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Note: The DOT was created by the Employment and Training Administration, and was last updated in 1991. It has been replaced by the O*NET.




Users of the revised fourth edition DOT may be unable to locate a specific job title, code, or definition in the DOT or the specific information for a definition in the DOT may appear to be incorrect. This situation could occur for several reasons including:

1. The job title the user seeks is new or was created as the result of recent technological changes or labor force pressures.

2. The user seeks job information that may be more specific or may be organized differently than the information provided in the composite revised DOT definition.

3. The user may not be completely familiar with the taxonomic structure of the revised DOT.

4. Job analysts may have missed occupational information due to technological advances or changes in that industry.

5. The job title may not have enough workers performing the work to facilitate data collection.

The Occupational Code Request (Form ETA-741) was developed by the OA program to allow users of the revised DOT a means to provide input to, or obtain from USES OA Field Centers, information on job titles or occupational definitions they cannot find in the DOT. Users who have searched the DOT for needed information and have been unsuccessful should contact the nearest Job Service office for assistance in locating an appropriate DOT classification for the job in question. If the Job Service office cannot supply the needed occupational information, the DOT user should submit a typed Occupational Code Request (OCR) form to the appropriate OA Field Center. A copy of the OCR showing action taken by the OAFC will be returned to the user in a timely manner.

If it is not convenient to seek the help of the local Job Service office, you may send your requests for a DOT title and code directly to an Occupational Analysis Field Center. In your correspondence, please include the OCR so that the request can be processed correctly. DOT users who find incorrect or inaccurate occupational information in the DOT may contact the nearest Occupational Analysis Field Center directly.

The OCR procedure, which has been set up to provide supplementary occupational information to users, serves as an additional method of securing job information for subsequent publications. Classifications established as a result of an OCR are usable on an interim basis until the job is studied by an occupational analyst and a definition is published in the DOT.

The Field Centers responsible for processing OCR forms for individual States are as indicated in the list on the following page:

Massachusetts Occupational Analysis Field Center (617) 727-6718
Research and Statistics Section
Charles Hurley Building, Second Floor
Government Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02114

     Connecticut       New York
     Delaware          Pennsylvania
     Maine             Puerto Rico
     Massachusetts     Rhode Island
     New Hampshire     Vermont
     New Jersey        Virgin Islands

ichigan Occupational Analysis Field Center (313) 876-5140
Michigan Employment Security Commission
7310 Woodard Avenue, Room 425
Detroit, Michigan 48202

     Illinois          Ohio
     Indiana           West Virginia
     Michigan          Wisconsin

issouri Occupational Analysis Field Center (314) 340-4780
Division of Employment Security
505 Washington Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63101

     Arkansas          Nebraska
     Iowa              North Dakota
     Kansas            Oklahoma
     Louisiana         South Dakota
     Missouri          Texas

North Carolina Occupational Analysis Field Center (919) 733-7917
Employment Security Commission of North Carolina
Post Office Box 27625
Raleigh, NC 27611

     Alabama           Mississippi
     District of Columbia     North Carolina
     Florida           South Carolina
     Georgia           Tennessee
     Kentucky          Virginia

Utah Occupational Analysis Field Center (801) 533-2225
Department of Employment Security
174 Social Hall Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

     Alaska              Montana
     American Samoa      Nevada
     Arizona             New Mexico
     California          Oregon
     Colorado            Utah
     Guam                Washington
     Hawaii              Wyoming