• How To Protect Your Employees When Purchasing Health Insurance - A fact sheet with tips employers can use when comparing benefits and costs of multiple insurance products.
  • What To Do If Your Health Coverage Can No Longer Pay Benefits - This fact sheet provides basic information regarding options consumers may have if health coverage can no longer pay benefits because of insolvency or fraud, causing the plan to file for bankruptcy or to go out of business.
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements Under ERISA (MEWA) - A booklet addressing many questions concerning the effect of ERISA on federal and state regulation of MEWAs.
  • Final Affordable Care Act Regulations Related to Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements - A fact sheet describing final rules under the Affordable Care Act relating to the reporting requirements for multiple employer welfare arrangements and the additional enforcement authority to crack down on fraudulent health plans.
  • MEWA Enforcement - The Labor Department has devoted significant resources to investigating and litigating issues connected with abusive MEWAs who sell the promise of inexpensive health benefit insurance, but default on their obligations. Particular emphasis has been put on identifying ongoing abusive and fradulent MEWAs and working to shut down such operations.
  • Procedures for Administrative Hearings Regarding Plans Established or Maintained Pursuant to Collective Bargaining Agreements Under Section 3(40)(A) of ERISA - These regulations are intended to assist labor organizations, plan sponsors and state insurance departments in determining whether a plan is a "multiple employer welfare arrangement" within the meaning of section 3(40) of ERISA.
  • The Form M-1 Online Filing System is an electronic filing system for the Form M-1 annual report for Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs). The system allows filers to complete the form and submit it at no cost. This system is an example of an E-Government initiative which uses improved technology to make it easier for citizens and businesses to interact with the government.
  • The Form M-1 Online Search tool allows users to find reports for MEWAs and Association Health Plans (AHPs) filed with the Department of Labor. The Form M-1 is filed annually by MEWAs, (including AHPs) and ECEs (Entities Claiming Exception). Users can search by MEWA name, plan sponsor name, MEWA employer identification number (EIN), or the state of the MEWA headquarters or where coverage is offered by entering information in one or more fields. For more information on how to use the Form M-1 search, you can view the online search instructions, or go directly to the Form M-1 Online Search. Copies of the Form M-1 filings are also available from EBSA's Public Disclosure Room at 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room N-1515, Washington, DC 20210, or by calling (202) 693-8673.
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners - The NAIC Website will help you find out information about the regulation of health insurance providers in your state.

Archived News Release — Caution: Information may be out of date.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
U.S. Department of Labor Obtains a Temporary Restraining Order to Protect Participants and Beneficiaries of Failing MEWA

Thursday, August 25, 2016
US Labor Department sues Florida outsource company, fiduciaries, service providers to restore $1.5M to health, welfare arrangement

Thursday, August 11, 2016
US Labor Department obtains default judgment against former fiduciary of Sommet Group Employee Benefit Plan in Tennessee

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Former Bridgeport attorney incarcerated for failing to comply with federal judge’s orders in employee benefit plan diversion scheme case

February 18, 2015
Investigation returns $39.8M to more than 400 benefit plans nationwide

December 8, 2015
Fiduciaries of national multi-employer benefit plan based in Cherry Hill, N.J., ordered to pay $4.7 million in assets and interest

March 31, 2014
US Department of Labor sues Tucker, Ga.-based Distribution by Datagen to recover unremitted premiums and unpaid medical claims

September 19, 2013
US Labor Department obtains limited injunction order removing Pennsylvania-based fiduciaries of welfare benefit plans sponsored by employers nationwide

July 17, 2013
US Labor Department obtains court order freezing 13 bank accounts allegedly containing assets of welfare benefit plans administered by Bridgeport, Pa.,-based PennMont Benefit Services

November 28, 2012
Solis v. John J. Koresko, V, et al., involving consent judgment against Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. of Chambersburg

July 6, 2010
U.S. Labor Department obtains court order barring New York defendants from future dealings with employee benefit plans

October 28, 2009
U.S. Labor Department bars Raymond Palombo from running federally-regulated health plans

January 18, 2008
U.S. Labor Department obtains order requiring restoration of more than $500,000 to Georgia Plumbers Trade Association Health Plan

August 16, 2007
U.S. Labor Department resolves unpaid health claims of participants covered by Mississippi State Medical Association plan

May 31, 2007
U.S. Labor Department obtains independent fiduciary to oversee Texas health benefit plan

April 2, 2007
U.S. Labor Department recovers more than $2 million to pay New Jersey benefit plan health claims

March 26, 2007
U.S. Labor Department obtains consent order shutting down 'sham' health care fund based in California

March 22, 2007
U.S. Labor Department sues Georgia health provider and affiliates over mismanagement of plan assets

June 21, 2006
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Court Order Barring Idaho Company and Executives from Service to Employee Benefit Plans

December 13, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Sues California Health Benefit Fund to Recover $1.2 Million for Unpaid Health Claims

December 8, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Judgment Against Sham Florida Union for Payment of $11 Million in Health Benefits

December 5, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Court Order Reimbursing $1 Million to California Health Benefit Fund

November 22, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Sues Former Minneapolis Executives For Health Plan Mismanagement

July 21, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Order Restoring Over $4 Million to TRG Health Plan

July 6, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Sues Company Hired to Service Pension and Welfare Plans of Six Chicago Area Local Unions and Employer Associations

February 16, 2005
Former Plan Official Sentenced For Embezzlement From Union Health Plan

January 25, 2005
U.S. Labor Department Sues President of Nashville Leasing Firm Over Misuse of Health Plan Assets

January 5, 2005
Court Rules Indiana Marketing Firm and Executives Must Restore Losses to Health Plan

December 15, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Court Order Reimbursing California Health Benefit Fund

