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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC)


Rachel P. Leiton, Director  
Douglas Pennington, Deputy Director
John Vance, Chief, Branch of Policy, Regulations & Procedures (BPRP)
Joshua Novack, Acting Chief, Branch of Outreach and Technical Assistance (BOTA)
Robin Crisp, Chief, Branch of Automated Data Processing Systems (BAS)
Toni Eason, DNP, Chief, Branch of Medical Benefits (BMB)
Gerard O’Hare, Chief, Final Adjudication Branch (FAB)
Jeffrey Kotsch, CHP, Senior Health Physicist and Supervisor, BPRP Medical and Health Sciences Unit (MHSU)
Kristina Green, Unit Supervisor, BPRP Policy Unit
Curtis Johnson, Unit Supervisor, BPRP Policy Unit
Michael Johnson, Assistant Chief, FAB DC Unit
Mark Stewart, Assistant Chief, FAB Jacksonville Unit
Rhonda F. Chappelle, Acting Assistant Chief, FAB DC Unit
Miriam Givens, Acting Supervisory Medical Benefits Examiner, BMB Medical Benefits Adjudication Unit (MBAU)
Dionne Perry, Payment Systems Manager, BMB Medical Bill Processing Unit (MBPU)
Christopher Armstrong, MD, DEEOIC Medical Officer
Lynette Stokes, PhD, MPH, Health Scientist (Toxicology)
David Levitt, CIH, Lead Industrial Hygienist