A map of the DEEOIC District Office locations is shown below. For questions regarding your claim, click on a pin to see the contact information for the relevant District Office. If you are filing a claim, you can submit it via mail or with Resource Center assistance. There are 11 Resource Centers located across the country. The Resource Centers provide assistance either in person or over the phone.

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DEEOIC National Office -- Washington, DC
Address Phone Numbers Directors

Physical Address:
U.S. Department of Labor, DEEOIC
200 Constitution Ave NW, Room C-3321
Washington, DC 20210

Central Mailroom Address:
U.S. Department of Labor OWCP/DEEOIC
PO Box 8306
London, KY 40742-8306

Medical Bill Processing Address:
U.S. Department of Labor OWCP/DEEOIC
PO Box 8304
London, KY 40742-8304

202-693-0081 (Main)
202-693-1465 (Fax)
Division Director: Rachel D. Pond
Deputy Division Director: Douglas Pennington