Number: 05-05

April 25, 2005

OLMS Announces Grace Period for Form LM-30 Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report

Union officers or employees (except employees performing exclusively clerical or custodial services) must file a Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report, Form LM-30, if they or their spouses or minor children have certain interests or dealings. The reporting requirements are designed to disclose possible conflicts between personal interests and the officer's or employee's duty to the union and its members.

Under a special enforcement policy, new filers will not have to submit reports for prior years, even if such reports should have been filed. Specifically, in the interest of achieving greater compliance with the reporting requirements, the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) of the U.S. Department of Labor, will not require a new filer to submit reports covering the same financial interest for any prior years absent extraordinary circumstances. The new filer must submit his or her initial report voluntarily (that is, without being directed by OLMS) during a -grace period,- which ends July 15, 2005.

After the expiration of the grace period, OLMS will continue to follow its normal practice, in which OLMS may seek reports for the five prior years.

For additional information on the Form LM-30 please visit the OLMS Form LM-30 Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report page.

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Last Updated: 04/29/05