Number: 02-05

March 9, 2005

OLMS is Now Accepting Both Individual and Business Digital Signatures for Signing the LM-2 and T-1

Union officers must sign their Labor Organization Annual Report (Revised Form LM-2), or Trust Annual Report (New Form T-1) electronically using a digital signature and the reports must be submitted to OLMS electronically. Individuals required to sign Revised Form LM-2 or New Form T-1 may use either an individual or a business certificate.

To obtain a digital signature, you must purchase an ACES (Access Certificates for Electronic Services) digital certificate. Information about purchasing an ACES certificate can be found on the OLMS website.

Review additional FAQs on signing your Revised Form LM-2 and New Form T-1 using a digital signature.

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Last Updated: 03/09/05