Wad3éyati (My Situation: Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace)

Project Duration
December 2013
March 2018
Funding and Year

The Problem

Morocco, despite its image as a modernizing nation, is behind most countries with equivalent potential with respect to its employment practices, particularly those related to women’s employment, promotions, and pay parity. Morocco has made significant gains through legislative action and other pronouncements that deal with gender equality in the workplace. Despite these improvements, Morocco’s scores on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap ratings are static and Morocco is losing ground compared to other countries in the region, as well as those with similar aspirations. Women are underrepresented in the workforce, and tend to work in less skilled and underpaid positions with few opportunities to rise to leadership positions. Women and women’s issues are largely underrepresented in unions, and there are societal factors that limit women’s access to and retention of decent work opportunities. 

Our Strategy

The project will increase women’s economic participation and promote gender equality in the workplace by:

  • Improving gender equality within firms with respect to hiring, promotions, and training, and
  • Addressing community infrastructure and service issues to improve women’s access to employment and retention in the workplace. 

The project strategy includes efforts to: 

  • Conduct gender assessments in participating enterprises.
  • Develop action plans for participating enterprises to improve gender equality in the workplace.
  • Identify women with leadership skills working in participating enterprises and train them to better represent women in the workplace and articulate their concerns and issues by working with unions and management.
  • Mobilize community resources through publicprivate partnerships that focus on feasible solutions to barriers that prevent women from accessing and retaining decent work. 
Management Systems International, Inc. (MSI)
Contact Information:
(202) 693-4900 / Office of Trade and Labor Affairs (OTLA)
Women’s Empowerment