Employees’ Compensation and Management Portal (ECOMP)

The Office of Workers’ Compensation has launched Longshore’s ECOMP portal which allows claimants access to case-specific information. Injured workers will be able to view case details, the parties to a claim and other basic information via the ECOMP Dashboard.

Training modules and videos offering help with accessing ECOMP are available on the ECOMP site. These training modules are available on the ECOMP site to any user, whether registered with ECOMP or not. Access can be gained with two simple steps:

Step 1 Register:  For help registering for an ECOMP account, hover your mouse pointer over the “HELP” icon found at the top right hand corner of the ECOMP website, and then click on one of the "REGISTERING FOR AN ACCOUNT" links found under the "USER GUIDES" column on the left.

Step 2 ID Verify:  To access information about your LHWCA claims, you must verify your identity in ECOMP after you register for an account. The “IDENTITY VERIFICATION” links under the “USER GUIDES” include information on identity verification..  You will only have to do this one time.  Once your identity has been verified you will be able to sign in with only your username and password in the future.  Obtaining basic information about your case online is faster than contacting the district suboffices, so we encourage you to verify your identity in ECOMP.

Longshore encourages all eligible claimants to register for an ECOMP account, and ask that you use it to obtain basic information about your LHWCA claim(s) moving forward as a fast, on-demand way to access basic claim information. Below are links to ECOMP Help Topics:

Introduction to ECOMP video

Watch a video about Registering for an ECOMP Account

Read or print a tutorial about Registering for an ECOMP Account

Watch a video about Identity Verification

Read or print a tutorial about Identity Verification