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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

Federal Agency

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DFEC periodically sends emails to federal agencies with information about the FECA program on topics to include new procedures, IT enhancements, and Interagency Meeting notifications. To receive these emails, please sign up for email updates.

General FECA Guidance and Training for Agencies

  1. Injury Compensation Specialist (ICS) training modules - A series of self-instructional training modules for employing agency injury compensation specialists covering the handling of claims for FECA benefits. The modules may be used in addition to the in-person ICS training conducted by DFEC district offices.
  2. Injury Compensation for Federal Employees (Publication CA-810) - A handbook for Federal agency personnel outlining FECA benefits and processes.
  3. Agency Query System (AQS) - AQS is a secure Internet site that provides access to information on FECA injury claims. The information available includes current claims status, compensation payment history and medical bill payment history.
  4. Medical Authorization/Bill Pay FAQs for Employing Agencies - Frequently asked questions from employing agencies about their role in the medical authorization and bill pay process.
  5. Document Submission
    • Central Mail - If you choose to write to our office, send all correspondence to: OFFICE OF WORKERS' COMP PROGRAMS, PO BOX 8300, LONDON, KY 40742-8300. It is recommended that you keep a copy of all documents sent to OWCP. Please write or type clearly on 8 1/2 by 11" paper, and write your case number at the top of each page of correspondence.
    • ECOMP/WEEDS Document upload - Stakeholders and interested parties can use ECOMP to upload documents to active FECA cases. You can upload letters, medical reports and other supporting documentation. You will need the official FECA Case Number and other identifying information to use this feature.
      Instructions on Submitting Documents via ECOMP

Claim Submission Guidance for Agencies

  1. Agency Reference Tables - A listing of the Department of Labor Reference Tables. These are common codes used in injury reporting. Included are Occupation Codes, Location of Injury Codes, Nature of Injury Codes, Cause of Injury Codes, and Agency Code Query.
  2. Electronic Filing:
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Agencies that have established EDI systems may use this functionality to electronically submit certain claim forms to OWCP electronically
    • The Employees' Compensation and Management Portal (ECOMP). ECOMP is a web-based application managed by OWCP which is available free of charge. Agencies that have enrolled with OWCP may use ECOMP to electronically file certain claim forms and supporting documentation.
    • Central Case Create - Information regarding submission of claim forms to the DFEC central case create facility.
    • Regulations on timely submission of claims (20 C.F.R. §10.110 - §10.113)

Agency Chargeback and Data Reports

  1. OWCP provides periodic chargeback and data reports to agencies for monitoring and management of agency cases. The attached Data Dictionaries are for usage by those agency representatives that receive weekly, monthly and/or quarterly data extracts from OWCP and require this information to read the data fields:

Agency Chargeback and Data Reports


Web Page (HTML)


ACPS Data Dictionary V2.0

Web Site Link Adobe PDF Link

Bill Pay Data Dictionary v1

Web Site Link Adobe PDF Link

Chargeback Data Dictionary 2

Web Site Link Adobe PDF Link

CMF Data Dictionary (New with Appendices)

Web Site Link Adobe PDF Link

Privacy Act

  • Privacy Act Systems - DOL/GOVT-1 - This information relates to FECA case files under the control of any agency. It provides categories of records in the system and the routine uses of records maintained in the system, including categories of users and the purposes of such use.
  • Presentation on the Privacy Act and System of Records View | Download

Agency Timely Filing and Return to Work Statistics

Resources for Return to Work

DFEC Presentations:

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