Yolonda Robinson

Yolonda Robinson began serving as the acting Chief of the Division of Planning, Management, and Technology (DPMT) in April 2021. The DPMT chief provides expertise and leadership within OLMS for the planning, development, management, and evaluation of a wide range of administrative and management initiatives, including (1) IT planning, evaluation, and systems support; (2) budget, financial planning and evaluation; (3) direction of internal control activities; (4) management analysis and improvement; and (5) liaison for administrative services and personnel requirements. As Chief of DPMT, Mrs. Robinson serves as OLMS’ Administrative Officer and is responsible for all administrative operations including budget formulation and execution, performance measurement and strategic planning, human resources, and technological support to OLMS’ program offices. Mrs. Robinson’s two decades of service at the Department of Labor included working for the Employment and Training Administration; the Office of the Solicitor; the Office of the Deputy Secretary; and, Office of Executive Secretariat.

Mrs. Robinson has an A.S. in Criminal Justice, a B.S. in Human Resources Management, and a M.S. in Business Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus.



Last Updated: 5-22-24