Most individuals go through a number of life events that affect their health benefit needs and retirement savings and impact the choices they make. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) administers several important federal laws governing your employer-provided health and retirement plan – how it works, how you qualify for benefits, your basic rights to information, and how to make claims for benefits. In addition, there are specific laws protecting your right to health and retirement benefits when you lose coverage or change jobs. EBSA also oversees health care laws covering special medical conditions.

Whether you are thinking about changing employers, lost or retired from one, are getting married or divorced, or having a baby, find out today how to have the health and retirement benefits you might need tomorrow. If you know your benefit options, you can better protect yourself and your dependents. With some basic information, you can take common-sense steps to make sure you have the level of health care coverage you need at every stage of your life and are prepared for a secure retirement. Know your rights. Exercise your options.

There are additional protections that may apply to your health and retirement benefit plans during your employment including mental health parity provisions and 401(k) plan fee disclosures.