements for lessees and collects specified rents and impounds. Directs bookkeeping functions, or credits client account for receipts and debits account for disbursements, such as mortgage, taxes, and insurance premium payments, management services costs, and upkeep and maintenance costs. Arranges for alterations to, or maintenance, upkeep, or reconditioning of property as specified in management services or lessee's agreement. Employs, or contracts for services of, security, maintenance, and groundskeeping personnel and on-site management personnel if required. Purchases supplies and equipment for use on leased properties. Directs preparation of financial statements and reports on status of properties, such as occupancy rates and dates of expiration of leases. Directs issuance of check for monies due client. May advise client relative to financing, purchasing, or selling property. Usually required to have real estate broker's license and be certified in property management. May prepare periodic inventory of building contents and forward listing to owner for review. May contact utility companies to arrange for transfer of service for tenants. May assist with eviction of tenants in compliance with court order and directions from LAWYER (profess. & kin.) 110.107-010 and owner.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.167-054 RESERVE OFFICER (financial; insurance) alternate titles: collateral placement officer; money position officer; portfolio administrator

    Directs purchase, sale, and redemption of bonds and securities, and placement of collateral funds in safekeeping accounts of correspondent or reserve banks to maintain institution reserve position mandated by regulatory bodies: Arranges deposit agreements with correspondent banks or designated reserve bank, and directs placement of funds to fulfill agreements. Reviews financial statements to determine reserve needed, and adjusts reserve to obtain specified ratio of reserves to liabilities. Directs purchase and sale of government bonds and other securities, redemption of bonds, and disbursement of funds to branch offices, correspondent banks, and reserve banks to ensure that funds are kept at level specified by reserve regulations and deposit agreements. Prepares reports on reserve position for management.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L4 SVP: 9 DLU: 77

186.167-062 CONDOMINIUM MANAGER (real estate)

    Manages condominium complex in accordance with homeowners' property management contract: Confers with representatives of homeowners' association or board of directors to review financial status of association and to determine management priorities. Attends monthly board meetings, records minutes, and prepares copies for distribution to board members. Arranges for and oversees activities of contract service representatives, such as exterminators, trash collector, major repair contractors, utility service repairers, and swimming pool management personnel. Investigates tenant disturbances, violations, or complaints, and resolves problems in accordance with regulations established by board of directors. Directs collection of monthly assessments from residents and payment of incurred operating expenses. Directs maintenance staff in routine repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds of complex. Prepares and maintains record of work assignments, and prepares performance evaluations. Prepares annual budget and activity reports and submits reports to association members. May recruit, hire, train, and supervise maintenance, janitorial, guard, and groundskeeping staff who perform routine repairs, maintain buildings and grounds, and patrol area to maintain secure environment of complex. May maintain contact with insurance carrier, fire protection and police departments, and other agencies having jurisdiction over property to ensure that association is complying with codes and regulations of each agency. May issue and maintain records of special permits, such as vehicle and pet registration, required by condominium association.
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.167-066 MANAGER, REAL-ESTATE FIRM (real estate)

    Directs and coordinates activities of sales staff for real estate firm: Screens and hires sales agents. Conducts training sessions to present and discuss sales techniques, ethics, and methods of maintaining sales quotas. Accompanies sales agents and clients to observe sales methods utilized, and counsels agents regarding matters, such as professionalism, financing, and sales closings. Confers with agents and clients to resolve problems, such as adjusting sales price, repairing property, or accepting closing costs. Sells or rents property for clients [SALES AGENT, REAL ESTATE (real estate) 250.357-018]. Manages residential and commercial properties for clients [MANAGER, PROPERTY (real estate) 186.167-046]. May own real estate firm or be employed by nationwide franchise. May confer with legal authority to determine if transactions are handled in accordance with state laws and with regulations governing real estate industry. May assist in negotiating development contracts with land developers, contractors, and architects. May review closing statements and attend closing transactions to represent real estate establishment.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 89


    Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in providing financial services to customers, and assists in cash management activities: Trains new employees, prepares work schedules, and monitors work performance. Examines documents prepared by subordinates, such as savings bond applications and safe deposit vault entry and exit records, to ensure compliance with establishment policies and procedures. Monitors branch office operations to ensure that security procedures are being followed. Evaluates establishment procedures and recommends changes to MANAGER, FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (financial) 186.167-086. Talks to customers to resolve account-related problems and to ensure positive public relations. Explains services to potential personal and business account customers to generate additional business for establishment. Assists workers to balance daily transactions, using calculator and computer terminal. Manages office in absence of MANAGER, FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (financial). May remove, count, and record cash from automated teller machine. ay examine, evaluate, and process loan applications. May prepare, type, and maintain records of financial transactions.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.167-074 CLOSER (real estate)

    Coordinates closing transactions in real estate company: Receives and deposits escrow monies in established accounts and disburses funds from each account. Reviews closing documents to determine accuracy of information and need for additional documents. Contacts courthouse personnel, buyer and seller, and other real estate personnel to obtain additional information. Confers with legal counsel regarding legal aspects of closing transactions. Calculates pro-rated balances on mortgages, taxes, and fire insurance premiums, as of closing date, and records balances on closing statement form to provide both parties with accurate and complete financial and legal information regarding property ownership transfer transaction. Reviews contract between buyer and seller to ensure seller can convey acceptable property title to prospective buyer. Prepares closing statement for purchase of property, using figures gathered in previous transactions and listing financial settlement between buyer and seller. Compiles figures to determine closing cost of final transaction, including loan, title, appraisal, and other fees included in sale of property. Schedules appointment to complete closing process and to answer any questions regarding procedures. Presides over closing meeting, reviews and explains contract documents and terms of transaction to buyer and seller, and obtains and notarizes signatures that ensure acceptance of agreement. Collects down payment from buyer for deposit in trust fund account. Disburses funds, based on final statement, to pay seller's debts against property, such as liens, taxes, and assessments. Reviews documents to determine that they have been executed according to regulations and are ready to be recorded. Disburses completed documents to concerned parties to effect transfer of property ownership. ay prepare and type legal documents, contracts, warranty deeds, and deeds of trust. May notify contract inspection or pest control businesses to perform needed service. May prepare work assignments and complete closing work schedules to maintain efficient work flow. May compile statistical reports and keep daily log on closing activities.
GOE: 07.01.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.167-078 COMMERCIAL LOAN COLLECTION OFFICER (financial) alternate titles: special loan officer

    Coordinates activities to collect delinquent commercial loans: Reviews files of commercial loans in default to determine collateral held by bank. Writes letter to customer to demand payment of loan balance. Calls or visits customer to determine if repayment plan can be established. Computes repayment schedule, using calculator. Determines if status of customer's financial position prevents repayment of loan and justifies re-classifying loan as non-revenue producing. Initiates collateral liquidation when customer does not repay loan. Petitions court to transfer title and deeds of collateral to bank. Coordinates maintenance and repairs to property. Coordinates activities to maintain income flow related to seized assets, such as notifying renters to mail payments to financial institution. Calls real estate broker to initiate sale of real estate. Calls auctioneer or liquidation specialist to sell specified property, such as machines, equipment, and inventory at public auction. Specifies changes to bank records on value of loan. May testify at legal proceedings.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.167-082 FACTOR (financial)

    Factors (purchases at discount) accounts receivable from businesses needing operating capital: Directs collection of facts about prospective client's business, such as credit rating of customers, evaluation of past losses, terms of sales, due dates, average amount of invoices, and expected volume and turnover of accounts receivable. Evaluates data collected to determine type of factoring plan to propose and percentage of net face value of accounts to advance which will yield favorable profit margin and alleviate client's cash shortage. Determines charge from fee schedule. Explains factoring agreement to client. Prepares and signs contract specifying terms of agreement and rights and obligations of both parties. May provide clients with other business services, such as credit and collection services, accounts receivable bookkeeping, and management consulting, on contract or fee basis. May specialize in factoring agreements in one or more industries.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.167-086 MANAGER, FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (financial)

