Strengthening Labor Law Enforcement

Project Duration:
January 2019
December 2022
Funding and Year:

This project enhances governments’ capacity to create, implement, and monitor the application of labor laws by working with ministries of labor, labor judges, and other judicial labor authorities. It seeks to use data collected from labor inspections to identify gaps that facilitate violations and to support legal reforms to address them. The project also uses data analytics to identify and combat labor inspection corruption, waste and inefficiency, and identifies regional inspection units in need of training and capacity building.

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The Problem

When United States trade partner countries effectively enforce their labor laws, they help to ensure that workers in that country work in safe and fair conditions, and they also comply with their labor-related trade commitment to the U.S. Many countries, including Georgia and Honduras, lack the capacity to administer labor laws effectively. This results in minimal prosecution of violations or cases that are not resolved expeditiously. 

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Our Strategy

The project is taking a multi-pronged, data-driven approach designed to adapt to the specific context and challenges of each country in which it operates: beginning with Georgia and Honduras and expanding to at least one other country in the future. In each specific case, the focus is on building the capacity of governments to:

  • adopt laws, regulations, and other legal instruments that are consistent with relevant labor standards;
  • improve identification and resolution of labor law violations; and
  • increase the effectiveness of prosecutions for labor law violations.
Grantee: IMPAQ International
Implementing Partners: American Bar Association, Fundacion para la Paz y la Democracia (FUNPADEM), Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG), Rule of Law Initiative (ABA-ROLI)
Contact Information:
(202) 693-4900
Office of Trade and Labor Affairs (OTLA)