Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC)

The Site Exposure Matrices (SEM) website has been updated! This update makes the website current through November 15, 2023. New information is now available for 25 U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) sites, including significant additions to 18 of the following sites: Brookhaven National Laboratory; De Soto Avenue Facility; Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; High Energy Rate Forging (HERF) Facility; Iowa Ordnance Plant (Line 1 and Associated Activities); Kellex/Pierpont; Latty Avenue Properties; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Middlesex Municipal Landfill; Middlesex Sampling Plant; Pacific Proving Ground; Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant; Project Chariot Nuclear Explosion Site; Sandia National Laboratory - Salton Sea Test Base; Trinity Nuclear Explosion Site; Uranium Mill in Ambrosia Lake, NM (remediation); Uranium Mill in Durango, CO (remediation); and Uranium Mill in Shiprock, NM (remediation).

DOL received nine (9) Internet Accessible SEM Website (IAS) public submittals since the last update on May 12th, 2023. One (1) of the submittals resulted in SEM profile revision.

In addition, DOL updated SEM site profiles using information obtained from case adjudication activities. These updates included adding solvent exposures to the electronic technician and instrument technician families of labor categories at the following six (6) DOE sites: Chupadera Mesa; Nevada Test Site; Oak Ridge National Laboratory (X-10); Pantex Plant; Savannah River Site; and Sandia National Laboratories-Albuquerque.

Since the SEM first became available to the public in March 2010, there have been 26 revisions of the SEM website. Prior to the release of each new version, the DOE reviews the new and revised information to ensure that no classification issues exist.