    Manages branch or office of financial institutions, such as commercial bank, credit union, finance company, mortgage company, savings bank, or trust company: Directs and coordinates activities to implement institution policies, procedures, and practices concerning granting or extending lines of credit, commercial loans, real estate loans, and consumer credit loans. Directs, through subordinate supervisors, activities of workers engaged in implementing establishment services and performing such functions as collecting delinquent accounts, authorizing loans, or opening savings account. Establishes procedures for custody and control of assets, records, loan collateral, and securities to ensure safekeeping. Contacts customers and business, community, and civic organizations to promote goodwill and generate new business. May prepare financial and regulatory reports required by law, regulations, and board of directors. May examine, evaluate, and process loan applications. May recommend securities to board or corporate officers for institution investment. May talk to customers to resolve account problems. May interview and hire workers. May evaluate data pertaining to costs to plan budget. May plan and develop methods and procedures for carrying out activities of establishment. May be designated according to type of financial institution managed, as anager, Branch Bank (financial); Manager, Commercial Bank (financial); Manager, Credit Union (financial); Manager, Finance Company (financial); Manager, Mortgage Company (financial); Manager, Savings Bank (financial); Manager, Trust Company (financial).
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 88

186.167-090 MANAGER, TITLE SEARCH (real estate) alternate titles: abstract manager; chief of production

    Directs and coordinates activities of persons involved in searching, examining, and recording documents to determine status of property titles and participates in real estate closing procedures: Interviews, screens, hires, trains, promotes, and terminates title department personnel to ensure adequate and efficient operation. Evaluates performance of employees for compliance with establishment policies and procedures, prepares performance appraisals, and makes recommendations concerning promotions, separations, or shifting of staff to enhance and provide more efficient environment. Conducts in-service training operations to advise employees of changes or additions to company policies and to introduce new methods implemented to ensure more efficient operation. Confers with employees and assists in solving problems affecting job performance and establishment policies and procedures. Directs preparation of work assignments and work schedules to establish priorities and to ensure completion of assignments in timely manner. Confers with other managers and supervisors to establish new policies and procedures. Oversees preparation of timesheets and reviews data sent to payroll department. Confers with supervisors and other office personnel on status of abstract orders and discusses inconsistencies and discrepancies affecting production or quality of final documents. Receives and reviews data collected by abstractors and title reports prepared for clarity, completeness, accuracy, and conformance to established procedures. Confers with legal counsel to discuss defects in title, such as outstanding liens or judgments, or to explain delays in title search. May coordinate closing activities and review closing documents to determine accuracy of information and need for additional documents. May perform difficult and involved title searches. May attend closing meeting to oversee signing of documents and disbursement of documents and monies held in escrow. May give and receive information related to title searching to other persons involved in real estate transaction. May prepare or direct preparation of periodic reports and complete purchase orders for equipment and supplies.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.267-010 BONDING AGENT (business ser.) alternate titles: bail bonding agent

    Investigates arrested person to determine bondability: Interviews bond applicant to ascertain character and financial status. Furnishes bond for prescribed fee upon determining intention of accused to appear in court. Posts and signs bond with court clerk to obtain release of client. Forfeits amount of bond if client fails to appear for trial.
GOE: 07.04.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

186.267-018 LOAN OFFICER (financial; insurance)

    Interviews applicants, and examines, evaluates, and authorizes or recommends approval of customer applications for lines or extension of lines of credit, commercial loans, real estate loans, consumer credit loans, or credit card accounts: Interviews applicant and requests specified information for loan application. Analyzes applicant financial status, credit, and property evaluation to determine feasibility of granting loan or submits application to CREDIT ANALYST (financial) 160.267-022 for verification and recommendation. Corresponds with or interviews applicant or creditors to resolve questions regarding application information. Approves loan within specified limits or refers loan to loan committee for approval. Ensures loan agreements are complete and accurate according to policy. ay confer with UNDERWRITER, MORTGAGE LOAN (financial) 186.267-026 to aid in resolving mortgage application problems. May supervise loan personnel. May analyze potential loan markets to develop prospects for loans. May solicit and negotiate conventional or government secured loans on commission basis and be known as Mortgage Loan Originator (financial). May specialize by type of lending activity and be known as Commercial Account Officer (financial); International Banking Officer (financial); Mortgage-Loan Officer (financial; insurance).
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 89

186.267-022 LOAN REVIEW ANALYST (financial)

    Evaluates quality of commercial loans and assigns risk rating: Selects loans to evaluate for credit risk according to factors, such as geographical location, and type and amount of loan. Records data on work sheet, such as purpose of loan, balance, collateral, and repayment terms. Verifies value of collateral by calling appraisers and auction houses for current value of machinery and equipment. Calls real estate appraiser for new real estate appraisal. Evaluates information to determine whether lending officers have stayed within guidelines of lending authority, if loan is in compliance with banking regulations, and if required documents have been obtained. Identifies problem loans and describes deficiencies. Assigns risk rating indicating borrower's financial strength and probability of loan repayment. Writes summary of analysis and reasons for assigning adverse risk rating. May act as senior analyst and coordinate data collection and evaluations of credit quality of commercial loans, and present loan review information and report to management.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

186.267-026 UNDERWRITER, MORTGAGE LOAN (financial)

    Approves or denies mortgage loans, following mortgage standards: Reviews and evaluates information on mortgage loan documents to determine if buyer, property, and loan conditions meet establishment and government standards. Evaluates acceptability of loan to corporations that buy real estate loans on secondary mortgage markets, where existing mortgages are bought and sold by investors. Approves or rejects loan application, or requests additional information. Records loan rejection specifying investor and institution guidelines and basis for declining application, such as insufficient cash reserves. Assembles documents in loan file, including acceptance or denial, and returns file to originating mortgage loan office. May be authorized by federal agency to certify that mortgage loan applicant and property qualify for mortgage insurance endorsement from federal government and be designated Underwriter, Direct Endorsement (financial).
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89


    This group includes managerial occupations concerned with hotels and other lodging places; establishments providing personal, business, repair, and amusement services; medical, legal, engineering, and other professional services; nonprofit membership organizations, and other miscellaneous services.

187.117-010 ADMINISTRATOR, HEALTH CARE FACILITY (medical ser.)

    Directs administration of hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility within authority of governing board: Administers fiscal operations, such as budget planning, accounting, and establishing rates for health care services. Directs hiring and training of personnel. Negotiates for improvement of and additions to buildings and equipment. Directs and coordinates activities of medical, nursing, and administrative staffs and services. Develops policies and procedures for various establishment activities. May represent establishment at community meetings and promote programs through various news media. May develop or expand programs or services for scientific research, preventive medicine, medical and vocational rehabilitation, and community health and welfare promotion. May be designated according to type of health care facility as Hospital Administrator (medical ser.) or Nursing Home Administrator (medical ser.).
GOE: 11.07.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 89

187.117-018 DIRECTOR, INSTITUTION (any industry) alternate titles: superintendent, institution

    Directs administration of institution, such as prison or youth correctional facility: Coordinates educational, security, recreational, and rehabilitation programs. Directs operation and maintenance of facilities, such as laundry, cafeteria, buildings, and grounds. Recommends parole or discharge of persons under jurisdiction of institution. Directs recruitment and training of staff. Confers with staff to formulate and institute policies and regulations. Compiles and analyzes expenditures and projected costs, and prepares reports for officials. Prepares budget and monitors expenditures. May be designated according to type of institution, such as Director, School For Blind (education); Director, Youth Correctional Facility (government ser.). May work in federal or state prison and be designated Warden (government ser.).
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 80

187.117-022 DISTRICT ADVISER (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: district director

    Administers voluntary youth serving organization program in geographic area within region: Confers with individuals, groups, and committees to implement and extend organization's program and service. Interprets organization program, policies, and practices to community. Advises and works with volunteers to ensure quality of group program and effective use of resources. Responsible for recruitment, training, guiding, and providing incentive to volunteer leaders and groups. Compiles records. Confers with finance committee to develop financial goals and methods of raising funds. Prepares promotional material. May supervise staff assigned to area. May represent organization in community or interagency activities. May carry camping responsibility. May be employed by specific agency, such as Boy Scouts of America and be designated District Scout Executive (nonprofit org.).
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77


