Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

The Office of Worker's Compensation (OWCP), Federal Employees Compensation Program; effective 07/01/2010 will no longer utilize DOL homegrown procedure code RP100 (Pain Management). When rendering Pain Management services, providers are to bill and/or submit for prior authorizations the appropriate HCPCS/CPT codes applicable for the services. Request for prior authorizations for pain management services should include but not be limited to a complete and detailed treatment plan.

The use of CPT 97799 (Unlisted physical medicine/rehabilitation service or procedure) and CPT 99499 (Unlisted evaluation and management) are not options to be used. The use of an unlisted code will be reviewed for appropriateness, when the provider submits a written explanation for the use of the unlisted code; which must include; service(s) rendered that can not be fully described from any of the HCPCS/CPT coding schemas.