These data files are created each year to support creation of the Group Health Plans Reports. The datasets includes all employer-sponsored private-sector welfare plans that are required to file a Form 5500 Annual Return/Report and indicate that the plan offered health benefit to the covered participants. The group health plans research files correct many statistically important logical and arithmetic data inconsistencies that remain after completion of EFAST processing. The downloadable zipped health research files below include SAS datasets suitable for use on a Windows operating system, sample SAS tabulation programs, a SAS formats program, and documentation. The Group Health Plans Research File User Guides provide information on the construction of, structure of, and variables included on, the Group Health Plans Research File. Information on how to request the health research files in formats other than SAS data sets or for non-Windows operating systems can be obtained by contacting EBSA's Office of Outreach, Education, and Assistance.