20 C.F.R. Part 727 -- TABLE OF CONTENTS

[These regulations were in effect prior to January 19, 2001]


Subpart A-General

727.1 Statutory provisions, purpose of this part.
727.2 Applicability and content of this part.
727.3 Definitions, use of terms.
727.4 Applicability of other parts in this subchapter.

Subpart B-Initial Review of Pending and Denied Claims

727.101 Who is entitled to review.
727.102 "Pending" and "denied" claim defined.
727.103 Duplicate claims.
721.104 Review by the Social Security Administration.
727.105 Action by the Office, Social Security approval.
727.106 Action by the Office, insufficient evidence for Social Security approval.
727.107 Action by the Office, Social Security referral without prior review.
727.108 Action by the Office, Department of Labor pending or denied claim.
727.109 Hearings and appeals, parties.

Subpart C-Criteria for Determining Eligibility for Benefits

727.200 Basis for criteria.
727.201 Persons entitled to benefits, dependents.
727.202 Definition of pneumoconiosis.
727.203 Interim presumption.
727.204 Presumption of entitlement applicable to certain death claims.
727.205 Effect of current coal mine employment or coal mine employment at the time of death.
727.206 Quality standards applicable to evidence.

Subpart D-Payment of Benefits/Liability

727.300 Conditions and duration of eligibility.
727.301 Amounts payable, other payment provisions.
727.302 Date from which benefits are payable after review and approval.
727.303 Claims filed under section 415 of the act.
727.304 Liability for benefit payments.

Subpart E-Special Review Provisions Relating to Claims Pending Before an Administrative Low Judge or the Benefits Review Board

727.401 General.
727.402 Claims pending in the Office of Administrative Law Judges.
727.403 Claims pending before the Benefits Review Board.
727.404 Claims pending in a U.S. Court of Appeals.
727.405 Expedited review of claims.

AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 301, Reorganization Plan No. 6 of 1950, 15 FR 3174, 30 U.S. C. 901 et seq., 902(f), 925, 932, 934, 936, 945; 33 U.S.C. 901 et seq., Secretary's Order 7-87, 52 FR 48466, Employment Standards Order No. 90-02.

SOURCE: 43 FR 36819, Aug. 18, 1978, unless otherwise noted.

Editorial Note: Nomenclature changes to part 727 appear at 55 FR 28607, July 12, 1990.