    Directs and coordinates sheltered workshop activities of nonprofit organization to train or improve vocational skills of handicapped individuals for gainful employment through productive work: Reviews evaluation made on individual to ascertain type of work recommended and limitations due to specific handicap. Assigns individual to specific tasks, such as cleaning, sorting, assembling, or repairing products or components, and demonstrates methods and procedures for performing work. Observes worker to ensure that work is performed according to prescribed methods and meets established standards. Explains and redemonstrates tasks to resolve work related problems or difficulties. Assigns individual to simpler tasks when worker cannot perform assigned duties. Evaluates individual's work performance and makes reassignments to different tasks within shop to improve vocational skills. Endeavors to place individual in gainful employment after acquisition of marketable skills. May train handicapped individuals under contract with state agency. May pay workers under contract and license of state agency or by piecework according to contract. May solicit industrial establishment for subcontract work on products or components and be designated Executive Director, Contract Shop (nonprofit org.).
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 80

187.117-030 EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: manager, chamber of commerce

    Directs activities of chamber of commerce to promote business, industrial and job development, and civic improvements in community: Administers programs of departments and committees which perform such functions as providing members economic and marketing information, promoting economic growth and stability in community, and counseling business organizations and industry on problems affecting local economy. Coordinates work with that of other community agencies to provide public services. Writes and gives speeches to government, and business organizations to create greater understanding between community, government, and business organizations. Prepares and submits annual budget to elected official for approval. Studies governmental legislation, taxation, and other fiscal matters to determine effect on community interests, and makes recommendations based on organizational policy.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 78

187.117-034 GENERAL MANAGER, ROAD PRODUCTION (amuse. & rec.)

    Directs and coordinates activities concerned with setting up facility for performances of circus, ice skating show, rodeo, or similar touring road show: Plans layout of performance and backstage areas to conform with specification considering such factors, as type and space of facility. Negotiates with local renting agent to arrange personal space for entertainers and animals at each facility used on tour. Coordinates activities of various departments to ensure arrangements are made for providing water and feed for animals and disposal of rubbish and garbage, and to ensure that work crew has equipment and other facilities prepared for each performance. May count daily receipts and verify amount against number of tickets sold. May be designated according to type of show as Superintendent, Circus (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.117-038 MANAGER, HOTEL OR MOTEL (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: manager, general; manager, motor hotel; manager, motor inn; manager, resident

    Manages hotel or motel to ensure efficient and profitable operation: Establishes standards for personnel administration and performance, service to patrons, room rates, advertising, publicity, credit, food selection and service, and type of patronage to be solicited. Plans dining room, bar, and banquet operations. Allocates funds, authorizes expenditures, and assists in planning budgets for departments. Interviews, hires, and evaluates personnel. Answers patrons' complaints and resolves problems. Delegates authority and assigns responsibilities to department heads. Inspects guests' rooms, public access areas, and outside grounds for cleanliness and appearance. Processes reservations and adjusts guests' complaints when working in small motels or hotels.
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 81

187.117-042 MANAGER, RECREATION ESTABLISHMENT (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages recreation establishment, such as dancehall, sports arena, or auditorium, to provide entertainment to public: Negotiates with promoters to contract and schedule entertainment. Compiles record of future engagements. Supervises clerical, service, and other employees. Hires and discharges workers. Complies with state and local fire and liquor regulations governing operation of establishment. May order supplies. May oversee workers engaged in keeping premises of establishment clean and in good repair. May be designated according to type of recreational facility directed as Manager, Dance Floor (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.117-046 PROGRAM DIRECTOR, GROUP WORK (profess. & kin.)

    Plans, organizes, and directs activity program of group work agency or department, or scouting organization: Coordinates activities of program committees and other groups to plan procedures. Studies and analyzes member and community needs for basis of program development. Directs selection and training of staff and volunteer workers. Assigns work and evaluates performance of staff members and recommends indicated actions. Assists staff through individual and group conferences in analysis of specific programs, understanding of program development, and increasing use of individual skills. Interprets agency program and services to individuals or groups in community. May be designated according to agency or program directed as Activities Director, Scouting (nonprofit org.); Director, Teen Post (profess. & kin.); Program Director, Scouting (nonprofit org.).
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.117-050 PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE OFFICER (government ser.)

    Administers public-health program of county or city: Inspects public facilities for health hazards or directs inspection by others. Negotiates with school, state, federal, or other authorities and with community groups to formulate health standards and legislation affecting jurisdiction. Participates in establishing free clinics, cancer detection centers, and other programs to improve public health. Develops and coordinates public relations campaigns to promote programs and services and participates in radio and television discussions, public meetings, and other activities. Conducts examinations of hospitals, indigent care centers, and other institutions under control of municipality to ensure conformance to accepted standards. Prohibits sale of unsafe milk and other food and dairy products. May impose quarantines on area, animals, or persons with contagious disease. May order closing of establishments not conforming to prescribed health standards.
GOE: 11.10.03 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.117-054 SUPERINTENDENT, RECREATION (government ser.) alternate titles: director, recreation

    Plans, promotes, organizes, and administers public recreation service for entire community, under policies established by public managing authority: Selects, develops, and supervises paid staff and volunteers. Superintends acquisition, planning, design, construction, and maintenance of recreation facilities. Evaluates effectiveness of recreation areas, facilities, and services. Studies local conditions and develops immediate and long range plans to meet recreational needs of all age groups. Prepares budget and directs expenditure of department funds and keeping of department records. Interprets recreation program to public and maintains cooperative planning and working relationships with allied public and voluntary agencies. Serves as technical adviser to managing authority and as recreation consultant to community.
GOE: 11.07.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.117-058 DIRECTOR, OUTPATIENT SERVICES (medical ser.)

    Supervises and directs activities of outpatient clinic and coordinates activities of clinic with those of other hospital departments: Establishes clinic policies and procedures in cooperation with other hospital officials. Interprets and administers personnel policies and provides for training program. Reviews clinic activities and recommends changes in, or better utilization of, facilities, services, and staff. Establishes and maintains work schedules and assignments of resident professional staff members. Authorizes purchase of supplies and equipment. Prepares and submits budget, records, reports, and statistical data to ADMINISTRATOR, HEALTH CARE FACILITY (medical ser.) 187.117-010. Meets with personnel of other local institutions and organizations to promote public health and educational services. Oversees operation of clinic and recommends procedures, treatments, or other course of action to assist medical staff.
GOE: 11.07.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R6 M5 L6 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

187.117-062 RADIOLOGY ADMINISTRATOR (medical ser.)

    Plans, directs, and coordinates administrative activities of radiology department of hospital medical center: Conducts studies and implements changes to improve internal operations of department. Advises staff and supervisors on administrative changes. Assists hospital officials in preparation of department budget. Conducts specified classes and provides training material to assist in student training program. Directs and coordinates personnel activities of department. Recommends cost saving methods and hospital supply changes to effect economy of department operations. Interprets, prepares, and distributes statistical data regarding department operations.
GOE: 11.07.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

187.117-066 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, RED CROSS (nonprofit org.)

