Working in Freedom in Jordan’s Qualified Industrial Zones

Project Duration
August 2023
May 2026
Funding and Year

This project aims to promote fundamental principles and rights at work for garment sector workers in Jordan through support to the Workers’ Center in the Al-Hassan qualified industrial zone (QIZ), which creates a space for workers to gather, access various services, and exercise their labor rights.

The Problem

In Jordan, qualified industrial zones (QIZs) play an important role in the country’s economy by attracting foreign investment, promoting industrial development, and boosting manufacturing exports, including apparel. Apparel exports represent about one-fifth of all Jordanian exports and the sector employs approximately 78,000 workers, of which 74% are migrant workers and 65% are women. The sector faces decent work deficits, and many workers work long hours and receive lower wages than other sectors. Further, migrant workers especially experience legal and practical barriers to full freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.

Our Strategy

This project will support garment sector workers through the Al-Hassan Workers’ Center to:

  1. Enhance workers’ access to medical, mental health counseling, and legal services;
  2. Educate workers on their labor rights and provide support for mediation and dispute resolution mechanisms to address grievances;
  3. Support tripartite dialogue and collaboration to advance fundamental principles and rights at work and meet the needs of workers in the sector.
International Labor Organization (ILO)
Contact Information:
(202) 693-4900 / Office of Trade and Labor Affairs (OTLA)
Freedom of association
Acceptable Conditions of Work
Capacity Building
Collective Bargaining
Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
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Migrant Workers
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