Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC)

The Site Exposure Matrices (SEM) website has been updated! This update makes the website current through November 15, 2022. New information is now available for 25 DOE sites including a new profile for the Enewetak Radiation Laboratory (Enewetak-RADLAB). Significant additions were also made to several of the sites including Dana Heavy Water Plant; Dayton Project; DeSoto Avenue Facility; Extrusion Plant (Reactive Metals, Inc.); Hanford (1943-present) PNNL 91965-2004); Linde Ceramics; Pantex; Piqua Organic Moderated Reactor; Reduction Pilot Plant (Huntington); and University of Rochester Atomic Energy Project.

DOL received twelve (12) Internet Accessible SEM Website (IAS) public submittals related to eleven (11) toxic substances and one (1) disease input since the last update on May 16, 2022. Four (4) of the submittals related to toxic substances resulted in SEM profile revisions. The disease input submittal did not result in a SEM profile revision.

Information provided by the DOL District Offices is also being used to update SEM. Additions resulting from DOL District Office input were made to the SEM profiles of the following eleven (11) DOE sites: Hanford (1943-present)/PNNL (1965-2004); Los Alamos National Laboratory; Nevada Site Office; Nevada Test Site; Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education; Oak Ridge National Laboratory (x10); Pantex Plant; Rocky Flats Plant; Savannah River Site; Tonopah Test Range; and Uranium Mill in Riverton, CO (remediation).

Since the SEM first became available to the public in March 2010, there have been 24 revisions of the SEM website. Prior to the release of each new version, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reviews the new and revised information to ensure that no classification issues exist.