Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. § 7623(d)


2020-TAX-00001 Anderson v. Nexus Pharmaceutical, Inc.

  • Order Approving Settlement Agreement (ALJ Dec. 28, 2020) (Henley) PDF

2020-TAX-00002 Liz v. Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, Inc.

  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ Jan. 25, 2021) (Henley) PDF
  • Liz v. Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, Inc., 21-cv-00281 (S.D. N.Y. June 25, 2021) (Order of Discontinuance - Settlement) PDF
  • Liz v. Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, Inc., 21-cv-00281 (Stipulation of Dismissal) (S.D. N.Y. Aug. 26, 2021) (Stipulation of Dismissal) PDF


2021-TAX-00001 Meazell v. The Beaumont Art League

  • Order Approving Settlement Agreement (ALJ Oct. 6, 2021) (Rosenow) PDF

2021-TAX-00003 Truso v. Ernst & Young LLP

  • Order Granting the Filing of Settlement Agreement Under Seal, Approving Settlement, Dismissing Claim, and Canceling Hearing (ALJ June 15, 2022) (Kane) PDF

2021-TAX-00004 McBee v. Allyn international Services, Inc., and Global Shippers' Alliance, Inc., d/b/a Global Shippers' Association

  • Supplemental Order Concluding Mediation (ALJ Aug. 12, 2022) (Henley) PDF

2021-TAX-00005 Tindall v. United States Department of the Treasury

  • Decision and Order Dismissing Complaint for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction (ALJ Mar. 4, 2022) (Henley) PDF
  • Decision and Order (ARB May 16, 2022) PDF

2021-TAX-00006 Paul v. Redfin Corporation

  • Order Approving Settlement Agreement and Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Nov. 2, 2022) (Applewhite) PDF

2021-TAX-00007 Winer v. Joining Metals, Inc.

  • Order Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Nov. 2, 2021) (Appetta) PDF

Federal Court Decisions Not Associated With An OALJ Case

Fountain v. Firefly Agency LLC, No. 2:19-cv-3004

  • Opinion and Order - Dismissing Claims (S.D. Ohio May 17, 2021) (2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 92846; 2021 WL 1964594) PDF
  • Opinion and Order - Resolving Plaintiffs' Voluntary Dismissal (S.D. Ohio Dec. 20, 2021)


022-TAX-00001 Pratt v. United Medical Equipment, Business Solutions Network, Inc.

  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ July 29, 2022) (Panagiotis) PDF

2022-TAX-00002 Barth v. Waldorf School of Orange County

  • Decision and Order Approving Settlement and Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Apr. 15, 2022) (Almanza) PDF

2022-TAX-00004 Delgado v. Arista Materials & Consulting, LLC and Mauricio Mendez

  • Decision and Order Approving Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Apr. 5, 2023) (Donaldson) PDF

2022-TAX-00006 Bush v. Donato's Pizza

  • Order Granting Summary Decision in Favor of Respondent; Order of Dismissal (ALJ Nov. 21, 2023) (Fort) PDF

2022-TAX-00007 Cullum v. American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, Et. Al.

  • Decision and Order Approving Settlement and Dismissing Complaint (ALJ Mar. 13, 2023) (Fort) PDF

2022-TAX-00008 Abdollahi v. Enterprises, Inc.

  • Decision and Order Dismissing the Complaint (ALJ July 10, 2023) (Bland) PDF

2022-TAX-00009 Habib v. Institute for Protein Innovation, Inc.

  • Order Dismissing Complaint for Lack of Jurisdiction, Complainant Having Filed in U.S. District Court (ALJ Jan. 19, 2023) (Camp) PDF


2023-TAX-00002 Coleman, Jr. v. KLF Transport Inc.

  • Order Vacating Hearing and Dismissing Case (ALJ July 7, 2023) (Hoffman) PDF

2023-TAX-00005 Landry v. 303 Technologies, Inc.

  • Order Approving Settlement and Dismissing Case (ALJ Sept. 19, 2023) (Boucher) PDF

2023-TAX-00007 Flanigan v. Asset Plus USA, LLC d/b/a Asset Living

  • Dismissal Order (ALJ June 15, 2023) (Leslie) PDF

2023-TAX-00011 Kral v. Tri-State General Contractors, Inc.

  • Order Approving Settlement (ALJ Oct. 17, 2023) (Larsen) PDF

2023-TAX-00013 Urton v. National Corvette Restorers Society

  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ Jan. 26, 2024) (Golden) PDF

2023-TAX-00015 Banareva v. Cross America Transport Corp.

  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ Oct. 19, 2023) (Henley) PDF