ACM Decisions -- "Alien Crew Members"

Enforcement of the Limitations Imposed on Employers Using Alien Crewmembers for Longshore Activities in U.S. Ports , Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended, 8 U.S.C. 1288(c) and (d); 20 CFR Part 655, Subpart G

The caselist below displays selected decisions of general interest.  It also includes significant case history such as appellate decisions of the Administrative Review Board and the courts.

2002-ACM-1 Pacific Stevedoring, Inc. v. Boyang, Ltd.

  • Order Dismissing Complainant's Case for Lack of Jurisdiction (ALJ Dec. 17, 2002) (Anne BeytinTorkington) HTML
  • Decision & Order of Remand (ARB June 30, 2004) HTML | PDF
  • Order of Dismissal (ALJ Aug. 11, 2004) PDF