This page contains CAP closing letters issued since January 1, 2024. Closing letters for audits are posted in alphabetical order by union, and then in numerical order under the union name. You can find a particular union quickly by using your browser's “Find” function: in Internet Explorer, select “Find” from the Edit Menu on the top menu bar. Enter the name or partial name of the union to find in the resulting dialog box and click the “Find Next” button.

Note: The PDFs located on this page are compatible with Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act. Any obvious omissions of words/phrases are due to redactions.

2024 CAP closing letters
Union NameAffiliateDatePDF
Air Traffic Controllers AFL-CIO (NATCA)Local D-1003-28-24PDF
Auto Workers AFL-CIO (UAW)Local 71903-13-24PDF
Auto Workers AFL-CIO (UAW)Local 202104-25-24PDF
Auto Workers AFL-CIO (UAW)Local 306104-23-24PDF
Boilermakers AFL-CIO (BBF)Local 2904-25-24PDF
Boilermakers AFL-CIO (BBF)Local 4003-20-24PDF
Boilermakers AFL-CIO (BBF)Local 68403-13-24PDF
Bricklayers AFL-CIO (BAC)Mountain West Administrative District Council01-17-24PDF
Carpenters Ind (CJA)Local 17502-22-24PDF
Communications Workers AFL-CIO (CWA)Local 430003-06-24PDF
Communications Workers AFL-CIO (CWA)Local 481802-22-24PDF
Communications Workers AFL-CIO (CWA)Local 710204-26-24PDF
Communications Workers AFL-CIO (CWA)Local 951103-06-24PDF
Communications Workers AFL-CIO (CWA)Local 1482702-28-24PDF
Communications Workers AFL-CIO (CWA)Local 8149503-18-24PDF
Electrical Workers (UE)Local 100803-08-24PDF
Electrical Workers UE Ind (UE)Local 61001-03-24PDF
Electrical Workers UE Ind (UE)Local 118703-12-24PDF
Electrical Workers, IBEW, AFL-CIO (IBEW)Local 901-24-24PDF
Electrical Workers, IBEW, AFL-CIO (IBEW)Local 46303-12-24PDF
Electrical Workers, IBEW, AFL-CIO (IBEW)Local 131701-04-24PDF
Fire Fighters AFL-CIO (IAFF)Local 89-F02-01-24PDF
Fire Fighters AFL-CIO (IAFF)Texas State Association 4203-22-24PDF
Government Employees AFL-CIO (AFGE)Local 3302-28-24PDF
Government Employees AFL-CIO (AFGE)Local 123501-09-24PDF
Government Employees AFL-CIO (AFGE)Local 258601-03-24PDF
Government Employees AFL-CIO (AFGE)Local 261003-29-24PDF
Insulators AFL-CIO (HFIA)Local 6403-06-24PDF
Iron Workers AFL-CIO (BSOIW)Mid-Atlantic States District Council03-06-24PDF
Laborers (LIUNA)Local 42302-16-24PDF
Laborers (LIUNA)Local 141003-15-24PDF
Letter Carriers, National Association, AFL-CIO (NALC)Branch 2204-02-24PDF
Letter Carriers, National Association, AFL-CIO (NALC)Branch 218404-08-24PDF
Letter Carriers, Rural, Ind (RLCA)Connecticut State Association03-13-24PDF
Letter Carriers, Rural, Ind (RLCA)Oklahoma State Association01-24-24PDF
Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)Local 4704-25-24PDF
Machinists AFL-CIO (IAM)Lodge 174604-10-24PDF
Machinists AFL-CIO (IAM)Local 240103-29-24PDF
Office and Professional Employees AFL-CIO (OPEIU)Local 5001-17-24PDF
Office and Professional Employees AFL-CIO (OPEIU)Local 18203-29-24PDF
Office and Professional Employees AFL-CIO (OPEIU)Local 53702-02-24PDF
Postal Workers, American, AFL-CIO (APWU)Local 28601-11-24PDF
Postal Workers, American, AFL-CIO (APWU)Local 81301-16-24PDF
Postal Workers, American, AFL-CIO (APWU)Local 346302-22-24PDF
Postal Workers, American, AFL-CIO (APWU)Oregon State Association02-22-24PDF
Public School Employees Staff Organization02-22-24PDF
Pulp and Paper Workers (WPPW)Local 7803-05-24PDF
Railroad Signalmen AFL-CIO (BRS)Lodge 13703-13-24PDF
Roofers AFL-CIO (RWAW)Local 9702-07-24PDF
Service Employees (SEIU)Local 33402-05-24PDF
Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART)Local 29301-23-24PDF
Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART)Local 84501-22-24PDF
State County and Municipal Employees AFL-CIO (AFSCME)Local 150302-16-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 09-142101-10-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 13-24303-05-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 13-200101-12-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 164-B12-04-23PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 36903-01-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 59301-23-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 73103-14-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 81802-06-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 81902-06-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 90405-03-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 98704-25-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 101602-27-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 105302-22-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 197003-18-24PDF
Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW)Local 940102-29-24PDF
Teachers AFL-CIO (AFT)Local 378201-19-24PDF
Transit Union AFL-CIO (ATU)LDIV 1905-06-24PDF
Transportation Communications UnionLocal 78102-09-24PDF
Treasury Employees Union Ind (NTEU)Chapter 4703-04-24PDF
Union of Labor Professionals (ULP)02-07-24PDF
United Building Trades Group (UBTG)02-20-24PDF
United Professionals Pro-Force of Savannah RiverLocal 12504-02-24PDF



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