    Directs and coordinates operations of nonprofit agency to provide blood, medical care, financial aid, and other special services: Oversees agency volunteer operations in areas such as blood donor program, nursing, and financial assistance to assure program adherence to agency charter. Participates in community activities to develop opportunities to ascertain needs, serve clients, and promote agency goals. Establishes and maintains close working relationships with cooperating agencies to avoid duplication of services. Prepares budget in consultation with departmental directors to allocate funds, control costs, and maintain operations at level consistent with agency guidelines. Recommends new policy and procedures to agency governing board. Advises volunteer leaders of potential problems and recommends alternative methods of providing service. Negotiates with community organizations to plan joint fund-raising campaigns. Hires paid staff in consultation with agency head. Confers with staff and disseminates written materials to inform staff of current developments.
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86


    Supervises and coordinates activities of handicapped individuals in sheltered workshop to train and improve vocational skills for gainful employment through productive work: Assigns individual to specific tasks, such as cleaning, sorting, assembling, repairing, or hand packing products or components. Demonstrates job duties to handicapped individual and observes worker performing tasks to ensure understanding of job duties. Monitors work performance at each individual's work station to ensure compliance with procedures and safety regulations and to note behavior deviations. Examines workpiece visually to verify adherence to specifications. Confers with individuals to explain or to demonstrate task again to resolve work related difficulties. Reassigns individual to simpler tasks when worker cannot perform assigned tasks, or to tasks containing higher degrees of complexity as level of competence is reached. Performs other duties described under SUPERVISOR (any industry) aster Title.
GOE: 11.07.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

187.137-014 SUPERVISOR, VOLUNTEER SERVICES (profess. & kin.) alternate titles: volunteer services assistant

    Supervises volunteer workers and coordinates activities in specified project or work area within organization to help strengthen and extend selected public or private programs and projects: Recruits, interviews, and classifies applicants for volunteer work and trains and supervises volunteers in specific assignments. Informs volunteers of policies, procedures, and standards of volunteer service. Reviews written reports and observes work activities of volunteers to evaluate work performance. Confers with volunteers to resolve grievances and promote cooperation and interest. Participates in programs of public recognition for volunteer workers. Supervises workers engaged in preparing and maintaining records of volunteer service programs, needs, and donations. May perform volunteer work in such areas as teaching, corrections, medical specialty, or social work and be known accordingly. May develop, organize, and direct special activities or programs of volunteer agency or department of organization and be designated Program Director (profess. & kin.).
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

187.137-018 MANAGER, FRONT OFFICE (hotel & rest.)

    Coordinates front-office activities of hotel or motel and resolves problems arising from guests' complaints, reservation and room assignment activities, and unusual requests and inquiries: Assigns duties and shifts to workers and observes performances to ensure adherence to hotel policies and established operating procedures. Confers and cooperates with other department heads to ensure coordination of hotel activities. Answers inquiries pertaining to hotel policies and services. Greets important guests. Arranges for private telephone line and other special services. May patrol public rooms, investigate disturbances, and warn troublemakers. May interview and hire applicants. May receive and process advance registration payments. May send out letters of confirmation or return checks when registration cannot be accepted.
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 80

187.161-010 EXECUTIVE CHEF (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: chef de cuisine; chef, head; manager, food production

    Coordinates activities of and directs indoctrination and training of CHEFS (hotel & rest.); COOKS (hotel & rest.); and other kitchen workers engaged in preparing and cooking foods in hotels or restaurants to ensure an efficient and profitable food service: Plans or participates in planning menus and utilization of food surpluses and leftovers, taking into account probable number of guests, marketing conditions, popularity of various dishes, and recency of menu. Estimates food consumption, and purchases or requisitions foodstuffs and kitchen supplies. Reviews menus, analyzes recipes, determines food, labor, and overhead costs, and assigns prices to menu items. Directs food apportionment policy to control costs. Supervises cooking and other kitchen personnel and coordinates their assignments to ensure economical and timely food production. Observes methods of food preparation and cooking, sizes of portions, and garnishing of foods to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner. Tests cooked foods by tasting and smelling them. Devises special dishes and develops recipes. Hires and discharges employees. Familiarizes newly hired CHEFS (hotel & rest.) and COOKS (hotel & rest.) with practices of restaurant kitchen and oversees training of COOK APPRENTICES (hotel & rest.). Maintains time and payroll records. Establishes and enforces nutrition and sanitation standards for restaurant. May supervise or cooperate with STEWARD/STEWARDESS (hotel & rest.) in matters pertaining to kitchen, pantry, and storeroom.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.161-014 MANAGER, HANDICRAFT-OR-HOBBY SHOP (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages hobby shops and coordinates activities of workers engaged in conducting classes in one or more crafts, such as woodworking, photography, and leather tooling for hobby or craft shop: Plans and initiates promotional projects to publicize recreational facilities. Prepares budget request for additional craft facilities. Conducts surveys to determine which crafts are in demand to ensure that facilities are acquired. Inventories and requisitions supplies. Plans and coordinates activities of subordinates conducting classes. Prepares accounting reports on disbursement of funds. Demonstrates use of machines and equipment to enforce safety rules and regulations.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-010 APPLIANCE-SERVICE SUPERVISOR (utilities) alternate titles: electrical-appliance service supervisor; merchandise supervisor; utilization supervisor

    Coordinates activities of merchandise-servicing department of gas or electric appliance distributors: Supervises, trains, and assigns duties to workers engaged in servicing appliances, pricing, and disposition of returned merchandise and excess repair parts. Develops company policies and procedures regarding servicing of appliances and disposition of defective parts. Consults manufacturers to obtain advice on unusual service problems and to obtain service instructions and parts catalogs. May write instructions on care and use of appliances for distribution to public.
GOE: 05.02.06 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-014 BOOKMAKER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: bookie

    Manages establishment to receive and pay off bets placed by horse racing patrons: Prepares and issues lists of approximate handicap odds on each horse prior to race, from knowledge of previous performance of horse under existing conditions of weather and track. Determines risks on each horse to refuse additional bets after maximum desired limit of liability has been reached. Records bets placed over counter or by telephone or teletype. Issues betting receipts. Pays off bets on track parimutuel basis. May supervise and coordinate activities of CASHIERS, GAMBLING (amuse. & rec.). May balance betting accounts and keep records as required by state or municipal authorities. May place customers' bets with cooperating BOOKMAKERS (amuse. & rec.) to limit liability and apportion risk. May be designated Sports Bookmaker (amuse. & rec.) when taking bets on sports, such as football, boxing, baseball, and hockey.
GOE: 11.06.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-018 BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVE, LABOR UNION (profess. & kin.)

    Manages business affairs of labor union: Coordinates and directs such union functions as promoting local membership, placing union members on jobs, arranging local meetings, and maintaining relations between union and employers and press representatives. Visits work sites to ensure management and labor employees adhere to union contract specifications. May assist in developing plant production and safety and health measures. May negotiate with management on hours, wages, individual grievances, and other work-related matters affecting employees.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.167-022 COORDINATOR, VOLUNTEER SERVICES (social ser.) alternate titles: volunteer coordinator

    Coordinates student and community volunteer services program in organizations engaged in public, social, and welfare activities: Consults administrators and staff to determine organization needs for various volunteer services and plans for volunteer recruitment. Interviews, screens, and refers applicants to appropriate units. Orients and trains volunteers prior to assignment in specific units. Arranges for on-the-job and other required training and supervision and evaluation of volunteers. Resolves personnel problems. Serves as liaison between administration, staff, and volunteers. Prepares and maintains procedural and training manuals. Speaks to community groups, explaining organization activities and role of volunteer program. Publishes agency newsletter, and prepares news items for other news media. Maintains personnel records. Prepares statistical reports on extent, nature, and value of volunteer service.
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-026 DIRECTOR, FOOD SERVICES (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: manager, school lunch program

    Coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparing noon meals in school or school system cafeterias: Plans menus of nutritional value. Purchases foods and supplies. Consults with administrative staff and PRINCIPAL (education) 099.117-018 to develop policies and procedures for operating school kitchens and cafeterias. Conducts research program to improve existing practices and services. Keeps records required by other governmental agencies regarding milk subsidies and surplus foods. Directs hiring and training of employees. Prepares budgetary reports.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 80

187.167-030 DIRECTOR, FUNERAL (personal ser.) alternate titles: manager, funeral home; mortician; undertaker

    Arranges and directs funeral services: Coordinates activities of workers to remove body to mortuary for embalming. Interviews family or other authorized person to arrange details, such as preparation of obituary notice, selection of urn or casket, determination of location and time of cremation or burial, selection of PALLBEARERS (personal ser.), procurement of official for religious rites, and transportation of mourners. Plans placement of casket in parlor or chapel and adjusts lights, fixtures, and floral displays. Directs PALLBEARERS (personal ser.) in placement and removal of casket from hearse. Closes casket and leads funeral cortege to church or burial site. Directs preparations and shipment of body for out-of-state burial. May prepare body for interment [EMBALMER (personal ser.)].
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-034 DIRECTOR, NURSES' REGISTRY (medical ser.) alternate titles: registrar, nurses' registry

    Directs registry services for NURSES, PRIVATE DUTY (medical ser.) according to regulations established by state or district professional nurses' association: Maintains roster of nurses available for duty. Refers nurses in response to requests. Keeps record of number and type of calls received. Analyzes problems of registry to render more efficient service and operations. Informs registrants of new and revised requirements and regulations. May assist in recruiting nurses for emergencies. May be responsible for financial administration of registry.
GOE: 07.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-038 DIRECTOR, VOLUNTEER SERVICES (social ser.)