November 23, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Sues Plan Officials of Beverage Association Over Mismanagement of Health Plan

September 15, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Removes Health Benefit Fund Trustees

August 2, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Order Permanently Bans Former Leasing Firm President From Overseeing Employee Benefit Plans

May 6, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Obtains a Court Order Appointing Temporary Independent Fiduciary for Purported Union Benefit Fund

May 6, 2004
Court Replaces Trustees of Defunct West Hills Union Health Plan - U.S. Labor Department Investigation Reveals $7 Million in Unpaid Health Claims

April 19, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Sues Former President of Leasing Firm Over Mismanagement of Health Plan

March 1, 2004
U.S. Labor Department Sues Fiduciaries of Tulsa Health Arrangement Over Excessive Fees and Misrepresentations

October 14, 2003
Nevada Court Enters $7.3 Million Judgment Against Principals of Employers Mutual

October 8, 2003
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Decision Replacing Officials of New York Union Plan - Affects Workers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

October 7, 2003
New York Corporation and Owner Ordered to Restore $1.7 Million to Health and Welfare Plan

June 24, 2003
U.S. Labor Department Sues Principals Of Florida-Based Health Plan Service Provider

May 21, 2003
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Final Settlement of Lawsuit Against U.S. Alliance Fiduciaries

October 25, 2002
U.S. Labor Department Settles Part of Its Lawsuit With U.S. Alliance Health Care Officials

October 11, 2002
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Court Order Freezing Assets of Florida Health Plan

June 18, 2002
U.S. Labor Department Secures Temporary Restraining Order Against Georgia Health Plan Operators

May 17, 2002
Independent Fiduciary Appointed To Operate New York Health and Welfare Plan In Consent Order Obtained By Labor Department

February 8, 2002
Nevada Court Freezes Assets of Health Associations And Principals of Employers Mutual

January 4, 2002
SAI MED Health Plan Officials Barred From Serving ERISA Plans

December 18, 2001
U.S. Labor Department Sues Trustee and Others for Diverting More Than $2.2 Million of New York Health and Welfare Plan

December 13, 2001
U.S. Labor Department Sues Nevada Associations and Principals for Misusing Over $6 Million in Health Assets

October 4, 2001
U.S. Labor Department Sues Alabama Association And Plan Official For $4.15 Million In Fees, Commissions And Loans

July 12, 2001
U.S. Labor Department Obtains Court Order Freezing Assets of Several New York Health Providers

February 6, 2001
U.S. Labor Department Seeks to Recover Over $1 Million from Defunct Maryland Health Provider

May 17, 2018
Former Owners of Florida Substance Abuse Recovery Center’s Sentenced to Prison and Ordered to Pay $4,045,364 in Restitution for Healthcare Fraud

April 27, 2018
Florida Healthcare Center Administrative Assistant Sentenced to Prison after Obstructing U.S. Department of Labor Healthcare Fraud Investigation

April 6, 2018
U.S. Department of Labor Investigation Uncovers Healthcare Fraud, Leads to 71-Month Sentence for Florida Recovery Residence Owner

March 27, 2018
U.S. Department of Labor Investigation Results in Former CEO of Nebraska Pharmaceutical Benefits Management Company Being Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Kickback Scheme

Archived News Release — Caution: Information may be out of date.

February 26, 2016
South Carolina Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in Nationwide Health Care Benefits Scheme

June 30, 2015
U.S. Vs. Brian Whitfield, Et Al.

October 29, 2014
Timothy Thomas, Former Owner of United Benefits of America, and Wife Indicted

October 1, 2014
Four Defendants Plead Guilty in Connection with HMA Direct Insurance Fraud Scheme

July 17, 2013
Two Defendants In Sommet Case Plead Guilty

March 2, 2012
Former Executives at Sommet Group, LLC Charged with Conspiracy, Fraud and Tax Charges

October 20, 2011
Former Upstate Resident Guilty of One Million Dollar Insurance Premium Theft

August 31, 2011
Former HBPA President Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Identity Fraud, and Health Care Fraud

March 28, 2011
Hogge Sentenced in Health Care Fraud Scheme

March 24, 2011
Employee Benefit Plan Manager Sentenced to more than Five Years in Federal Prison for Stealing $1 Million

November 18, 2010
HBPA President and Executive Director Indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud; Wire Fraud; Identity Fraud; Health Care Fraud and Witness Tampering; HBPA Farm and Field Director Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Identity Fraud

April 19, 2010
Employee Benefit Plan Manager Admits Stealing More Than $1 Million

August 6, 2008
Employee Benefit Plan Officials Are Sentenced

December 21, 2007
Co-Owner of TRG Health Plan Sentenced for Embezzling Health Care Premiums

November 30, 2007
Federal Indictment Charges Amarillo, Texas, Woman with Healthcare Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud and Money Laundering

Februay 5, 2007
Operator of Employers Mutual Going to Prison for 25 Years for Operating Bogus Health Insurance Provider | Conviction Release | Arrest Release

June 29, 2006
Attorney Sentenced For Mail Fraud Involving Health Plan Assets

June 15, 2006
North Carolina Man Arrested on Tax, Mail, Wire and Health Care Fraud Charges | Arrest Release

April 21, 2006
Florida Man Admits Embezzling from Susses County Union; Defendant is Stepfather of Former Party Chaiman Awaiting Trial

April 17, 2006
Owner of Bankrupt Medical Benefits Company Sentenced to 84 Months in Prison

October 21, 2005
Indianapolis men Sentenced for $400,000 Embezzlement from Health Care Benefit Program | Indictment Release

June 29, 2005
Former President of Interstate Services Incorporated Sentenced to 41 Months for Health Care Fraud | Guilty Plea Release

February 16, 2005
Former Plan Official Sentenced for Embezzlement from Union Health Plan