Federal Employees Program

Effective September 23, 2019, the Federal Employees Program has implemented a new policy applicable to injured workers that are newly prescribed opioid users that will impose additional limitations and reduce the 60-day period for the required prior approval. Injured workers that are newly prescribed opioid users (have not been prescribed an opioid for their work injury in 180 days, if ever) will at the outset be limited to an initial 7-day supply for all opioids. An injured worker may receive a maximum of four sequential 7-day supply prescriptions (an initial and three subsequent prescriptions), a total of 28 days, before prior authorization is required. FECA Bulletin 19-04 (New Opioid Prescribing Guidelines in the FECA Program Limiting Initial Fills to Seven Days and Imposing LMN at 28 Days) outlines these actions.

Please continue to consult our website under "Latest News," for additional updates on our policies, and read carefully any written communications you receive from us. The "Latest News" section on our website will provide additional details prior to implementation. Claimants and their representatives may register to receive periodic email updates regarding this topic, as well as general Federal Employees Program news, on the Claimant and Representative portal. News on billing can be found at the OWCP Web Bill Processing Portal, under "Latest Developments."

In addition, we encourage medical providers to sign up for the Federal Employees Program's email list to receive information about program policies impacting medical authorization.

September 23, 2019