Number: 03-05

March 15, 2005

Adobe Reader Versions of Form LM-3 and Form LM-4 now Available

Adobe Reader Versions of Form LM-3 and Form LM-4 are now available for download from the OLMS Web site. The content of these forms is identical to the current Informed Filler Forms LM-3 and LM-4, but the new software is easier to use. The forms have pre-fill and the option for digital signatures for electronic filing. The software will also permit Form LM-3 filers that keep records electronically to import financial data from their accounting programs into Item 24, All Officers and Disbursements to Officers.

  • Download the Adobe Reader version Form LM-3
  • Download the Adobe Reader version Form LM-4

On the download pages you will also find User Guides for the Adobe Reader Form LM-3 and Adobe Reader Form LM-4, that will guide you through the process of preparing and completing the forms, and provide instructions and navigation tips to help you download the forms, enter information directly into the forms, import data files extracted from your union's accounting system into Form LM-3, and add digital signatures.

If you have difficulty navigating the software, or have questions about its functions and features, please call the Department of Labor's National Call Center at: 1-866-487-2365. You may also send questions via e-mail to

After you have completed Form LM-3 or LM-4 you have two options for submitting your report. You can print it and have the officers sign it manually and mail it to the Office of Labor-Management Standards, 200 Constitution Ave., NW, Room N-5616, Washington, DC 20210-0001 or you can electronically sign and submit the form.

In order to complete the electronic signature option you must have purchased an electronic digital signature. This digital signature enables you to electronically sign your report so that you can submit it to OLMS. More information on obtaining a digital signature here.

Not certain which form your labor organization needs to fill out? Please visit our new -Which Labor Organization Annual Report Form Do I Use?- page.

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Last Updated: 03/16/05