In 2021, ILAB contracted with Sistemas Familia y Sociedad (SFS) to conduct a thematic evaluation of the labor inspectorate electronic case management system (ECMS) components of 7 ILAB-funded projects (in Colombia, Honduras, Paraguay, Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam).  The purpose of the thematic evaluation was to assess the achievements, challenges, and sustainability to date of the ECMS components from the 5 OTLA and 2 OCFT-funded projects.  The primary audiences for this evaluation are ILAB personnel, Grantees, and labor stakeholders in the seven countries, as well as in other countries interested in establishing or strengthening ECMS capabilities for more effective labor administration.  

Stakeholders in all 7 countries perceived that the ECMS were already having or would have real impact in 3 key areas: 1) decision and policy making; 2) following-up on and applying sanctions for labor violations; and 3) greater transparency on issues related to labor law compliance. However, common challenges and pitfalls were encountered, such as inadequate ICT capacity and infrastructure, low levels of buy-in by labor administration decision-makers and labor inspectors; and misalignment between policies and procedures.  

The report concludes with 10 recommendations directed to ILAB, its implementing grantees and labor administrations in trade partner countries.