Number: 01-13

March 28, 2013

Form LM-30/EFS Webinar

OLMS will be hosting a webinar, which will provide an overview of the Form LM-30 Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report and introduce Form LM-30 filers to the Electronic Forms System (EFS).  Filers can complete and submit the Form LM-30 electronically using EFS.  Using EFS is free and is the easiest and fastest method of submitting the LM-30 form. 

If you are a union officer or union employee who has never filed a Form LM-30, this webinar will ensure you understand, well before the filing season begins, the Form LM-30 and its requirements.  It will help you understand before you enter into a transaction whether the transaction will trigger a report.  It will also ensure that you know which records are necessary to keep in order to file an accurate report and to be compliant with the law’s recordkeeping retention requirements.  For union officers and union employees who engaged in reportable transaction in 2012, and had questions about their filing obligations or how to file a report, this webinar will provide useful information and ensure that all filing obligations have been satisfactorily met.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2013, from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT.  Since Internet connections to this webinar are limited, we suggest securing your connection by registering early. 

To register:

  1.   Visit OLMS’ website @
  2.   Click on the “Webinar – Using EFS to Complete the LM-30” link that is in the "Highlights" box.
  3.   Fill in the five boxes and click on Register Now.


Last Updated: 4-12-13