Do you know of an employer or a labor relations consultant that should be filing a persuader report (Forms LM-10, LM-20, or LM-21) but is not?

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) establishes reporting and recordkeeping requirements for employers and labor relations consultants. Pursuant to the LMRDA, this agency, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS), has established the Form LM-10 Employer Report and Forms LM-20 and 21 consultant reports, on which the parties must report concerning agreements or arrangements to persuade employees concerning their rights to organize and bargain collectively or surveil employees or a labor organization in connection with a labor dispute involving the employer.  An employer must file a Form LM-10 concerning other matters as well, including for expenditures made with an object to commit an unfair labor practice or to surveil employees or a labor union involved in a labor dispute. 

The transparency created by these requirements is designed to better inform workers in making determinations regarding the exercise of their rights to organize and bargain collectively.  For example, with the knowledge that the source of the information received is an anti-union campaign managed by an outsider, workers will be better able to assess the merits of the arguments directed at them and make an informed choice about how to exercise their rights.

More detailed information on the reporting requirements, including due dates and certain exemptions, can be found on the OLMS employer-consultant reporting page.  You can view submitted reports on the OLMS Online Public Disclosure Room.

Tip line

If you are aware of any employer or labor relations consultant that is involved in persuader activity and should be filing, please contact OLMS via email at or by calling your nearest OLMS District Office.  Individuals who report allegations are not required to provide their identity to OLMS.  However, they should be prepared to provide us with information identifying the employer or consultant involved and describe the suspected reportable persuader activity.


Last Updated: 3-6-24