Research on Labor Conditions in the Production of Electronic Goods in Malaysia

Project Duration
November 2012
November 2014
Funding and Year

The Problem

The overall objective of this study is to research labor conditions in the production of electronic goods in Malaysia. 

Our Strategy

Specifically, the research will

  1. Examine labor conditions in the manufacture of electronic goods exists in more than isolated incidents;
  2. Describe the nature/characteristics/forms of such labor present in the electronics manufacturing industry;
  3. Identify the specific electronic goods being manufactured under such conditions, including but not limited to component parts and finished products in the supply chain of semiconductor devices, high-end consumer electronics and/or information communication technology products (ICTP); and
  4. Describe how widespread these practices are in the production of these products in Malaysia. This study will also research the relationship between labor brokers, recruiters, other intermediaries and employers in all phases of recruitment, transportation, and placement of foreign workers in the Malaysian electronics industry


Contact Information: (202) 693-4843 / Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT)