Strengthening Mexican Inspectorate for Labor Enforcement (CAMINOS)

Project Duration
August 2022
February 2027
Funding and Year

The strengthening Mexican inspectorate for labor enforcement (CAMINOS) project aims to improve government systems for labor law enforcement through improved enforcement of labor laws by federal and state labor inspectorate, better administration of inspections, and enhanced engagement with supply chain actors in targeted USMCA sectors.

The Problem

In February 2017, Mexico enacted landmark constitutional reforms that aim to transform its labor justice system into a more transparent and impartial system to better protect freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. In May 2019, the President of Mexico signed into law the necessary legislation to fully implement the 2017 constitutional reforms. Under Mexico’s Federal Labor Law, the Decent Work Unit (UTD) is charged with monitoring labor law compliance, providing labor compliance assistance, and identifying and reporting labor law violations to Ministry of Labor (STPS) authorities, among other responsibilities. Despite STPS’ commitment to improved labor enforcement, the UTD continues to be hampered by institutional, technological, training, inspection instrument, resource, legal, data, and other limitations. Such limitations—more acute at the state level—undermine inspections’ deterrent effect and contribute to widespread noncompliance and failure to remediate violations.

Our Strategy

The project improves government systems for labor compliance by increasing the knowledge and technical, legal, data analytic, and technological skills and capacity of federal and state labor inspectors, inspectorate authorities, and technology and training teams. This includes the dissemination and adoption of an improved case management system, the development of a national labor inspectorate training, and improved supply chain co-enforcement and compliance assistance.

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