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A legal review of national laws and regulations related to child labour in Myanmar in light of international laws and standards 1st edition (English)

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The 1st edition of results of a 2015 study assessing whether existing national legislation is comprehensive enough to address child labour issues in Myanmar, with a special attention to the worst forms of child labour. Aims to identify major issues and gaps and provide recommendations on the revision of national legislation pertaining to child labour, particularly hazardous work for minors, and possible approaches to effectively implement and monitor the laws. Reviews existing national laws and regulations in light of the International laws and standards relevant to the elimination of child labour and protection of young workers, in particular its two core Conventions: i.e. ILO Convention No. 138 on Minimum Age, 1973, and the ILO Convention No. 182 on Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999.

Project Topics
Child Labor
Hazardous child labor
Forced labor
Working conditions
Worst forms of child labor (WFCL)
Reduced employment opportunities
Freedom of association
Collective bargaining
Trafficking in persons (human trafficking)
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Policy strengthening
Law and regulation strengthening
Enforcement of laws

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My-PEC: Myanmar Program on the Elimination of Child Labor
International Labor Organization (ILO)
International Labor Organization (ILO) - International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) - Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Branch (FUNDAMENTALS)

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