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As a result of the unique occupational disease injuries (latent cancers, heart disease, lung disease) firefighters may develop, and the complex Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) claims development involved in their cases, the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) is making changes to streamline the processing of federal firefighter claims. Listed below are some of the steps the OWCP is taking to achieve this goal:

Fire hydrantProcess Changes


Fire truckPolicy Changes

The OWCP is committed to providing a streamlined process for firefighters whose employment may place them at a higher risk for certain illnesses. With these policy changes, and with assignment of all firefighter claims to our Special Claims Unit, this should continue to make the claims process for Federal firefighters easier to navigate.

If you have questions related to your claim, please contact us at FirefighterClaimsInfo@dol.gov to reach one of our Special Claims Unit Supervisors, or you can contact Kim Adams, (Adams.Kim@dol.gov), Office Director for the Special Claims Units.

Finally, below you will find information with links on how to file a FECA claim. Please note that as an injured worker, you do not need approval from your employing agency to initiate your claim.


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