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January 14, 2015

The Office of Workers' Compensation (OWCP)/Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC) Continuation of Pay Nurse Handbook is a new publication formulated to provide contracted Continuation of Pay (COP) Nurses and other DFEC stakeholders with a resource related to the policies and procedures of the OWCP/DFEC Nurse Intervention Program (NIP).

The Continuation of Pay Nurse Handbook (CNHB) provides specific instructions and guidelines for the COP Nurses (CNs) who are contracted by the DFEC to provide nurse case management services as part of the Program's Disability Management protocols. Its purpose is to provide CNs with information necessary to understand and adhere to performance expectations in assigned cases. This handbook is intended to be used by all OWCP/DFEC contracted CNs certified with the NIP handling cases in connection with the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), 5 U.S.C. 8101 et seq.; 20 CFR Part 10, Subpart C.

The CNHB is meant to provide the CN with a resource and reference guide to be used in conjunction with, but not as a replacement for, formal CN orientation and training sessions conducted in accordance with NIP certification and contracting guidelines and/or individualized instructions provided by DFEC staff. If any questions arise regarding interpretation or implementation of policies outlined in this handbook in general, or with regard to a specific case, the CN should always consult with the District Office Staff Nurse (SN).

Matters of contractual requirements and disciplinary issues (warnings and terminations) are not addressed in this handbook because these topics are a stipulation of the signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Information on these topics can be found in the FECA Procedure Manual. Every CN utilizing this handbook must have agreed to the contractual requirements as evidenced by his/her signature on the MOA. A CN signature on the MOA serves as the CN designation of understanding and agreement to adhere to the contractual requirements and any disciplinary actions that may result from non-compliance. Nothing in this handbook is intended to supplant, override or otherwise modify the terms of the MOA.

Additional information related to the COP Nurse Intervention Program may be found in the FECA Procedure Manual Chapter 2-811, Nurse Case Management, and the FECA Procedure Manual Chapter 7-0300, Continuation of Pay (COP) Nurses.

"The Integrated Federal Employees' Compensation System COP RTW User Manual – revision 2.2, January 13, 2011" contains the technical components of the CN process. This manual provides the information necessary for the CN to use in the Integrated Federal Employees' Compensation System (iFECS) application to perform CN-related tasks.


Paragraph 1, Background, describes and defines the Continuation of Pay provision and provides the history of the development and implementation of the COP Nurse Intervention Program.

Paragraph 2, Purpose and Scope, details the purpose for (and scope of) the CNHB, including a description of the 5 key components of the COP Nurse Intervention Program's structure, policies, and guidelines.

Paragraph 3, DFEC Overview, provides a brief overview of the general provisions of the FECA. The information included within the overview is intended to provide the CN with the basic tenants of the program for which s/he will be providing services. For more specific information pertaining to DFEC policies and procedures, the FECA Procedure Manual (available on the DFEC website) should be consulted.

Paragraph 4, Objectives of the CN Intervention Program, outlines and describes the objectives of the CN Intervention Program and the general expectations of the CN participating in the CN Intervention Program.

Paragraph 5, Participants in the CN Intervention Program, identifies the key participants in the CN Intervention Program and describes the participant's roles and responsibilities.

Paragraph 6, Identification of Cases for CN Assignment, describes the criteria required for a case to be eligible for CN assignment. This Paragraph also provides a general explanation as to how the assignment is made and how the CN can access his/her case assignments and view specific case file information.

Paragraph 7, CN Timeframes, Interventions, and Documentation, focuses on the timeframes for assignments, as well as the necessary interventions/contacts and the required documentation for the activities performed and the information obtained. This Paragraph provides information related to the CN's role in identifying and communicating certain medical and return to work issues to the Claims Examiner which might assist with expedited adjudication of the claim.

Paragraph 8, CN Case Assignment Closure and Bill Payment, provides a description of, and procedures for, necessary CN Closure documentation, reporting and billing. This Paragraph also discusses the requirement to confirm appropriate handling/destruction of case file records.

Paragraph 9, Security of Case Information and the Privacy Act, provides reference to 5 U.S.C. 552a and 29 C.F.R. 71. - the Privacy Act of 1974 - as the regulatory authority providing for the protection of an injured worker's personal information. The CN working as a contracted employee of the OWCP is obligated to adhere to the provisions of this regulation when rendering services in individual cases. This Paragraph also addresses the issue of case file security and the CN responsibilities in providing for, and maintaining, the secure status of an OWCP case file. In addition, reference is made to DOL/GOVT-1 as the authority for information related to disclosure of information to/from a CN acting on behalf of the OWCP. Each CN must sign OWCP's Non-Disclosure Agreement which details what is expected from a CN in regards to fulfilling the terms of the Privacy Act legislation and protecting Personally Identifiable Information.


Director for
Federal Employees' Compensation

Transmittal of the DFEC CNHB, like the FECA Procedure Manual, is electronic in nature and material is published on DFEC's internet page.

Similar to how DFEC publishes and updates its Procedure Manual, DFEC will release and update this handbook in the same fashion. As changes and updates are made in the future, DFEC will update the material and provide a CNHB Transmittal outlining the change. Both will be visible via DFEC's internet page.

Distribution: All DFEC Staff and OWCP/DFEC Certified COP Nurses

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