The tables below provide POWER goal progress for Federal agencies and sub-agencies as of fiscal year (FY) 2014 year end.

Green Ball Green = Target Met

Yellow Square Yellow = Goal Partially Met (Some agency components in compliance)

Red Triangle Red = Target Not Met

N/A = Data not available or not collected

Please click agency name to view agency and sub-agency performance data

NOTE: Because the POWER Initiative ended in FY 2014, no agency performance targets have been established for subsequent fiscal years. Therefore, while we continue to report agency performance for the measures tracked under Goals 4, 5 and 7 on a quarterly basis, the indicators below reflect year end agency performance toward meeting POWER targets for FY 2014.

All Government X = Met target

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

Executive Branch

Independent Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions, Offices

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  1. Performance data is not shown for independent agencies, bureaus, commissions or offices which reported no cases in baseline FY2009

  2. Goal 3 is not tracked on a quarterly basis. Results will be reported at the end of the Fiscal Year

  3. Goal 7 performance is tracked only for the 14 agencies with statistically significant case volumes

  4. Department of Defense overall performance for goals 1-6 includes Army, Navy and Air Force. DOD performance for goal 7 excludes, Army, Navy and Air Force, which are shown individually

  5. Architect of the Capitol includes the U.S. Botanic Gardens for the TCR and LTCR

  6. LPD results for DOL do not include Job Corps; LPD results for Peace Corps do not include PC volunteers

  7. For Executive Branch agencies, TCR and LTCR targets are established for the overall department level only