Project Title

HIV/AIDS Prevention in the World of Work

ILAB Program

International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Program



Project Duration

January 2005 – December 2007 

Fiscal Year and Funding Level


Problem to be Addressed

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia has moved from a low-level to a concentrated epidemic as the prevalence rate has greatly increased among the traditional at-risk populations. The Indonesian Government now perceives HIV/AIDS to be a serious threat to the country’s national development. It has been estimated that up to 20 million Indonesians may be at risk of HIV infection due to high levels of labor mobility, a growing commercial sex industry and very low rates of condom use.  


Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (MOMT); employers’ and workers’ organizations

Project objectives

To contribute to the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the world of work, the enhancement of workplace protection and the reduction of its economic development.

Summary of Activities

  • Collaborate with all relevant MOMT to build capacity for prevention and education programs on HIV/AIDS
  • Establishment of HIV/AIDS policies and programs in targeted workplaces.
  • Build a knowledge base on the social and labor implications of HIV/AIDS
  • Build a system for dissemination of information on policy, intervention strategies and access to resource materials.
  • Conduct meetings with professional organizations and other relevant stakeholders on how to improve worker’s conditions and promote relevant programs supporting workers/employees rights, especially the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Partner Organizations





Executing Agency
International Labor Organization (ILO)
Implementing and Collaborating Agencies
Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, employers’ and workers’ organizations


Office of Trade and Labor Affairs
Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical cooperation
(202) 693-4900

Date Last Updated

August 2007