Andrew Auerbach

Andrew D. Auerbach has served as Deputy Director for OLMS since March 6, 2006.  The OLMS deputy director is responsible for administering OLMS programs and operations, nationwide.  Mr. Auerbach joined the Department of Labor in 1998 as an attorney in the Division of Employee Benefits in the Office of the Solicitor. In 2002, he was selected as Counsel for Labor-Management Programs in the Division of Labor-Management Laws, a supervisory attorney position. He was subsequently appointed Deputy Associate Solicitor for Civil Rights and Labor-Management. Prior to joining the Department of Labor, Mr. Auerbach worked for a year litigating freedom-of-speech issues for a public interest organization, and then served for three years as a Maryland Assistant Attorney General.  He received a J.D. degree with honors from the University of Maryland School of Law and an undergraduate degree from American University.



Last Updated: 3-6-19