On January 9, 2004, President Bush announced the Safety, Health and Return-to-Employment (SHARE) Initiative directing federal agencies to establish goals and track performance in 4 major areas. Federal agencies are charged with lowering workplace injury and illness case rates, lowering lost-time injury and illness case rates, timely reporting of injuries and illnesses and reducing lost days resulting from work injuries and illnesses.

Goals and performance targets have been set by each agency through collaboration with the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor is measuring and tracking the performance of each agency. The Department of Labor is also working with Federal Agencies to improve safety and health at high injury rate sites, to improve the timeliness of reporting claims through electronic and other means and to guide agencies in providing suitable work.

Watch this web page for new releases designed to assist agencies in maintaining a strong safety and health management program.


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FY 2010:

CA-1/CA-2, CA-7 Time Lag Analysis Reports
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