While agencies are encouraged to set their own challenging targets, the minimally acceptable goals are:

  • reduce total injury case rates and lost time case rates by 3% each per year
  • increase the timely filing of claims by 5% per year
  • reduce the rate of lost production days due to injury by 1% each year.

Note that goals should be based on percentage of change from one year to the next.

Percentage of change between two years (also called variance) is calculated by subtracting the earlier year's performance from the latter year's performance and dividing the result by the earlier year's performance. For example, if an agency's timeliness in FY02 is 45.0% and in FY03 is 55.0% then the percentage of change between the two years is 22.2% [ (55.0 - 45.0)/45.0 = .222 ]. A variation of this formula can be used to determine the level of performance required to meet a target percentage of change. This is done by multiplying the target percentage by the current year's timeliness target and adding the result to the current year's timeliness target. For example, if an agency's timeliness target in the current year is 50% and wants to improve timeliness by 5% the following year, the new timeliness goal is 52.5% [ (.05 x 50.0) + 50.0 = 52.5].

Each agency should consider its current and previous performance, as well as available resources and tools, before setting targets in the four critical areas. To assist in this process, FY2003 baseline performance data and a break-out of each agency's progress in the four areas over the last three years are available online at Share Performance Summary.

OWCP's web site also offers on-line training in the areas of Injury Compensation, front-line supervision and returning injured employees to work. Other available tools are the web-based Agency Query System (AQS) for case-specific information and electronic submission of traumatic injury and occupational disease claims. OSHA's website offers additional break-outs of case rate performance and information concerning the reduction of workplace injuries at http://www.osha.gov/dep/fap/fap-inj-ill-stats.html.

For further assistance with goal-setting, agencies may contact Michelle Wood in OWCP National Office (202-693-1024) or Jean Mullen in OSHA National Office (202-693-2413) prior to the January 30 deadline.