    Directs activities of volunteer agencies and workers offering their services to hospitals, social service, and community agencies: Confers with administrative staff to plan volunteer program consistent with needs of institution or agency. Recommends establishment of policies and procedures for inservice training, work hours, and types of service to be performed by volunteers. Secures services of volunteer workers. Organizes classes of instruction for volunteers to teach procedures and techniques. Suggests and directs projects to be carried out by volunteer workers. Assigns workers to various services with hospital or agency. Conducts surveys to evaluate effectiveness of volunteer service program. Arranges for recognition of volunteers for their services.
GOE: 11.07.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-042 DIVISION MANAGER, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: department manager, chamber of commerce

    Directs and administers activities of department of chamber of commerce, such as domestic trade, construction industries, or aviation and space departments: Analyzes market trends and economic conditions to forecast potential sales of products or services in area. Assists business and industrial organizations on such problems as expansions, cost reductions, and community development. Advises business organizations and industrial groups on tax problems and legislation. Studies agricultural economy for exploitation of rural resources, production and marketing of farm products, improving farm income, and effecting favorable agricultural legislation. Suggests civic improvements, such as community zoning, planning, public housing programs, and airport expansions, based on surveys of community needs. Plans and directs educational campaigns to promote public support of such community programs as housing, transportation, and hospital facilities. Stimulates civic and economic growth of community by writing and giving speeches to promote tourist travel, to solicit convention business, and to induce labor and industry to immigrate into area. May represent chamber at public, social and business receptions, or before governmental agencies. May be designated according to field of specialization or department managed as Manager, Aviation And Space (nonprofit org.); Manager, Construction Industries (nonprofit org.); Manager, Domestic Trade (nonprofit org.).
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 79

187.167-046 EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER (any industry) alternate titles: custodial services manager; director, housekeeping; housekeeper, administrative; housekeeper, head

    Directs institutional housekeeping program to ensure clean, orderly, and attractive conditions of establishment: Establishes standards and procedures for work of housekeeping staff, and plans work schedules to ensure adequate service. Inspects and evaluates physical condition of establishment, and submits to management recommendations for painting, repairs, furnishings, relocation of equipment, and reallocation of space. Periodically inventories supplies and equipment. Reads trade journals to keep informed of new and improved cleaning methods, products, supplies, and equipment. Organizes and directs departmental training programs, resolves personnel problems, hires new employees, and evaluates employees performance and working relationship. Maintains records and prepares periodic activity and personnel reports for review by management. Coordinates activities with those of other departments. May select and purchase new furnishings. May evaluate records to forecast department personnel requirements, and to prepare budget. May perform cleaning duties in cases of emergency or staff shortage.
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 87

187.167-050 MANAGER, AGRICULTURAL-LABOR CAMP (profess. & kin.) alternate titles: superintendent, camp

    Coordinates activities of residential camp for seasonal agricultural workers: Directs activities, such as maintenance of buildings and facilities, preparation of meals and type of food served, compliance with state health and fire regulations, and assignment of living quarters. Arranges medical care for sick or injured workers. Assists underage employees in obtaining health and birth certificates and work permits. Administers recreation programs. Prepares periodic reports of camp operation. May recruit and employ workers prior to camp opening.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-054 MANAGER, AQUATIC FACILITY (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages sea circus facility: Establishes operational procedures relating to purchasing, accounting, and budgeting. Hires and coordinates activities of subordinates and performers. Reviews operational expense and other financial reports for accuracy and budget preparation. Inspects facility for compliance with occupational, health, and safety regulations.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-058 MANAGER, BARBER OR BEAUTY SHOP (personal ser.)

    Manages business operations and directs personal service functions of barber or beauty shop: Confers with employees to ensure quality services for patrons, such as haircuts, facials, hair styling, shaves, massages, shampoos, and manicures. akes appointments and assigns patrons to BARBERS (personal ser.) or COSMETOLOGIST (personal ser.) to maintain uniform employee schedules. Adjusts customer complaints and promotes new business by expressing personal interest in efficient service for patrons. Directs sanitary maintenance of shop in compliance with health regulations and requires cleanliness, neatness, and courtesy of employees. Negotiates leases and orders equipment and supplies. Keeps accounts of receipts and expenditures and makes up payroll. Performs services of BARBER (personal ser.) or COSMETOLOGIST (personal ser.) in addition to management functions. May supervise on-the-job training and school attendance of apprentice. May train apprentice and master barbers. May supervise MANICURIST (personal ser.); SHOE SHINER (personal ser.) and other workers.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-062 MANAGER, BRANCH OPERATION EVALUATION (hotel & rest.)

    Examines, analyzes, and evaluates operations of individual branches of chain of restaurants, motels, or other facilities to ensure adherence to company standards and policies: Travels from branch to branch and visually checks physical structures and surroundings, noting degree of maintenance provided or required and unusual wear and tear. Notes condition of furniture, linens, and supplies and recommends replacements where necessary. Evaluates adequacy of return of investment on individual branches and alters or initiates procedures to improve service and reduce expenses. Examines books of account of individual establishment. Prepares report, summarizing findings and including recommendations for maintenance, repair, changes in operational procedures, and purchase requirements, and submits report to home office.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-066 MANAGER, CAMP (construction; logging)

    Directs and coordinates activities of workers concerned with preparing and maintaining buildings and facilities in residential construction or logging camp: Coordinates through subordinate personnel or personally directs workers engaged in preparing and maintaining such camp facilities as dining halls and barracks used by resident laborers. Directs activities of food service workers. Schedules purchase and delivery of food supplies. Enforces safety and sanitation regulations.
GOE: 05.10.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-070 MANAGER, CASINO (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages casino operation: Establishes policy on types of gambling to be offered, extension of credit, and serving food and beverages. Hires and delegates authority to subordinates. Reviews operational expense and collection reports for accuracy. Resolves complaints requiring explanation and interpretation of house rules.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-074 MANAGER, CEMETERY (real estate) alternate titles: superintendent, cemetery

    Directs cemetery program and coordinates, through subordinate personnel, activities of workers engaged in providing burial services and maintaining cemetery grounds: Formulates and administers cemetery policy and services under authority of governing board. Analyzes and coordinates budget estimates and regulates expenditures to administer budget. Periodically observes monuments to determine needs for repair or replacement. Oversees hiring and firing of applicants and workers. Directs activities of clerical staff and other workers engaged in burial services, landscaping, or maintenance of cemetery grounds. Directs subordinates to arrange details, such as site of burial, digging of grave or opening of crypt, and placement of equipment and protective covering, with DIRECTOR, FUNERAL (personal ser.) 187.167-030 or other official for burial services. Directs subordinates to carry out burial arrangements. May participate in layout, planning and preparing paperwork on construction projects. May confer with suppliers, architects, contractors, paving company officials, and plumbers to plan and oversee major projects. May supervise sales staff or sell burial lots to patrons.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

187.167-078 MANAGER, CONVENTION (hotel & rest.)

