Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

The Mission of the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs is to protect the interests of workers who are injured or become ill on the job, their families and their employers by making timely, appropriate, and accurate decisions on claims, providing prompt payment of benefits and helping injured workers return to gainful work as early as is feasible.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs is to be an innovative leader in the delivery of benefits and the sharing of timely and accurate information about our programs. OWCP will serve as a responsible steward of the resources entrusted to us and earn the trust and respect of those who rely on us for their health and economic well being.


OWCP has identified five goal areas, each of which highlights a key aspect of OWCP's business. For each goal area, OWCP has assembled a team of managers, led by senior leaders, to establish strategies and monitor progress in the relevant area. OWCP's five goals are:

1. Improve claims review, adjudication, issue resolution and payment: Provide timely and high quality review and adjudication of claims, early resolution of claims issues, and timely and accurate payment of benefits

2. Enhance recovery, rehabilitation and employment services: Assist workers in obtaining early post-injury nurse intervention and return to work services, vocational rehabilitation and job placement assistance as soon as they are able

3. Promote collaboration and outreach with stakeholders and customer groups: Foster understanding and awareness of OWCP priorities, initiatives, and results through effective external outreach and data sharing

4. Create and sustain a high performing workforce: Create and foster the highest quality work environment for all of our employees through leadership, communication and collaboration, recruitment, development, recognition, engagement and retention

5. Improve agency-wide operations, governance and infrastructure: Support the activities of our programs, managers, and staff by improving the administrative management, information technology, financial, and physical infrastructure of OWCP