The DEEOIC webinar series, which originated shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started, has proven to be a successful means of engaging and informing DEEOIC stakeholders. As part of an initiative to enhance our stakeholders’ webinar experience, a tentative schedule of topics for the 2024 webinar series has been created and is provided below.

This effort aligns with DEEOIC's broader commitment to improving customer experience. We have been actively gathering survey data from webinar participants in order to identify ways to better serve our claimants and other stakeholders. Notably, many of the topics slated for the 2024 webinars were developed directly from the valuable feedback received from claimants. A comprehensive overview of the feedback gathered from the Fiscal Year 2023 webinar series is available on our website.

Throughout the year, please monitor the Outreach and Events page for specific dates and registration links. Typically, the registration link is made available approximately two weeks before the scheduled webinar date. If you wish to receive email notifications when registrations opens for these webinars, you can sign up on the Program and Policy Updates via email page.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback or suggestions for future webinar topics, please email us at

2024 Webinar Topics

Industrial Hygienist (IH) Referrals 

  • What is an IH Referral
  • Why are IH referrals completed
  • What information from the case file is referred to the IH
  • What is in the IH report
  • How is the IH report used
  • Contract Medical Consultant vs. Treating Physician review of report

Medical Benefit Authorizations

  • Pre-authorization
  • Letters of medical necessity
  • Role of the Nurse Consultant
MarchStakeholder Update from the Director

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

  • DEEOIC cancer claims eligibility, SEC screening, and NIOSH referral processes 
  • Dose reconstructions
  • OCAS Interview
  • What is it? How to prepare
  • SEC Petitions

Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA)

  • Overview from DOJ
  • Overview of implications for EEOICPA from DEEOIC
  • RECA Updates

Tools and Resources Available to Stakeholders

  • ECOMP vs. Energy Document Portal (EDP) 
  • Procedure Manual
  • DEEOIC Website
  • DEEOIC Resource Centers
  • Ombudsman Offices

Medical Benefits Coverage and Reimbursements

  • Enrolled providers
  • Reimbursements for claimants and providers, including billing adjustments\
  • How providers can enroll
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Medical reimbursement

Learn about who you work with at DEEOIC

  • Role of RC Caseworker
  • Role of Claims Examiner
  • Role of Hearing Representative
  • Role of Medical Benefits Examiner

Covered Conditions

  • What is a covered condition
  • Types of conditions covered under Part B and Part E
  • Claiming additional conditions due to toxic exposure
  • Claiming additional conditions as consequential, EE-1A
  • Claiming additional cancers
  • Causation Letters
  • Symptom vs. condition

Claims Process

  • Different types of claims
  • Pre vs post-adjudication
  • Timelines
  • Journey maps