    Coordinates activities of staff and convention personnel to make arrangements for group meetings and conventions to be held in hotel: Consults with representatives of group or organization to plan details, such as number of persons expected, display space desired, and food-service schedule. Obtains permits from fire and health departments to erect displays and exhibits and serve food in rooms other than dining rooms. Notifies various department heads of arrangements made. Directs workers in preparing banquet and convention rooms and erecting displays and exhibits. Inspects rooms and displays for conformance to needs and desires of group. Arranges publicity, special functions, adjusts complaints, and performs other duties to promote goodwill.
GOE: 11.11.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-082 MANAGER, CUSTOMER SERVICES (business ser.; retail trade)

    Directs and coordinates customer service activities of establishment to install, service, maintain, and repair durable goods, such as machines, equipment, major appliances, or other items sold, leased, or rented with service contract or warranty: Reviews customer requests for service to ascertain cause for service request, type of malfunction, and customer address. Determines staff hours, number of personnel, and parts and equipment required for service call, utilizing knowledge of product, typical malfunctions, and service procedures and practices. Prepares schedules for service personnel, assigns personnel to routes or to specific repair and maintenance work according to workers' knowledge, experience, and repair capabilities on specific types of products. Arranges for transportation of machines and equipment to customer's location for installation or from customer's location to shop for repairs that cannot be performed on premises. Keeps records of work hours and parts utilized and work performed for each service call. Requisitions replacement parts and supplies. May contact service personnel over radio-telephone to obtain or give information and directions regarding service or installation activities.
GOE: 05.10.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.167-086 MANAGER, DANCE STUDIO (education)

    Sells dancing lessons and coordinates activities of branch dance studio, in accord with policies established by head office of chain: Directs sales activities, dance instruction of patrons, and maintenance of required records. Selects, trains, promotes, and discharges instructional, sales, and clerical personnel. Coordinates advertising activities of studio in print media, on radio and television, or through other channels, using prepared materials supplied by head office. Interviews prospective patrons and attempts to persuade them to sign instructional contracts. Gives dancing demonstrations for prospective patrons to stimulate sales. ay give instruction [INSTRUCTOR, DANCING (education)].
GOE: 01.05.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-090 MANAGER, DENTAL LABORATORY (protective dev.)

    Coordinates activities of workers in dental laboratory engaged in making and repairing full or partial dentures, crowns, inlays, and bridgework: Coordinates production schedules to ensure that work is completed by delivery date. Studies processing methods to determine reasons for production difficulties. Analyzes cost and production records to ensure that operation is efficient and profitable. Institutes measures or approves suggestions to improve efficiency of operation and working conditions. Examines finished products for conformance to specifications. May contact DENTISTS (medical ser.) 072.101-010 to solicit business. May make and repair dental appliances [DENTAL-LABORATORY TECHNICIAN (protective dev.) 712.381-018].
GOE: 05.05.11 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-094 MANAGER, DUDE RANCH (amuse. & rec.)

    Directs operation of dude ranch: Formulates policy on advertising, publicity, guest rates, and credit. Plans recreational and entertainment activities, such as camping, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and dancing. Directs activities of DUDE WRANGLERS (amuse. & rec.). Directs preparation and maintenance of financial records. Directs other activities, such as breeding, raising, and showing horses, mules, and livestock.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-098 MANAGER, EMPLOYMENT AGENCY (profess. & kin.)

    Manages employment services and business operations of private employment agency: Directs hiring, training, and evaluation of employees. Analyzes placement reports to determine effectiveness of EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWERS (profess. & kin.). Participates in development and utilization of job development methods to promote business for agency. Enforces, through subordinate staff, agency policies, procedures, safety rules, and regulations. Approves or disapproves requests for purchase of new equipment and supplies. Ensures maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment. Prepares budget requests. Investigates and resolves customer complaints. May negotiate leases and order equipment and supplies for agency.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-102 MANAGER, FISH-AND-GAME CLUB (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages fish and game club for owner or membership: Hires and coordinates activities of club personnel. Allots camps, fishing areas, and hunting grounds to parties, and arranges for guide services, provisions, and transportation. Purchases and inventories equipment and supplies, and directs workers engaged in maintaining camp property, equipment, and supplies. Ensures that personnel and patrons adhere to fish and game laws.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-106 MANAGER, FOOD SERVICE (hotel & rest.; personal ser.)

    Coordinates food service activities of hotel, restaurant, or other similar establishment or at social functions: Estimates food and beverage costs and requisitions or purchases supplies. Confers with food preparation and other personnel to plan menus and related activities, such as dining room, bar, and banquet operations. Directs hiring and assignment of personnel. Investigates and resolves food quality and service complaints. May review financial transactions and monitor budget to ensure efficient operation, and to ensure expenditures stay within budget limitations. May be designated according to type of establishment or specialty as Caterer (personal ser.); Manager, Banquet (hotel & rest.); Manager, Cafeteria Or Lunchroom (hotel & rest.); Manager, Catering (hotel & rest.); Manager, Food And Beverage (hotel & rest.); Manager, Restaurant Or Coffee Shop (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 80

187.167-114 MANAGER, GOLF CLUB (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages golf club to provide entertainment for patrons: Directs activities of dining room and kitchen workers and crews that maintain club buildings, equipment, and golf course in good condition. Hires and discharges workers. Estimates quantities and costs of foodstuffs, beverages, and groundskeeping equipment to prepare operating budget. Explains necessity of items on budget to board of directors and requests approval. Inspects club buildings, equipment, and golf course. Requisitions materials, such as foodstuffs, beverages, seeds, fertilizers, and groundskeeping equipment. Keeps accounts of receipts and expenditures. ay assist in planning tournaments.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-118 MANAGER, GUN CLUB (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: manager, range; range master

    Manages activities of gun club: Confers with governing body, and other gun clubs, organizations and associations to arrange competitive shooting meets. Publicizes events and club facilities to acquaint public with sport and to solicit members. Informs club members of coming events through bulletin notices or club paper. Purchases ammunition, firearms, and supplies. Sells supplies and firearms to club members. Coordinates events to determine eligible participants, type of competition, and time meet is held. Advises participants of changes in rules and regulations governing meet. Keeps records of expenditures, dues, and membership. Enforces safety rules and regulations. Directs maintenance crew activities, such as placing shooting targets in designated area, repairing targets, keeping yards and grounds clean, and performing landscaping. May instruct new members on use of firearms. May act as judge in competition trap or skeet shooting meets. May repair skeet and trap-bird throwing machines.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    Manages hotel or motel recreational facilities: Advises guests of available activities, such as swimming, skating, boating, and other sports. Processes applications for rental of cabanas, docking of yachts, and membership. Hires and directs activities of subordinates. Compiles record of receipts collected for use of facilities. Requisitions supplies and equipment.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-126 MANAGER, LIQUOR ESTABLISHMENT (hotel & rest.) alternate titles: manager, club

    Coordinates activities of workers engaged in selling alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises: Estimates and orders foodstuffs, liquors, wines, or other beverages, and supplies. Interviews, hires, trains, and discharges workers. Adjusts customer's complaints concerning service, food, and beverages. Inspects establishment and observes workers and patrons to ensure compliance with occupational, health, and safety standards and local liquor regulations. May plan and arrange promotional programs and advertisement. May hire entertainers. May be designated according to kind of establishment managed as Manager, Beer Parlor (hotel & rest.); Manager, Cocktail Lounge (hotel & rest.); Manager, Night Club (hotel & rest.); Manager, Tavern (hotel & rest.).
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-130 MANAGER, MARINE SERVICE (ship-boat mfg.)

    Directs activities of boat-repair service, according to knowledge of maintenance needs of small craft and marine safety requirements: Confers with owner or crew of vessel to obtain maintenance history and details concerning condition of craft. Observes and listens to vessel in operation to detect unsafe or malfunctioning equipment and leaks or other flaws in hull and superstructure. Performs tests on vessel and equipment, using gauges and other standard testing devices. Estimates cost of repairs according to familiarity with labor and materials requirements or fee schedule. Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in repairing, painting, and otherwise restoring vessels to seaworthy condition. May repair vessels, assisted by other workers.
GOE: 05.05.09 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.167-134 MANAGER, MUTUEL DEPARTMENT (amuse. & rec.)

    Coordinates activities of workers engaged in selling parimutuel tickets and calculating amount of money to be paid to patrons holding winning tickets at racetrack: Directs workers compiling summary sheets for each race to show total amount of money wagered, total number of tickets sold on each horse, and calculating amount of money to be paid to patrons holding winning tickets. Keeps attendance records. Hires workers, schedules working hours, and assigns work stations. Examines calculations of workers periodically to detect errors. Adjusts customer complaints.
GOE: 07.03.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 5 DLU: 77

187.167-138 MANAGER, SALES (laundry & rel.)

