Number: 01-03

October 30, 2003

OLMS is pleased to announce that compliance assistance seminars on the revised Form LM-2 and the new Form T-1 are now being scheduled throughout the country. You can view a list of the currently scheduled seminars on the OLMS Web site at or you can access the list through the Quick Links box on the OLMS Web site at If you are interested in attending a seminar, call the DOL contact listed. This list will be updated frequently as additional seminars are scheduled.

OLMS is also pleased to announce that all OLMS public use forms (and the form instructions) are now available on the OLMS Web site. The forms that are newly available are:

  • Form LM-1 Labor Organization Information Report
  • Form LM-10 Employer Report
  • Form LM-15 Trusteeship Report
  • Form LM-15A Report on Selection of Delegates and Officers
  • Form LM-16 Terminal Trusteeship Report
  • Form LM-20 Agreement and Activities Report (Consultant)
  • Form LM-21 Receipts and Disbursements Report (Consultant)
  • Form LM-30 Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report
  • Form S-1 Surety Company Annual Report

The above forms are available in PDF format and the instructions are available in both PDF and HTML format.

You can complete the forms in one of two ways Fill out the form electronically, then print, sign and mail to OLMS; or Print the form, prepare it manually, sign it, and mail it to OLMS.

To access the forms, please go online or you can access them through the "Download All Other Forms" Quick Link on the OLMS Web site at

You can also complete the Labor Organization Annual Report, Form LM-2, LM-3, or LM-4, quickly and easily using your computer and the electronic forms software. Union officers can sign their LM Report electronically using a digital signature and submit it to OLMS over the Internet. To download the current version of the OLMS Electronic Forms LM-2, LM-3, and LM-4 and any plug-ins or updates please visit the OLMS Download Page.


Last Updated: 10-31-03