    Manages sales functions of drycleaning establishment: Coordinates activities of SERVICE-ESTABLISHMENT ATTENDANT (laundry & rel.; personal ser.) and DRIVERS, SALES ROUTE (retail trade; wholesale tr.). Visits customers to make estimates on proposed work, such as cleaning draperies, rugs, and upholstered furniture. Adjusts customers' complaints. Directs advertising and promotion campaigns.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-142 MANAGER, SERVICE DEPARTMENT (wholesale tr.) alternate titles: manager, service; service supervisor

    Manages farm machinery service department and warehouse: Directs workers engaged in servicing equipment, such as mowers, cotton pickers, hay balers, and combines. Analyzes requests for service and records repairs, replacements, or service required. Informs field service personnel of location and work to be done. Authorizes issuance of replacement parts. Provides training for service personnel. May replenish warehouse stock.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-146 MANAGER, SKATING RINK (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages ice or roller skating rink and coordinates activities of workers engaged in selling admission tickets, issuing skates to patrons, and enforcing skating rules and regulations on floor: Establishes hours that rink is open for business. Plans and initiates promotional projects to advertise establishment. Arranges private parties. Purchases skates and skating supplies. Sells skates and skating supplies to patrons. Keeps record of budget. Arranges for individual or group skating instruction. Inspects building to detect need for maintenance. Inspects floor to determine need for resanding or for scraping of ice. May repair broken skates. ay be designated according to type of rink managed as Manager, Ice-Skating Rink (amuse. & rec.); Manager, Roller-Skating Rink (amuse. & rec.).
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-150 MANAGER, STORAGE GARAGE (automotive ser.)

    Supervises attendants and coordinates operation of automobile storage garage or parking lot: Plans work schedule, assigns duties to PARKING-LOT ATTENDANTS (automotive ser.), and supervises worker's activities to ensure compliance with established rules and regulations. Coordinates issuance of parking tickets, stickers, and validations. Keeps daily record of operations, including money received, services performed, and accidents reported. Advises customers on garage or parking lot services and insurance rules. May balance amount of cash received against daily receipts and records. May order gas if garage has operating pumps. May perform duties of PARKING-LOT ATTENDANT (automotive ser.).
GOE: 11.11.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-154 MANAGER, THEATER (amuse. & rec.) alternate titles: manager, house

    Manages theater for stage productions or motion pictures: Coordinates activities of personnel to ensure efficient operation and to promote patronage of theater. Directs workers in making alterations to and repair of building. Manages financial business of theater. Determines price of admission and promotes theater events. Orders and sells theater tickets. Requisitions or purchases supplies. May book pictures or stage attractions designed to meet tastes of patrons. May negotiate contracts for scripts or performers. May solicit advertisements from business and community groups. May prepare and monitor theater schedules and budget.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 80

187.167-158 MANAGER, TRAVEL AGENCY (business ser.; retail trade)

    Manages travel agency: Directs, coordinates, and participates in merchandising travel agency services, such as sale of transportation company carrier tickets, packaged or specialized tours, or vacation packages. Plans work schedules for employees. Trains employees in advising customers on current traveling conditions, planning customer travel and itineraries, ticketing and booking functions, and in calculating costs for transportation and accommodations from current transportation schedules and tariff books and accommodation rate books. Sells travel tickets, packaged and specialized tours, and advises customers on travel plans. Reviews employee ticketing and sales activities to ensure cost calculations, booking, and transportation scheduling are in accordance with current transportation carrier schedules, tariff rates, and regulations and that charges are made for accommodations. Reconciles sales slips and cash daily. Coordinates sales promotion activities, approves advertising copy, and travel display work. Keeps employee records and hires and discharges employees.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-162 MANAGER, VEHICLE LEASING AND RENTAL (automotive ser.)

    Manages automobile and truck leasing business: Directs and evaluates leasing, sales, advertising, and administrative procedures, including collections, inventory financing, and used car sales. Directs and monitors audit of financial accounts to assure compliance with prescribed standards. May visit franchised dealers to stimulate interest in establishment or expansion of leasing programs.
GOE: 11.11.05 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.167-166 MANAGER, WINTER SPORTS (amuse. & rec.)

    Directs sports program at winter resort and coordinates activities of resort employees: Advises resort management or owner of optimum dates for opening and closing resort, taking into consideration weather predictions, reservations backlog from guests, and experience of previous season. Orders supplies, such as skiing and skating rental gear and provisions. Coordinates activities of custodial staff, food-service workers, and other resort employees to ensure availability of facilities on opening date. Trains winter-sports instructors and service personnel. Ensures that skating rink and ski slopes are suitable for use by public, notifying resort personnel to take appropriate action according to weather conditions. Inventories supplies and keeps records of weather conditions. Issues weather reports to resort management. Arranges for snow removal from roads by public authorities. May give instruction to guests in winter sports participation.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77


    Directs activities of world trade department in chamber of commerce to assist business concerns in developing and utilizing foreign markets: Conducts economic and commercial surveys in foreign countries to locate markets for products and services. Analyzes data and publishes bulletins concerning business developments in other countries, regulations affecting world trade, and opportunities for selling and buying products. Advises business and other groups on local, national, and international legislation affecting world trade. Advises exporters and importers on documentation procedures and certifies commercial documents that are required by foreign countries. Entertains foreign governmental officials and business representatives to promote trade relations. Promotes travel to other countries.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-174 PRODUCER (motion picture)

    Coordinates activities of personnel engaged in writing, directing, editing, and producing motion pictures: Reviews synopses and scripts and directs adaptation for screen. Determines treatment and scope of proposed productions and establishes departmental operating budgets. Selects principal members of cast and key production staff members. Reviews filmed scenes of each day's shooting, orders retakes, and approves final editing of filmed productions. Conducts meetings with DIRECTOR, MOTION PICTURE (motion picture), SCREEN WRITER (motion picture; radio-tv broad.), and other staff members to discuss production progress and results.
GOE: 01.01.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R6 M5 L6 SVP: 8 DLU: 77

187.167-178 PRODUCER (amuse. & rec.)

    Selects play for stage performance, arranges finances, and coordinates play production activities: Reads manuscripts and selects play on basis of plot, timeliness, and quality of writing. Sells shares to investors to finance production. Hires DIRECTOR, STAGE (amuse. & rec.); MANAGER, STAGE (amuse. & rec.), cast, and crew. Formulates business management policies and coordinates production schedules. Suggests or approves changes in script and staging. Arbitrates personnel disputes. May direct production of play [DIRECTOR, STAGE (amuse. & rec.)]. May produce shows for special occasions, such as fund-raising events or testimonial banquets.
GOE: 01.03.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-182 PRODUCER, ASSISTANT (motion picture)

    Directs activities of one or more departments of motion picture studio. May direct preparation of daily production schedules and operating cost reports.
GOE: 11.05.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-186 RESIDENCE SUPERVISOR (any industry) alternate titles: adviser; chaperon; cottage parent; house manager

    Coordinates variety of activities for residents of boarding school, college fraternity or sorority house, care and treatment institution, children's home, or similar establishment: Orders supplies and determines need for maintenance, repairs, and furnishings. Assigns rooms, assists in planning recreational activities, and supervises work and study programs. Counsels residents in identifying and resolving social or other problems. Compiles records of daily activities of residents. Chaperones group-sponsored trips and social functions. Ascertains need for and secures services of physician. Answers telephone and sorts and distributes mail. May escort individuals on trips outside establishment for shopping or to obtain medical or dental services. May hire and supervise activities of housekeeping personnel. ay plan menus.
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: S GED: R4 M3 L4 SVP: 6 DLU: 77

187.167-190 SUPERINTENDENT, BUILDING (any industry) alternate titles: building-service supervisor; manager, building

    Directs activities of workers engaged in operating and maintaining facilities and equipment in buildings such as apartment houses or office buildings: Inspects facilities and equipment to determine need and extent of service, equipment required, and type and number of operation and maintenance personnel needed. Hires, trains, and supervises building service personnel. Assigns workers to duties such as maintenance, repair, or renovation and obtains bids for additional work from outside contractors. Directs contracted projects to ensure adherence to specifications. Purchases building and maintenance supplies, machinery, equipment, and furniture. Plans and administers building department budget. Compiles records of labor and material cost for operating building and issues cost reports to owner or managing agents. May prepare construction specifications or plans, obtaining advice from engineering consultants, assemble and analyze contract bids, and submit bids and recommendations to superiors for action.
GOE: 05.02.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 7 DLU: 87

187.167-194 SUPERINTENDENT, LAUNDRY (laundry & rel.)

    Manages laundry plant in linen supply establishment or commercial or industrial laundry: Schedules flow of work through sorting, washing, and ironing departments, taking into consideration amount of clothes to be laundered and capacity of equipment. Hires, discharges, and transfers employees according to work performance and production needs. Purchases supplies, such as soap, starch, and bleach. Prepares and analyzes reports on labor cost and production operations to determine whether operating cost standards are being met. Tests strength of bleach, using chemical test kit. Performs other administrative and supervisory duties to ensure efficient and profitable operation. Supervises workers directly or through subordinates.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 7 DLU: 78

187.167-198 VETERANS CONTACT REPRESENTATIVE (nonprofit org.) alternate titles: liaison officer; national insurance officer; rehabilitation officer; service officer; veterans' claims representative; veterans' counselor; veterans' service officer

    Advises and aids veterans or dependents in presenting disability, insurance, or pension claims for benefits under federal, state, or local laws: Reviews legislation, regulations, and precedents and studies veteran's medical report and service history to evaluate and determine validity of claim. Obtains claimant's power of attorney. Prepares claim forms and briefs and assembles pertinent evidence. Requests hearing before government board and presents brief. Reviews board decision for grounds for appeal. Advises veteran on insurance, vocational, and other matters, working in cooperation with Veterans Administration and other agencies. Prepares bulletins and correspondence to acquaint field representatives with current activities and legislation. Participates in or initiates civic functions, such as panel discussions and mass communication programs, to inform public of services rendered and rights and benefits of veterans and dependents. May offer technical advice at congressional or other governmental hearings.
GOE: 10.01.02 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 77

187.167-202 DIRECTOR, CRAFT CENTER (profess. & kin.)

    Plans, organizes, and directs activities of craft center operated by folk or history museum, historic or ethnic area or community, or historic or regional theme park: Consults with administrative personnel to plan activities, such as craft classes, exhibits, and other projects conducted in cooperation with sponsoring institution. Orders supplies needed for basketry, leatherwork, candlemaking, macrame, tole painting, beadwork, or other crafts compatible with institution theme. Plans and writes publicity material for craft classes, and coordinates presentation of craft shows and exhibits, arranging for participants, and overseeing installation of exhibit booths, distribution of publicity materials, and scheduling of craft demonstrations. Maintains inventory, personnel, and accounting records. Arranges for consignment of craft items for sale, directs sales personnel, and maintains records of operation. Reports operational activities to institution administrative staff or governing body, and confers with staff to plan and implement changes in operation of facilities.
GOE: 11.07.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M4 L5 SVP: 7 DLU: 86

187.167-206 DIETARY MANAGER (hotel & rest.)

    Directs and coordinates food service activities of hospital, nursing home, or related facility: Confers with DIETITIAN, CHIEF (profess. & kin.) 077.117-010 to ensure that menus and department policies conform to nutritional standards and government and establishment regulations and procedures. Reviews patient diet information and discusses requests, changes, and inconsistencies with patient, professional staff, or resident food committee. Plans and coordinates through subordinate supervisors, such as KITCHEN SUPERVISOR (hotel & rest.) 319.137-030, standards and procedures of food storage, preparation, and service; equipment and department sanitation; employee safety; and personnel policies and procedures. Inspects food and food preparation and storage areas, using thermometers and knowledge of health and sanitation regulations. Tastes, smells, and observes food to ensure conformance with recipes and appearance standards. Attends meetings with employees, union, establishment, administrative, or regulatory personnel to discuss regulations, procedures, grievances, and recommendations for improving food service. Computes operating costs for own information and for information of administrative personnel. May be required to have competency certificate.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: S GED: R5 M5 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

187.167-210 DIRECTOR, FOOD AND BEVERAGE (amuse. & rec.)

    Directs and coordinates activities of food service facilities at amusement park, through subordinate managers: Reviews food and beverage lists submitted by each facility manager to determine that sufficient items are ordered weekly. Eliminates or adds items to list, utilizing experience and knowledge of facility operations. Inspects food service facilities to ensure that equipment and buildings meet company, state, and local health laws. Analyzes information concerning facility operation, such as daily food sales, patron attendance, and labor costs to prepare budget and to maintain cost control of facility operations, using calculator and following standard business procedures. Inspects and tastes prepared foods to maintain quality standards and sanitation regulations.
GOE: 11.11.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M4 L4 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

187.167-214 DIRECTOR, SERVICE (nonprofit org.)

    Directs and coordinates regional program activities of nonprofit agency to provide specialized human services, such as water safety programs, disaster relief, and emergency transportation: Consults with cooperating agencies, such as police, firefighters, and emergency ambulance services, to coordinate efforts and define areas of jurisdiction. Participates in program activities to serve clients of agency. Prepares budgets to control costs and to allocate funds in accordance with provisions and agency charter. May instruct agency staff and volunteers in skills required to provide services. May requisition and arrange for maintenance of equipment, such as two-way radios and agency vehicles. May coordinate services to disaster victims and be designated Disaster Director (nonprofit org.). May coordinate safety programs, such as water safety and emergency first aid, and be designated Safety Director (nonprofit org.). May coordinate transportation of agency clients, blood, and medical supplies and equipment and be designated Transportation Director (nonprofit org.).
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: M GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 8 DLU: 86

187.167-218 MANAGER, ANIMAL SHELTER (nonprofit org.)

    Manages animal shelter: Sets standards for and monitors conduct of shelter employees to ensure that humane philosophy is projected to public and implemented in care of animals: Develops work plans and assigns priorities for organizational units. Reviews shelter practices and procedures to ensure efficient and economical use of resources. Recommends to board of directors policy and personnel changes and budget expenditures. Directs actions to provide follow-up on animal neglect and cruelty complaints appearing to justify prosecution. Answers mail and maintains file of documents such as animal adoption and burial contracts and reports of shelter activities. Verifies cash receipts and deposits cash to shelter accounts. Delivers lectures, prepares materials for media broadcasts, and prepares and publishes newsletters to report agency activities and interpret organizational philosophy to public.
GOE: 11.07.01 STRENGTH: L GED: R5 M3 L5 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

187.167-222 MANAGER, BOWLING ALLEY (amuse. & rec.)

    Manages bowling alley: Directs activities of workers engaged in providing services to patrons and in maintaining facilities and equipment. Assigns alleys for use, issues score sheets, and pushes controls to actuate automatic game-scoring equipment. Records number of games played and collects payment. Inspects alleys to ensure equipment is operative and observes patrons to detect disruptive behavior and misuse of alleys and equipment. Rents bowling shoes to patrons. Organizes bowling leagues and informs members of league requirements. Prepares and distributes announcements of league activities, collects member fees, and distributes tournament prizes. May sell bowling equipment. May hire and train workers.
GOE: 11.11.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R4 M2 L3 SVP: 5 DLU: 86

187.167-226 MANAGER, MARINA DRY DOCK (amuse. & rec.; water trans.)

    Directs and coordinates dry docking activities at marina: Administers affairs of department, such as planning and coordinating work schedules, assigning storage crib for each boat, and maintaining department budget. Directs workers in maintenance of boats and trailers, such as painting or washing boats, lubricating and repairing motors, and retrofitting trailers and cars with lights and turn signals. Monitors fuel dock operation to ensure services to patrons. Operates, or supervises workers operating, equipment to lift boats from water and transport and dry dock boats, using crane or forklift. Hires, orients, and trains personnel in job duties, safety practices, employer policy, and performance requirements.
GOE: 05.02.07 STRENGTH: H GED: R4 M3 L3 SVP: 6 DLU: 86

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